Petition to Not Let Small Artists Get Famous

Last weekend, I attended my first concert since the beginning of the pandemic. I went to see Goth Babe, an indie/alternative/folk artist. If you don’t know who he is, good…that’s the whole point of this post. My ticket was a whopping $20 ($25 if you want to include tax, but whatever.) The line took about 20 minutes to get through from the moment we got out of the Uber. I got a long-sleeved t-shirt for only $35. And, listen to this, it was general admission. So even though we may have arrived only 15 minutes before the show started, we still managed to squeeze our way through to the center of the crowd.

My middle school, One Direction-loving self would be quaking in her shoes if she knew that not all concerts meant spending your entire birthday and Christmas savings on a nosebleed seat. I was a true, die-hard fan, one would say Directioner, who spent hours memorizing each song, decorating her walls with posters and reaching out to them on Twitter. That naive girl thought that maybe one day, Liam Payne or Harry Styles would see her fan account and fall madly in love with the 13-year-old girl obsessing over their every move. Shown below is a picture of me during my prime time:

Now imagine if that Directioner had the same experience that I too had last weekend. The experience consisted of the same anticipation, excitement, screaming, and dancing, but at a fraction of the cost. I honestly can’t believe I even shared the name of the artist, because selfishly enough, I do not want more people to find out about who he is. The small venue, the exceptional space for dancing, and the pride I hold when people ask “who is that?” keeps me from wanting to share my little secret.

I’m sure most of you can relate. Imagine seeing Tyler, the Creator, Billie Eilish, or Miley Cyrus in a venue with only about 400 people for a price of only $20. Who wouldn’t want this? So, kindly, please do not look him up, please do not play his music, please do not go to his concert. 

Okay, now all jokes aside, I think everyone should experience the same thing I did last Saturday night. A moment I had been waiting for for the past two years. Here’s a short video of my experience going to see G*** B*** live in concert. Enjoy…but not too much :).

Content is 21+

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Post-Spring Break Tips: How to Get Back Into the Georgetown Bubble

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Spring break was some much-needed time off. Midterms rocked me, and my favorite Lau 2 cubicle was consistently occupied the week leading up to spring break. Whether you stayed on campus, went home, or went to Punta Cana, the past week definitely felt different from the midterm-filled one right before. 

Some people might have never left the Georgetown bubble over break. I bet everyone who stayed on campus had more of a break from Georgetown than those who went to Punta Cana with the rest of the school. Whether you took time off from Georgetown or not, it’s time to get back at it: finish the semester strong, or whatever. 

Tip #1: Overfill Your GCal

We all know and love our GCals. I live by the rule that if it’s not on my GCal, it doesn’t exist. And if it’s not in stop-sign red, it’s clearly not important. 

Are you from Georgetown even if you don’t use your GCal? (Get it? Like the TikTok audio in the heavy NY accent? “Are you from New York even? Do you have a big black puffer jacket even??” No? Just me?? Ok…) 

But like seriously, are you from New York even??
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What’s the point of having a calendar if you don’t flex on everyone behind you in class as you flip tabs and you are just SO busy with everything on your GCal??? I always feel like people judge me if they can see my GCal. Either they think I have too much on my calendar or I don’t have enough. Nah, it’s definitely only the latter. Or they judge what’s on my calendar. Like my most important events on February 1, 2022 being Harry Styles’ birthday and my half birthday in stop-sign red and every other Georgetown student has a meeting for their Hillternship. Annnndddd that leads us to our next tip. 

Tip #2: Apply for Your Summer Internships 

I mean let’s BeReal, you probably should’ve done this months ago if you sincerely care about your future. 

On a completely different note, I just applied for an internship last night. 

Ahh, I feel just like Rachel Green!!! I, too, would much rather be a purse than a shoe. #iykyk
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I made my parents stay on the phone the whole time and walk me through it because I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t want to mess it up. But this isn’t about me, I’m a mess and I am just here to give advice. Like your friend who has never been in a relationship but gives the best relationship advice? Yeah, that’s me. 

My application wasn’t for the Hill, but if you want to be taken seriously at Georgetown, you need to work on the Hill. You could also consider Deloitte or Goldman Sachs. That’s it. It’s the only way to really take advantage of your Georgetown education. 

Sincerely, a humanities student who has no interest in government or finance. 

I know next to nothing about tech, but I would submit an application to Google in a heartbeat if it meant I got to work with a nerdy Dylan O’Brien. 
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Tip #3: Post Those Spring Break Photos, Baby!

