Do You Know Your Hoya ABC’s?

After sharing my Freshman fails with you, it got me thinking: what are the fundamental things every Georgetown student should know? Or, at least, what are the things so basic that even I, a fresh little freshy, know about being a student here. So test yourself, do you know your Hoya ABC’s?

Acronyms: GUGS, GUSA, GUAFSCU, GUTS… by now you should know that around here ‘GUAVA JUICE’ (Georgetown uses acronyms very abundantly, just understand it’s commonly exercised)

Bagels: They are the best bang for your buck on campus in my opinion. From the toasted Asiago bagel from MUG/UG to the free bagels on Lau 2 after Midnight Mug closes, they’re the best way to quench your hunger on a budget.

Chicken Madness: $7.50. Wisey’s. Heaven. ‘Nuff said. 

Dahlgren quad fountain: Make sure you take a swim in it before you graduate! (Maybe even pour a little laundry detergent in the nozzle and take a nice bubble bath!).

Epicurean: it’s a great place to treat yourself when you’re sick of Leo’s (aka always) or to just watch the game with friends (unless your team loses and then your friends have license rub it in your face in public…this is the mistake I made when I watched the Pats-Seahawks game this past Sunday with my friend from Seattle. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.)

Fight Song: It’s been so long since last we met, lie down forever, lie down… this is the reason I’m broke. Online ordering from tons of restaurants for delivery right to your door step… or I guess dorm* step. 

Hoya Saxa: By now, you should know what Hoya Saxa means and should be able to succinctly explain it to your non-Georgetown friends from home. 

iPads: Did you know you can rent these from the library? Well now you do. 

John Carroll’s lap: Sit in it. Take a picture. Graduate a happy camper! (This was also incidentally a possible name for this blog before they picked Fourth Edition)

K Street: Chaddie’s, Waterfront, AMC movie theater, endless possibilities. Getchyoself over there! 

Lecture fund: Georgetown’s lecture fund brings in a ton of incredible speakers that you should definitely take advantage of. If you haven’t been to see one yet, you should definitely get on that!

Maguire: Maguire is not a separate building on campus. It is a wing in Healey. So you shouldn’t get perplexed when you see Maguire on your schedule and don’t know where it is!

Never go to Saxby’s between 2:45 and 3:15 on weekdays: Okay so that one is really long and some people could argue that that can’t count as an “N”, but I don’t care. Unless you want to be distracted from your IR reading by a billion high school girls who just got out of school in their green uniform skirts babbling about everything and nothing, just don’t go. It’s a struggle.

Oreo cookies: 95 cents. Wisey’s. Heaven. ‘Nuff said.

Parking: it’s really awful. College Prowler gives us a D for parking and parents couldn’t stop complaining about the lack of accessible spots on campus during Parents’ Weekend.

Q’doba: Half priced on Mondays! Perfect for the Leo’s-hating-semi-broke Georgetown student 

Rats: They’re everywhere. They’re gigantic. They’re terrifying. If you haven’t had one scurry across your path in the dead of night, you’re not a true Hoya.

Season tickets: a necessity for every Georgetown Student who wants to get into Verizon Center and cheer our basketball team to victory.

Tuscany:  If you haven’t been there with friends at 2 a.m. to grab some ‘za, you are not a Hoya. 3261 Prospect St NW. 

Ubercar: a great way to help you break the bubble with a convenient app for your phone

Vital Vittles: it’s my on-campus savior. Naked Juice, detergent, Ben and Jerrys, toothpaste, Nutella, and just about anything else you could need, right on campus. Thank you Corp!

Walking shoes: You just need them. Whether you’re dashing from ICC to the Car Barn with only 6 minutes to get to class, or walking to Thirds in your Thursday night’s best, you’re going to be taking some stairs or schlepping up some hills. Welcome to the Hilltop.

Xylocarp: okay okay, so you caught me. I couldn’t really come up withan “X” but lets be real, everyone should at least know how to spell this word thanks to a certain very quotable movie… 

Yoga: There is a great yoga culture around here! From Sunrise Yoga at Yates to the tough but rewarding hot yoga at Down Dog, there are tons of places to getchyo prana flow on.

Zip code: Whether you’re trying to use an online store locator or filling out your mailing information for your absentee ballot, you should know the numbers 20057!

Photos:, Georgetown University Flickr,, Web Leslie/The Hoya

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