Yes, it is as simple as that.

As guacamole is the main food group of 4E, Chipotle is the Holy Grail. It is the one word, other than Beyoncé, that makes us go weak at the knees.


Since Chipotle is an amazing company, they are giving away burritos, tacos and bowls for free.

This was basically my reaction:

c7ac9717d6cff22d9ba6733b167f312dOne tiny catch that I probably should mention: you have to order something with “Sofritas”.

Confused? Sofritas is a type of organic tofu that Chipotle has mixed with their amazing seasonings: chipotle chilis and roasted poblano peppers, to name a few.

Basically, Chipotle really wants this to be a thing. So much so that if you buy something with sofritas on Monday, Jan. 26 (tomorrow), they will give you a free entree to use between Jan. 27 and Feb. 28.

As a meat lover, I personally think that the temporary veganness is totally worth it. Honestly, who doesn’t love free Chipotle?

So spice up your life. Take the Sofritas challenge and become my hero.

Thanks City Pages for indulging our love of Chipotle and free things.


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