Happy Holidays from The Fourth Edition!

Well, it’s the day after the biggest day of December, folks: December 26th. Santa has hopped down (and back up) the world’s chimneys, families are done gathering for fun and festivities, and all is well with the world… until next year.

Here at The Fourth Edition, as we relax and enjoy our winter break, we just wanted to take one moment and thank good-ol’ Santa Claus for the greatest Christmas gift he could ever bring us: You.

Thank you, readers, for continually supporting The Fourth Edition through all of our snarky, sassy, quirky, and crazy moments. We also thank you for continually supporting all of the publications within our Hoya Family. Without you, we could never experience all of the joy and happiness that occur every day while writing for the Georgetown community.

So, go ahead. Eat eight leftover pieces of the Christmas ham. Lick a frozen metal pole. Wear your spunky flannel onesie even though it’s a day late. Celebrate. And just know that we’re thinking of you this holiday season and we’re looking forward to celebrating with you for years to come.

Wishing you Happy Hoya Holidays and an exciting New Year,

The Fourth Edition Writers

Friday Fixat10ns: Going Back Home

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”https://8tracks.com/mixes/1141425″]

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and some people are headed home this weekend. While Georgetown may seem like every Hoya’s home, it’s always nice to kick it back in your hometown with family and friends. This playlist has the songs you may have listened to back in your tween and teenage years, along with some more contemporary songs. It’s got the some of them throwback jams, so why wouldn’t you listen? Make the most out of your break — bump these tunes.

Coming Home – Diddy ft. Skylar Grey I think everyone knew this song was going to be on this playlist, and it fit too well for me to leave it out. Look at the title of the song, isn’t it obvious?

New York State of Mind – Nas Everyone has a different opinion about the real anthem of their hometown. It’s pretty hard to deny that Nas defined the New York rap experience. It was hard picking between this and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” but Nas did it earlier, so it has more of the nostalgic feel to it.

California Love – Tupac ft. Dr Dre and Roger Troutman  Even though I rep New York City, I didn’t forget about the West Side Hoyas. It might be because I’m ignorant, but I think this song matches the criteria of “hometown anthem” the best for those of you flying out West for the break. If you’re not into Tupac (what? You don’t like Tupac?) you can substitute this out for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Dani California” but I would advise against it.

Grew Up Fast – J. Cole Regardless of where you call home, I think all will agree that there’s some aspect of our childhood or hometown that we miss. Let J. Cole rep for your crew: “Can’t fit nothing in her pockets, she got too much ass/Like, god damn, well if you must ask,/We from the school of hard knocks, but your crew cut class.”

All The Small Things – Blink 182 Some may say that this song is soft compared to the previous ones, but punk rock was big when we were young. Even if you didn’t like this genre of music, this tune is catchy, and you probably know the lyrics from hearing it so often when you were younger. This is a real throwback, so enjoy.

Fat Lip – Sum 41 You can tell that this is in the same genre and era as the previous song because the band names of the time were done like Mad Libs: (Random Word) (Random Number). But if you weren’t jamming and feeling like a rebel to “Fat Lip” when you were younger, you were missing out.

Hey Ya! – Outkast As long as we’re keeping it throwback and nostalgic, we can up the intensity level a little. I haven’t met a single person who a) doesn’t like this song and b) didn’t jam out to it as a kid.

Kids – Chiddy Bang  The MGMT original is a great song in its own right, but the lyrics to this tune describes us well when we were younger: “Hey yo I once was a kid all I had was a dream/mo money mo problems, when I get it Imma pile it up/Now I’m dope, wonderbread we can toast/So fresh how we glow, everybody get their style from us” — we’ll love it when we see our old friends and family again, but we doing big things here in D.C.

Beautiful Girl – Sean Kingston Going back home means going back to your high school romance. Nothing’s quite like teenage puppy love so reminisce about the good times and bad with Sean Kingstong.

Jump Around – House of Pain You’re at the end of the playlist – are you home yet? If you are, get hype with this song. If you’re not, hit replay. You know you want to.



