Fill It Up and Kill The Cup

fill it up

This upcoming Tuesday, October 15th, The Corp will be launching their four-week Kill The Cup initiative. This program aims to promote the usage of reusable coffee mugs and to decrease the usage of non-recyclable paper cups through social media.

Whitney Pratt (COL ’14) and Caroline Williams (MSB ’14) with the Corp’s Green Team are teaming up with Social Ventures for Sustainability, founded by Mike Taylor (COL ’05) and Drew Beal, to combine “traditional media to communicate a message of sustainability to Georgetown University students”.

If you bring your own coffee mug into a Corp location you will receive a $0.25 discount off of your drink and if you purchase one of The Corp’s Kill The Cup tumblers, you will receive a $0.30 discount.

Students can upload pictures of themselves using their tumblers to to be entered to win a series of prices. There will be four weekly prizes of $25 Corp gift cards for those who submit pictures, three t-shirts for the most creative photo submissions, and one grand prize: $50 Corp gift card, tumbler, t-shirt, tote bag.

“We’re hoping that this turns into a social norm”, Pratt said. “It’s something people should do out of habit”.

When this high-intensity campaign was launched at University of California, San Diego “351 students uploaded more than 1,000 photos to The percentage of coffees sold in reusable containers rose by 68.6%–from 11.6% to 19.6%. The campaign saved an estimated 1,300 cups, equivalent to 80 pounds of landfill waste, 350 pounds of CO2 emissions, and 350 gallons of water associated with the manufacturing process”.

So fill it up, kill the cup and you just might win a prize!

The Top 7 Places You Wish You Were This Summer


August is fast-approaching and we’re starting to wonder what we’ve done with our summers. We at 4E believe that summer vacations were built for travel, so here are the top 7 places we know that you wish you were for the summer.

7. Sydney, Australia


Australia, the land Down Under, the home of the most poisonous species per capita in the world and a great place to spend the remainder of a summer – even if it’s technically winter there right now. There’s the beautiful Opera House, the miles of beaches AND the ultimate destination for marine bio fans – the Great Barrier Reef. If you’ve ever considered trying snorkeleing or scuba diving or are a seasoned expert looking to check out a tropical fishy paradise, this reef is the biggest on the planet. If you can get past the box jellyfish, the great white sharks and the abundance of tiny things that can kill you, there’s nowhere quite like Aussie-land.


6. Jackson Hole, WY

jackson hole

Middle America may not be the first place you think of to spend a relaxing summer, but the least populated state in the US has some of the best places to take in the beauty of nature. Take, Jackson Hole for example. Complete with a skyline dominated by the Grand Teton mountain range (named by French trappers who hadn’t seen women in years, hence the name that translates to “big boobs”) and landscapes full of lakes and the gorgeous Snake River and LOTS of elk, moose and buffalo. Yellowstone National Park is nearby too, so you can check out the Old Faithful geyser and the boiling mudpots. Be sure to hit up the Chuckwagon in Moose Junction for


5. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Gorgeous architecture and boulevards, museums, and beautiful scenery – the Czechs got it all. It’s also a great jumping off point to visit the rest of Central and Eastern Europe and has one of the most fascinating histories of any city in the world. They threw off the yoke of the Soviet Union in a BIG way during the Prague Spring and they have settled MULTIPLE historical disputes  by throwing people out of windows. These so called “Defenestrations of Prague” were pretty violent, but any excuse to use the word defenestration is cool in my book.


4. San Diego, CA

san diego

I’m biased because this is my hometown, where I’m spending my summer and I need friends. So come visit me. There are more beaches than you can possibly imagine, perfect weather (74 degrees and sunny) and Legoland, SeaWorld and World Famous San Diego Zoo! If Anchorman got one thing right, it was my city’s obsession with giant pandas. San Diego is a lot like Los Angeles, minus the traffic, smog, and Hollywood pretentiousness. So basically it’s perfect (not that I’m biased or anything).


3. The Island of Fiji


White sand beaches, cute guys and gals in swimsuits, fruity drinks with cheesy paper umbrellas in them and an ocean that is as warm as some people’s jacuzzis. The island of Fiji is about as close to paradise as you can get and nothing sounds quite as relaxing as lying on the sand, reading a book and casually powering through pina coladas and margaritas. It’s the opposite of school year stress.

2/1. Washington DC/Home


If you are reading this from wherever you call home, chances are you wish you were back in Washington DC. Readjusting to life under the control of your parents is annoying and your minimum wage job is a drag so you probably find yourself dreaming of picnics on the National Mall and dartys with your friends on the weekends. However, if you are one of the lucky ones hanging out in DC this summer, you probably are missing the comforts of home. A mom to do your laundry and feed you is sounding pretty good right about now, and the humidity and overabundance of rain has you dreaming of your hometown. Either way, the grass is greener on the other side.

