Manly Monday: Our First PSL

manlymondaysThe PSL. The drink of choice for the “basic” Georgetown population. Today, two men of 4E confronted gender norms and took a stab at ordering the signature autumn drink.

Placing the Order

Kyle and I waited in nervous anticipation as we approached the register of the Leavey Starbucks. A male employee was taking orders, though we didn’t know if that would make the experience any easier. Kyle placed the order. We watched as the employee did a double take, a grin curling on his face as he registered what was occurring. He tried to suppress the urge to laugh and succeeded. But Kyle and I knew what was going through his head. After we paid the ridiculous $4.35 for a Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, we took our spot waiting at the bar.

Getting Our Cup

Again, anticipation built. Would the woman reading names laugh? Would the customers notice? As names were called out loudly for the entire coffee shop to hear, we waited. Finally, we heard “tall pumpkin spice latte”. Kyle rushed to the bar, hoping to grab the drink before his name was called. Not a chance. Before placing the drink on the bar, the employee loudly called out Kyle’s name. As he took the drink, they made eye contact, and she couldn’t help but smirk. “Have a nice day” she said with a chuckle. Kyle’s eyes darted the floor as he took the cup, hoping to avoid the judgmental gazes of other customers as we exited the Starbucks.

The First Sip 

Kyle: This tastes like liquified pumpkin pie. It’s actually not that bad.

Max: It tastes like I’m drinking a candle. But I kind of like it.

A few sips later…

Kyle: I don’t know if I can finish this. The sweetness is hard to bear.

Max: Word. This is too sweet. How do people drink this?

Kyle: Yeah, we’re too manly.

The Conclusion

After a few more sips, Kyle and I called it quits.  We were unable to finish our first (and last) PSL. We were pleasantly surprised by the first sips, but quickly realized it was not the drink for us. For you PSL fans out there, keep on keeping on. These manly men of 4E just couldn’t handle the intensity of your favorite drink.

Authors: Max “I’m too cool to drink a candle” Wheeler and Kyle “me too” Murphy

Emoji Dictionary

Guide to EmojisBy now it should be obvious that we love emojis. As we wait anxiously for the emoji update that promises hundreds of new emojiis, let’s make sure we’re taking advantage of the emojiis currently at our disposal. But first we have one question: tumblr_n6z1izqDbX1qk08n1o1_500 1. Flag This emoji seemed particularly necessary recently with the World Cup and summer traveling. Since communication apparently doesn’t slow down no matter what continent you’re on, these emojis can be used as a constant reminder that as you suffer through your unpaid internship or commuting from suburbia, your friends are having fun on vespas in Italy or bar hopping in Germany. Basically they are Lizzie McGuire in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and you are Gordo. emoji12. Flag + Soccer Ball A fun little twist on the Flag (see #1). For all you World Cup watchers, combine a flag with a soccer ball and you can pretend that you know something about soccer (football?) despite having no idea who Cristiano Ronaldo was three weeks ago (myself included). emoji2 3. The little chick with her hand up This is your basic bitch. It is probably the most fun emoji to send and the most annoying to receive. It’s like this little tiny lady is telling you that she is better than you. She holds more power in her left hand than you do in your whole body.emoji3 4. The single tear drop  This emoji is used when your friend has told you bad news and you want to express sympathy. Warning: this is only for when your friend has missed the bus or she has to spend the night in Lau. It would be an extremely inappropriate response to actual bad news. If your friend tells you horrible news, pick up the phone and call her instead of sending a little crying man.emoji4 5. Serious face + Gun  This combination is the best of way of saying “I hate everything and everyone, you may kill me now.”emoji5 6. Food  I always wonder about the taste of whoever created the food emojis because while it seems like there are many options to choose from, there are only a few that represent foods I eat often. I personally don’t ever crave flan enough to text about it, but to each their own.emoji6

Jack’s Summer Splash

babyjackbirthdayOn June 27, Georgetown celebrated Jack the Bulldog’s first birthday with the Summer Splash, allowing students, faculty, staff and alumni to enjoy free ice cream on Healy Lawn while hanging out with Jack. The lovable mascot, who turned one on June 29, played around in a pool, posed for pictures and enjoyed the company of the Georgetown community.

Students like Anthony Bugeja (SFS ’15) took advantage of the weather to play with Jack and eat ice cream.

“It was awesome getting the chance to celebrate being a part of the Georgetown community with fellow Hoyas at Jack’s birthday event; the turnout was great and the atmosphere was friendly,” Bugeja said.