Best Bets: And the Turkey Looms

The lyrics to the song “Home” by Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros have a particularly nice ring to them these days. Finally, only one weekend separates us from that long sought after day of inhaling mashed potatoes and stuffing. We have only to endure a few more essays before packing up our bags with a dream and a cardigan and heading back home. This weekend, there are various events we should keep our eyes out for that will make time fly faster and begin prepping us for the holiday seasons.

Thursday: Honor our Veterans

>Thursday, November 15 | 3:30-4:30. Copley Lawn. Come honor our veterans, some of whom may be our friends here at Georgetown. For those of you who are new to the area, come witness a patriotic and emotional event for many who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of your future

Friday: A Civil War Christmas, Dance Company Performance

>Friday, November 16 | 6pm-8pm Gonda. Theater Come watch The Nomadic Theater’s musical inspiration, A Civil War Christmas. Get into the season a little early with a story that begins on the Eve of Christmas in 1864, in the midst of a country teeming with war.

>Friday, November 16 | 8pm Walsh Building; Black Box Theater. Georgetown University Dance Company. Come wiggle along in those dancing shoes that have been pent up in your closet.

Saturday: A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration, 8pm.

Sunday: Graduate School Turkey Bowl; Civil War Christmas at 2 pm.

>Sunday, November 18 | 4:30pm-8pm Kehoe Field. Come get down and dirty and watch the first year grad students take on the second year grad students at Kehoe field. The game is followed by a traditional Thanksgiving meal and all proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity. Tickets are $10.

Autumn on the Hilltop

Congrats Hoyas — you’re on one of the best campuses to be on this autumn. According to thebestcolleges.org, Georgetown is sixth in the nation for best autumn campuses. As it says on the website, we should consider ourselves lucky with our “…picturesque New England trees and cool, crisp air.”

Although it may not feel like it with Hurricane Sandy knocking down some our gorgeous New England trees, the neighborhood is looking a lot better with the decorations out in force. We’ve got a distinct flavor in the neighborhood; walks around campus and the surrounding area are better than usual.

Georgetown is also highly ranked because of our Halloween traditions. As most students know, The Exorcist is a horror movie near and dear to the Hoya heart. The annual screening of the film in Gaston Hall is followed by the “Healy Howl.” Students go to the cemetery by Healy Hall and let out their best howl. (This is post is from a while ago, but this tradition also places Georgetown on the list of “10 Strange College Traditions“)

If you don’t feel too appreciative of how nice the area is looking, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time and the colors on the trees are just showing up now. The days where you can sit down on a nice green lawn and nap are numbered; enjoy your campus Hoyas.

Photo: https://rob-page-iii.smugmug.com/Washington-DC/Pre-2005/Georgetown-Fall-2002/0211AA20-4×6-Georgetown/140192909_YgpKa-L.jpg

Music to Get You Through Sandy

Happy Hurricane Party from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

Depending on whether you live in a leaky dorm or a cozy apartment, your hurricane is either awful or awesome. You’re either using trash cans to keep water out from your room or watching Jim Cantore get inundated by the storm surge in NYC. Regardless, you could definitely use these Hurricane Sandy-related songs to get you through the night

Hurricane — MS MR This beautiful song will lull you into a peaceful sleep and you’ll definitely be no longer worried about the wind and rain outside.

Hurricane Drunk — Florence + The Machine Maybe this will be some of you tonight. Stay safe!!!

Butterflies and Hurricanes — Muse One of the biggest reasons why I’m currently enjoying the hurricane is that it made me rediscover this song.

Rainy Monday — Shiny Toy Guns What a rainy Monday this has been. I don’t think it’s stopped raining all day.

Sand Castles Black x Blue — Theophilus London Get it? Sand for Sandy? OK, maybe not, but this song is really a great song.

Cyclone — Baby Bash Sandy’s moving her body like a cyclone. (I got this joke from Hurricane Sandy’s twitter account.)