I mean, how else would all 2,000 of your closest friends know that you went to Punta Cana if you don’t post it on your Instagram? Also, I actually want to see your pictures, so I can live vicariously through them. It’s only fair. Tag me, bestie!

Woo! Spring break!! 2k13 vibes :)
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Naturally, you would want to post at a good time because if you post during spring break when everyone is still doing their own thing, no one will see it. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. But don’t worry about me! I don’t need validation from social media! Really, I’m fine. 

As I said before, I am that friend who has never been in a relationship. It might not make sense, but I will give you the best advice. You just need to trust me. Trust my words only, not my actions. I know that’s the opposite of what you’ve been told your entire life, but maybe everyone else has just been wrong and I’m finally setting the record straight. 

If I try and fail, why would you want to repeat my actions?? So I’m telling you, post after spring break, and your post will do so much better. Or you can be a wimp like me and just turn off the like count. 

Seriously though, I’m simply here to lead by words, not by example. Please, please do not follow my example. The world does not need two of me. I promise.

Tip #4: Keep the Party Going!!!

(21+) Please drink responsibly…
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Boys and girls… ladies and gentlemen… It’s St. Paddy’s day weekend! What better way to push off your responsibilities and continue the spring break vibe than to party all weekend? I Truly™ don’t know. 

Of course, I will be getting all of my work done prior to the weekend because I am a studious girl who values her education (the rest of this article may lack sincerity, but if my parents are reading this, I promise I’m going to class and doing ALL of my homework XOXO).

Anyone who has ever said that Georgetown doesn’t know how to party clearly has never been to a Georgetown party. What better way to get back into the Georgetown bubble than to party with all of your favorite future politicians?!

I would now like to address all the schools that are on spring break right now who celebrated this venerated holiday last weekend. Personally, I believe that diminishes the integrity of the holiday and tarnishes its reputation. 

I will firmly say that I do not approve of the early celebration of St. Paddy’s Day. To do my very best to correct these wrongs, I will be partying extra hard. I hope to see all of you little leprechauns there! 

Tip #5: Ease Into It 

I am writing this from my favorite Lau 2 cubicle after a long day of Tuesday classes. There truly is not a better way to ease back into classes than to sit in your favorite study spot and procrastinate like your life depends on it. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

One of my professors today decided it would be best to ease back into class, and I was so grateful until I realized I don’t think we have the same definition of easing back into class. 

We watched a documentary on whaling in the 19th century. While I appreciate the effort, I’m not sure how applicable the deep knowledge I now have about whaling in the 1800s is to the rest of my life. 

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Some of my friends have professors who canceled class; meanwhile, I have a professor who has us watch whale documentaries. Sounds about right. If anyone wants to learn more about whale hunting (I advise against it, it’s pretty gruesome), I am available to impart my knowledge. I sure have a lot of it now. 

This example was pretty niche (unless other professors also showed whale documentaries), but what I’m trying to say is take it slow, and maybe go watch an obscure documentary because that will definitely slow your day down. It might even put you to sleep. 

Final Thoughts

I have made it abundantly clear, but I would like to reiterate: follow these tips closely. If you know me in real life, first of all, no you don’t. 

Second of all, do NOT follow my example. Ninety-nine percent of the time I feel like my life is test driving a car and it doesn’t really matter what happens to it because it’s not yours. While this life is in fact mine, I really am just a test driver who is seeing what happens. 

Treat these tips like your own personal Bible, or Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for Georgetown Students. They are basically the same thing. 

Goodbye for now… 
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Lastly, if you went to Punta Cana and made it this far into this post, I would like to say that I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I mean no disrespect / it’s my right to be hellish / I still get jealous. If you can’t tell, I am currently listening to “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. 

My music was on shuffle, but maybe it’s fate because I am a smidge jealous. Maybe one day I will find my true Georgetown calling by going on the spring break trip and posting on social media with captions that make sense to nobody except the people who were there. 

No matter where you go n spring break, just know that the Hilltop will always welcome you home IF AND ONLY IF you follow these tips. Otherwise, you’re going to be more of a social pariah than if you didn’t go on the crazy spring break trip to a tropical country like the rest of the school. 

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Arrrrg! What to Do When Your Pirate Boyfriend Dies of Scurvy

Has your sexy peg-legged pirate boyfriend succumbed to the mysterious and deadly illness known as scorbutus? It happens to the best of us, and you’re not alone. You’re human and it’s normal to grieve; let yourself feel all the emotions that wash over you.

