@#$%&! Sucks

This past summer, I spent a chunk of my time in [REDACTED]. It’s a beautiful but alarmingly small town on the West Coast. The locals celebrate its size and boast of the 64 permanent residents in the winter season when tourism has died down. The most interesting thing about it, however, is probably the stickers you see adorning every reusable water bottle, bike rack, sketchbook or car bumper: “[REDACTED] Sucks! Tell Your Friends!”

Think of this place as the Voldemort of towns. “The town that shall not be named.” Inhabitants and visitors alike are advised to tell no one of its existence, let alone its name, regardless of how breathtaking it may be. I mean, it’s no secret that the West Coast has some of the most picturesque mountains, rivers and starry nights. But is that reason enough to gatekeep what it has to offer? 

This town answers with a resounding yes. The small population means that the environment has time to heal after a busy summer season, that the land will remain unattractive to wealthy developers and that it won’t become the next Jackson Hole, WY, a mountain paradise for the wealthy that was once a hidden gem for climbers and skiers alike. 

We’re already seeing the impact of developing what was once a rarely unknown area in Sun Valley, Idaho. What was once a secret ski haven for the best of the best is becoming a mountain town for the U.S. elite and now has a median home listing price of almost $1 million. Even more, the housing market is trending up around 11% every single year. 

As a guide for Georgetown’s Outdoor Education organization, I have learned to treat nature with respect. In pedagogical terms, the practice is called “Leave No Trace.” There are seven main principles: 

  1. Plan and prepare
  2. Walk on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste
  4. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints
  5. Use designated fire sites
  6. Be respectful of wildlife
  7. Have friendly trail etiquette

Essentially, leaving no trace means leaving no impact on the natural environment. One of the largest problems facing conservationists today is the dichotomy between disruptive outdoor recreation and restoration efforts. As stated in a majority of Outdoor Education excursions, we must be respectful of nature not merely for our sake, but for the sake of others, so that they may partake in the abundance of outdoor spaces as well.

[REDACTED] is most certainly a town that appreciates Leave No Trace (LNT), and the residents try to incorporate it into their daily routine in almost every way possible. Whether it be biking to and from work, drinking everything out of a Nalgene or sleeping in tents or cars for the entire summer, they care deeply about [REDACTED]. And they want you to care too. 

How can you care? Don’t go there. Simple. If no one talks about [REDACTED], visits [REDACTED] or posts about [REDACTED], then [REDACTED] won’t fall victim to multi-million dollar housing development, experience overexploitation of the natural resources or have residents that fail to practice LNT in a meaningful way.

Ideally, everyone would be able to go there. I want you to go there. But if the summer tourists to [REDACTED] cannot follow LNT, as the visitors of Jackson Hole and Sun Valley so expertly demonstrate, then how can I justify sharing [REDACTED]. I can’t. 

In fact, never mind. It’s not beautiful. It’s boring. There’s nothing to even do. I don’t even know why you’d want to go. Genuinely. [REDACTED] sucks. Tell your friends!

It’s Not Too Sweet


Growing up, birthday cakes had to be bought at the Korean bakery because the ones from the American grocery store had too much sugar. Getting ice cream on a Saturday night was not a full family affair because my parents never had the craving like my two siblings and I did. I always thought my parents were crazy whenever they would deny dessert at the restaurants in which we dined — but at the end of the meal, it worked in our favor, as we had more to share between the three of us.

However, once in a blue moon, when my parents did indulge in a dessert, it was met with extensive praise. Instead of the typical ‘yummy’ or ‘this is delicious,’ we’d hear the welcoming ‘it’s not too sweet,’ the highest compliment you can receive in the kitchen. So, in honor of that phrase, here are a few desserts I’ve made that my friends and family have graciously classified as ‘not too sweet.’


These donuts were a product of a very sad day. As I write this, I do not remember what happened, but I am extremely grateful for it because the outcome of the night was spectacular. On the left are cinnamon sugar donuts that had my roommates coming back for thirds, and on the right are strawberry shortcake donuts made with a ‘not-too-sweet’ cream complimented with fresh strawberries. 

Lincoln Le/The Hoya
Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Caramel Galore

The first time I’ve ever dabbled with making caramel, I almost burned my apartment down. Today, I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I’m certainly better at it. On the left, for a friendsgiving dinner, I made an upside-down orange cake, elephant ear cookies, and mini apple tarte tatins. On the right is an upside-down lemon cake that I made after I was fixated on making upside-down desserts. My opinion? I like the orange one better.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya
Lincoln Le/The Hoya


These cannolis were a crowd favorite when I brought them to work at the Democratic National Committee during my summer internship. They must have left a great impression because I was hired afterward. If you ever need tips for getting jobs, consider making cannolis! However, the caveat to this is that cannolis now weirdly remind me of democracy.

Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Banana Bread

In my book, carbs, fruit and (limited) sugar are components of a successful dessert. I made this banana bread for a Christmas dinner with my friends, and when I took a bite of it, I audibly complimented myself. To this day, I have yet to make another banana bread as delicious as this one because I don’t remember which recipe I used to make it. Not saving the recipe will probably keep its place as the most regretful mistake in my lifetime. 

