Breaking: Georgetown Alumna Has Seen a Diamond in the Flesh

Lizzy Wilson

To paraphrase my girl Lorde, I will never be royal. But I can think of a Georgetown alumna who is closer to royalty than I’ll ever be: Lizzy Wilson!

Granddaughter of the founder of the Holiday Inn corporation, Elizabeth Alleen Wilson, went to the University of Virginia for her undergraduate degree. She went on to enroll at Georgetown for graduate school, earning her degree in art and museum studies. While living in London after graduation, Lizzy met the one and only Guy Pelly. Who’s that, you may ask? Oh, just one of the BFF’s of Princes William and Harry and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Newlyweds: 1, Hat-Haters: 0

Pelly, ever the romantic, stated after his engagement to Lizzy, “I have calmed down quite a bit socially and I love babies.” The two were married in Dahlgren ­— just kidding — in Memphis this weekend! Joining the happy couple were the royals, enjoying everything Memphis has to offer, including Graceland and good old BBQ.

Why Memphis? It’s a city where the Wilson family has quite a bit of social capital.  And it looks like they’re going to earn a lot more now that their prodigal daughter has entered the inner(ish) circle of the royal family. Congrats, Lizzy! You may be a Pelly after this weekend, but you’ll always be a Hoya.

Special thanks to the Daily Beast for this article.


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