Dorm Room Tour Comes to Georgetown


For an hour last Tuesday, Sept. 29, my townhouse became a musical venue. The “Dorm Room Tour,” a U.S. tour featuring indie musician Connor Leimer, entered into my house and I am so happy it did.

Connor is a 19-year-old Kansas born and raised musician. He is traveling across the country, with his videographer Grace, bringing his songs, talent and positive disposition to a variety of college campuses. One of my roommates knew about Connor from Kansas (guess people from Kansas really do stick together) and provided us with this awesome experience.

I gave Connor my polaroid to remember the Hilltop by!
I gave Connor my polaroid to remember the Hilltop!

Connor’s tour, while it only started a week and a half ago, has already hit Nashville, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, DC, Boston, and New York. In addition to playing at my house, Connor also performed the following night in Adams Morgan.

As mainstream I might be, Connor Leimer’s music still moves me. He wrote most of these songs when he was young, a pretty incredible feat. Moreover, Connor is so positive and driven, especially for being so young! He has a backup plan, a contagious positivity and, in my personal biased opinion, the chance to be one of the voices of our generation. His music has such an interesting take on life and can appeal to almost everyone.

Check him out on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube. His new EP, Postcard, was just released (Note: It is amazing).

You probably should also follow him on Instagram and Twitter, as he is basically living the life right now. Good luck with the rest of the tour, Connor!

Photos/Videos: Vimeo; Facebook; YouTube

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