Lincoln Le/The Hoya

Strawberry Cake

This strawberry cake is the most labor-intensive dessert I’ve made to date. The batter requires two different whipped components mixed together, and the icing makes for a third whipped component. I didn’t have a stand mixer so my roommate and I took turns hand whipping the batter and icing. I think I gained a couple of pounds of muscle that night. 

Lincoln Le/The Hoya


Muffins were the first baked desserts I made when I started my cooking journey. They were easy to make and made for a great grab-and-go breakfast. After a few learning opportunities, I tapped into making different types. On the left are candy cane bark muffins, and on the right are lemon poppy seed, chocolate chip, and blueberry muffins. 

Lincoln Le/The Hoya
Lincoln Le/The Hoya

In my family, and many other Asian households, words of affirmation come last among the love languages. But that doesn’t mean the love wasn’t there. My parents would cut up fruit for my siblings and me during late nights of studying, make our favorite meals before a big exam or performance, and let us choose where to eat for dinner every weekend. They taught me food can be its own love language  — and when you share it with others, that understanding is there.

So when I make a dessert, I always make sure there is enough to go around. Although it wasn’t clear then, I understand now why my parents choose food over words. It’s impossible to explain with text — you’ll have to take a bite of my ‘not too sweet’ upside-down orange cake to understand. 

4E’s Official Graduation Preparedness Protocol

Attention all graduating Hoyas! With the last days of senior (or junior, if you’re an overachiever) year dwindling down, it’s time to get ready to walk the stage, get your diploma, and enter the *gasp* real world (no, not the MTV show The Real World that premiered in 1992, but the ~terrifying~ world of taxes, student loans and the cliche 9 to 5).  

Source: GIPHY

We at the 4E get it, and to ease your transition to adulthood, here’s our official graduation preparedness protocol!

Step 1: Check your Degree Audit

The first step to graduating is, well, making sure you can actually graduate. It sure would be funny (and definitely not haunting my nightmares) if, when it’s your time to walk across the stage, your name simply isn’t called.  Avoid the headache you would get going back and forth with the Registrar to try to get your diploma by taking a minute to check your degree’s progress, and use the fancy new MyDegree Audit view while you’re at it!

Seeing as I *technically* finished my degree last semester, my Degree Audit already says “complete!” Terrifying!

Step 2: Finish (or start) your Georgetown Bucket List

The last day of class is Tuesday, May 3 and graduation is a whole three weeks later Saturday, May 21.  Although ~finals szn~ can put a damper on the celebrations, a lot can be done in those three weeks (and the X days between the end of finals and graduation). If you haven’t yet completed everything that 18-year-old-you thought you would, get to work! 

Source: GIPHY

If you never made your own bucket list, here’re some ideas to get you started!

  • Visit the Intercultural Center (ICC) drunk and try to find your way out (21+)

Hopefully those late-night economics office hours on the first floor paid off when you put your knowledge of the ICC’s never ending hallways to the ultimate test: drunken, senioritis-fueled debauchery!  For added fun, make it a scavenger hunt: 10 points for finding the bathroom that you cried in after getting your midterm Problem of God grade!

  • Sneak into Riggs Library

If you, too, were a dorky 18 year-old comparing university libraries to factor into your college acceptance decisions, you must have also felt severe disappointment when you saw the architectural nightmare known as Lauinger Library.  When you google “Georgetown Library” though, Lau isn’t shown — rather, the very classy and very ~academic~ atmosphere of Riggs Library is advertised. What Google fails to tell you, though, is that Riggs is closed to the public.  Time to make that Google search a reality and take Riggs access into your own hands!

  • Buy an item of Tombs merch before you graduate and it’s #cringe to have peaked in college

What will you regret more, buying a reminder of your old college bar now before you miss it, or being a 25-year-old college grad googling “Tombs Baseball Hat” in an attempt to relive your glory years?  I thought so.

Step 3: Search your closet for your graduation gown

Remember how Georgetown thought 18-year-olds would be responsible and hold onto their graduation gown for four years? Yeah, me neither!  If you lost your robe from freshman year convocation, you can always purchase a new one in the bookstore.

Source: GIPHY

Step 4: Have an Existential Crisis

Oh my god I’m actually graduating I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life and why am I actively choosing to work in consulting I thought I had more personality than that except I’m actually just another cog in the machine and Georgetown pumps out thousands of new grads just like me every year I’m not special at all how am I supposed to get into grad school or worse how am I supposed to pay for grad school and oh god why is everyone I know a Fulbright scholar why is everyone so successful and smart and maybe I should have applied for more jobs maybe I should have just dropped out and wrote romance novels maybe I should have booked a one-way trip to Europe and moved in with extended family yeah Europe would be nice except the world is falling apart and why am I freaking out about my insignificant problems when so many people have it so much worse oh my god oh my god oh my god.

…Just as one example

Step 5: Map out where all your friends are headed after graduation

But instead of using Google (or Apple!) maps, go old school with pins on a map!  That way you can live in ignorance of how long it will take to see them by car, train or plane, and not actually face reality!