Hurricane — The Hush Sound Another awesomely chill song about hurricanes. Which is weird, because hurricanes aren’t really that chill.

Sandy — John Travolta from Grease Haha. I’m funny.

Sunday Night Wrapup: Winners All Around

This weekend was filled with many victorious individuals. Triumphs ranged from basketball games to lucky lottery tickets. 4E has the details on these events for you:

  • It’s been an eventful weekend in New Orleans for men’s basketball fans. The NCAA tournament comes to and end tomorrow night when Kansas will take on Kentucky in the final. Saturday’s Final Four games were close and exciting up until the final buzzer. Kentucky managed to edge out Big East team Louisville with a score of 69-61, and Ohio State kept the game uncomfortably close up until the end, but ended up losing to Kansas 64-62. While we all wish Georgetown could be playing tomorrow night, tomorrow’s final matchup is sure to be entertaining.
  • There was a world record-breaking $640 million Mega Millions jackpot this past week, and three winning tickets were sold! A lucky customer bought a ticket Friday evening from a 7-Eleven store located in Baltimore that turned out to be one of those three tickets. He with two other winners will split this enormous sum of money. The Baltimore store will receive a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket, and is now thought by many to be a lucky store.  Fortunately, for all you Hoyas, Baltimore is close, so make the trip and buy some lottery tickets.
  • The beloved Georgetown psychology professor, Steven Sabat, was awarded and recognized at the 6th Annual Georgetown College Honors this past Friday evening. Each year, current students nominate professors that they feel are influential, memorable, and among the best at Georgetown. This year Professor Sabat received the most votes, so was surrounded by faculty and students at this reception where he spoke briefly of his positive experience at Georgetown.
  • Better find a friend with an HBO subscription – the much-hyped second season of Game of Thrones premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Who cares about homework? Winter (and war) is coming in Westeros tonight.
Photo: abcnews.com

Friday Fixat10ns: The Wiz

Young, Wild and Free (or $25 at the door) from thehoya on 8tracks.

Are you excited for tonight’s Spring Concert? This week’s Fixat10ns was designed to get you ready for the show, so brush up on your Wiz Khalifa (and hope that he doesn’t forget the words to his own songs like Lupe did).

Black & Yellow – Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa’s love song to his hometown of Pittsburg, PA, which is now stuck in your head.

Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs – Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Swift This remains one of my favorite mashups.

The Thrill – Wiz Khalifa Great for cruising around with the windows down.

United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom) – DJ Earworm DJ Earworm is probably best known for his annual mashup of the Billboard top 25, this was his most recent release (it’s a little Katy Perry heavy, but that’s not his fault)

No More Gas – DJ Earworm But in case you wondered what some of his other stuff sounded like, here’s one of his mashups from a few years ago.

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa I like this song, but mostly I’m just impressed that he has a song with this title that isn’t about weed.

Young, Wild and Free – Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa 

Can You Feel It – Sublime with Rome feat. Wiz Khalifa The new version of Sublime, with Rome Ramirez in place of Bradley Nowell (R.I.P.) collaborated with Wiz on this song last year.

Tearin’ Up My Heart – N Sync This one might seem like a bit of a non-sequitur, but as Georgetown Cabaret will be the opening act, it seemed fitting.


Live Like the Irish

It’s not just the Irish who are lucky this year-with St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday, everyone gets to turn this into a daylong and night celebration. Now DC is no Boston, and the Hoyas are no Fighting Irish, but we all have a little Irish in us. So, put on some green, make yourself an Irish coffee, and prepare to celebrate the day like the Irish do. 4E has compiled a list of things you all should do to be as Irish as possible:

