Come to Georgetown NOW!

Convince Your Friends“Ahhh you have to come to Georgetown!” – all Georgetown students to all admitted high school students, ever.

But what should you say next to convince this wide-eyed senior that coming here will literally be the best decision of his/her life? As admissions season rolls around, here are some pointers to get your younger friends to spend their next four years on the Hilltop:

summer-fitness-schedule1. You’ll stay healthy here Afraid of gaining the freshman 15? Worried your parents won’t recognize the balloon you’ve become when they see you on Thanksgiving? Never fear, Georgetown is here! Rated one of the healthiest campuses in the U.S., we have enough variety at Leo’s to keep you satisfied (at least until after the transfer deadline), including vegan and gluten free options. Wondering where all your friends ran off to at 4pm on Friday? Try the row of treadmills at Yates. The amount of peer pressure I’ve felt to exercise alone has somehow moved my normally completely sedentary body into semi-motion.

2. You’ll have a great basketball team to root for If you like basketball, this gives you bragging rights with all your friends. If you don’t, you do now. Hoya Saxa! Take them to a basketball game or show them pictures!

3. You’ll learn pretty much everything Georgetown has a pretty extensive core curriculum, which tends to scare students off. But think about the dinner conversations you will be prepared for after studying philosophy, history, theology and math/science (though this is optional for you SFS-ers). EBW-CroppedAs a future diplomat/banker/business-person/other standard post-Georgetown career, you will dazzle other important people with your ability to converse intelligently about … pretty much everything. Tell them all about that amazing gen ed class you took or bring them along to your intensive Arabic recitation.

4. You’ll do cool things with your free time So it may or may not impress you that Georgetown has over 200 clubs and student organizations. What should impress you is the way these clubs and student organizations manifest themselves as part of your life at school. It isn’t just that you play frisbee, or work for The Hoya or participate in debate. It’s that these things are as much a part of your life as school, friends and family are. These people become your family and these activities become places of fun, learning, and relaxation. How you ask? This is the magic of Georgetown. Take them to the waterfront, on the metro, to the Eastern Market or to some great speaker.

Photos: Georgetown University, Sports Illustrated, Georgetown Law, Wikipedia

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