Source: GIPHY

Step 6: Realize that most post-grad apartments are out of your price range.

Why is rent so expensive?  Whether you’re sticking to the East Coast, heading West or going global, finding a reasonable rent in a nice apartment in a new city is no easy task!  There are, of course, some ever-affordable options:

  • The classic parent’s basement
  • The middle of rural Nebraska
  • Getting a WeWork subscription and hiding in the bathroom when they close for the day
  • Becoming an under-the-bridge troll who makes passerby answer riddles

Step 7: Get fancy!

Between the culminating Senior Ball and all of the club formals and galas that happen towards the end of the semester, there’s a lot of opportunities for seniors to dress up and throw down one last time!  Remember that this may be your last opportunity to get a video of a future senator’s drunken debauchery!

Source: GIPHY

Step 8: Actually complete your classes

Write that thesis! Study for your finals! End the year on a high note and get professors who will be willing to act as references while you’re at it!  Not as glamorous as some of the other aspects of senior year, but this may even be your last time ever in a classroom.

Step 9: Remove Georgetown from your Instagram bio

It has to be done. I know it’s hard to move on, but it’s what John DeGioia would want.

Source: GIPHY

Step 10: Say Goodbye

*Cue Hannah Montana’s “I’ll Always Remember You”*

Say goodbye to the friends you’ve made, the professors you’ve learned from, the mice you’ve banished from your townhouse, the clubs you were rejected from, the mold you’ve inhaled, the library cubicles you’ve studied in, the twin-sized beds you’ve slept in.  No matter where you go next, you can always find your home back on the Hilltop <3

Source: GIPHY

Harry Styles and His House

As I am not so patiently awaiting Harry Styles’ much anticipated third album, Harry’s House, I would like to share some of my thoughts and reaction… because if I don’t, I might explode. In an attempt to not bother any of my friends too aggressively, I have been desperately working to disseminate the information that I share about my obsession very carefully. It has become extremely tiring, so be prepared to hear all of my thoughts about Harry Styles and Harry’s House in one place. This could easily turn into the longest blog post published by The Fourth Edition, but I promise to at least attempt to be concise. 

Source: GIPHY
When people see how much I have to say about this man.

Disclaimer: I have placed an indefinite pause on my coursework as I dedicate this time to writing about Harry Styles and appreciating everything about him.

Source: GIPHY
I mean, just look at him!!! How could you not love him??

Mr. Styles definitely has a special talent when it comes to announcing his music. It’s almost as if he has exclusive access to my Google Calendar because I swear he knows way too much about my schedule. For example, on May 18, 2020, I was about to take my AP biology exam, when Harry decided that was the perfect time to premiere the “Watermelon Sugar” music video. My priorities flew out the window (as reflected by my score on that exam), and I focused on analyzing that video. The scenes of Harry seductively stroking a watermelon at the beginning of the video stuck in my mind throughout the entire exam. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Harry Styles will always be more important to me than AP biology, and I’m not afraid to say it. (Only because College Board is officially out of my life forever. Ask me to make the same bold proclamation two years ago, and I would have cowered in the shadow of the College Prep Giant.)

Source: GIPHY
Yes, this is the clip I was talking about.

Another example is when Harry announced a new single and the release date of an album as I suffered through midterms in late March. In fact, this information was released on Twitter mere minutes before my 15-minute Spanish presentation. I was filled with anxiety because I could not simultaneously process this information and stress about my impending presentation. Talk about information overload. After the disaster that was my Spanish presentation, I finally had time to devote all of my attention to Harry’s House. I calculated the countdown of the “As It Was” music video and immediately put an event in my Google Calendar. I alerted each of my friends and family members as I anxiously awaited April 1 at 7 p.m.

Source: GIPHY
How I felt waiting for this release. 

After I watched the “As It Was” music video with friends, I stood slack-jawed as they made preposterous claims that they “were not attracted to Harry” (as if that’s even possible) or that “the song did not make them feel anything.” If you need me, I will be on the hunt for new friends. 

I also saw that The Guide rated “As It Was” only three out of five stars. I recognize I may be biased, but I feel as if this rating is unfounded and harsh. I’m not mad about the rating — I just want to talk. Maybe a “friendly” debate with my friends and The Guide on one side and “Directioners” and “Solo Harries” on my side. We’ll see who wins then.

Source: The Hoya 
Yes, I have the receipts. 

I could write in depth about the hidden theories behind “As It Was.” These theories range from the general analysis that the song represents Harry’s strained relationship with his father to the more specific theories about how the little girl at the beginning saying, “Come on, Harry. We want to say goodnight to you!” is actually his goddaughter because that’s the closest thing he has right now to a father-child relationship. I could go into all of this, buttttttt, I did promise to attempt to keep this post relatively short. 

This album drop will become my entire personality. Actually, it already has. I would like to thank Mr. Styles for releasing his masterpiece work after finals. If he didn’t, I can’t say that I should be held responsible for my performance on my exams and papers. 