Perhaps to honor the loss of your hot pirate boyfriend, you should make sure no one else suffers the same fate as him. The first thing you’re going to want to do is examine your diet over the past three or four months. Have you eaten anything other than salted pork and beer? Nothing wrong with that combo, but you might want to diversify your diet. I know you must be out to sea doing your pirate-y things and causing a ruckus, but it might be worth the risk to land at a port and buy some fresh produce. Ideally, you’d be able to find a local farmer’s market with organic, fresh produce, but maybe your pillaging hasn’t been as successful recently (I don’t blame you, just look at the economy … ). If that’s out of your price range, almost any canned vegetables or fruit could save your life. You see, potatoes, strawberries, and citrus all have a little thing inside them called Vitamin C, and you need that to survive. How do I know this? No, I am not a witch, but I have studied introductory biology and know what ascorbic acid is.

Once you’ve stocked up your pirate ship with some fresh fruits and veggies, it may be time to consider a proper burial for your boyfriend. He was a mighty fine pirate, the fiercest sailor of the seven seas, and he deserves a great funeral. How do you bury your dead? Oh, you just chuck them overboard? Don’t you think he deserves something a little more grand? I hear that viking funerals are very fashionable these days. I mean, pirates and vikings aren’t really that different, I don’t think it’s appropriation.

I know you’ve been down with the passing of your hot, rugged boyfriend, who always knew how to rock those billowy white shirts. He really did look great in that pointy pirate hat with his muscular chest exposed. But, he would want you to enjoy the rest of your pirating days: pillaging, sailing, staring dramatically out at the horizon, the whole shebang. So, pick up your head, your pointy pirate hat is dropping. Go out there, cause some mayhem, and avenge your boyfriend!! Arrrrg.

Manchinema: An enemies-to-lovers romance

Love is in the air, y’all, and it looks like American can’t get enough of the Hill’s hottest new power couple. With Valentine’s Day still fresh in our minds, these two just love being the center of everything: attention, the political spectrum, and most every Democratic lawmaker’s mind. 

While this pairing may seem natural in an increasingly radical, Socialist Democratic party, the two would have been at each other’s throats a mere decade ago— and not in a sexy way. You see, this is a classic enemies-to-political-lovers story, one that will shape the future for years to come.

One side of this inflation-wary coin is Joseph Manchin the Third, who shares a name with Joseph R. Biden, his party leader and president. However, their similarities end there. 

Joe “I don’t know anybody that doesn’t own a gun” Manchin is a proud conservative Democrat from West Virginia who once famously shot President Obama’s climate bill in a campaign ad. He’s a steadfast lover of all things coal, pollution, and is the bane of r/antiwork’s existence. But there’s nothing Manchin loves more than another rabble-rousing Democrat with which he shares the collective hate of the Democratic party. Her name? Krysten Lea Sinema.

Krysten “bisexual yas queen girlboss” Sinema is a Senator from sunny Arizona. More specifically, she’s the senior senator from Arizona, which is honestly such a dated term, because it’s so wrong to comment on a woman’s age. 

Senator Sinema, whose voting record in 2019 was more conservative than Mitch McConnel’s, took a more unique road to becoming a conservative Democrat than Manchin. As a graduate of Brigham Young University, she quickly disavowed her Mormon religion,became an early supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and was an outspoken pacifist during the War on Terror. Thankfully, Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema did not know each other at the time, which was probably for the best because Mr. Manchin might have mistaken her for Satan herself.

However, after almost two decades of public service, these unlikely political allies have drawn closer and closer together — so close, in fact, that news outlets have given them a cute couple’s nickname: Manchinema. Forget Bennifer and Brangelina. Manchinema is America’s hot new power couple. 

While it may sound like a liver disease, their rock-solid (or, I guess, coal-solid) relationship is only reinforced by their shared affinity of corporate donations, Republicans and anti-progressive anger. Instead of leaving room for Jesus, they leave room for the filibuster. 

So with this Valentine’s Day in mind, while you’re sitting alone in your cold, dark room, just remember that you still have a chance at finding your other half. If Manchinema can find each other, so can you.

My 3am Attack on Titan Theories

Last semester, in the depths of midterms, I was introduced to the singular greatest piece of art I’ve ever seen: Attack On Titan (AOT)

Before you start wondering if binging AOT during midterm season was a wise choice, having a TV show to watch with a friend genuinely helped during the trials and tribulations of midterm season! Study breaks are amazing and wonderful and should always be encouraged. 

