Stop the Presses: It’s a Cupcake Conundrum!

Oh no! Egads! Gadzooks!

According to DCist, tourist mecca Georgetown Cupcake owes $189,000 in sales taxes to the District of Columbia! The cupcake shop, which has been in business since 2008, received a lien this week for not submitting sales taxes for August, September and October. With penalties, Georgetown Cupcake owes the District $69,571.78 for August, $66,353.74 for September and $53,357.19 for October. An attorney representative of the cupcake boutique has assured that the amounts would be paid by last night.

Clearly, the moral of this story is to eat at Baked and Wired. But just in case you haven’t decided between the two cupcake dynasties in town, here are our Top 5 Reasons to Eat at Baked & Wired instead of Georgetown Cupcake:

5. Baked & Wired pays their taxes on time When I go for cupcakes, I want to feel at ease knowing that my sales taxes are going to their proper ends. I no longer have that reassurance from Georgetown Cupcake.

4. Baked & Wired has a cupcake called Uniporn & Rainhos It’s like eating Ke$ha in cupcake form!

3. B&W makes me feel cooler than I really am Every time I walk into Baked & Wired and see that weird picture of the old lady with a duck face making a peace sign, I feel all hipster and awesome and stuff. At Georgetown Cupcake, I just feel like I’m standing in line … usually because I am just standing in line.

2. Georgetown Cupcake is for tourists I am not a tourist. You are not a tourist. Even if you are a tourist, don’t eat there.

1. Baked & Wired is just better. The end.

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Big Miss Steak


A steakhouse is a pretty easy concept to grasp, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I read about a new steakhouse opening up in DuPont called STK that is, wait for it … a “female-oriented steakhouse”.

I have so many questions and concerns:

1. It’s a restaurant, not a public bathroom or a french noun. Since when were steakhouses specified by gender?

2. This commercial It just baffles me and makes me just the slightest bit uncomfortable. As a woman (at least, that’s what my birth certificate says … ), I would say that this doesn’t make me want to go to this restaurant for fear of being challenged to an arm wrestling match when I’m just trying to have a nice meal.

3. Jonathan Segal In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jonathan Segal, the CEO of the One Group (who owns the restaurant), says that the idea “was to create a steakhouse for women” and “if you cater to a female market, men will follow happily and empty their wallets into your tills.”

So … your “female-oriented” steakhouse is really just a ploy to get more men in there? I would say that if that’s your end goal, it successfully classifies it as “male-oriented”. But maybe that’s just me.

4. “Research”  In the same Wall Street Journal interview, they state “Via his team’s research, Mr. Segal discovered that women liked steakhouses.” Uh, did this really take a research team to discover? Who doesn’t like steakhouses? I’m just perplexed by all of this, hence the aggressive use of italics to make my point and express my incredulity.

5. Why is this weather so absurd? I’m sorry, that’s not about this ridiculous steakhouse, but it’s still something that baffles me. Freezing rain cancels classes, then people are wearing shorts and now we live in a wind-tunnel and are expecting snow this weekend. Someone fix this so I can know what to actually wear outside. Thanks.


There is nothing I love more than a good cut of rib-eye served medium rare with fresh horseradish (dang, now I’m hungry), but I don’t think I could ever muster up the ability to set foot in STK. What about you, my 4E readers, could you?



Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.28.41 PM

You know you’re a true Hoya when your entire News Feed and Twitter Feed are full of posts about Bradley Cooper. Well here’s one more social media site talking about our famous alumnus. Where in Georgetown is Bradley Cooper?

Car Barn The GM of The Hoya (the venerable Mary Nancy Walter) says he’s currently in the Car Barn! FLOCK THERE HOYAS, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Red Square A false report from Facebook’s “Georgetown Insults” stated that the Silver Linings Playbook star was seen picking his nose in Red Square. This has been debunked, but if it had been true, I would have sprinted out of my Econ lecture in the ICC Auditorium (where I am currently writing this post, missing many iClicker questions) and handed him a tissue.

Leo’s The very funny @PizzaAtLeos says that he is currently enjoying, wait for it….Pizza at Leo’s. If he was, this would be the perfect opportunity to say “I want to go to Leo’s so badly!” (which has never been said before in the history of TIME)

Saxby’s Many claimed to have seen him at Saxby’s as well, though I doubt that he is still there. I’m sure some crazed fan is digging through the trash right now looking for his used latte cup.

Wisconsin Ave. Cooper was also reported to be shopping on Wisconsin, probably attracting hoards of fans as he went. Feel free to run down there and look for the mobs!

