Fill It Up and Kill The Cup

fill it up

This upcoming Tuesday, October 15th, The Corp will be launching their four-week Kill The Cup initiative. This program aims to promote the usage of reusable coffee mugs and to decrease the usage of non-recyclable paper cups through social media.

Whitney Pratt (COL ’14) and Caroline Williams (MSB ’14) with the Corp’s Green Team are teaming up with Social Ventures for Sustainability, founded by Mike Taylor (COL ’05) and Drew Beal, to combine “traditional media to communicate a message of sustainability to Georgetown University students”.

If you bring your own coffee mug into a Corp location you will receive a $0.25 discount off of your drink and if you purchase one of The Corp’s Kill The Cup tumblers, you will receive a $0.30 discount.

Students can upload pictures of themselves using their tumblers to to be entered to win a series of prices. There will be four weekly prizes of $25 Corp gift cards for those who submit pictures, three t-shirts for the most creative photo submissions, and one grand prize: $50 Corp gift card, tumbler, t-shirt, tote bag.

“We’re hoping that this turns into a social norm”, Pratt said. “It’s something people should do out of habit”.

When this high-intensity campaign was launched at University of California, San Diego “351 students uploaded more than 1,000 photos to The percentage of coffees sold in reusable containers rose by 68.6%–from 11.6% to 19.6%. The campaign saved an estimated 1,300 cups, equivalent to 80 pounds of landfill waste, 350 pounds of CO2 emissions, and 350 gallons of water associated with the manufacturing process”.

So fill it up, kill the cup and you just might win a prize!

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