I’M SORRY – HARRY STYLES’ COACHELLA PERFORMANCE??? WITH SHANIA TWAIN??? (I wrote everything above prior to his performance during weekend one, and I actually considered throwing it all out and writing a whole new post about Harrychella.) 

That performance was everything and so much more. The Gucci jumpsuit?! TWO new singles from Harry’s House??!! What I would give to have been at the barricade of either weekend. 

Source: GIPHY
This would be me at the barricade. I think I would scare him away.  

Unfortunately, my parents say my education is more important. I’m not sure I agree, but I’m also not sure I have the means to transport myself across the country to the Coachella Valley. I will just have to live vicariously through all of the influencers who are there for free. 

I can proudly say that my friend and I accurately predicted his weekend-two special guest. Lizzo and Harry will forever be iconic, and they genuinely looked so happy as they performed together. With those magnificent matching fur coats, they truly served. As I tuned in at 2:30 a.m. EST, it took everything in me to generate the appropriate level of excitement for this historical event as my eyes started to flutter closed minutes before he took the stage. 

As much as I love Harry and Lizzo, I think he should have brought me on stage. Not because I can sing (I really can’t sing at all; I have many sources who say so), but because I would be the best hype woman ever. Someone send this article to Harry’s team so they can send me my invitation for his next performance. Maybe they will invite me to join him on the rest of “Love On Tour,” his world tour for Fine Line.

A Love Letter to GU Farmer’s Market

April 27, 2022

To my one true love, 

As another Wednesday comes and goes, I must let you know how much I care about you. How my life would be nothing without you. How my weeks would pass without a midweek pick-me-up. The semester would be monotonous, lacking any joy or good food. 

I will tell you how I feel in every way possible: fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, quill to parchment. Whatever it takes, I will do it. You must know how I truly feel, once and for all. 

You mean the world to me, and I don’t care who knows it. I will shout it from the tops of buildings if I must. You truly are the bane of my (wallet’s) existence and the object of all of my (food) desires. Please never leave me again. Those few weeks apart in the winter were the worst of my life. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure we stay together. We may be long distance next semester as I galavant around Europe in pursuit of my studies, but know that you are always in my mind, heart and most important of all, stomach. Trust that we will make it work. I promise. We need to make it work. You are my everything, Georgetown University (GU) Farmer’s Market. 

Although you rejected me from the board, I shall not hold that against you. I could not. Why deny myself great food every Wednesday? Over something so petty? I wouldn’t dare. 

As I leave my Spanish class, stomach rumbling, every Wednesday at 1:45 p.m., all I can think about is all of your wondrous options. My mouth waters as I think of Borek-G chicken and rice while trekking the short distance from Healy Hall to Red Square. I think of how no matter what I eat that Wednesday, it will always pair elegantly with my signature Rainbow Fish iced tea from The Corp. What better way to spend a Wednesday than devouring a heavenly lunch? 

Prospective students gape with awe as they note your popularity. The front of campus glows with smiling faces as tours pass through, all because of you. They cross their fingers and hope one day they too can enjoy a Timber Pizza Co. Green Monster pizza as they sit on Copley Lawn and chat with friends. 

It all feels so collegiate, sitting on the lawn with friends, enjoying a good meal after class. None of that would be possible without you. 

Even though the garbage would overflow during your post-covid relaunch or the pizza would run out as I was next in line, I will only ever speak highly of you. After all, it’s not your fault. Who knew you would be so popular? Clearly not the pizza stand or whoever planned garbage disposal. You simply surpass all expectations, and for that, I adore you. 

They say write what you know, and all I know is that I love and appreciate you. What will I do without you next semester? If only I could pick you up and take you with me to Madrid. Oh, I do hope we survive this long-distance relationship! They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I don’t know how much fonder I can be. You deserve the world and I could not imagine taking you away from your spot on this beloved campus. It would be like leaving half of your identity behind. You belong at Georgetown. And one day I will return, but for now, I will spend as much time as possible with you. 

All my love forever and always,


Escaping Lau: The Best Off-Campus Places To Study

If you’re behind on your work (like me), you must be looking for a place to lock in, grind and study. Assuming the chaos of Lau 2, the awkwardness of Lau 3, the silent cubicles of Lau 4 and 5, and of course, the morbid nature of Lau 1, are becoming overbearing, you’re left with no place to go … considering the HFSC has reached maximum capacity prior to 8 a.m. and the breakout rooms of MSB, well, they’re never open. 

In times of desperation and much needed solitude, I turn to my off-campus staples — places I journey to for the fantastic food, beverage, ambiance and yes, maybe some work. Don’t worry, every single place I have included on this list offers a wide variety of caffeinated drinks. With that said, studying off campus does not mean that you must purchase food or drinks — there are times when I simply go to a coffee shop solely to work and end up buying nothing. 

Until I find a summer job, I probably need to cut back on my off-campus studying trips. But if you’re feeling adventurous or have a few bucks to spare, by all means please consider my personal favorites at each store!


