Last Chance Dance!

Banner - Dance LastThis year, the Senior Class Committee is bringing back a Hoya Tradition titled “The Last Chance Dance”. As such, you may be wondering: what the heck is a last chance dance? Apparently, it is one last attempt to help SWUGs like me find love before graduating. Apparently love is in the air tonight for all of the seniors desperate for one last date. Did you know that 75% of Hoyas marry other Hoyas?


That’s just gross

While finding love at a dance in Copley formal sounds tempting, here are a few other things it might just be my last chance to do:

1) Smuggle food into in my purse.

Thinking back to my days as a freshman at Leo’s, always smuggling more than the two allotted bananas. This dance might be the last time for me to stuff a ridiculous amount of food in my bag and sneak it out.


I’ll be enjoying you later

2) DFMO on campus.

I will never have the opportunity to get frisky at club Lau again (sigh), but I do have one more chance to DFMO in front of every senior and teacher I know in the middle of Copley formal. Although, Georgetown Day might provide another fine opportunity for this one.

3) Run through Georgetown barefoot.

Since the event is in Copley formal, I’ll likely have to ditch my usual SWUG attire in favor of some heels. But naturally, like any good drunk girl, I’ll want to keep them on too long. Thus, I’ll probably end up traipsing around campus, on my way to Tombs (of course), holding my shoes proudly above my head.

4) Pay a minuscule amount of money to drink my weight in wine.

Don’t you miss being a freshman and never having to pay money for alcohol? Ok, no one actually misses being under 21, but occasionally, I want to get a copious amount of drinks without spending more than $6. Purchasing that last chance dance ticket doesn’t sound so bad after all.


So whether you’re truly looking for love, or just looking to have a good time: there is always a ~Last Chance~ for everything!


Get Freaky with a Frappula this Halloweekend

starbucks-has-a-new-secret-halloween-drinkSo you’ve made it through midterms… OK that’s a joke, midterms literally never end. So you’re in the middle of midterms and Halloween is coming up. You want to get excited about the holiday but you haven’t even had time to think of a clever costume. Maybe you wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and make lots of apple baked goods but you’ve been stuck in Lau all weekend. Never fear, the FRAPPULA is here!


So now you’re thinking, what the heck is a frappula? It is the amazing new Starbucks drink here Oct. 28 through Nov. 1. You might be stuck studying this Halloweekend (although you should be trick-or-treating on embassy row), but no matter what you’re doing you’ll need a caffeine fix at some point. The Frappula is here to help caffeine-starved, holiday cheer craving student everywhere.


You may remember the green tea Fraken Frappuccino from last year, but this time around Starbucks is stepping up their game. The Frappula involves a white chocolate blend sandwiched between a layer of mocha and whipped cream, with an additional raspberry drizzle for a delicious and spooky flavor combination.

So take a quick study break and be sure to grab one of these blended treats at a nearby Starbucks! Otherwise, the trick is on you.



GTFO: Pumpkin Patch

GTFOHave midterms been bring you down recently? If so, you’re not alone. If you need something to look forward to in order to get you through the next few weeks, just remember Halloween is right around the corner! And, Halloween means FUN FALL THINGS.


If you’re looking to “Get The Frick Off campus”, what better than a haunted hay ride and corn maze to get you in the spirit. Cox Farms in Virginia is in the middle of their Fields of Fear. It runs every Friday and Saturday night through November 1. It’s not too late. Check out all the details here.

You might be wondering, what does fields of fear entail exactly? Just how scary is it really? Luckily for you all, I’m a senior who likes to GTFO, so let me tell you all about it.

PART 1: The haunted corn maze

Corn mazes are really fun, but they’re even better when paid actors in costume are chasing you right? In the haunted corn maze you can expect monsters, zombies, axe murders and creepy dolls all over the place. What’s not to love?


PART 2: The zombie hayride

In this part of fields of fear you get to pile into a tracker and go on a nice ride around the field. It starts off as a lovely bonding experience for you and your fields, but then quickly takes a turn for the scary when zombies escape from their cages and start chasing you. They even reach into the tracker and grab you.


PART 3: The Woods

If you thought the last two sounded scary, prepare yourself for the haunted woods. It is pitch black and there are a lot of people in bear suits. The entire experience ends with men chasing you with chain saws, yes they will run after you.

After experiences all three terrifying attractions at fields of fear, you can relax, buy some apple cider donuts and some hot cider and sit around the fire pit. There is even a dance floor if you feel the need to boogie. Don’t forget to buy some pumpkins on the way out!