My Room Unlikely… or is it? One can only dream. But I sure hope he’s not there, it’s kind of a disaster zone. I think my roommate is somewhere in there drowning in the pile of unfolded laundry I left on my bed.

Good luck finding him Hoyas!

Photo: InsideMovies

DFMO 101: Lessons Learned at The Third Edition

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.17.28 PM

Now that the Third Edition, our friendly neighborhood bar (and this blog’s namesake … kinda), has closed its doors for the final time, it’s as good a time as ever to reflect on some of the things that we learned in its hallowed halls. Over the years, we’ve seen Thirds as a haven for freshmen frantically trying to memorize the zip code on their fake IDs and as the spot where you’re most likely to make out with that cutie who sat behind you in micro. But it just wouldn’t be Georgetown without one final look back on it’s impact on our collective college experience. So here it is, the top four things that Thirds taught us all:

Jackets are overrated Nearly everyone who’s been to Thirds has either lost a jacket, unintentionally traded one with a stranger, been way too hot with their jacket still on or felt awkward carrying their jacket while dancing. For the sake of holding onto your own belongings, it’s better to go with a beer jacket (or, more realistically, a Burnett’s jacket) before heading out for the night.

The Buddy System is real — and important Loneliness is pushing your way through a sticky, sweaty crowd alone, not knowing where your bestie has gone. Thirds taught me that a buddy makes everything better — waiting in an infinite bathroom line, fending off creeps or locating that aforementioned cutie from class in the crowd. Plus, keeping a buddy close means you’ll never have to eat pizza alone!

Speak up  Thirds was always known for their theme nights — $2 Kamikaze Night, Ladies’ Night, etc. But my freshman self was most excited about Champagne Night, for a chance to try something slightly better than warm Andre. Unfortunately, when I excitedly asked the bartender for “One champagne, please,” I should have known by the puzzled look on his face that I wasn’t about to enjoy a glass of bubbly. Instead, I got handed a full cup of Jim Beam on ice and paid a steep price for it — in both dollars and bad nights.

Don’t trust any strangers ever But seriously, if someone offers you a beer and says, “It’s not roofied, I promise,” it’s probably roofied. Just don’t do it.


Top 5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter If Beyoncé Was Lip Syncing The National Anthem Or Not


1.) She’s a goddess

2.) She married the man with 99 problems and probably solved them all.

3.) I praise her name and all she does

4.) She is the most incredible human being to walk this earth.

5.) She is Beyoncé.

If it is true that she lip synced, here is my theory as to why:

President Obama didn’t want her to upstage him at his own inauguration and she physically couldn’t tone down her incredible-ness live even if she tried. So she had to pre-record it so that Obama wouldn’t be insecure. It’s like when the bride knows her maid of honor is way more attractive than she is so she puts her in an ugly dress.

Photo: NY Daily News

Editors’ Picks For December

Disregarding the fact that it has been warmer these past three days than it was throughout the entire month of November, it is, indeed, December. As we approach the end of the world, we want to take the time to celebrate the little things that make this month so great. So even though we only have 18 days left in this month, here are some things you can enjoy in that time, hand picked by the editors of The Fourth Edition.

Corp Drink of the Month?

Lindsay – Red eye with a double shot and peppermint syrup. Given the fact that I’m going to be up at all hours of the night trying to study for my Problem of God midterm, I’m going to need a strong jolt of caffeine. Plus the peppermint reminds me that the holidays are approaching; it’s that red and green Christmas light at the end of my very dark and scary first Finals tunnel

KP – Medium mocha with a hazelnut flavor shot. There’s just something about the idea of chocolate and hazelnut that reminds me of happiness and Christmas cheer. Maybe it’s a latent craving for Nutella. Maybe it’s the endorphins that the chocolate gives me. Maybe it’s just a gift from Santa’s elves (read as: Corpies). Either way, it defines my holiday season and it should define yours too.

Kate – Seltzer from Vittles. It’s a dollar and nine cents for a liter. Bang for your buck.


Clothing Trend of the Month?

Lindsay –  Aggressively comfortable winter/holiday sweaters. I want a sweater that says, in the words of our Executive Editor, Braden, “don’t you just want to go alpine skiing with me?”

KP – Holiday themed socks. Red socks, green socks, reindeer socks, Santa socks! When I was a child, I personally had the greatest amount of satisfaction when wearing my Grinch socks to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Get those feet festive, kids.