Saxbys – 3500 O Street NW

Ah, Saxbys — one of the most convenient and tasty off-campus study spots Georgetown has to offer. When I come to Saxbys, it’s for one of (or a combination of) three reasons: I’m lazy and don’t want to walk that far, The Daily Grind or the bacon, egg, and cheese (BAC). 

The Daily Grind is undoubtedly my favorite drink between any of these four locations I recommend. It is an incredible blend of peanut butter, bananas, almond milk, and coffee, making for a great breakfast and serving as fuel for the work I’m attempting to complete. When I get their BAC (and this is relatively infrequent), it’s indefinitely the highlight of my day and exponentially better than Leo’s (sorry not sorry). 

In terms of pricing, both the daily grind and BAC are roughly the same at about $6 each. Most medium sized coffee beverages hover around the price range of $4-6 as well. 

All the food and drink is fairly cheap and the service is awesome, which helps contribute to a more positive experience. Finding a seat or table is never a problem, but the real sweet spot is the big couch they have near the back. However, I will say that at times, I do find myself putting headphones in to avoid distraction from my noisy surroundings. 

Also, if you’re antisocial like I am (sometimes), you definitely run the risk of seeing one, if not more, of your friends from school, which can sometimes make getting work done a bit harder. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a fun and easy spot close to campus, I recommend Saxbys and their Daily Grind and/or their BAC. 

9/10. A phenomenal option. 

Foxtrot – 1267 Wisconsin Avenue NW

My personal favorite. Foxtrot is a place where I can escape the “Georgetown bubble” while enjoying the plethora of amenities they offer. Even before you enter Foxtrot, the walk over is beautiful — headphones in, sunglasses on, letting your eyes wander aimlessly around the beautiful town we call home. What can beat that? 

While locating a spot to work might be difficult at times and, quite frankly, is the one underlying flaw of Foxtrot, I’m willing to overlook it considering how delicious their seasonal couscous bowl is. Not to mention that if you’re feeling in a snacky mood, you can explore their Bodega or mini supermarket. If I don’t go the bowl route, I make sure to order either my iced coffee or mixed berry smoothie. You can’t go wrong with either. 

Sadly, Foxtrot happens to be the most expensive … so I make sure to enjoy every trip here. For the bowl, we’re looking at about $10 with tax, and if you choose to purchase the smoothie as well, it will cost you another $9 (don’t purchase the smoothie unless you really want it … $9 is crazy for a smoothie). Most coffee-oriented drinks are slightly less costly, but still on the more expensive side in comparison to other options. 

Now that we’re all settled in with our food and drinks, let me explain why Foxtrot is really my second home. Between the absolute vibe of a playlist that Foxtrot boasts, the variety of seating options and general ambience of the store, I always find myself at ease and ready to work. I rarely put my headphones in to block out surrounding noise and disruptions, but I will admit that I sometimes stare aimlessly at the passing traffic on Wisconsin. 

9.5/10 – highly recommended. 

Compass – 1351 Wisconsin Avenue NW

In all honesty, Compass is typically my default option if I cannot find space at Foxtrot. But don’t get me wrong — Compass is an absolute mood for vibing, drinking some coffee and getting work done. Like Foxtrot, the walk over is quite relaxing and mentally prepares you to dial in and get your stuff done … and by that, I mean stare at your computer screen for a few hours and occasionally type some words. 

The coffee at Compass is superior to both Saxby’s and Foxtrot, which makes it easier to drink three cups if you’re there on a Sunday with an assignment due at midnight that you haven’t even looked at. Coffee here is one of the cheaper options on this list and will run you about $4-5 on most drinks. While the drinks here are top notch, the food is definitely lacking and I would recommend bringing a snack or two with you on your journey. 

PSA: If you go to Foxtrot and cannot find a table, grab food from there and bring it to Compass — but you might need to hide it from the employees. Perhaps my favorite aspect of Compass is the dynamic of the space. There are a ton of tables and chairs, so finding space to work is never an issue. Noise is never a problem and very rarely do I run into someone from school, so it’s an excellent space for some alone time. 

8/10 – An easy and accessible work environment \

Blue Bottle Coffee – 1046 Potomac Street NW

So, I’ve only gone to Blue Bottle once … but I can promise you that I will most definitely be making many more trips here next semester. Without a doubt, the best component of Blue Bottle is the outdoor seating they offer. Whether that be at the tablesright outside or the swinging benches in the area below their space, there is just something about doing work outside that makes it more enjoyable. 

Although I didn’t purchase a coffee during my one trip to Blue Bottle, I have heard great things about their products. Pricing fluctuates here, with most coffee beverages costing anywhere from $6-8. This is definitely a more expensive option, but keep in mind that your only purchase here will most likely be that one drink. 

The walk over is definitely longer than most options, but entirely worth it on a beautiful day. Not to mention that you’re in the middle of town and can explore some other delicious food options (Chipotle always) if you’re really that hungry. I can’t provide too much insight into the likelihood of being productive at Blue Bottle … but at the end of the day, we all know it’s about the food and drink anyway. 