Anyways, back to the greatness that is AOT. Quick summary for those of you who don’t know: Attack On Titan is a Japanese anime based on a manga by the same name (which I have not read so pls pls pls do not spoil it thanks). 

The basic storyline is what is left of humanity lives within three walls protecting them from “titans,” large human-like creatures who eat people. The reason they do eat people is unknown. One day, these walls crumble, and the story picks up from there.

The final season is premiering now, and with the first five episodes already out, here are my favorite theories for what may happen, again, without having any knowledge of what happens in the manga. 

If you are interested in watching the show, I’d highly recommend you stop reading here, as the rest of this article will contain spoilers for the entire show up through Season 4 Part 2 Episode 20.

Theory 1: Eren is possessed

Okay, admittedly, my evidence for this is in constant flux, and maybe it’s me refusing to believe the kid we see in Season 1 ends up being like THAT in Season 4. But just hear me out. There’s a lot of religious symbolism in the show, which, in my opinion, hasn’t been explored enough yet. 

The religious symbols  coupled with calling the Eldians in Paradis devils leads me to believe Ymir (or some other entity) is actually possessing Eren. We know Ymir is the “founder,” and is a godlike figure in their world, but we are never told explicitly that she is a good deity, leaving the door open for possession to occur. 

Theory 2: Falco inherits the Attack Titan

My only real piece of evidence for this is that at the start of Season 4 Part 1, he has some sort of flashback to swinging around (presumably in ODM gear). The way his flashback is presented is very similar to how Eren receives his very first vision way back at the start of the show, before he ever became a titan. After last week’s episode, we not only know that holders of a titan retain the memories of all the previous holders of that titan, but also the Attack titan can also see into the future. 

The way seeing into the future works is a bit complicated, but in short, the previous holder of the Attack titan was Eren’s father, Grisha, who would see into the future via Eren, who sent select memories back to his father from the future. The current holder of the Attack titan picks and chooses which memories the previous holder can see. If Falco receives the Attack titan after Eren, in theory, he could manipulate Eren’s decisions by selectively choosing what Eren does and does not see from the future. However, Falco received the Jaw titan, so I’m not really sure how plausible this theory is anymore, but it’s AOT, and crazier things have happened.  

Theory 3: There are no more titans

This slightly contradicts theory 2, but I genuinely don’t see this show ending with titans still existing. Somehow, especially given the events of episodes 19 and 20, I think Eren will convince Ymir to end the titan lineage. In doing so, maybe all the survivors retain the memories of past events, so they do not forget their history. 

One of the major revelations of the show was that everyone living on Paradis Island had had their mind wiped, meaning they had no recollection of the past and outside world. If Eren is either able to convince Ymir to end the titans and allow everyone to learn about their history or is able to use the Founding titan’s ability without being royal, then that would lead to titans no longer being a part of their world.

Theory 4: Armin is the sole survivor

When I say that Armin is the sole survivor, I mean the sole survivor of the core group. My major piece of evidence for this theory is that Armin has been narrating a majority of the show, especially in the introduction and previews. It would make sense that this show is his way of retelling the events that took place, either through a book or some other form of storytelling. 

This idea goes along with theory 3. If Eren or Ymir can rid the world of titans, then I think Armin would no longer be locked into the whole 13 years left to live clause that comes with inheriting a titanl, meaning he could live a long enough life to spread their story. 

Please keep in mind that these are all my 3 a.m. theories and probably won’t happen, but either way I am so excited to see how this show will end. 

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Come Over for Dinner!


If there’s one thing my friends know about me, it’s that I love to cook. It’s my all-time comfort and stress-relieving activity. Whenever I’m feeling down — or just bored, I’ll be in the kitchen…or on TikTok, or on TikTok in the kitchen. It’s also my favorite thing to do when I want to procrastinate. If there’s a paper due in the next couple of days, I’ll pregame with some blueberry, lemon poppyseed and chocolate chip muffins. It’s all part of the process. I like to justify my procrastination by telling myself that to nourish my mind, I need to nourish my body. In hindsight, I think that adage holds true. I can’t think on an empty stomach, and I don’t think others can either. It’s important to recognize the needs of your body. If it’s telling you to cook a five-course meal the night before an exam, go ahead and do it!

Me in the kitchen.

