Best Ways to Make Leo’s Romantic

Romantic Leo'sFor those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few days, Valentine’s Day is this Friday. While we’d all love to take that special someone (if you don’t have someone, try these!) out to a nice restaurant, it’s not always possible; busy schedules, lack of reservation times at popular restaurants and/or having wasted too much money this semester can make things a bit tricky. If you fit into this category, Leo’s may be the place for you!

So yeah, a meal in Leo’s is certainly not the epitome of a romantic date, but if you’ve already been dating your significant other for six months or more and don’t care about impressions anymore, why not? With that in mind, here are some great ways to spice up that Leo’s date!

Create something new Don’t just go to one station and get food; mix and match something until it tastes good. (Chicken nuggets from the Diner with chipotle mayo from the sandwich station? Yes.)

Make a nice dessert While whatever you make isn’t even going to touch straight-up delicious chocolate, Leo’s actually has a decent array of dessert options. Toast some cookies and make an ice cream sandwich, or enjoy some excellent Nutella waffles. (Archer, anyone?)

Get into the music The music in Leo’s is surprisingly tolerable on most days, even occasionally above average! Let it set the mood for your romantic dinner.


Don’t go to Leo’s Yeah, this is probably the right answer. Try your best not to have to resort to Leo’s on Valentine’s Day. It’s still a few days away — start planning something now so that you don’t have to subject yourself to this.


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