Cura Animalis: Buffalo Exchange’s Coats for Cubs

Cute puppyWhile we’re all enjoying our sudden and unexpected day off from the sudden and unexpected snow, now is the time to dig through your closet and find that old fur coat that you haven’t worn in years. Buffalo Exchange, a new and recycled clothing retailer, is holding a “Coats for Cubs” coat drive where anyone can come in and donate any kind of fur apparel (trims, accessories or coats). The furs will be donated to rehabilitation centers across the country to be used as bedding and comfort for orphaned and injured animals.

How can you resist that face?
How can you resist that face?

Anyone is invited to donate used furs at Georgetown’s Buffalo Exchange store, located at 3279 M Street, from now until Apr. 22. Although the condition of the fur is unimportant, they ask for only real furs, not faux. I know we’re all about cura personalis, but why not also cura animalis, too?


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