There will be fall, there will be friends and there will be fun: Happy GTFO


Photos:, Sydney Bolling/The Hoya

5 Things to Do Instead of Getting a Job

27f8908The very first question you get asked as a senior is always, “So what are you going to do after graduation?” Whether it’s other students, coworkers, family friends or that talkative uber driver, you cannot escape the question. Some people you know might smile and explain their super cool job offer, but I am not one of those people.

So for all you seniors out there who have zero idea what you want to do with your life, here are a list of things that I’m going to do after graduation instead of getting a “real job.” Start taking notes.

1. Become a yoga instructor: Can I touch my toes? No. Can I do a headstand? No. But, being a yoga instructor would be the coolest post-grad job ever. Wearing exercise clothing all day and channeling your inner zen? Sign me up!


2. Backpack around Australia: Why Australia? WHY NOT! While you’re wearing suits and dresses, I’ll be wearing kakis and hiking around the Outback. Whose winning now?


Mic Dropped

3. Be an au-pair in France: I like children and I took French in high school so I’m clearly qualified for this job.

4. Start a dog walking business: I’ll be just like Daniel Radcliffe in The Dogwalker


5. Create a YouTube channel: People do weird things on the Internet. I’m sure I could figure something out.

So there you go, 5 amazing alternatives to getting yourself a 9 — 5 job. Who wants to stare at a screen all day when you can jet around the world and do random activities.


It’s October 3


While this should be stating the obvious, today is OCTOBER 3! If you don’t immediately know the reason for my excitement, then:

go home

Just kidding, sort of. October 3 is the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady “What day it is?” in Mean Girls. To celebrate the amazingness that is Mean Girls, and the fact that it’s a Saturday, we’ve put together a little drinking game for your enjoyment.

Take a drink when:

  • Someone mispronounces Cady’s name
  • Someone gets hit by a bus
  • Someone calls Karen stupid


  • Jason asks Cady about her muffin
  • Janis crosses off an item on the blackboard
  • Kevin G sings
  • There are animal noise voice-overs


  • There is a three-way call
  • Glen Coco gets candy canes
  • There is a safe sex lecture


  • Mrs. Norbury is self-deprecating
  • The burn book comes out

Finish your drink when:

oct. 3rd

With this game it’s impossible not to have an amazing October 3. Now that you’ve finished, the question is:


Remember to please drink responsibly! Happy October 3.


Guacamole Festival: Hurry Before It’s GONE

VillaMaria_GuacamoleWhile there are plenty of great places to go for great food and cheap drinks here in Georgetown, El Centro is definitely a fan favorite. With their five dollar margaritas at Happy Hour and their delicious guacamole, what’s not to love? Lucky for us, El Centro is in the middle of a guacamole festival! Naturally, I had to try it out.

Did somebody say FOOD?

So what exactly is a guacamole festival, you might ask? Well, until September 30 (that’s right- you’ve got exactly 8 days) there are four special guacamole flavors on the menu.

  1. The Yucatan: This spicy guacamole includes shrimp ceviche, habanero, pickled onion, orange and lime. If you like it spicy and zesty, this is the guac for you. (Editor’s Note: This is my personal favorite)
  2. The Supremo: This guac comes with a unique blend of bacon, corn, queso and pumpkin seeds. For the more adventurous guac eaters among us.
  3. The Baja: In this one you get kiwi, strawberry, mango, mint and lime. It was definitely the highest rated at our table. A little on the sweet side, but irresistible.
  4. The Norteno: Chicarron, menonita (that’s a cheese), pickled onion and lime. I can’t pronounce half the ingredients in this one, but don’t ask questions and just eat it.


So there you have it, the four special flavors of guac that make up El Centro’s guacamole festival. If you haven’t been yet, get your butt in gear and go this weekend! For the 21+ among us, do yourself a favor and get yourself a margarita. Or the special guac fest drink the suavecito: tequila, agave, lime and champagne. Guacamole and champagne? I’m pretty sure this is heaven.


Could We Love Tombs Any More?

tombs-1If you’re a Hoya, chances are you’ve been to The Tombs at least once (even if you don’t remember it). Whether it’s for a casual dinner with friends, or your hallowed Tombs Night, most of us can agree that The Tombs is a Georgetown staple. Finally the world (well at least Business Insider) has recognized the appeal of Tombs by naming it one of the 31 best college bars in the US. Yes that’s right, the entire US!


We now have one more nationally recognized hot spot to add to our list of favorites. If you’re new to Georgetown, do yourself a favor and go grab a bite to eat at Tombs. Walk all the way down the stairs, open the door and step into the magic that is Tombs. Need a food suggestion? I won’t give you one because everything is delicious!


Just kidding, if you need guidance go for the wings, the tombs nachos, the chicken #1 or a classic burger. Seriously though, it’s hard to go wrong. So grab your friends (and a beer if you’re over 21) and head on down to one of the best college bars in the country.