The Hoya interviewed mascot caretaker McKenzie Stough (COL ’13) to learn more about Jack and his relationship with the Georgetown community.

How was the Summer Splash event on June 27?

We are thrilled that so many students, faculty, staff and neighbors took the time to come together, relax, make new friends and enjoy the summer weather on the lawn with Jack.

Describe Jack’s personality. What makes him special?

Jack is a very curious and social dog so this was a nice opportunity for him to make new friends from all parts of the community. Jack, like most bulldogs, gets attached to people quickly. He is always excited when his Jack Crew students pick him up for his walks or when he sees a familiar face on campus. If you couldn’t tell from the baby pool, he loves to play in water.

What events has Jack attended so far? What are his responsibilities at the event?

Jack has attended a wide variety of sports games and events throughout the spring and summer. He made his Verizon Center debut at the final men’s home game of the season versus Creighton. More recently, he cheered on graduates from all of this year’s commencement ceremonies and welcomed alumni back to the hilltop during reunion weekend.

Here’s a brief video of the event put together by Georgetown Today, featuring one of the Fourth Edition’s own, Alexis Oni-Eseleh, in the first few seconds!

So adorable. Remember when he was just a baby?


We’ve had so many great memories with Jack this year, so let’s take a trip down memory lane with some Hoya articles.

New Bulldog Chosen as JJ’s replacement

GU Tightens the Leash on Mascot Care

New Bulldog to Arrive Next Week

Welcome to Campus, John B. Carroll!

John B. Carroll: Great Expectations

2013 Grad New Bulldog Caretaker 

New Mascot Out of Limelight

Video: Georgetown Today

Photo: Janice Hochstetler

5 Reasons to Care About the D.C. Mayoral Election

dc electionOn April 1, D.C. voters will nominate a Democratic candidate for November’s general election for mayor in a city that has never — never — elected anyone other than a Democrat as its leader. Here are five reasons why you should pay attention, even if you aren’t voting in next week’s primary or November’s general elections.

1. Scandal

Mayor Vincent Gray, former chairman of the D.C. Council and seasoned political veteran, is mired in an ethics scandal stemming from his 2010 campaign, in which he unseated previous Mayor Adrian Fenty in the Democratic primary. Long story short, Gray is accused of taking $660,000 in illegal campaign contributions from wealthy businessman Jeffrey Thompson in order to fund a similarly illegal “shadow campaign,” undermining other candidates in the 2010 race.

On March 10, Thompson pled guilty to the conspiracy in federal court, and prosecutors like U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen, who is heading the investigation into Gray, have pledged to “hold accountable all of those who conspired . . . to withhold the truth from the public” and have urged Thompson’s collaborators to “come forward and own up to your conduct.”

For his part, Gray has steadfastly maintained his innocence, saying of the charges, “Lies. These are lies.” Some, like Colbert King of the Washington Post, have questioned Machen’s tactics, saying that Gray is being tried unfairly and without all the facts. While the investigation is ongoing, the scandal has been at the center of the campaign, much to the pleasure of Gray’s primary challengers, which brings me to the next reason the race is exciting.

2. It’s competitive.

Two polls this week, one from The Washington Post and one from NBC4, have the race tied, with Gray slightly trailing D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4). Bowser, a confidant and ally of Fenty, has surged to become Gray’s main challenger in just the past six weeks, previously muddled in a field of candidates that includes three of her colleagues on the Council.

At 41, Bowser is one of the youngest candidates running, and while her opponents and detractors knock her as inexperienced, it seems her message of a fresh start in the District is resonating with those weary of Gray and the political establishment. Endorsed by the Washington Post (and The Hoya’s editorial board), Bowser has mounted a serious challenge to Gray, making the race truly a toss-up heading into primary day. However, contrary to previous mayoral elections, this one will be far from over after April 1, which brings me to my next and equally thrilling reason to pay attention to this race.

3. History

D.C. has never elected a white mayor. D.C. has also never elected an openly gay mayor. D.C. has also never elected a political independent as mayor. Councilmember David Catania (I-At Large) (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) is seeking to kill three birds with one stone. A former Republican who fundraised for George W. Bush, Catania announced his candidacy earlier this month to run on the November ballot as an independent.

Much like Bowser and other mayoral contender Councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), Catania is a staunch critic of Gray, especially on the issue of education, as Catania serves as chair of the Council’s education committee. As the first openly gay member of the D.C. Council, Catania played a major role in the legalization of same-sex marriage in the District back in 2009.