Kate – Flannel pants and a sweatshirt from the airport gift shop in Texas. I interpreted trend as “outfit I have been repeating so far into December”. Maybe it’ll catch on because I just look so good.


Word/Saying of the Month?

Lindsay – “Twas”. I have slipped into saying things like “I had a french toast bagel for breakfast, ‘twas glorious”. Or “I went to the Corp Gala this past Saturday…’twas a mess and a half”.

KP – “Jolly”. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, indeed. Holiday parties, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, menorahs– I’m so jolly that I practically forgot about my finals!! (Not.)

Kate – “December to Remember” but not in the context of Lexus Christmas car commercials.


Favorite Thing About December?

Lindsay –  Snow. All of the snow. Except I only like it whilst it’s falling and only if it sticks to the ground, I don’t like the weird slush bullshittery when it is too wet to stick. I like the blinding whiteness when I try to take my dog out and consequently lose her in the snow as she romps around.

KP – Family. Whether it’s one of your crazy uncles or the weird girl that lives down the hall, December is a time to embrace the ones you love. Share some cookies, decorate the tree, and celebrate the amazing people in your life.

Kate – My birth.

The Five People You’ll Meet at a Basketball Game

Well, folks, it’s back. By ‘it’, we mean the beacon of hope amidst these trying times. Among papers, finals and crying in the corner of Lau, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the ray of sunshine beaming through your window on a soft and snowy morning, the central tenet of your existence for the coming months. Yes, Hoyas, it’s basketball season.

The Hoyas might only be four games into the season, but even in four short games, one must learn to expect the unexpected with Hoya Basketball … cough cough, UCLA. But, in the spirit of our favorite game and our favorite time of year, here is something every Hoya fan can come to expect when he or she steps into the hallowed Verizon Center. Here are the five people you’re sure to meet at a Hoya Basketball Game:

The Drunken Potty Mouth It isn’t Hoya Basketball if this person isn’t at the game. They smell a little bit like beer, and they sound a little bit like this. Beware, opposing team, nothing is off-limits for this person. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ husband, and hide yo’ point guard, because they’re cussin’ err’body out here.

The Fan Who Doesn’t Know Anything About Basketball This person is virtually the opposite of our friend Joe (see below). He or she is characterized by looking the wrong way during the game, cheering for offense instead of saying defense, and consistently asking, “What just happened?” They probably aren’t wearing the Student Section Shirt, and they actually probably don’t even go here.

The Stats Freak This person knows that the Hoyas are 0-1, that Otto Porter used to average 8.1 points per game (we miss you, Otto!), that David Allen is exactly 6 foot 2, and that Tyler Adams is 2 for 2 in free throws this season. If you’re sitting next to this numbers-junkie, we’re sorry. But there’s a 95.6% chance that he or she isn’t.

Joe Fiorica The man. The myth. The legend. Hoya Blue’s fearless leader. Our loudest chanter. The President, nay, almighty ruler of Georgetown’s go-to group for sports-enthusiasts and school-spirit-junkies. If you don’t see Rennie screaming in the front of the student section, either he’s dead or you’re in the wrong stadium.

You You’re the happy mix of everything: the Hoya fan, the basketball fan and the social butterfly. You’re out to have a good time, spend an evening with your friends, and watch the Hoyas crush their opponents … watch out, rivals. So kick back, friend. Just relax, and enjoy the arena food. Hoya Saxa!

Photo: Georgetown Univeristy

4Eats: Our Guide to Fall Eating

Well, it’s that time folks. Sweater weather. Boots. Leaves. Turkeys. Hurricanes? Yes, Hoyas, fall is in full swing, and that means it’s time for the season of eating. Thanksgiving might be a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out into the city and enjoy some delicious grub. At The Fourth Edition, we were quite inspired by The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema and his Fall Dining Guide, so we decided to give you our own—college friendly, budget friendly, and tummy friendly—list of Fall’s Best. Here are our 4Eats:


Located in the heart of jazzy and eclectic U Street and consistently ranked one of DC’s top Ethiopian Restaurants, it’s no wonder why Dukem made our Fall Dining List. Dukem is definitely a fun, interactive experience for all you foodies out there, and we highly recommend going as a group. Combination platters featuring spongy Injera bread, Lamb Wot, Beef Tibs, and savory Kitfu with cottage cheese will leave your mouth watering for weeks!