8/10 recommended – A spot that needs more recognition 

I’m all for the Lau 5 grind or the MSB breakout room. Let’s be real though. Working in the same environment continuously is not sustainable and quite frankly really boring. I’m not saying that studying at Saxby’s or walking to do work at Foxtrot will guarantee you better grades, but I can promise you that a change of scenery will help both the efficiency and quality of your work. 

Not to mention that studying off-campus offers you the opportunity to indulge in some delicious foods and tasty beverages. Even better is the chance to escape the newly reinstated mask police within Georgetown buildings (if you want to remain unmasked). Regardless of studying or not, if you’re just looking for a nice walk and some cheaper food, any of these places will surely satisfy your needs.

2 out of 3

I’m finishing my second year at Georgetown University. Out of three. It sounds pretentious, maybe boastful, but to me, it’s more surprising than anything. I came to Georgetown when I was so unsure of myself, what my college experience may be or what my future would look like. Almost two years since my acceptance, so much has happened. 

For perspective, I graduated from high school in the beginning of the pandemic, May 2020. I had visited Georgetown once before and had no idea what it would have in store. After an incredibly tumultuous summer of missed opportunities, I moved to Cape Cod, then Washington, D.C., and then back home all in the span of three months. I waited with the world as we anticipated an end to whatever reality had been thrust upon us, and three months later, I was vaccinated.

In an almost pathetic sense, I think the feeling I have experienced most in the past two years has been false hope. Betrayal. Hesitance. Whatever the word may be, I haven’t stopped waiting for the second shoe to drop since March 2020. My walls are up. For example, two weeks ago, when the university mask mandate was optional, I got COVID-19 two days after and spent 10 days in isolation. Now the mandate is back. I’m cautious going around every corner, and I’m even more cautious to be hopeful about the future. 

It’s incredibly bittersweet to think that I only have a year left. Two semesters to go. Two stressful registration sessions. Two finals seasons. Two. It may feel like the most formidable task at the beginning, but the school year genuinely flies. And I worry. Not about what the future holds, but what it does not. I won’t be walking at graduation with peers my age. I won’t have a repertoire of fond memories at The Tombs. I won’t have random moments laughing with friends, spending time doing nothing. 

It is what I wanted, having taken so many advanced classes in high school. I wanted to have a leg up. I wanted to be ahead of the game. I wanted to be that girl: the one who sets herself up for success. But now, I’m scared to think that maybe that girl is missing out. Things seem to have finally settled down after two long years, and I’m comfortable. I’m happy. But I can also list the times in the past two years when I’ve felt the same, only to have the rug pulled from under me. Part of me wants to stay, part of me does not think it’s worth the tuition to stay, but another part of me is scared to get comfortable again. I don’t want those feelings of uncertainty to have plagued my time at college, but I fear this plague is unavoidable, that I will truly never know Georgetown in a loving, intimate way.

Maybe it’s because I never had an accepted students day. Maybe it was starting my freshman year online. Maybe it was cycling among friend groups, trying to find my glass slipper, but it never fit quite right, not until now. Nothing I can do will change what my time here at Georgetown has looked like, but maybe an extra year would. Regardless, I think I’ll be okay knowing that 2 out of 3 was the best I could do.

Petition to Not Let Small Artists Get Famous

Last weekend, I attended my first concert since the beginning of the pandemic. I went to see Goth Babe, an indie/alternative/folk artist. If you don’t know who he is, good…that’s the whole point of this post. My ticket was a whopping $20 ($25 if you want to include tax, but whatever.) The line took about 20 minutes to get through from the moment we got out of the Uber. I got a long-sleeved t-shirt for only $35. And, listen to this, it was general admission. So even though we may have arrived only 15 minutes before the show started, we still managed to squeeze our way through to the center of the crowd.

My middle school, One Direction-loving self would be quaking in her shoes if she knew that not all concerts meant spending your entire birthday and Christmas savings on a nosebleed seat. I was a true, die-hard fan, one would say Directioner, who spent hours memorizing each song, decorating her walls with posters and reaching out to them on Twitter. That naive girl thought that maybe one day, Liam Payne or Harry Styles would see her fan account and fall madly in love with the 13-year-old girl obsessing over their every move. Shown below is a picture of me during my prime time:

Now imagine if that Directioner had the same experience that I too had last weekend. The experience consisted of the same anticipation, excitement, screaming, and dancing, but at a fraction of the cost. I honestly can’t believe I even shared the name of the artist, because selfishly enough, I do not want more people to find out about who he is. The small venue, the exceptional space for dancing, and the pride I hold when people ask “who is that?” keeps me from wanting to share my little secret.

I’m sure most of you can relate. Imagine seeing Tyler, the Creator, Billie Eilish, or Miley Cyrus in a venue with only about 400 people for a price of only $20. Who wouldn’t want this? So, kindly, please do not look him up, please do not play his music, please do not go to his concert. 

Okay, now all jokes aside, I think everyone should experience the same thing I did last Saturday night. A moment I had been waiting for for the past two years. Here’s a short video of my experience going to see G*** B*** live in concert. Enjoy…but not too much :).