The tone of the race would change drastically if it were the much younger Bowser facing Catania in the general instead of Gray, but the chance of an historic election still looms as Catania continues to shape his campaign leading up to November.

4. Music Videos for Diss Tracks

This one is pretty self-explanatory after you watch this music video featuring a Gray lookalike accepting illegal campaign contributions from one “Uncle Earl,” the name believed to be used by Thompson during their meetings before the Gray’s 2010 victory.

5. The issues in the race matter to Georgetown students

It’s a tall task convincing my friends or any of my fellow classmates that they should pay attention to this race, but there are a few issues that pertain directly to us.

One is the potential for future changes to the D.C. transportation system, including the construction of a streetcar line connecting Georgetown to downtown, and farther in the future, the possibility of a Metro stop in Georgetown. Whoever is mayor will heavily influence the direction the city will take concerning improvements to its transportation system, and since complaining about the difficulty of getting into the rest of the city is essentially a sport at Georgetown, this is an issue that all students should care about.

Another concerns Georgetown’s future. The next campus plan agreement, which promises to shape the development of the university into the future, while negotiated through the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, will certainly draw the input of whoever occupies the mayor’s office. If students can’t even name the current mayor, they have no chance of having their input taken seriously by the city government when it comes to the Georgetown’s future.

Lastly, this city is undergoing an influx of young professionals flocking to high-paying jobs that only D.C. can offer, and all of us who want to continue to call the District our home after graduation should know where any mayor stands on issues like taxes, economic development and education. Yes, we can only spend four years on the Hilltop as students, but things like buying a car, finding a home and raising a family creep up on us before we know it, and many of us will probably be doing those things in D.C. Don’t wait until then to pay attention to who is shaping this city’s public policy.

Check back for 4E’s post on how to register for the election and where to vote Tuesday.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Staff PicksIt’s only one day until Thanksgiving is upon us. To help celebrate all the things we’re thankful for and put ourselves in the holiday spirit, 4E has compiled a list of our own favorite holiday traditions.

“Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with my family after Thanksgiving dinner.”
– Francisca Johanek

“Mashed potatoes.” 
– Emma Holland

“Sitting with my little sister in front of the oven, watching the turkey bake for hours.”
– Matt Sullivan

“Playing football with my cousins to pregame deliciousness.”
– Harper Weissburgthanksgiv-day

“Yelling at football on the TV while helping my parents cook the feast.”
– Griffin Greco

“Walking around the neighborhood after we eat to work off some the pounds gained.”
– William Cleaves

“Eating desserts first and then getting so full nobody eats the turkey.”
– Julia Kieserman

“Drinking cream soda out of wine/champagne glasses with my sister so we felt like adults [when we were younger].”
– Max Wheeler

“The post-eating siesta with my cousins.”
– Courtney Klein

“Hiding in the basement and secretly eating the homemade applesauce before mealtime.”
– Karl Pielmeier


What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Share them with us in the comments below, and be sure to have a happy Hoya Thanksgiving!

Photos: Time And Date, Addicting Info

Storytelling: A 4E Tribute to the Georgetown Innovation Series Summit

Round RobinThe theme for this year’s Georgetown Innovation Series Summit – which kicked off this past weekend – revolved around storytelling, so here at 4E, our staff decided to tell a little story of our own. We created a round-robin story for which each staffer wrote three to four sentences after having received only the portion of the story written by the person directly before them. What ensued was a literary masterpiece:

It was 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 15, the night before Georgetown University’s huge Storytelling Summit. While some students were preparing stories of excitement and innovation, Joe Hoya was eating all alone in Leo’s. He passively walked around the dining hall, unenthusiastically perusing each station’s food choices and eventually deciding on a burrito. Little did Joe know that he was about to have the adventure of a lifetime.

As he was waiting in line for his burrito, Joe dropped an apple that he had very carefully picked out, and it rolled back into the kitchen. Not wanting to make the Leo’s staff pick it up for him, Joe attempted to sneak into the kitchen to grab his apple without anyone noticing. As he stepped in, a mysterious door opened, and Joe’s jaw dropped in amazement at what he saw.

Directly in front of him was a massive replica of Leo’s, complete with silverware, a strange, horrible odor and an omelet bell. He turned around to see if anyone was experiencing what he was seeing, but he was all alone. Not even the Leo’s workers were around to witness his discovery. The two Leo’s seemed to be identical; however, there was one thing very different with the one before his eyes.

