D.C. Ranks Top City for Post-College Jobs

background-employmentGraduating from Georgetown – it’s something no one here wants to think about. The long, fun nights spent in Lau, the delicious food available at Leo’s, the top-notch living accommodations… who could ever want to leave everything that Georgetown has to offer? But eventually, you’ll have to leave your home on the Hilltop and enter the real world. However, whenever you are forcibly removed from campus, you’ll be greeted by a relatively large job market in the D.C. area.

According to Indeed and Apartment Guide’s newly released list of the top 10 cities with the most entry-level job openings, Washington, D.C. was named the top city for recent college graduates. This was determined by looking at the number of job postings available in major cities and combining that with the average rent and square footage for both one and two bedroom apartments in each city. (Obviously, they didn’t take Village B into consideration when they created this list.) With such a wide availability of jobs in the D.C. area, hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the always infuriating question of “So, what’s your plan once you graduate?”

While you may not find a stellar job that will put to use everything you learned in college (read: beer pong), you can rest assured you will at least be able to get a job in D.C. to pay the bills (i.e. your Georgetown debt).

Photo: amsmtg.com

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