GOP Debate Drinking Game

150616_donald_trump_getty_1160_956x519Being back on the Hilltop means a lot of different things. For many of our newer Hoyas it means new friends, new clubs and new social interaction. But being here in D.C. makes one thing unavoidable: Politics. You might hate it, you might love it, but you certainly can’t avoid it. So why not embrace it!?

Many of you may know that the second GOP debate is tonight at 8 p.m. In the spirit of embracing politics and all that is best and worst about living in D.C., we have a debate drinking game to get you through tonight:

Take 1 drink if:

  • Donald Trump mentions building walls
  • Ben Carson talks about a cool surgery he has done
  • Anyone mentions Planned Parenthood
  • Chris Christie mentions the great state of New Jersey


He’s joking right…..

  • Anyone personally attacks Trump (cough cough Jeb! Cough)
  • Anyone mentions being a “real” conservative
  • Anyone insults Hillary
  • Marco Rubio mentions Cuba
  • The candidates point aggressively at one another
  • Carly Fiorina mentions being the only female candidate


Good for you Glen Coco

Finish your entire drink if:

  • Deez Nuts makes a guest appearance in the debate. Deez Nuts 2016!

deez nuts

So there you have it folks — a way to make your debate experience more enjoyable all around. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I think we can all agree, everything goes down a little easier with a drink!

*Alcohol consumption is only legal for adults 21+ years of age.

*Please drink responsibly.

*If you have a tendency to throw things at your TV or others when angry, please drink EXTRA responsibly.


What We Would Do If We Were Freshmen

welcome-freshmen11The senior nostalgia is hitting pretty hard as the year starts to ramp up. Suddenly everything is the “last” something. Our last first day, our last Georgetown move in day, our last fall semester. Basically, it can start to bring you down. So how better to get rid of that “I’m so old” feeling than by imagining myself as a freshman again.

Here are four things that I would do if I could go back and do that first semester all again:

1. Take advantage of Leo’s: You’ll probably be sick of the food here in a few weeks, but in three years you’ll find yourself hauling food from Safeway and struggling to make something edible in your kitchen. Leo’s won’t seem so bad when you start eating eggs for every meal. What I would do for some Wok right now…


2. EXPLORE: Where is the observatory? Where is the Leavy Esplanade? How do you get to the roof of Lau? Where are the tunnels? You will 100% get lost getting to these places, but at least you’ll get a good adventure story in the process!

Adventure is out there!

3. Stay up all night: DOING IT IN LAU DOESN’T COUNT. While studying for that midterm at 3 in the morning won’t help you in the long run, staying up all night is totally acceptable. Grab your friends and head down to the monuments at night or watch the sunrise on the Georgetown waterfront, those are the memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Say Hi: Awkward is a choice, but you never know who you’ll meet here at Georgetown. That person sitting next to you in class or passing you in Red Square could be your future best friend. So get past your social ineptitudes and just say hi! Don’t forget, 28% of people find their spouses in college. Go get ‘em, tiger!


So there is my advice for all you underclassmen out there. You still have time, take advantage of it before you’re stuck living the SWUG life like me.


Bae (Vanilla Chai) is Back

skinny-vanilla-chai-proteinAs school starts up again and fall weather begins to set in (well, hopefully soon again), you will begin to see posts all over the Internet about the “famous” pumpkin spice latte. Already Saxby’s is proudly displaying their “natural” pumpkin spice latte on their menu. (We’re skeptical.)


However, the lesser known, but arguably more basic cousin of the PSL, the chai latte, is the true winner of the upcoming fall season. You might be thinking that the chai latte isn’t as fancy as the PSL, but THINK AGAIN.

We’re not talking about that spiced chai that you get at Starbucks, or Saxby’s, or even the current Devi chais at the Corp. By chai latte, I’m talking about the vanilla chai latte — the one that used to reign supreme at all Corp locations.

The Corp took away this fantastic vanilla chai last year to implement “healthier” options. But WATCH OUT, the vanilla chai is coming back!


No longer will you have to suffer through finals season without that delicious, sweet, warm and savory beverage in your belly. It’s a start of the school year miracle. For all you freshmen out there who have yet to experience the amazingness that is the original Corp chai latte, just you wait.

Thank the lord that Midnight reopened yesterday, allowing us to celebrate our return to Lau in fashion. 4E has also heard from various sources that Charlie’s snacks (you know, the chocolate covered pretzels that get you through finals) are being phased out of Corp locations. CONTAIN YOUR EMOTIONS PEOPLE.

Disclaimer: Please remember to always drink responsibly; sugar and caffeine will not fix all your life problems or get you an A on that midterm.

Happy chai-ing!