Toki Underground:

We didn’t think it could happen, but H Street just got more hipster and happenin’ with Toki Underground. $10 Ramen. $5 Dumplings. Infinite happiness. We’re telling you, these dishes are going to blow your mind. There was so much umami going on in our mouths, we could have had a party like this. Not to mention the salt-cured pork belly had us screaming in pleasure. Don’t take our word for it? Fine. But maybe you’ll believe DC’s hottest veteran chef, José Andrés. Yeah, that’s what we thought. If you don’t eat at this place, we’ll go again for you.


Nothing makes our hearts warm up like the crisp autumn air and a Chef Geoff’s restaurant like Lia’s. Take the Red Line up to Friendship Heights for some hearty Italian that will leave you with the happiest food coma of your life. Lia’s Happy Hour Menu is the by far the best deal in town, and their Crispy Risotto Balls are probably the best thing in the world. Oh, and if you still have room for dessert, try the Nutella Chocolate Tart with roasted white chocolate-banana ice cream. Yes, David After Dentist, this is real life.

Amsterdam Falafelshop:

Nothing quite says Fall like Amsterdam Falafelshop. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Fall, or even Amsterdam. But yes, it does have everything to do with heaven in your mouth. This Adams Morgan eatery is what we like to call a “falafel buffet,” an eden of sorts where you can dress your falafel up or down however you please. Our tips: wear pants two sizes too big, have the baba ganoush, and please, for the love of God, try the garlic sauce.

Photo Credit: DC Eater

The Cure* for the Common Cold

 I have this theory that once you get sick in college, you never fully regain your health. You kind of just fluctuate between very sick, kind of sick and barely sick.

Well, it’s November now! That means midterms, colder weather, and the resurgence of that “very sick” stage. And, of course, your sickness will always come at the least convenient time. So whether you have a friend coming to visit or you just want to be 100% for whatever Halloweekend Part II festivities await you, here are some steps to help you get back to that “barely sick” level that we all lovingly endure.

*Okay, so maybe not the ‘cure’, but a great way to fight it off in a week.

To Fight the Cold in General:

1. Take your medicine regularly Follow the dosage instructions on your preferred medicine and take it promptly and regularly. Also do not stop taking it right when you feel better. Continue to take it a day or two after your symptoms go away to ensure your lasting ‘health’!

2. Do you have spring allergies? If you do, they may be the cause of, or may be increasing, your cold symptoms. Fall allergies are a thing too, so be sure to treat your allergies on top of treating your cold with these tips, regardless of the fact that it’s only November and not April!

3. Vitamin C Whether it be in the form of a vitamin supplement, Emergen-C, or some freshly squeezed OJ, get a healthy dose of Vitamin C a day (see the sore throat section for exceptions).

4. Catch some extra Z’s I know you have a midterm tomorrow, but I guarantee that going to bed at 2AM after cramming in Lau will NOT help. Getting 2-3 more hours of sleep will guarantee you a few more REM cycles, which will make you well rested and healthier so that you can actually focus during the test.

5. Hydrate! Water is your best friend. Try to finish off at least two nalgenes a day, your body will thank you for the extra fluids.

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Do You Know Your Hoya ABC’s?

After sharing my Freshman fails with you, it got me thinking: what are the fundamental things every Georgetown student should know? Or, at least, what are the things so basic that even I, a fresh little freshy, know about being a student here. So test yourself, do you know your Hoya ABC’s?

Acronyms: GUGS, GUSA, GUAFSCU, GUTS… by now you should know that around here ‘GUAVA JUICE’ (Georgetown uses acronyms very abundantly, just understand it’s commonly exercised)

Bagels: They are the best bang for your buck on campus in my opinion. From the toasted Asiago bagel from MUG/UG to the free bagels on Lau 2 after Midnight Mug closes, they’re the best way to quench your hunger on a budget.

Chicken Madness: $7.50. Wisey’s. Heaven. ‘Nuff said. 

Dahlgren quad fountain: Make sure you take a swim in it before you graduate! (Maybe even pour a little laundry detergent in the nozzle and take a nice bubble bath!).

Epicurean: it’s a great place to treat yourself when you’re sick of Leo’s (aka always) or to just watch the game with friends (unless your team loses and then your friends have license rub it in your face in public…this is the mistake I made when I watched the Pats-Seahawks game this past Sunday with my friend from Seattle. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.)

Fight Song: It’s been so long since last we met, lie down forever, lie down… this is the reason I’m broke. Online ordering from tons of restaurants for delivery right to your door step… or I guess dorm* step. 

Hoya Saxa: By now, you should know what Hoya Saxa means and should be able to succinctly explain it to your non-Georgetown friends from home. 

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