Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst…

Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst

One of our very own 4E bloggers has jetted off to the land of love, lights and (most importantly) wine. Her experiences abroad have been challenging and tiresome, but she has managed to push through to blog about her experiences.

Reader Discretion Advised: Article may contain references to pastries, cheese and lack of homework. 

The words “summer” and “classes” shouldn’t go together; summer is best spent tanning, not studying. But since I chose to study abroad in Tours & Paris this summer, I’ve taken some time out of wine tasting, chateaux visiting, walking along the Seine, and (I guess) class to compile a list of the worst parts about taking summer classes abroad (in my experience, France).

Classes. A few hours of classes in French everyday can be pretty tiring, but the worst classes are the wine tastings. Especially when bread and cheese are included.


Field Trips. Remember those things? Soooo middle school. Really, half a day at Versailles? A tour of The French National Assembly? Meeting the French Minister of Foreign Affairs? The worst.

~footage from our field trip~

The Homework.


The People. Meeting new people is always hard, but meeting people then having to spend six weeks in France with them is just the worst. Does anyone really want to walk along the Seine, laughing in the rain?


The National Pride. France, why did you have to host the Euro Cup this year? Everyone getting super hyped about soccer football? Where is the national pride for the Olympics trials?

And finally, the food.
In France, you can have….

A different cheese every day of the year.

Gelato galore.

And don’t even get me started on the bread.

Ugh, summer classes are the worst… But in all seriousness, there’s no better way to learn about a culture than by studying abroad. Whether you want to take courses over the summer or the school year, I cannot stress enough to you that one MUST study abroad. No matter where you choose to plant yourself for 6 weeks to 5 months, learn and embrace all that your ~host~ country has to offer!


Horrors from the Intern Desk

internship horror stories

As August approaches, 4E reached out to some interning Hoyas to see how everyone’s summer has been going. What we found terrified us. Turns out that the internships that we slaved all year round to earn came with a few… quirks.
Jack Miller

Read all about our favorite intern horror stories below!

Note: Stories have been edited for grammar only. Anonymity has been granted to all contributors in the effort to preserve hard-earned reputations and dignity upon their return to the Hilltop in the fall. 

  1. Just like in the middle school cafeteria, your seating choice may make or break you.
    “The guy who sits at the desk behind me clips his nails once a week. I have to put headphones in to drown out the noise.”
  2. Hard Truth of Growing Up: Sometimes, mom won’t be right.
    “On my first day at my internship, my mom convinced me to not bring lunch because ‘Everyone will go out together!’ So I didn’t. I ended up sitting in a secluded room separate from the group of 25 interns. I decided to be brave and strolled right in there. Being my friendly self, I asked if anyone wanted to grab lunch. There was no response – not even a ‘Maybe tomorrow.’ Felt like a f****** moron.”
  3. The fashion world was, in fact, accurately depicted in “The Devil Wears Prada.”
    “My email is “intern1″ because in fashion, you don’t get a name.”
  4. When you’re an intern, you are everyone’s last priority.
    “One day, both of my bosses didn’t show up until 3 p.m. because they went to a meeting. This would have been fine, except that they didn’t tell me. I did nothing for six hours.”
  5. Intensive labor is NOT out of the question.
    “One of my jobs is to ensure that there is a pitcher of lemon water on my boss’ desk every morning. I cut and peel the lemons myself. He only accepts fresh squeezed.”
  6. You better ~lose yourself~
    “Someone in my office who I don’t know just calls me “Intern”. When I finally met him, I accidentally said “Hi, I’m Intern” instead of my name.”
  7. Not everyone is, ahem, politically correct. 
    “I [a strong independent woman] got a “You can’t be in finance! You must be on the marketing team!” last week. I can’t decide if that’s a compliment, sexual harassment or gender discrimination.”
  8. And finally, no one is safe from the refrigerator rascals of the world. 
    “Someone ate my lunch last week. I was very sad.”
    We all know what happened next…

We hope the rest of you have much better internship stories to tell this fall!

Gifs/Images:, Death Cab for Cutie,

The Hoya’s Bunn Award Winners 2015-2016

Bunn Award Winners

Every May, the Center for Student Engagement gives out 18 Edward B. Bunn Awards for Journalistic Excellence to honor the best of student journalism at Georgetown, covering six categories: news, features, commentary, photo, sports and reviews. This year, The Hoya received 11 Bunn Awards across five categories. Along with The Hoya, other student publications including The Voice, The Independent and The Caravel were also recognized.

Please take a look at The Hoya’s winning pieces for the 2015-2016 school year.