No kidding, I’ve done that before. It’s currently less than a week before the start of finals and I still keep making dinner plans with people. But like I said, I’m nourishing my friends’ bodies so that their minds can find nourishment as well. There aren’t any losses here (except maybe my bank account). Anyway, here are some occasions when I’ve asked some people to come over for dinner.

The First Supper

This was my first dinner party. I invited some friends over to grub on some pasta inspired by TikTok and Gigi Hadid, as well as eggplant parmesan, caprese salad and an upside-down peach cake. Fun fact: I bought the long serving dish and the large glass baking dish from the thrift store a couple of days prior for this dinner. I’m proud to say it turned out well, and I’m still using both today.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya


I hosted this dinner for some friends from Georgetown University’s Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). I was extremely excited to have them over because I hold VSA and the people in it close to my heart. That night, I made Japanese curry with carrots and potatoes, tonkatsu, white rice, scallion pancakes, miso soup, banana bread and muffins. As you can see, the white serving dish has now become part of my dinner party mise-en-scene.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Taco Wednesday

This dinner was a particularly fun one to make. When cooking, I love to incorporate as many colors as possible and this “Taco Wednesday” dinner hit the spot. I served flour tortillas with shrimp, chicken and veggie fajitas, corn salsa, and a cilantro-lime cream sauce. It was delicious and gave me an excuse to bust out the cast iron.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Charcuterie Galore

I hosted this dinner for my internship cohort with the office of Rep. Karen Bass. We’re all pretty much in the same age group and started working within the same couple of days. I made two charcuterie boards (one with meat and one without), a kale persimmon salad, another caprese salad and pizza (not pictured, but you can see the toppings). I always enjoy making pizza dough because it’s fun to see how tall the dough rises overnight.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya


These next two dinners were friendsgivings I hosted during Thanksgiving break. It was refreshing to see all my old friends and be able to share my newfound skills with them. In the first picture, the star of the show was the turkey my sister made. She cooks the turkey in pieces, allowing for full flavor impact in each bite. In the second picture, the highlights were the upside-down orange cake, mini apple tarte tatins, and elephant cookies for dessert. Fun fact: I burned my upper lip pretty badly taste testing the caramel and ended up having to throw it out because it turned out burnt. I’m still suffering from that battle wound today. Sigh.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya
Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Sometimes I look at other people singing, dancing, drawing and painting and get a little disappointed because I can’t do any of it (trust me, I’ve tried). But, as of recently, I’ve begun to realize that my artistic ability comes with making food, conducting dinner parties and creating a welcoming environment for my guests. It takes a bit of work but it makes me elated to see other people happy to eat and enjoy each other’s company. It makes everything worth it in the end. So if you’re ever in need of a nice meal, company and some body and mind nourishment, come over for dinner!

Blog Marriage Pact!

Hello, lovers! We here at 4E hope you’ve gone on your first couple dates with your Marriage Pact match (or successfully ghosted them…). To supplement this season of Autumn Girl love, we’ve created a quiz for you all to see who your BLOG Marriage Match could be. Take the quiz and share your results!

When Opportunity CALLs

When I applied to transfer to Georgetown University last winter, I would have never imagined that my first semester would have been at the Capitol Applied Learning Labs (CALL). And while I was definitely excited to leave my former institution, I was absolutely stoked to have the chance to live in downtown Washington, D.C., and experience everything our nation’s capital has to offer.

When opportunity CALLs, dog answers😎

During my initial introduction to the CALL, a huge emphasis was placed on the CALL’s design as an experiential learning semester. We’re now on week 11 of the fall semester, and I can confidently say that this semester has been full of new experiences, personal growth and learning. For starters (and a little bit of context), CALL students live in fully-furnished apartments in NoMa, a neighborhood in downtown D.C. named for its location north of Massachusetts Avenue (I know, creative). We are a 15-minute walk from the Law Center and Union Station and a short metro ride away from just about anything else we could want to see or do! 

The CALL Students while exploring downtown D.C.
The CALL students while exploring downtown D.C.

