Connor Rohan Wrote a Play!


GUSA vice president, improv extraordinaire and rumored Georgetown Heckler contributor strikes again: this time with a play at the esteemed Kennedy Center.


Connor Rohan (COL ’16) definitely has a way with words. His latest piece is a play about opiates and the Taliban, featured, with free admission, at the Kennedy Center on Sept. 7 at 8 p.m.

While we aren’t sure if the play is satire or serious, this award-winning show, titled “Pandemopium,” is sure to be entertaining, as it was penned by literally the coolest guy on campus.


The official description of the event:
By: Connor Rohan
Directed by: Maya E. Roth

A small opium poppy farm straddles the base of a mountain in Afghanistan’s rural Kandahar Province. Under threat of destruction by a rootin’-tootin’ Afghan Lieutenant, landowner Ashraf Amini’s poppies can only be saved with the resurrection of a dead Talib and opium trafficker. With the Taliban demanding a harvest, Ashraf has no choice but to transform a seemingly impossible problem. Fast-paced, complex and thrilling, this startling play dramatizes the impossible situation of an opium farmer squeezed between the Afghan Army and the Taliban. Winner of the Donn B. Murphy One-Acts Award, Pandemopium fuses drama and comedy, poetry and politics. Developed in Georgetown’s Hope Playwriting Seminar taught by Christine Evens. Followed by post-performance discussion. Drama/Comedy. [Terrace Gallery] [Cursing, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, mature themes]

See you there, Hoyas!


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