1st Place: “Facilities Workers Housed Overnight,” by Owen Eagan
2nd Place: “Demonstrators Address Demands to University,” by Ashwin Puri
3rd Place: “Profiling Claims Close Thread,” by Aly Patcher


2nd Place: “The Life of Pebbles,” by Matthew Quallen


1st Place- “A Life Lived Where the Wild Things Are,” by Molly Simio
2nd Place- “Remembering Scalia,” by Kshithij Shrinath


1st Place- “This is Acting,” by Jinwoo Chong
2nd Place- “Mockingjay, Part 2,” by Daniel Almeida
3rd Place- “The Life of Pablo,” by Tom Garzillo


1st Place- “Demonstrators Address Demands to University,” photo by Daniel Smith
2nd Place- “Students Attend Vigil for Paris Attacks,” photo by Naaz Modan

Congratulations to all of those who received an award and for all of those who helped get these pieces to print!


Will Angelina Jolie teach at Georgetown?

Angelina Jolie Teaching at Gtown

Last week, the London School of Economics appointed four new visiting professors for their Centre for Women, Peace and Security program. One of those appointed was none other than screen legend/humanitarian Angelina Jolie! While this is a wonderful addition to LSE’s program and just one more thing Jolie can check off her already overflowing resume, we want to know when she will make it across the pond to Georgetown.

We love you too!

So 4E is here to give you the scoop! Could Jolie’s next teaching gig be on the Hilltop? In a statement to The Hoya, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security emphasized their goal to collaborate with their sister program at LSE, which includes possibly bringing Jolie and Former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague – another of the center’s new professors – to Georgetown. In fact, GIWPS Executive Director Melanie Verveer reportedly met with Jolie during a recent trip to London.

Here is the institute’s full statement below:

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security has enthusiastically supported the creation of the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security. We are ‘ sister’ programs on either side of the Atlantic with complementary missions – to study and highlight the roles of women in peace and security worldwide. We have been collaborating and are in discussions about how to forge a deeper partnership, given our unique strengths and shared goals. We look forward to, at some point, welcoming Angelina Jolie to Georgetown, and to welcoming former UK Foreign Secretary Hague back to The hilltop. In 2014, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security awarded Foreign Secretary Hague with the Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Advancing Women in Peace and Security for his dedicated leadership to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence in conflict.”

While LSE may have Angelina Jolie for now, 4E thought it would be fun to see who else would make an awesome visiting professor at Georgetown.

Michael Scott: MGMT-200 Managerial Communication


Kanye West:  ECON-002 Econ Principles Macro

Project 1: How to get out of $53 million in personal debt?

Beyonce: WRIT-015 Writing and Culture 

Because when life gives you lemons…


Leslie Knope: GOVT-237 Education/Politics/Policymaking

You will only get this if you watch Parks and Rec, but we are ready, Leslie Knope!


In all seriousness, we hope Georgetown keeps collaborating to bring the best and brightest minds to campus.  4E is here to keep you up to speed!


Apply To Be A Columnist For The Hoya: Summer 2016

Apps Summer Columnist

Feeling a little bored already now that you have been away from the Hilltop for only two weeks? Do you miss all things Georgetown? Need something to fill up that old resume? Luckily, 4E has the solution for you! The Hoya will be taking applications for summer columnists and we want YOU to help us out! Why wouldn’t you want to take this opportunity to join such a prestigious publication?

We’re really classy.

The best part is that there are so many different sections to share your story on The Hoya. You can write for the the Opinion section, the Sports section, or the Guide, our arts and lifestyle section! Need some examples to get you feeling inspired? Luckily, 4E has those for you too!

We’re also just really excited.

The Guide: 

“There’s More Than the Glass Ceiling” By Kim Bussing

“Indoctrinated in Individualism” By Katherine Cienkus


“Jinwoo: Party of Four” By Jinwoo Chong


“Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Has Faded From the Spotlight” By Carolyn Maguire

“Pedro Martinez Was One of the Greatest Ever” By Jake Foote

Feeling motivated? Inspired? We thought so.  Please apply to be a summer columnist now for The Hoya and share your story. Articles will run from June through August.

P.S. 4E suggests you get to it as soon as possible! Apps are due by May 27th at midnight.

End of Year Freshman Fears

freshman fears

Happy study days! There are less than two weeks left of freshman year. It felt like only yesterday that I was trying to figure out what GUTS meant, how to pre-register and find my way around campus (okay the last one may have happened yesterday). But freshman year is almost over, and I have a few end of year freshman fears!