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Post-Spring Break Tips: How to Get Back Into the Georgetown Bubble

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Spring break was some much-needed time off. Midterms rocked me, and my favorite Lau 2 cubicle was consistently occupied the week leading up to spring break. Whether you stayed on campus, went home, or went to Punta Cana, the past week definitely felt different from the midterm-filled one right before. 

Some people might have never left the Georgetown bubble over break. I bet everyone who stayed on campus had more of a break from Georgetown than those who went to Punta Cana with the rest of the school. Whether you took time off from Georgetown or not, it’s time to get back at it: finish the semester strong, or whatever. 

Tip #1: Overfill Your GCal

We all know and love our GCals. I live by the rule that if it’s not on my GCal, it doesn’t exist. And if it’s not in stop-sign red, it’s clearly not important. 

Are you from Georgetown even if you don’t use your GCal? (Get it? Like the TikTok audio in the heavy NY accent? “Are you from New York even? Do you have a big black puffer jacket even??” No? Just me?? Ok…) 

But like seriously, are you from New York even??
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What’s the point of having a calendar if you don’t flex on everyone behind you in class as you flip tabs and you are just SO busy with everything on your GCal??? I always feel like people judge me if they can see my GCal. Either they think I have too much on my calendar or I don’t have enough. Nah, it’s definitely only the latter. Or they judge what’s on my calendar. Like my most important events on February 1, 2022 being Harry Styles’ birthday and my half birthday in stop-sign red and every other Georgetown student has a meeting for their Hillternship. Annnndddd that leads us to our next tip. 

Tip #2: Apply for Your Summer Internships 

I mean let’s BeReal, you probably should’ve done this months ago if you sincerely care about your future. 

On a completely different note, I just applied for an internship last night. 

Ahh, I feel just like Rachel Green!!! I, too, would much rather be a purse than a shoe. #iykyk
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I made my parents stay on the phone the whole time and walk me through it because I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t want to mess it up. But this isn’t about me, I’m a mess and I am just here to give advice. Like your friend who has never been in a relationship but gives the best relationship advice? Yeah, that’s me. 

My application wasn’t for the Hill, but if you want to be taken seriously at Georgetown, you need to work on the Hill. You could also consider Deloitte or Goldman Sachs. That’s it. It’s the only way to really take advantage of your Georgetown education. 

Sincerely, a humanities student who has no interest in government or finance. 

I know next to nothing about tech, but I would submit an application to Google in a heartbeat if it meant I got to work with a nerdy Dylan O’Brien. 
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Tip #3: Post Those Spring Break Photos, Baby!

I mean, how else would all 2,000 of your closest friends know that you went to Punta Cana if you don’t post it on your Instagram? Also, I actually want to see your pictures, so I can live vicariously through them. It’s only fair. Tag me, bestie!

Woo! Spring break!! 2k13 vibes :)
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Naturally, you would want to post at a good time because if you post during spring break when everyone is still doing their own thing, no one will see it. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. But don’t worry about me! I don’t need validation from social media! Really, I’m fine. 

As I said before, I am that friend who has never been in a relationship. It might not make sense, but I will give you the best advice. You just need to trust me. Trust my words only, not my actions. I know that’s the opposite of what you’ve been told your entire life, but maybe everyone else has just been wrong and I’m finally setting the record straight. 

If I try and fail, why would you want to repeat my actions?? So I’m telling you, post after spring break, and your post will do so much better. Or you can be a wimp like me and just turn off the like count. 

Seriously though, I’m simply here to lead by words, not by example. Please, please do not follow my example. The world does not need two of me. I promise.

Tip #4: Keep the Party Going!!!

(21+) Please drink responsibly…
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Boys and girls… ladies and gentlemen… It’s St. Paddy’s day weekend! What better way to push off your responsibilities and continue the spring break vibe than to party all weekend? I Truly™ don’t know. 

Of course, I will be getting all of my work done prior to the weekend because I am a studious girl who values her education (the rest of this article may lack sincerity, but if my parents are reading this, I promise I’m going to class and doing ALL of my homework XOXO).

Anyone who has ever said that Georgetown doesn’t know how to party clearly has never been to a Georgetown party. What better way to get back into the Georgetown bubble than to party with all of your favorite future politicians?!

I would now like to address all the schools that are on spring break right now who celebrated this venerated holiday last weekend. Personally, I believe that diminishes the integrity of the holiday and tarnishes its reputation. 

I will firmly say that I do not approve of the early celebration of St. Paddy’s Day. To do my very best to correct these wrongs, I will be partying extra hard. I hope to see all of you little leprechauns there! 

Tip #5: Ease Into It 

I am writing this from my favorite Lau 2 cubicle after a long day of Tuesday classes. There truly is not a better way to ease back into classes than to sit in your favorite study spot and procrastinate like your life depends on it. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

One of my professors today decided it would be best to ease back into class, and I was so grateful until I realized I don’t think we have the same definition of easing back into class. 

We watched a documentary on whaling in the 19th century. While I appreciate the effort, I’m not sure how applicable the deep knowledge I now have about whaling in the 1800s is to the rest of my life. 

