Cups for Campus!


Recently, a new Facebook page has been circulating around Georgetown student’s social media profiles.

Cups for Campus is a new organization founded on campus this semester that is already taking the campus by storm.


The mission? Cups for Campus is trying to promote healthy campus lifestyles by preventing the spread of communicable diseases through disposable cups! This will be done by providing disposable cups to Georgetown students free of charge through Health Education Services.



As college students, we are prone to using “red solo cups” on the regular, but we never really think about the consequences of these common school-wide items. By taking this into account and making sure to not share our glasses, we can help Georgetown be less vulnerable to a variety of diseases. And this is all free, what a win!

The “grand opening” of this service will be on March 20, AKA the Friday after Spring Break. In their words, just in time for a belated St. Patty’s party or post-Spring Break soiree!

If you want to learn more or maybe get involved, email [email protected] Also, follow them on Twitter!

Let’s raise a glass cup to that!


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