Getting lost isn’t cute anymore. Let’s face it, not knowing where the first floor of ICC was as a freshman is completely acceptable. But as a sophomore, not so much.

dylan o brien thomas the maze runner

I have to leave my beloved VCW. How am I supposed to roll out of bed twenty minutes before class in WGR and still make it on time? I’m sure going to miss waking up to the Jes Res fire alarm. Moving to VCE is going to be such a big change.

I’m going to miss my floor. It’s really comforting to know exactly who wakes you up in the middle of the night with their screaming.

FirstAndMonday anchorman loud steve carrell loud noises

Leo’s won’t change. 

stacy sarah paulson oh no american crime story the people v oj simpson

I have to choose a major. Next year I have to choose an acronym that could define the rest of my life ~G[C]ULP~ .

Joce sheldon breathe paper bag

But first I have to get through a few finals and memorize the map of the World.

her library campus studying struggles


Motivation Monday: Live from the Walsh Bathroom

walsh bathroom

Spring is in the air in the District. Are the clouds of flower petals on Healy Lawn or the cloudless blue skies distracting you from your last few weeks of studies? Is the stress of hearing your friends talk about their summer plans getting you down? Don’t worry! Your fellow Hoyas have your back. Here are some motivating tips from real-life (presumably) Georgetown students, left in a place where few would think to look: the Walsh bathrooms.


First, some words of wisdom for the Class of 2019 and the freshman inside us all.


Next up, a little optimism to get the party going.


We all need self-love at this time of the year. Who makes your day special?IMG_9098But hey, don’t get cocky now. The school year isn’t over yet, and humility is a Hoya’s best habit.


Let that spirit inside you soar, girl. Uncage your inner sensitivity. Spring is the time of hope!


While we’re at it, check out this fly poetry. See, inspiration comes in places you’d never expect!


And nope, you’ve lost me. Seems like this belongs on a more dignified place than above a toilet paper dispenser, no?


Oh, Jane Hoya, the ever witty joker she is. I laugh at your chutzpah.


And finally, when all else fails, we’re all in this together. Someone out there is having a day far worse than yours. Remember your Convocation oath to remain a man or woman for others, and give that stranger a friendly smile or a wave as they stroll across the lawn. For all you know, they wrote the passage below.

We apologize for the expletives!

Photos: Alessandra Puccio; Gifs:

I Owned It

Own it

This weekend, I owned it. To those of you who may have been living under a rock or may have thrown your phone in the Potomac, Georgetown hosted its third annual OWN IT Summit on Saturday. The summit included speakers such as Megan Smith, CTO of the United States, Dava Newman, deputy of NASA, Anne Friedman and Aminatou Sow, co-hosts of Call Your Girlfriend podcast. Along with Abby Wambach, Two-time Olympic gold medalist & FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion and also this year’s keynote speaker and Own It award recipient. These are just five of the 100 speakers that graced our campus to talk about feminism, equality, life and simply how to OWN IT.

As I heard inspiring talk after talk, not just about how to be a strong woman leader, but how to be a strong woman in general, the owned it feeling kept growing and growing inside of me. It truly was a game changing day (which is the summit’s motto). If you’re already having withdrawal like me, or wish to simply relive the day (also like me) or are just curious about what this summit is all about, below you will find a rundown of my day, supported by small details, pictures, and quotes from the #ladymafia themselves. (If confused at anytime or want to learn more about OWN IT check out for more information on the event and the wonderful speakers.)

*Note: These quotes may not be 100% accurate. Scribbling them into my OWN IT notebook, with my OWN IT pen, while owning it, was no easy task.

In planning the first summit, Co-Founder & Executive Director of OWN IT, Helen Brosnan wrote in emails to speakers: “Hillary and Oprah are big fans!”

“I sat next to a man… who smelled like a lunchable” – Ayure Antoinette, Spoken Word Poet. “You give them you, you give them magic.”

“If you ever hear no, I would just ignore it.” – Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator of Nasa.

Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer, on racing a solar powered car across Australia. “I did it. Just do it… take that first step.”

After Newman and Smith’s conversation on THE FUTURE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Female innovators solving 21st century problems, I – who had been feeling nervous about taking Chem-001 next semester, was ready to own chemistry.

WOMEN IN NEW MEDIA: Breaking barries and creating new spaces for women online and in print Panel: Carla Zanoni, Liza Donnelly, Amel Monsur, Amani Alkhatahtbeh, & Alison Overholt.

“I have a cramp in my back since waiting in formation for Beyoncé’s new album.” – Amel Monsur, Creative Director of Vice’s Broadly’s.