Instead of writing a clunky and long article about how much I enjoy living in the heart of D.C., I’m going to go over some opportunities and obstacles (because pros and cons just don’t cut it) from my time in the CALL in case you ever consider signing up for an unforgettable semester. :)


1. Create your own experience! The CALL is designed to be an experiential semester of learning, and that can take form in so many different ways. Most students have an internship (that they get to choose!) as part of their program or a studio-based class. I’m in one of the studio-based classes, “Consulting for Social Impact,” where we are completing consulting projects with three different social impact organizations local to D.C.! I also have the time for a part-time internship, and have extended my summer internship at Life Pieces To Masterpieces (a phenomenal organization). Of course, I could have chosen to keep my schedule open, or worked to find a completely different internship, but that’s the beauty of the CALL — you truly can make it anything you want! The possibilities are endless, and the central location broadens the horizon for even more opportunities. Even better is that it does not cost any more than a normal semester on the Hilltop!

2. The community is absolutely amazing. Take it best from a transfer who up and left the only place and people they had known for the past two years. My biggest concern when transferring was just being able to escape rural Virginia, followed by getting a similar aid package, and then worrying about whether or not I would fit in. The CALL is a small group of students (approximately 30 this semester), which allows for a lot of bonding opportunities — even if most of us have busy schedules with our internships. Every Friday the CALL buys us lunch, giving us an hour of fellowship, food and fun in the student lounge. 

Saturday brunch in our apartment!
Otice Carder/The Hoya

3. Location, Location, Location! I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again. We are in the heart of the District! Not only is it easy for us to go to the monuments at midnight, but there are so many places to explore and things to do. Walking a couple blocks in any direction will land you in an entirely different neighborhood that is just as unique as the next. My favorite part about where we are has to be the daily view of the Capitol. The CALL campus is only a couple blocks away from the Capitol, and that closeness never gets old. While Georgetown has its historical charm, the broader district has so much more to offer.

Midnight monumenting
Courtesy James McGee
Our daily view
Otice Carder/The Hoya

4. Train to be the next Gordon Ramsay! Part of the experience of the CALL is getting to experience life as a young professional. Our meal plans are given to us in the form of debit dollars and grocery store gift cards so that we can go shopping (at the grocery store conveniently on the corner of our block) and cook for ourselves. The possibilities are endless with this one, and if cooking is something you really enjoy, the open kitchen and high-end appliances make it all the more enjoyable. Another obvious bonus is that you can brush up on your food handling skills, so that you won’t have to worry about giving food poisoning to yourself or your roommates.

I’m a big fan of baking, and bake just about every Thursday for our community lunches on Fridays. I stopped baking when I left home my first year, but I have quickly found my groove again. If buying random ingredients from the store and turning them into something delicious was a hobby, I would be its most ardent hobbyist. 

Cinnamon rolls!
Otice Carder/The Hoya
Otice Carder/The Hoya


1. The commute to the Hilltop. You may be wondering, “How do I get to the Hilltop?” The answer? Public transportation! While the GUTS bus from the law center only runs roughly every hour and a half, there are other ways to utilize GUTS in combination with the Metro to get to campus! First, CALL gives us each a MetroCard and will reload it constantly. Yes, that means unlimited sightseeing, adventures, and explorations. And while the fight to bring the UPass Program to the Hilltop continues, the CALL is ahead of the game on this one. You can take the Metro (the Red Line NoMa stop is a block away from our current apartments) to either Dupont Circle or Rosslyn and then take the GUTS bus from there to the Hilltop. Those buses run every ten minutes, which is a lot more convenient than the law center GUTS bus.

It is still a little tricky and can be slightly time consuming (especially with the Metro delays that they have going on right now), which is why I’ve listed it as a potential obstacle. I grew up in a small town in West Virginia with no public transportation whatsoever, so you can imagine my continual fascination with the ability to get anywhere in D.C. using the Metro. I enjoy using public transportation, but if it’s something you despise, it would definitely be an obstacle during your time at the CALL.

2. Guy Fieri won’t hire you to work at his kitchen. The task of cooking for yourself may be daunting, and, with the buttload of opportunities and possibilities that ensue from a create-your-own experience program, potentially even overwhelming. While this is listed as a potential obstacle (understandably so), it is one that I think can easily be overcome. As long as your knife handling skills don’t put you at risk, a little practice can go a long way. Make it a low-stress environment and in no time you’ll be ready to answer the CALL (see what I did there) as Guy Fieri’s next executive chef. After all, the point of an experiential learning semester is to learn from new experiences, right? :)

4E’s own, Lincoln Le, taught our apartment how to make dumplings!
Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Take this list of opportunities and obstacles as you will. I’m a huge fan of learning and growing from unique experiences, which may slightly sway how I feel about the CALL program. The CALL provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on your passions while giving you the tools to create an experience that is enriching and meaningful to you. College is a time to try new things, meet new people, and learn more about yourself along the way. Being able to create your own experience for a semester tailored to your personal interests is a great way to do that, and it will undoubtedly make your collegiate story even more unique than the next.

