Chem 108 Study Guide: ORGO

TestTubes2It’s that time of year when even the quietest of Hoyas begins to complain about every. single. thing. Shut up already. No one cares.

The one group of kids that does retain the right to crumble and grumble is the only group that had to take a midterm the Monday after Georgetown Day weekend: the Organic Chemistry students. After extensive research and much self-reflection, we have compiled a thorough study guide to help get through the last few days of pain.

Orgo is no laughing matter.

1. Stare at the wall asking yourself, “Why did I take this class?”
2. Open textbook.
3. Realize you know nothing.
4. Cry.
5. Drop class.


Good luck, Orgo friends. We’re rooting for you.


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