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Some of my friends have professors who canceled class; meanwhile, I have a professor who has us watch whale documentaries. Sounds about right. If anyone wants to learn more about whale hunting (I advise against it, it’s pretty gruesome), I am available to impart my knowledge. I sure have a lot of it now. 

This example was pretty niche (unless other professors also showed whale documentaries), but what I’m trying to say is take it slow, and maybe go watch an obscure documentary because that will definitely slow your day down. It might even put you to sleep. 

Final Thoughts

I have made it abundantly clear, but I would like to reiterate: follow these tips closely. If you know me in real life, first of all, no you don’t. 

Second of all, do NOT follow my example. Ninety-nine percent of the time I feel like my life is test driving a car and it doesn’t really matter what happens to it because it’s not yours. While this life is in fact mine, I really am just a test driver who is seeing what happens. 

Treat these tips like your own personal Bible, or Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for Georgetown Students. They are basically the same thing. 

Goodbye for now… 
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Lastly, if you went to Punta Cana and made it this far into this post, I would like to say that I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I mean no disrespect / it’s my right to be hellish / I still get jealous. If you can’t tell, I am currently listening to “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. 

My music was on shuffle, but maybe it’s fate because I am a smidge jealous. Maybe one day I will find my true Georgetown calling by going on the spring break trip and posting on social media with captions that make sense to nobody except the people who were there. 

No matter where you go n spring break, just know that the Hilltop will always welcome you home IF AND ONLY IF you follow these tips. Otherwise, you’re going to be more of a social pariah than if you didn’t go on the crazy spring break trip to a tropical country like the rest of the school. 

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Too Hot To Handle: Celebrity Edition

It’s been a long winter; I’m trudging through campus, freezing and dreading every time I have to walk to the fourth floor of the Edmund A. Walsh Building. Mentally, however, I’m in Turks and Caicos, partying it up with a robotic cone named Lana. That’s right; if you’re like me, you’ve been watching the new season of “Too Hot to Handle” (THTH), and all I can think about is, “What if I got to cast the show with all my favorite celebrities?” Thus, I give you my fan cast of “Too Hot to Handle: Celebrity Edition.”

Disclaimer: I do not care if they are in a relationship. This is for my own personal entertainment.

Justin Bieber

Starting off with a great one and my personal middle school crush. He may have a wife, but if there’s anything that screams THTH, it’s bringing on a Canadian cast member and pretending they’re exotic. Plus, Justin went through a big playboy phase, and maybe we’d get to see this side of him on the show. He can talk about his past mistakes and form real connections by talking about his troubles with his previous relationship.

Khloe Kardashian

I don’t know about you, but I think Khloe deserves some THTH. After that clown of an ex-boyfriend clowned around again, Khloe is ready to let loose and break some hearts. “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Pt. 2” anyone?? (except Kourtney isn’t there, and it’s in Turks and Caicos). She can dish about True, traumas and tea with her new beau while Lana reminds everyone that there’s no funny business allowed. Bible. 

Jacob Elordi

Will America’s TV villain win us over with his genuine personality? Everyone knows that Elordi, Aussie heartthrob, plays notorious asshole Nate Jacobs on Euphoria, but can he push himself to play his biggest role yet, his true self? Only time, and Lana, will tell.

Demi Lovato

Demi is the chaotic, nonbinary representation we, and Lana, need. Demi is known for not only their talent, but also their quirkiness. Will they cross the line and break some rules? Or will they scare potential partners off with ghost stories and alien abductions? Maybe “Met Him Last Night” has two meanings…

Dominic Fike

Am I simultaneously watching “Euphoria?” Obviously. But I do think Dominic would add some flare to this season, and he’d be a much better musician than Patrick. After breaking into singing as well as acting, Fike has earned a name for himself among Generation Z as an artist on the rise. Even better, how many times have we heard girls gawking at the guys with tattoos?? He and Justin may have to duke it out for this title, but the more drama the better. 

Bella Thorne

Bella is our wildcard. She can “Shake It Up” on the season as a new player added on episode 4, breaking hearts and relationships alike. The OnlyFans record breaker knows no limits when it comes to getting what she wants, ranging from a New York Times bestselling book to a music career. Bella is more than just a talented woman, she’s also known for her whirlwind romances. Maybe she’ll even get engaged on the show as a THTH first? 

Timothée Chalamet

Every season needs the awkward boy who ends up coupled with no one, and I’m sorry to say that I think that’s going to be Timmy. Not only does he remind me of Peter from season 2, but all I think about when I think about him is the video where he says if he were to be a movie genre, he would be “Sports Star! Swish!” Sure the teens of TikTok may fawn over him, but Timmy is definitely getting sent home on episode 7 for failing to create a deeper connection.

Tana Mongeau

It’s not just the fact that Tana and Bella are exes that would make good TV, it’s that Tana knows how to market herself. Marrying Jake Paul in Vegas, getting her exes to tattoo her name all over them and launching her own drink line all help establish her wild, eccentric brand. She would be a sex-positive, fun-loving addition to the cast and could even be the reason Timmy comes out of his shell on the show. Wilder things have happened on THTH.