D.C. Ramblings: Foggy Bottom

by Kyle Short

Its been so warm this week that I decided to go and explore some more of the city. I like to claim that I know a lot about D.C., but on this latest excursion, I actually stumbled upon a hidden jewel in Foggy Bottom. West End Cinema, located on 23rd Street, off of M Street, is a newly opened and renovated theater that offers independent and foreign films as well as documentaries, establishing itself as D.C.’s newest “art house.” For those movie buffs out there lamenting D.C.’s lack of independent film offerings, West End Cinema is sure to present something different from the AMC on Water St.

Instead of staying on M Street when it forks, walk down Pennsylvania Avenue until the circle where you can find McFadden’s, your best bet for a good time on a Tuesday night. It can be a little cramped when crowded, but for you ladies, it may be one of the few opportunities you’ll get to dance on a bar, (if that’s the kind of thing you’re into). You can also sign up for a happy hour, where if you’re selected, you drink for free and all your friends get reduced priced drinks.

If your walk over to Foggy Bottom wasn’t motivated by drinks, the Embassy of Spain is right around Washington Circle park. For anyone interested in Spanish culture or photography, The Embassy is currently hosting a free exhibition of the works of Alberto Schommer, whose work has found its way into many popular publications over the last few decades.

Past the circle, my ramblings led me to one of my favorite spots in D.C., Froggy Bottom, a pub that also offers Pho and Pizza and is a great happy hour spot (except on Sundays, when it’s closed). It’s rare to find Pho and alcohol juxtaposed, but Pho is a growing part of D.C.’s cheaper dining options, and is a surprisingly good hangover deterrent.

Now get out there and explore, especially since the Alliance for Biking and Walking just nominated D.C. as the second best city in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists. Until then, check out some pictures of Foggy Bottom: [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/D.C. Ramblings Foggy Bottom/”/]

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