“The people who seem very lucky are the one’s who see opportunity.” – Alison Overholt, Editor-in-Chief of ESPN Magazine & espnW.

“I asserted my voice, asserted my representation in that space.” – Amani Alkhatatbeh, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of on writing a column for Forbes. 

“it is exhausting. I just want to be a leader, not a female leader.” Carla Zanoni, Exectuive Emerging Media Manager, Audience Development at Wall Street Journal. “I can own the sh*t out of it… first of all I would just say own it.”

“Until things are equal you just have to keep spotlighting.” – Liza DonnellyThe New Yorker contributor & political cartoonist. “I was just following my passions and became a leader.”

Abby Wambach and Norah O’Donnell

Two-time Olympic gold medalist & FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion Abby Wambach said a lot of awesome things :

“Everywhere I walk I leave the trailblazing dust.”

“I made a mistake, I’m owning it.”

On not starting in the 2015 World Cup: “I didn’t want to be pissed off for the rest of my life with not winning the World Cup… I can pout and whine about this or I can own it… Every time I say that do I get a dollar?” (one of the best quotes of the day).

“I was able to stay focused on playing soccer for 30 years, that’s pretty good.”

“What do you want to do now? I guess I want to change the world… you guys, wanna change the world with me?”

As the youngest of 7 children Abby decided, “I’ll just become a pro-athlete so there’s no way to look away.”

“What it meant to be a champion… to sacrifice yourself and represent your country” on what Mia Hamm taught her.

“We do deserve to be treated equally” – Norah O’Donnell, Co-anchor of CBS This Morning. 

So then I went to some pretty awesome breakout sessions…

The First was, Gun Reform: Is It A Feminist Issue?:

“It takes everyone’s voice and creativity.” – Abbey Clements, Elementary school teacher; Survivor of the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012 and advocate for gun reform.

“And I found myself organizing a dildo protest.” – Jessica Jin, Founder of #CocksnotGlocks campaign to fight campus carry. “None of us planned to get into this.”

“No one’s gonna mess with the moms… they’ve done the work to build communities.” – Amber Goodwin, National Advocacy Director at Americans for Responsible Solutions

“We have kids, they have guns… if we lose our kids, we have nothing left to lose.” – Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

My second Session was Run Like a Girl: Women in Sports: 

“The biggest win for me is [my players].” – Natasha Adair, Head Coach of Women’s Basketball at Georgetown. “Tired isn’t an option when you have a job to do.”  “Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done… we have to tell ourselves not to be afraid.” The Women’s Basketball team is incredibly lucky.

“Live with or chip away at the bias.” – Liz Boardman, Senior Client Partner in Global Sports Center of Expertise at Korn Ferry (also Georgetown alum and former field hockey player!)

“You have to be persistent with who you are.” – Tisa Huff, Ballerina and dance teacher in D.C.

After the Breakout Sessions we went back to Gaston for more main stage panels!


Redefining Activism Panel, cartoon by OWN IT speaker Liza Donnelly.

“I am just running from the haters and having fun, who doesn’t love a dildo march?” – Jessica Jin. “I’ve started something I didn’t mean to, and I’ve owned it.”

“We should all be lighting each other up… it might be the thing that gets [someone] through the day.” – Sarah McBride, LGBT Activist & Campaigns and Communications Manager at Center for American Progress.

“Get involved and repair the world.” – Shannon Watts

“Taking ownership of our own freedom.” – Jamia Wilson, Director of Women, Action, and the Media.

“If you google hell the DMV is the first thing to pop up.” – Jenna Arnold, Co-Founder of ORGANIZE. She had a lot of wisdom to offer:

“Being human means being confused 99% of the time.”

“When you wanna get something done give it to a busy person.”

“That was a great lesson my mom gave me, no one really cares what you’re doing.”

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow interviewed by Dr. Marcia Chatelain.

“There’s not a better time to be a lady than today.” – Aminatou Sow, Co-host of Call Your Girlfriend Podcast & Founder of Tech LadyMafia.

A great reminder from Sow: “when you think about someone just get in touch with them in that moment.”

It’s true… “Secrets out. Women make great friends.” – Sow

“We don’t think periods are personal.” Ann Friedman Co-host of Call Your Girlfriend podcast & New York Magazine columnist.

“Mainstream media doesn’t treat young women like they matter.” – Sow “Young women put Michelle in the White House.” – Friedman

“What’s your guilty pleasure? Reading the Wall Street Journal.” – Sow

Friedman on her and Sow’s friendship… she gives me “permission to be myself, to be great, to be vulnerable… and really good GIFS.” Sow’s response to the GIFS: “when someone gives you something you didn’t know you needed, it’s beautiful.” I feel like they both would make great additions to 4E. (Okay so they may have said gifts but I heard gifs… same thing right?)

