D.C. Chocolate Week Is Coming

by Michelle Cassidy

Photo: unitedwithlove.com

It seems like every week so far has gotten some sort of food theme. Between last week’s D.C. Meat Week and the ongoing Meat-Free Week, local restaurants appear to be catering to opposite tastes. But coming up next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is something nearly everyone can agree on – D.C. Chocolate Week.

Sponsored by Sales Vote (a D.C.-based daily deals service, not unlike Livingsocial and Groupon), Week For Chocolate will feature the sweetest offerings from Georgetown shops like Serendipity 3, Godiva, Haagen Dazs and even Old Glory.

To join in the fun, you can buy either a gold or silver ‘badge’ that will allow you and a friend (or a date!) to take part in the special deals. A silver badge goes for $50 and gets you five deals. Gold badges cost $70 and get you five deals, plus two access passes to the Week For Chocolate launch party at L2 Lounge (3315 Cady’s Alley NW). It seems a little pricy, but they’re promising lots of prizes and the chance to “rub elbows with the biggest people in the District.” Seems about right, as they’ll have just spent a week eating all the chocolate they can handle.

Here’s the full list of participating shops and the goodies that they’re offering:

Starbucks — Two Short Hot Chocolates, Coffee’s or Mochas Each Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Two Razz-berry pops on Tues, Thurs, and Sun!

Serendipity — Two Chocolate Martinis and One Forbidden Chocolate Desert

Sprinkles — Two cupcakes of your choice

Godiva — Two large chocolate covered strawberries & truffles

PinkBerry — Two medium frozen yogurts with toppings

Bodega — Two chocolate martinis and one desert tapas

Johnny Rockets — Chocolate Strawberry Kiss shake for two

Haagen Dazs — Two Midnight Dazzlers

Old Glory BBQ — Two cocktails and one heart cake

La Madeleine — One valentine cake and two coffees

IceBerry — Two small yogurts with one topping

Paper Source — Stationary workshop for two

Muncheez Mania — Two Nutella crepes with fresh fruit topping

Thunder Burger — Two beers and one desert

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