Header Image: Global Georgetown

Eri and Maggie’s Squid Game Review

Warning: This article may contain spoilers of Squid Game Season 1

If you have been on any form of social media the past month, you must have heard all about the new Netflix series, Squid Game. I felt the need to watch it as soon as it came out: As a K-Drama addict myself, why wouldn’t I? Now, this is something I don’t like to brag about, but I stayed up until 2 or 3 AM to finish some episodes in the midst of midterm season. Would I recommend you do that normally? Obviously, not. But, Maggie and I can guarantee you that Squid Game is an exception, and it is worth losing a few hours of sleep for a few days (or one day if you are brave enough to binge everything in a night). Here, we will give our own reviews on the series; while we will *try* to not spoil anything big, there are no guarantees… sorry :(((


Squid Game is a dystopian series where the contestants compete against each other in six childhood-inspired games with deadly twists. The one surviving winner obtains a cash award. Although the participants chose to take part in the games, they were predetermined as those who are in charge of the game picked people who are suffering from crippling debt and would most likely want to gamble their lives for money. 

Eri’s Review

To start off, let me say that Squid Game takes you on such an emotional rollercoaster. The majority of the times that I have cried on campus so far have been by watching this series. As someone who doesn’t cry often, this is a pretty big deal. Let me say the two characters that I got especially emotionally attached to (I will not be spoiling if they die or not):

1. Ali Abdul (Player #199)

Ali is an absolute sweetheart. From the moment he saved Gi-hun (Player #456)’s life in “Red Light, Green Light,” he’s had my heart. Even in this dystopian world where you literally are in a situation of life and death, he still manages to care about the other people in the game and always puts their lives out first. He’s too precious and too good for this world that it’s so so sad to see when he gets taken advantage of. If he’s not your ideal significant other, I can’t talk to you.

I mean, look at him. He’s literally glowing and, overall, adorable.
Source: NBC News

2. Kang Sae-byeok (Player #067)

As with the millions of other people who have watched the series, I am absolutely obsessed with Sae-byeok. First of all, she is so, so gorgeous. While she was risking her life playing the games, I couldn’t stop myself from saying “Wow, she’s so pretty” every few scenes (my friends can attest to this).  I definitely wasn’t the only one because the actress who played the role, HoYeon Jung, gained 13 million followers on Instagram in less than 3 weeks. 

She just *cries* looks perfect. Her hair, her skin, everything.
Source: Insider

In the series, she also has an amazing backstory: She escaped from North Korea with her brother, and she joins the game to be able to get him out of an orphanage and live with him. It makes sense why she doesn’t trust most of the other players in the game, I’m sure that more than 80% of them were snakes. 

For introducing me to these two amazing characters, I give the series 4.5/5. I took the 0.5 points off because the ending was not satisfying; it was as if they were asking Netflix to make another season, but I would have been fine with one season with all the original characters. However, I guess the series got it right, it really does come down to money at the end of the day…

Maggie’s Review

Before I hop into things, I wanted to preface this by saying that I watched the whole series in one day in two-times speed. Yes, that’s right. I like watching my kdramas like how my Philosophy professor lectures – at the speed of light. 

I would say Squid Games is one of the best thriller kdramas I have watched, and, trust me, as someone who’s watched over 100 kdramas (give or take), you definitely want to take that to heart. 

Its unique dystopian twist combined with its commentary on economic inequality keeps watchers on their toes while subtly critiquing the debt-infused system many citizens are lured into by loan sharks and debt collectors. Watchers are so engaged that many have attempted to interpret the director’s purpose of Squid Games – coming up with all sorts of theories about Squid Game’s purpose from a critique on neuroliberal capitalism to a warning against communism. But, whatever the political message behind it is if there even is one, it’s a great drama. 

And now, since Eri went over her favorite characters, I want to take the liberty to go over my favorite character. Drumroll please…

Han Mi-nyeo! 