As he stepped inside the O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront duplicate, he met his worst nightmare: the monsters of Leo’s. Now that he had entered Leo’s 2.0, he’d have to get past all of them to make it out alive and maybe grab some ice cream for the road. The first monster was Woka Floka Teriyaki. A formidable creature, Woka Floka Teriyaki stood ten feet tall and was composed entirely of noodles, shrimp, chicken, broccoli and sticky teriyaki sauce.

He dodged Woka Floka Teriyaki’s attacks, while desperately searching for a weapon of some sort with which to fight back. But of course, the forks and knives were nowhere to be found. Crash! Woka’s latest hit of sharp, raw noodles and sticky teriyaki sauce grazed past him, sending the cup cart and every single cup inside (still stuck together) across the floor. When he looked back up, Woka was inching closer and closer. He froze, knowing full well that he would miss out on the ice cream, or worse, get stuck in Leo’s 2.0 forever. But before all hope disappeared… “Psst, over here!” whispered a squeaky little voice from behind the Diner counter.

There behind the Diner counter cowered the Omelet Lady. “I know how to defeat Woka Floka Teriyaki!” she exclaimed. He quickly scrambled behind the counter as Woka prepared for his next attack. He frantically asked her what to do, and she replied, “You must find a way to make it to the Bistro. Only there will you find what you need to defeat Woka and escape Leo’s 2.0.” Arming himself with only a spare spatula handed to him by the Omelet Lady herself, he emerged from the Diner, prepared to fight.

Lo and behold, at the Bistro, limbs were flailing as eggshells fell to the floor. Luckily, the spatula in his hand turned into a lightsaber in his hour of need. Please note: This function was established in 1997 because of an impatient Georgetown student who decided to go behind the counter and make his own omelet (never again!). So here he stood, saber in hand, and headed into battle.

Hair nets flailed in the background in flashes of light. And then came the dreaded sound, the one they all knew was coming: the ding of the bell and the high-pitched scream, “Getch yo omlette!” Now they knew it was war.

All of a sudden a 10-foot robotic Jack the Bulldog arose from behind the pizza oven. He opened his mouth and 6,000 tiny replicas of himself piled out onto the floor. They snatched up all of the forks and knives, leaving only spoons with which the students could arm themselves. Into the fray they all ran. Among the flashes of lights and spoonfuls of Lucky Charms, they fought valiantly. Then, through the pizza slaps and spinach rain, our hero arose from the dust.

John Carroll, in all his timeless glory, arose in the very garb the statue sports today. There was an aura about him as he stood firm and fearless before the crazed machines. We knew he was the only one who could short-circuit beloved Jack’s impostor. But how?

Just as the machines prepared to strike, John Carroll lifted himself into the air and called upon his last few heirs, Jack, J.J. and J.B.C., to aid him. After summoning these powerful warriors, it was clear to all that the machines could not win. In a heroic feat, Carroll’s aides tore through the robotic enemies, while bystanders watched in glee, chanting, “Eat that Bot! Eat that Bot!” Carroll himself turned to Jack’s impostor and said, “Looks like pre-registration is over and you’ve just been admitted off the wait list … for destruction!” Instantly, the canine impostor was destroyed, and, once again, John Carroll and his band of furry friends saved the day.

Friday Fixat10ns: I’m Coming Home

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

With Senior Week nearing its end, it’s safe to say this year’s over and done. Fin. Those Hoyas not interning in DC or trekking across the globe are all home for the summer. Maybe you can’t wait to catch up with old friends, maybe you’re already missing Leo’s. The latter should seek help immediately, but our playlist should help the rest of you weather the ups and downs of a summer at home.

Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Kazoos! Trumpets! Big band! What a way to start us off right. If whistling and folk tunes don’t get you ready for a carefree summer at home, you probably have no soul.

Hometown Glory – Adele What can I say – Adele and I are pretty much the same person. We both give due praise to the Queen of the World and love a good wiener dog. Essentially her hometown is my hometown. Right now we’re feeling somber about it.

Homeward Bound – Simon & Garfunkel Love a good 60’s throwback? Convinced that this gem is the pinnacle of nineties cinematography?  Either way this is sure to rev you up for your mom’s cooking and reuniting with old friends.

Let’s Go Home – Best Coast West coast, best coast – am I right? Too bad we can’t all call the Golden State home. If you happen to be landlocked this summer, put this on repeat and dream of surf and sand.

