4E’s Georgetown Dining Wishlist

Dining Wishlist

Some may call the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., a food paradise with its sizable collection of restaurants, but for those college students who miss their go-to franchise locations, these quaint streets full of privately owned bars and restaurants can feel more like a food desert.

As some of you may know, a Georgetown Dining survey was recently sent out to students. Among the standard “How great is Leo’s, guys?” type of questions, the survey included questions asking which franchises we’d like to see on campus. The list is long. So, to quell the homesickness and induce some nostalgia, we’ve compiled a food wish list for Georgetown.

When asked where he is from, one of my close friends responds with a hair flip and an elitism-infused, “I’m from So-Cal.” Let’s give these California kids everything they want and bring an extension of this West-coast-based burger joint to campus.

I mean, come on.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Despite some weird seasonal treats (spinach and artichoke supreme bagel? Croissant donut?), you can’t beat a caramel iced coffee or a chocolate glazed donut with chocolate frosting. Even if they do have a location in Dupont, we need one closer to campus to satisfy our donut and coffee cravings

Remember those free sandwich coupons Chick-Fil-A gives at basketball games if the opposing team missed free throws? We would finally have a place to use them.

Everybody — especially people from Philly — loves Wawa. For those of you who have not yet experienced the hype, it’s basically a glorified convenience store. The food, however, is delicious — the macaroni and cheese is a fan favorite — and the sandwiches (hoagies) have a pretty devoted following as well.

Panera Bread
How great is this place? From yummy breakfast options to fantastic soups (two words: Bread. Bowl.), Panera’s got it all. There’s one in Dupont, but that’s honestly too far to fulfill my constant panini needs.

Is this real life??

While the debate over the best coffee and tastiest burgers will probably continue forever, the addition of these options to the neighborhood food scene would offer more variety and allow students to bring a little piece of “home” to campus regardless of where they are from. Georgetown, consider bringing a franchise students love to campus.

Photos: theproducersperspective.com, myvalleydining.com, dunkindonuts.com, hercampus.com

Concert for Valor Playlist

concertforvalor[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”https://8tracks.com/mixes/5135337″]

The Concert for Valor is this Tuesday at 7 p.m. and it’s FREE. The National Mall will undoubtedly be packed with thousands of fans screaming for such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Jessie J, Rihanna, Zac Brown Band and The Black Keys.

I could make a top 10 playlist for each of these phenomenal bands and singers, but here are a few songs to get you started as you prepare for the music event of the semester:

Price Tag – Jessie J 
This song was featured on Pitch Perfect, so it’s an automatic classic.

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band
This 2005 song is a huge throwback that evokes memories of campfires, sleepovers, field trips, cool beer, good friends and an antiquated machine called a “radio.” It also features a shout out to veterans.

Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys 
This song is perfect for everything: pump up playlist, car ride, wake up, sing-along. It is the most versatile and most auditor-aly pleasing song on earth.

The Monster – Eminem and Rihanna
This powerhouse duo absolutely slayed on the Monster Tour, so it would be a sin for them not to perform together on Tuesday night.

Enter Sandman – Metallica 
This song kind of creeps me out but will be unreal if they perform it Tuesday night.

Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
This might be the one sure-thing song that might actually be about Veterans. The lyrics are pretty sad but luckily the chorus is a blast to sing along with.

Love the Way You Lie – Eminem and Rihanna 
They’re both going to be there so why not? Rihanna’s duet with Eminem will be almost as good as the one with Shy Ronnie on “SNL.”

Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson 
She’s such a babe and this song is great.

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood 
This was everyone’s favorite break up song when we were eight, and now that many of us have experienced real break-ups the lyrics are even more fun to belt out in public.

Best of You – Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl)
For those of you who are not familiar with rock culture, Dave Grohl was the drummer of Nirvana before he became the lead singer for the Foo Fighters. So this song is a definite jam.

Because Tuesday is a holiday many people will not have work or school, so the National Mall will probably be packed by the 7 p.m. start time. We recommend arriving early. Learn more about the concert here. Happy Veterans Day and enjoy the music!

What to Expect From the Bulldog Tavern Grand Opening

Bulldog Tavern

Bulldog Tavern is about to open — for real this time.

The tavern offered a surprise sneak preview on Wednesday night when it released a limited “Are they open yet?” menu and some non-alcoholic “mock-tails.” 4E was even blessed enough to sample a single buffalo wing in The Heal. In her words, “It was awesome!”

The menu offers standard pub fare including onion rings, cheesy fries and nachos. They have seasoned fries that come with chipotle ketchup and balsamic ketchup; we are not sure if this is a shot at Good Stuff Eatery’s mayonnaise bar. They currently offer one lonely salad but it is topped with buffalo chicken so vegetarians, you should probably avoid at least for now.

Here is their humorously-named preview menu:


And here is their “mocktail” menu (we assume they don’t have their alcohol license yet):


The grand opening is tonight at 5 p.m. and is sure to be the hottest thing to hit campus since Bradley Cooper was last spotted on the front lawn. Here are a few things you can definitely expect at the ceremony.