God, what a misleading picture. Anyway – unlike Eri – I won’t spoil anything, you can thank me later. But, her character is definitely iconic. If you have watched the series, you know why. If you haven’t, be prepared to love and hate her all at once. Take that how you will. I know for sure, I will be looking at bathrooms differently for the next few months…

Overall, I give Squid Game a 4/5 stars rating. I’m not a big fan of thrillers and all the gory blood effects so that’s where the 1 point deduction comes from. Granted, that is a biased rating: taking off a point simply because of the genre it is. Anyway, if you haven’t watched it, what are you even doing? Jump on the bandwagon already! And for all my peeps without Netflix, steal your roommate’s password! If you need any kdrama recommendations or any sites to  *legally watch them, you know where to contact me!

Closing Remarks

Squid Game is definitely worth the hype and a great way to get exposed to kdramas for those who have never watched any. Plus, you can join the trend of making dalgona cookies for a fun cooking process with a tasty reward at the end.

Reviewer’s Eri and Maggie Out.

My First ~Official~ Month as an On Campus College Student in Review

My life is currently spiraling out of control (yay midterms!), but hey, so is Georgetown University, so at least I’m not in it alone. Midterms kicked my butt while also providing me with the academic validation that I so desperately needed. So, I guess I can’t complain too much, but I still will. As a sophomore who spent last year online, being on campus for the first time is definitely a new experience. I’ve officially been on campus for over seven weeks (ignore the title, because as I said, yay midterms!) and it’s been wild. Ok, so this isn’t really a ~one-month~ review, but what are you gonna do about it? Be prepared for some major word vomit about my first official month on campus as a college student.

How I felt before my midterms.

My first night here, I obviously had to go see what was happening on the Vil A rooftops. I was immediately disappointed when the first thing someone said to me was, “Are you a first-year?” I said, “No, I’m a sophomore.” And this boy had THE AUDACITY (because if boys have anything, it’s the audacity) to say, “Oh, so you’re basically a first-year.” Of course I had to ask how old this inquisitor was, to which he responded with “a junior.” I mean, doesn’t that basically mean he’s a sophomore by his logic??? I think the Class of 2024 has a collective frustration with this.

An accurate representation of how I react internally when people call me a first-year.

We already missed a whole year of college. We are already upset that we know virtually nothing about this school,.YOU DON’T NEED TO KEEP REMINDING US!!! And the worst part is it’s not just annoying boys on Vil A rooftops, but it’s also the girl working at Outdoor Voices when I went with my friend to pick up her online order, parents who come to visit campus, their friends and everyone else!!! It’s just obnoxious at this point. I think being here for a month should count me officially as a sophomore now because otherwise I’m going to be a junior whom people are calling a sophomore. If that’s the case, maybe I should get a refund on my first year and Georgetown can keep us sophomores here for another year. However, I’m not too sure if we want that right now though because this school feels like it’s falling apart. 

I don’t even think I can list all the problems this school has had in the last month on one hand. First, there were the extremely long lines at Leo’s the first few days. Not sure why I waited for over 30 minutes to eat uncooked chicken, but I guess I was just too naive considering I’m a “first-year.” (Please note the sarcasm.) 

My reaction to my first bite of Leo’s after a summer of home-cooked meals.

Then of course there were difficulties with the mailroom. I was only slightly bothered by the weeklong processing delays to receive my packages after they were delivered. What bothered me more was when they just lost two of my packages and then ghosted my emails. The packages were successfully located weeks later, but it was rather inconvenient considering one of them was a textbook for my psych class that put me weeks behind in the reading. When I was at home last year, I definitely don’t remember having this many problems receiving my packages. Sometimes my mom or my sister would intercept them, thinking it was for them, or my mom would try to teach me a lesson for buying so much online and steal my packages until I inquired about them. 

The way things are going, it’s honestly possible.

The school might be falling apart, but hey, so are all of the students. The unprecedented early flu outbreak was enough to wipe out all of us.


Speaking of sickness, I obviously can’t forget about frat flu/common cold. It’s not like I could forget about it because it’s like every day in class I have someone coughing down the back of my neck. The common cold just seems angry that it lost a whole year of terror to COVID-19, so it came back fighting. Every time I’m sick, I try to remember all those glorious times when I was healthy. Naturally the university is only really concerned with your well-being if you have norovirus, coronavirus, or the flu. Those with the common cold are told to suffer in silence. Or in the back of class coughing on everyone because apparently professors are not expected to accommodate students unless they have COVID-19 because “life is normal now.” Yeah, right. 

Live footage of the person sitting behind you in class.

How would I best describe my first month on campus as a college student? Lit, crazy, movie. With a side of sickness.  (I’ve also been spending too much time on TikTok if you couldn’t tell.)

Header Image: Alexander Brown / The Hoya