InternTips: A Balancing Act

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 6.56.57 PM

Some of you luckier ones out there might still be in that “cool summer job” phase this time around. You know what I mean: lifeguarding, babysitting, camp counseling, etc. — basically anything that’s not supposed to be preparing you for your future career path.

Up until last summer, I was in that boat myself with a cushy job at the local recreation department on the Jersey Shore (no, not that one) that involved a lot of playing sports with little kids and otherwise getting paid to sit around and do nothing. Now I’m taking a class while working a full-time unpaid internship. Go figure.

But that’s not at all to say that I’m looking at Summer 2013 as a wash. If you’re looking to sort out how to handle your commitments this summer while still having a good time, you’ve come to the right place. 4E is here with InternTips. A handy reoccurring post that will help you out with intern life.

Yes, you may no longer have the luxury of that beautifully cushy job where you got paid to tan or watch TV, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to flip the switch and start working yourself to death. Even legitimate professionals take the summer easier than the rest of the year — people are noticeably less motivated to get work done in their depressing cubicle when it’s hot and sunny outside.

And newsflash: If you are going to be in D.C., it’s going to be extra hot and sunny for you. No one wants you to flood your internship office with your sweat, especially considering the fact that, in all likelihood, YOU’RE NOT EVEN GETTING PAID. So chill out.

That said, let’s not go crazy with the lazy. There’s certainly something to be said for getting a leg up, so constant slacking off just isn’t going to cut it once you’ve gotten to my unfortunate rising junior phase.

Internships are annoying and borderline enslavement, yes, but they also represent your only real chance to secure recommendations to show to future employers. It’s easy from a shortsighted perspective to see why the thought of getting fired from an unpaid internship might actually be kind of nice — you’d make the same amount partying or sitting playing Xbox as you would at that office at McPherson Square, after all.

You’re going to be asked what you did each summer, and you’ll be expected to provide concrete details. Make sure you’ve earned something tangible to say.

Perhaps you’re able to get by at your job by working only when the higher-ups are around, and you trick them into thinking you’re doing stuff. If so, then honestly, congrats, because you’ve managed to beat the system. But for the rest of us, presumably working with/for moderately intelligent people, then you’re going to have to put in the time and put in the effort. It might only be photocopying — which seems to be a great deal of what interns and even lower-level employees are doing nowadays — but it still counts. And it’s really not that difficult. Buck up, and do some work!

Okay, so at this point I’m not sure I can make my ultimate message here any more obvious. Summers can be big in terms of showcasing your legitimate, employable talents: “All right, you’re an A/B/C student. Now let’s see what you can actually do.

No one in our society anymore seems to be allowed to graduate without at least one internship, which means that those without them aren’t nearly as competitive. Taking classes to boost school-year grades or open up more time during the year (maybe for another internship) can make sense for some people too.

But don’t kill yourself over all of it.

In fact, if you’re the type of kid who feels the need to sacrifice all fun things just to work, then you’re likely also the type of kid who badly needs time off to relax and recharge.

When you get home from your internship or you finish up the day’s classes, allot some “me time” for yourself. Maybe that means throwing your work clothes on the floor, kicking your feet up to watch some TV or just getting away completely and enjoying the weather outside.

At the same time, don’t let yourself do nothing, either. You know the old adage: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And it will also make you jobless, unmarketable and lazy.

Could a summer of 24/7 work help you toward your goal of running the world one day? Sure. But you can’t sacrifice on treatin’ yourself at least every once in a while. You go to Georgetown; you’ve earned it.

Stay strong out there, Hoyas. And remember: balance.

Friday Fixat10ns: I’m Coming Home

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

With Senior Week nearing its end, it’s safe to say this year’s over and done. Fin. Those Hoyas not interning in DC or trekking across the globe are all home for the summer. Maybe you can’t wait to catch up with old friends, maybe you’re already missing Leo’s. The latter should seek help immediately, but our playlist should help the rest of you weather the ups and downs of a summer at home.

Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Kazoos! Trumpets! Big band! What a way to start us off right. If whistling and folk tunes don’t get you ready for a carefree summer at home, you probably have no soul.

Hometown Glory – Adele What can I say – Adele and I are pretty much the same person. We both give due praise to the Queen of the World and love a good wiener dog. Essentially her hometown is my hometown. Right now we’re feeling somber about it.

Homeward Bound – Simon & Garfunkel Love a good 60’s throwback? Convinced that this gem is the pinnacle of nineties cinematography?  Either way this is sure to rev you up for your mom’s cooking and reuniting with old friends.

Let’s Go Home – Best Coast West coast, best coast – am I right? Too bad we can’t all call the Golden State home. If you happen to be landlocked this summer, put this on repeat and dream of surf and sand.

