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Hello Hoyas, welcome back to the DC Travel Companion, where we try to help you find affordable ways to escape the Georgetown Bubble and explore the city.  This week we will be going through the variety of places that you can reach on the Orange Line of the Metro, and all of the wonderful activities that are very easily within reach.

The easiest way for Georgetown students to access the Orange Line is from the metro stop in Rosslyn.  The GUTS Bus or DC Circulator are two easy ways to get to Rosslyn from campus, although it is not an unreasonable walk or cab ride (just try and avoid being on the Key Bridge during rush hour).  You can transfer to the Orange Line at Metro Center if your journey begins in Dupont, but prices and travel times will be better from Rosslyn.

Although there are around 30 stops on the Orange Line, I’ll focus in on four to help guide your travel and give you good ideas for fun exploration (of course, if you are interested in other options on the Orange Line, this map has all of the possible stops).

Foggy Bottom: While most Georgetown students know about this one, it can be a very useful stop that is extremely close to Rosslyn.  The metro stop for George Washington University, Foggy Bottom is within walking distance, but during cold winter days/late at night, the Metro may be a better form of transportation.  Interested in visiting friends at GW and going out for the night? This could be the easiest way to do it. 

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory Stop (est. travel time- 3 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card (check WMATA or terminals in the station for peak vs. off-peak times and prices).

Smithsonian: As the name suggests, this stop brings you right up to some of the most famous museums in the country.  This stop is within walking distance of DC’s greatest tourist attractions, including the National Mall, numerous federal buildings (e.g. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, US Department of Energy), and of course the Smithsonian Museums.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is also nearby, along with the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History, just to name a few.  Plus, during the spring, you can visit the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 10 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card.

L’Enfant Plaza: Named after the designer of the District, L’Enfant Plaza is a busy metro stop in a great location.  First, you can transfer to the Blue, Green, or Yellow Lines at the station, which is important if your destination doesn’t happen to be on the Orange Line.  This stop is also within walking distance of the Mall, and attractions including the National Air and Space Museum and the headquarters of the United States Postal Service.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 12 minutes); $1.80 with SmarTrip; $2.80 with a paper fare card.

Capitol South: Feeling academic? Take the Orange Line to Capitol South and visit the Library of Congress.  Take a tour, study during finals week, or get a library card just because you feel like it.  If you are willing to make the journey, the visit itself is an experience that comes highly recommended, and you could definitely get some great studying done.  And once your done, you can reward yourself with dinner at one of the great restaurants nearby!

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 16 minutes); $2.00 with SmarTrip, $3.00 with a paper fare card.  

Happy traveling Hoyas! See you back here next week with more travel tips.

DCTC is a weekly post designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.


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