Take Your Time – Fun. Word on the street is that this is about Nate Ruess and the Format breaking up (Format, if you’re reading this, I miss you always). But it has a pretty good message about growing up and moving on, too.  Don’t feel quite right among your old friends and life at home? Ch-ch-changes.

Home – Daughter Because any song beginning “I was drunk again” has earned its place on a 4E playlist.

Apartment – Young the Giant For all those Hoyas calling DC home for the summer, I suggest this as your Saturday night theme song. Think of it as a glorified description of the Prospect Street crawl.

Our House – Madness Just in case your summer plans include the hustle and bump…

Come Home – OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles Is there a Sara Bareilles song that doesn’t reduce me to tears? This one’s good to sob to while longing for your roommate and a Chicken Madness. Let it all out, kid.

Rockin’ the Suburbs – Ben Folds Let’s face it, you’re bound to get stir crazy stuck in your boring hometown for weeks. It won’t be long before you’re counting the days until you get back to the Hilltop. Don’t worry – Ben Folds feels you and your suburb-induced angst.

REVIEW: ‘The GUSA Sabotage’


In creating The GUSA Sabotage, Kwamz Garcia effectively accomplished (potentially without even trying) a hilariously epic parody of GUSA elections and the people involved in them.

From the ridiculous fight scene featuring GUSA campaign office security guards to the premise of the entire plot (if we could call it a plot at all, much of the dialogue was lost behind too-loud, ominous music), this 11-minute spectacle is a must-watch for anyone that spends an inordinate number of hours in Leavey Center. This film creates the idea that Georgetown now not only has GUSA campaign managers but also has campaign “fixers,” an idea way too believable to not laugh along with as the “Dalvster” wreaks havoc on the lives of the super-involved.

The GUSA Sabotage is complete with cameos by Murphy Kate Delaney, Andi DeBellis and our star himself, Dalvin Butler of SAC campaign video and Hoya Experience fame, which further add to the ridiculous imagining of the scattered plot. And, no joke, the film features skyline shots, seductive hair flips, and “WHO SENT YOU” Bond-esque scenes to boot.

While Kwamz Garcia almost steals the show as the Dalvster’s enforcer, five stars go out to the Dalvster himself for not only perfecting the villain laugh but also recognizing that controlling “all of” The Corp grocery stores would bring Georgetown to its knees. (See Hurricane Sandy for proof.)

While The GUSA Sabotage fails to reach the heights of the feature-length Georgetown Forever, The GUSA Sabotage team manages to showcase the almost believable potential for a House of Cards-ian development of GUSA politics and give everyone a long laugh about it in the process.

Let’s go round two: The Official GUSA Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Barack Obama

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate President’s Day than by watching tonight’s GUSA presidential debate… except of course, by watching the debate and playing this game. The big event will take place in the Leavey Program Room at 8 p.m. and for those too lazy to go, The Hoya will be live-tweeting the debate. But seriously, it’s a holiday, so you really have no excuse.

As always, if you have ideas for a new rule, suggest it in our comment section! Enjoy the game, and stay safe, Hoyas.

Drink once…

  • For every candidate that mispronounces their running mate’s name
  • Every time someone says “SAC is broken”
  • For everyone at the debate who isn’t in GUSA, a member of campus media, or a former candidate (don’t worry, this won’t be too many)
  • Every time Jake Sticka tweets something sarcastic
  • Every time a candidate works his or her campaign slogan into an answer (it’s like when they say the title of a movie in the movie itself and seem to be really proud of it)
  • Every time someone hates on Hoyalink
  • Every time a candidate mentions ‘innovation’ or ‘solutions’
  • For every reference to the Catholic/Jesuit Identity
  • For every bizarre face the candidates make when they don’t agree with each other

Drink twice…

  • For every former executive candidate at the debate
  • Every time former VP Greg Laverriere tweets (Yeah, we kept this rule. Why? This is why)
  • If the rat menace is mentioned again
  • If someone starts a chant

Finish your drink…

Photo: Jezebel

Chicken Madness vs. Hot Chick

chick vs hot chick

As Georgetown students, when someone says “Wisey’s sandwich”, we typically think of Chicken Madness. Recently, there has been much debate (see here in today’s issue of The Guide) as to whether the Hot Chick actually deserves more fame than the Chicken Madness. So Hoyas, what do you think?

To refresh your memory:

Chicken Madness Slices of chicken, grilled hot and sweet peppers, onions, cheese, bacon, mayo

Hot Chick Chicken fingers, cayenne ranch dressing, pepper jack cheese, and tomatoes

[cardoza_wp_poll id=4]