Take Your Time – Fun. Word on the street is that this is about Nate Ruess and the Format breaking up (Format, if you’re reading this, I miss you always). But it has a pretty good message about growing up and moving on, too.  Don’t feel quite right among your old friends and life at home? Ch-ch-changes.

Home – Daughter Because any song beginning “I was drunk again” has earned its place on a 4E playlist.

Apartment – Young the Giant For all those Hoyas calling DC home for the summer, I suggest this as your Saturday night theme song. Think of it as a glorified description of the Prospect Street crawl.

Our House – Madness Just in case your summer plans include the hustle and bump…

Come Home – OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles Is there a Sara Bareilles song that doesn’t reduce me to tears? This one’s good to sob to while longing for your roommate and a Chicken Madness. Let it all out, kid.

Rockin’ the Suburbs – Ben Folds Let’s face it, you’re bound to get stir crazy stuck in your boring hometown for weeks. It won’t be long before you’re counting the days until you get back to the Hilltop. Don’t worry – Ben Folds feels you and your suburb-induced angst.

Kreative Kegs: How to Use Your Empty Kegs

kreative kegs

Now that the one-keg limit for on-campus parties has been abolished, you’re going to need something to do with those empty kegs (if you don’t feel like just getting the deposit back). Thankfully, we here at 4E are here to help you figure that out.

1. Turn it into a BBQ smoker

2. Or perhaps a grill!

I’ve seen one of these babies in action at a Patriots tailgate, they work super well and are fairly light. Plus the people using it were getting a lot of compliments.

3. Traverse the Pacific

This man, Kenichi Horie, made a catamaran of exclusively of recycled materials which included 528 stainless steel beer kegs.

4. Make a mailbox

I’m sure your West Georgetown neighbors would just love this little addition to the neighborhood.

5. Get a bar stool kit and turn your keg into some creative seating!

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 3.02.11 PM

6. For the overly ambitious and tech-savvy Hoyas, this person turned their keg into a computer tower!

7. Or you can go simple and cut open the top and turn it into a trash can

Well, we’re all tapped out of ideas, let us know if you have any more!

Be responsible, Hoyas!

Grout Jokes are Great Jokes


There reaches a point every all-nighter when suddenly the grout jokes scrawled in your Lau cell become especially funny and you are left to question your mental stability. Normally this occurs somewhere north of the fifth espresso shot and near that bewitching hour when all your “friends” stop returning your snapchats, but the condition has been documented at all hours of finals week.

We can’t much help you with the building pile of unread books leading towards this state of health, but at least we can assure you that you’re not alone. After the great grout jokes we saw in our post “Stalling in the Stall”, we decided it was time to feature some more. Without further ado, for your procrastinating pleasure, the best grout jokes from Lau prison cell 462:

IMG_1021IMG_1017IMG_1016 IMG_1015 IMG_1020 IMG_1019 IMG_1018



Happy Holidays from The Fourth Edition!

Well, it’s the day after the biggest day of December, folks: December 26th. Santa has hopped down (and back up) the world’s chimneys, families are done gathering for fun and festivities, and all is well with the world… until next year.

Here at The Fourth Edition, as we relax and enjoy our winter break, we just wanted to take one moment and thank good-ol’ Santa Claus for the greatest Christmas gift he could ever bring us: You.

Thank you, readers, for continually supporting The Fourth Edition through all of our snarky, sassy, quirky, and crazy moments. We also thank you for continually supporting all of the publications within our Hoya Family. Without you, we could never experience all of the joy and happiness that occur every day while writing for the Georgetown community.

So, go ahead. Eat eight leftover pieces of the Christmas ham. Lick a frozen metal pole. Wear your spunky flannel onesie even though it’s a day late. Celebrate. And just know that we’re thinking of you this holiday season and we’re looking forward to celebrating with you for years to come.

Wishing you Happy Hoya Holidays and an exciting New Year,

The Fourth Edition Writers

Friday Fixat10ns: Going Back Home

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and some people are headed home this weekend. While Georgetown may seem like every Hoya’s home, it’s always nice to kick it back in your hometown with family and friends. This playlist has the songs you may have listened to back in your tween and teenage years, along with some more contemporary songs. It’s got the some of them throwback jams, so why wouldn’t you listen? Make the most out of your break — bump these tunes.

Coming Home – Diddy ft. Skylar Grey I think everyone knew this song was going to be on this playlist, and it fit too well for me to leave it out. Look at the title of the song, isn’t it obvious?

New York State of Mind – Nas Everyone has a different opinion about the real anthem of their hometown. It’s pretty hard to deny that Nas defined the New York rap experience. It was hard picking between this and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” but Nas did it earlier, so it has more of the nostalgic feel to it.