  1. Eat corned beef & cabbage with some Irish soda bread: It’s more delicious than it sounds! Irish restaurants all over D.C. will have this traditional Irish meal on their menus. However, if pressed for time and unwilling to leave Georgetown, the Tombs’ Irish heritage has come out with its version of this dish for the weekend.
  2. Watch a Rugby game: Any true Irishman is a rugby fan, so jump on the bandwagon and watch England host Ireland live at 1pm at Fado Irish Pub (808 Seventh Street NW). The pub will show five additional rugby matches, so get there as early as 7 am Saturday morning if you want to start the day off early.
  3. Listen to Irish music: Whether you like the Dropkick Murphys, Shannon Sharon, or the Dubliners, make sure to throw on some traditional Irish music to get you in the spirit. If you are in the mood for some live Irish music, head to one of the many Irish pubs in D.C. The Irish are known for their drinking songs, so make sure to experience them on the biggest day of the year.
  4. Drink a pint of Guinness:  Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s definitely necessary today!
  5. Live by an Irishman’s Philosophy:

 In life, there are only two things to worry about, 

Either you are well, or you are sick. 


If you are well, there is nothing to worry about, 

But if you are sick, you have two things to worry about;

 Either you will live, or you will die. 

If you live, there is nothing to worry about, 

If you die, you have two things to worry about; 

Either you will go to heaven or to hell.

If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about,

But if you go to hell, 

You’ll be so busy shaking hands with your friends,

You won’t have time to worry


The last weekend before Spring Break is coming to a close. For those of you who have spent your time dreaming about next week and the prospect of no papers, tests or studying, here is a wrap-up for the news of the weekend.

  • Early Friday morning, Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) (pictured with current GUSA President Mike Meaney (COL ’12) and Greg Lavarriere (SFS ’12)) won the race over the seven-ticket field. Over the campaign, we saw two presidential debates, signs, campaign literature, a giant American Flag posted in Red Square, the flag being vandalized and the construction of a giant Rubik’s Cube.
  • The Hoyas rebounded from a 73-55 drumming from Seton Hall, with a 67-46 blowout over Villanova at the Verizon Center. Next up, the 8th-ranked Hoyas take on the 18th-ranked Notre Dame tomorrow at the Verizon Center.
  • The NBA, in all its usual fanfare, held its All-Star Weekend. Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz won the slam-dunk contest and Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves won the three-point contest on Saturday, but the real spectacle of the weekend was the game itself — a Western Conference victory in the 152-149 nail-biter, where Kobe Bryant became the highest-scoring athlete in All-Star history.
  • Mitt Romney picked up the endorsements of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over the weekend, and polls are turning his direction before Tuesday’s Michigan and Arizona primaries.
  • Among the bejeweled celebrities arriving at the Academy Awards Sunday night was Sasha Baron-Cohen, in character as a crazed dictator. He spread the ashes of deceased North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Il along the red carpet — a welcome break from gowns and tuxedos.

The Best (and Worst) of Super Bowl Ads

by Martin Hussey

Last night marked my second favorite American holiday (behind Thanksgiving). After all, when else do people crowd around the TV, watch some football, stuff their faces with junk food and cheer at advertisements? And despite a matchup that did not feature my Denver Broncos, this Super Bowl turned out to be one of my favorites. For one, it was exciting until Tom Brady’s very last Hail Mary. It also featured the best halftime show I can remember (certainly better than The Black Eyed Peas’ disaster in Dallas last year). More than anything, though, this year’s ads topped even those of last year.

While no single ad was better than Chrysler’s epic inspirational 2-minute commercial last year (although Chrysler did show another, slightly depressing and less exciting 2-minute ad during halftime this year) the group of commercials in Super Bowl XLVI was, as a whole, more hilarious, more inspirational, and more entertaining than before. In case you missed the ads, here’s my rundown of the best and worst ads from last night:


Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt: When this first came on, I was furious that Dannon wasted a Super Bowl spot on an ad featuring John Stamos playing with yogurt (boring!) but the ending is priceless.


Chevy Sonic: It is really amazing how Chevy can make a subcompact car seem completely awesome just by dumping it out of a plane, making it do skateboard tricks, and putting it on a bungee jump. The song choice just brings the whole thing together. Great ad.


Doritos: Babies flying through the air and stealing Doritos away from a mean big kid is funny. Doritos wins the award for best use of juvenile humor this year.

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