Autumnal Activities and Fall Festivities

As the leaves begin to change colors so does the atmosphere on campus. The humid fog that plagued our little swamp has lifted, and the crispness of Autumn has set in with the promise of better hair days and a farewell to pit stains.

Fun Fall Festivities you can implement at Georgetown:

1. Pick up some honeycrisp apples at the farmer’s market. They are the perfect autumnal afternoon appetizer…just add caramel! Lots and lots of caramel.

2. Get a group of friends together and carve some pumpkins. It’s super messy and super fun! It might even be the perfect opportunity to ask out that guy or girl you have been eying in Philosophy. You could be like “Hey baby, let’s carve together.”

3. Nothing reminds me of fall more than a good football game. Show your support and enjoy yourself on a beautiful Saturday afternoon cheering in the student section for our Hoya Bulldogs! We play Lehigh this Saturday @ 1:00. So bring out a blanket, a thermos full of cocoa, and your Hoya Pride. If you prefer to stay indoors, you could always just host a football watching party! **Shout out to those of us who prefer to watch European football…or soccer! ;)

Now that the weather no longer feels like Satan’s armpit, it’s time to break out those sweaters and bundle up. But I would be a failure as a blogger if I did not mention the fashion scene on campus…

Fall Fashion Trends at Georgetown:

1. THE. SHOES. If you haven’t noticed, Georgetown is riddled with the ever-popular English riding boot. Everyone who is anyone is wearing them…except for me and every other person who likes to be a non-conformist. So what else is out there? Neon soled Oxfords for men and women. Be sure to roll up your pants, show off your argyle socks, and rock that neon.

2. Leather. So apparently it is “making a comeback?” I didn’t know it had ever gone away? The ultimate sex symbol of all clothe-making materials, leather and leather-wearers (try saying that five times fast); just emanate that sort of coolness that can only come with the changing of the season. Leather (or faux leather for our PETA friends) completes any outfit and has an air attached to it saying, “Hey. I’ve arrived.”

3. Dark under eye circles. It’s so out, that it’s in. Midterms get to us all, but try and take a break. Do something on the short list to cheer yourself up…

The Short List:

1. Treat yourself at Midnight Mug or Uncommon Grounds. Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?!

2. Try to catch a falling leaf (Warning: may bring out your inner child)

3. Go trick or treating at all of the Embassies on Halloween or Liquor Treating on Prospect.

4. Take a date to Baked and Wired for seasonal cupcakes.

5. Have a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with your friends before going home for the holidays.

6.  Go for a walk by the National Mall and appreciate the foliage.

7. Ask yourself why we have Christmas music, but not Thanksgiving music?

8. Go to a haunted house.

9. Go to a corn maze.

10. Go apple picking.

11. Go pumpkin patch picking.





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