California Love – Tupac ft. Dr Dre and Roger Troutman  Even though I rep New York City, I didn’t forget about the West Side Hoyas. It might be because I’m ignorant, but I think this song matches the criteria of “hometown anthem” the best for those of you flying out West for the break. If you’re not into Tupac (what? You don’t like Tupac?) you can substitute this out for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Dani California” but I would advise against it.

Grew Up Fast – J. Cole Regardless of where you call home, I think all will agree that there’s some aspect of our childhood or hometown that we miss. Let J. Cole rep for your crew: “Can’t fit nothing in her pockets, she got too much ass/Like, god damn, well if you must ask,/We from the school of hard knocks, but your crew cut class.”

All The Small Things – Blink 182 Some may say that this song is soft compared to the previous ones, but punk rock was big when we were young. Even if you didn’t like this genre of music, this tune is catchy, and you probably know the lyrics from hearing it so often when you were younger. This is a real throwback, so enjoy.

Fat Lip – Sum 41 You can tell that this is in the same genre and era as the previous song because the band names of the time were done like Mad Libs: (Random Word) (Random Number). But if you weren’t jamming and feeling like a rebel to “Fat Lip” when you were younger, you were missing out.

Hey Ya! – Outkast As long as we’re keeping it throwback and nostalgic, we can up the intensity level a little. I haven’t met a single person who a) doesn’t like this song and b) didn’t jam out to it as a kid.

Kids – Chiddy Bang  The MGMT original is a great song in its own right, but the lyrics to this tune describes us well when we were younger: “Hey yo I once was a kid all I had was a dream/mo money mo problems, when I get it Imma pile it up/Now I’m dope, wonderbread we can toast/So fresh how we glow, everybody get their style from us” — we’ll love it when we see our old friends and family again, but we doing big things here in D.C.

Beautiful Girl – Sean Kingston Going back home means going back to your high school romance. Nothing’s quite like teenage puppy love so reminisce about the good times and bad with Sean Kingstong.

Jump Around – House of Pain You’re at the end of the playlist – are you home yet? If you are, get hype with this song. If you’re not, hit replay. You know you want to.



Best Bets: And the Turkey Looms

The lyrics to the song “Home” by Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros have a particularly nice ring to them these days. Finally, only one weekend separates us from that long sought after day of inhaling mashed potatoes and stuffing. We have only to endure a few more essays before packing up our bags with a dream and a cardigan and heading back home. This weekend, there are various events we should keep our eyes out for that will make time fly faster and begin prepping us for the holiday seasons.

Thursday: Honor our Veterans

>Thursday, November 15 | 3:30-4:30. Copley Lawn. Come honor our veterans, some of whom may be our friends here at Georgetown. For those of you who are new to the area, come witness a patriotic and emotional event for many who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of your future

Friday: A Civil War Christmas, Dance Company Performance

>Friday, November 16 | 6pm-8pm Gonda. Theater Come watch The Nomadic Theater’s musical inspiration, A Civil War Christmas. Get into the season a little early with a story that begins on the Eve of Christmas in 1864, in the midst of a country teeming with war.

>Friday, November 16 | 8pm Walsh Building; Black Box Theater. Georgetown University Dance Company. Come wiggle along in those dancing shoes that have been pent up in your closet.

Saturday: A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration, 8pm.

Sunday: Graduate School Turkey Bowl; Civil War Christmas at 2 pm.

>Sunday, November 18 | 4:30pm-8pm Kehoe Field. Come get down and dirty and watch the first year grad students take on the second year grad students at Kehoe field. The game is followed by a traditional Thanksgiving meal and all proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity. Tickets are $10.

Autumn on the Hilltop

Congrats Hoyas — you’re on one of the best campuses to be on this autumn. According to, Georgetown is sixth in the nation for best autumn campuses. As it says on the website, we should consider ourselves lucky with our “…picturesque New England trees and cool, crisp air.”

Although it may not feel like it with Hurricane Sandy knocking down some our gorgeous New England trees, the neighborhood is looking a lot better with the decorations out in force. We’ve got a distinct flavor in the neighborhood; walks around campus and the surrounding area are better than usual.

Georgetown is also highly ranked because of our Halloween traditions. As most students know, The Exorcist is a horror movie near and dear to the Hoya heart. The annual screening of the film in Gaston Hall is followed by the “Healy Howl.” Students go to the cemetery by Healy Hall and let out their best howl. (This is post is from a while ago, but this tradition also places Georgetown on the list of “10 Strange College Traditions“)

If you don’t feel too appreciative of how nice the area is looking, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time and the colors on the trees are just showing up now. The days where you can sit down on a nice green lawn and nap are numbered; enjoy your campus Hoyas.