That was it for the speakers, but perhaps two of my favorite quotes came at the close of the summit. Co-founder of OWN IT and recent graduate, Kendall Ciesemier congratulated her Co-Founder and Helen Brosnan:”if you don’t know Helen to know her is to love her.”

and to that Helen responded “that’s gross no one likes that.”

It’s hard to accurately capture how amazing this day truly was in just a short blog post. But “when the patriarchy is just pulling me down” – Helen Brosnan, I will return to the memories of this game-changing day, and go out and OWN IT.


The wonderful OWN IT team


Pictures: Facebook: Georgetown University & OWN IT. Twitter: @xoamani & @lizadonnelly.

ITAL 101 Study Guide

Banner - Italian 101Scary newsflash. Classes are winding down in the next few weeks, and that can only mean one thing: finals (and a lot of ice cream and late-night Epi runs). In case you’re already feeling overwhelmed by this impending doom, 4E is rolling out the ultimate study guides to help you prepare for your finals. If you’re trying to do bene on that Italian exam, read up to see whether or not you’re ready:

Section 1: Listening Comprehension

Nothing is more intimidating than having to listen to babbling in a foreign language at what seems an incomprehensible speed, whether you think you have an idea of what he/she is saying or not. The best way to practice for this section is to listen to an authentic Italian speaker and try to write down what you hear them saying. Try it out:

Answer Key: “Babba-da-boopy” (translation: unknown)

Section 2: Vocabulary

How can you learn all of the vocabulary at the last minute? You can’t! Instead, your best hope is to learn the basics:

“Il Pesto” (Translation: the pesto)

“Gli Spaghetti” (Translation: the spaghetti)

“La Pizza” (Translation: the pizza)

See: it’s really simple! If you need more help than that, try reading a menu at an Italian restaurant (note: they tend to have an abundance of mistakes). If all else fails, just add an “o” or an “a” to the English word and you’re probably halfway right.

Section 3: Speaking

pizza talking

The key to being an effective Italian speaker is remembering that all communication is done with your hands. Know American Sign Language like the back of your hand? You’re already prepared to ace this section!

Section 4: Identify as “Italian” or “Not Italian”

This section tends to be pretty tough, so get some practice below:


No… it’s not


LOL no

Not even close

Eating too much pasta doesn’t make you Italian


Last but not least: in bocca al lupo (translation: in the wolf’s mouth, or “good luck”)!


Five Possible Dining Alone Scenarios at Leo’s

Eating Alone

They say that the enemy of success is comfort. Leo’s is likely to be a place you find yourself often — and if not poopoo for you, because Leo’s is HOT. The triumphant marketing team’s latest endeavor, inspired by the altruistic and chumley community that is the Hilltop, has developed table sharing signs. Not only are these well designed “Dining Solo? Join me, this is a shareable table” signs equipped to add flare to your table and meal, but they are also something bigger. They are invitation to community, to love, and to the ever-beloved networking skills  that Hoyas pride themselves on.


While the prospect of inviting or approaching a fellow stranger to share company over a meal of chicken fingers may seem daunting, 4E urges you to take the leap — for as some wise human once said, “achievement thrives on the extended peripheries of our comfort zones,” or something like that. If you take the leap this may happen…


1) HoyaLoveStories.

giphy-4Heard the stories? It could be you. Sit down stay awhile. A long while. Eventually you’ll be buried together. 

2) The Best friend.


Who knows maybe you’ll end up getting Leo’s together every night?! Be each other’s best man? Go to your kids first birthdays? Retire together? There is so much room for possibilities.

3) The Business Partner


Uhuh hunny. Handshake is the name, entrepreneurship is the game. Let Chicken Finger Thursday inspire you to develop the next Facebook, waffle press, air travel machine…

4) Discover your best friend’s old hook up


When they sat down you thought they looked familiar, but the more their little idiosyncaries begin to reveal themselves, like how he says bro after every other word, or laughs lika hyena… it finally clicks, your roommate used to go out with him. Now you sit, devour your food, and hope nobody saw you.

5) The Stalker

Hey, this could very much be the biggest liability of taking the leap. But really, how bad could having someone’s undivided attention be?… There’s always restraining orders if you start to feel unsafe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.02.19 PM

And follow @georgetowndining on Instagram cause rumor has it, I may be behind the scenes…