Speeches from university officials
VP of food and services Joelle Weisse (the woman who is in charge of Leo’s) will publicly praise the university for allowing an eatery that provides edible food to open on campus. Try not to clap for her, as she will take any positive student response as an endorsement of the 6-year meal plan requirement she recently proposed. (Kidding.)

A beer blessing from Kevin O’Brien, S.J.
My favorite Jesuit’s last name is “O’Brien.” You know he’ll be there to give the new pub his blessing and drink a Heineken. (We’re not sure what Father O’Brien drinks but this was our best guess).

Drinks with a Ph.D.
It is a student’s dream after a long day of class, internship and complaints to stroll into a tavern, order a beer and sit down next to his best frien- professor? Having a bar on campus offers the unique opportunity for undergraduates and professors to seek libations at one common location. This could get interesting.

Free food
Food is mandatory for any event trying to increase student attendance. We hope for a spread similar to that presented at the grand opening of The Heal: hummus, slider sandwiches and buffalo wings.

A lesson in swing dancing
How many times do you find yourself standing awkwardly at a party wishing you knew how to swing dance? The tavern’s menu suggests some Southern influence (Southwest nachos, blackened chicken quesadilla), so we expect some Southern dancing to go with it.

We still have a few questions: Does the pub accept flex dollars? Can we use said flex dollars to purchase alcoholic beverages? If so, that three-year meal plan requirement is looking a lot less painful.

So anyway, after months of painful waiting and way too many soul-crushing delays, you can stop pressing your face against the glass walls of the under-construction pub and start sitting inside with food and a (temporarily) non-alcoholic beverage.

Photos: Emma Holland/The Hoya, georgetown.edu

The Best Pickup Lines for Halloween Condomgrams

Halloween Condom-Gram

Every Halloween, H*yas for Choice sells condomgrams (because the last thing students need is a post-Halloween spook). For a dollar, a H*yas for Choice member will hand-deliver a condom and a personalized card to the Georgetown student of your choice.

With these condomgrams comes a lot of pressure to make witty and creative Halloween-themed pickup lines. The cards can be anonymous, allowing us to finally hit on that cutie from math class, poke fun at our roommates or make our abstinent friends very uncomfortable. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

My devil costume won’t be the only thing that’s horny tonight.

I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.

Even the best candy needs a wrapper.

Because your face shouldn’t be the only thing covered up on Halloween.

So you won’t have to go trick-or-treating as a parent next year.

You’re the only treat I want in my sack this Halloween.

Ready to make you my BOO!

Why dress up for candy when you can undress for me?

In case you get a costume that somehow makes you appealing.

Happy Halloweiner!

Have an incredible Halloween and make sure that even if you aren’t participating in the H*yas for Choice condomgram extravaganza, you’re still making safe decisions while embracing the #debauchery.

Got any Halloween pickup lines of your own? Add them below in the comments.

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How 2 Darty!

How to Darty

Whether you’re celebrating homecoming with a Darty (day-party), a Dayger (day-rager) or Dayve (day-rave), follow this guide to make it a day to remember (or a day your friends can remember in case you #blackout). (Note: If you’re partaking in any kind of alcoholic activities, make sure you’re 21-plus. Underage drinking is illegal!)

Go to bed early the night before.
You’re going to be going all day tomorrow. You need some shuteye. Curl up with your roommate, a warm blanket and a good book (or more likely, Netflix) and get that beauty sleep you so desperately need.

Wake up and hit the gym.
When you hear your alarm blaring at the unseemly hour of 7:30 am, embrace it – it’s alerting you to a day of cool beverages, cool weather and guaranteed shenanigans. Motivate yourself and jog to Yates. You’ll want to be as dehydrated and depleted as possible so you save time, calories and money.

Pick out a bomb outfit.
Boys: No salmon shorts! This is autumn. Khaki shorts and a non-pastel collared shirt (bonus points for flannel). Finish the outfit with a pair of Sperry’s (no socks) and a Patagonia vest or pullover if you’re sensitive to the chilly weather.
Girls: Easy. Dark jeans, boots, long sweater and probably a vest. Toasty socks. You dig.

Start early.
This is the most important thing. If you aren’t surrounded by your closest friends and sipping on your second mimosa by 9:02 am, you’re doing it wrong.

Take it slow.
I know it’s cheesy, but the best advice I’ve heard on this topic is, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” You don’t want to be passed out on someone else’s couch before noon and spend the next 4 months begging people to recount the stories that you’d missed. Start easy – drink mimosas and flavored André (we like peach) in the morning, sip beers throughout the day and save the shots for Round 2 (or 5 or 6) at night.

Food is your friend.
Make sure you eat, especially if your morning event isn’t a “kegs and eggs” or “beer and bagels.” There is food at the tailgate, there is food at Chipotle and there is food at Leo’s. Do not be afraid to eat (unless you’re going to Leo’s). You don’t want a stomach full of alcohol with nothing to tame it.

Nap and rally.
Don’t just go to bed early – take a quick afternoon nap and then get back out there. The world is your oyster, and you don’t want to miss out on a wild Saturday night because you’re tired. Don’t be lame!

Have so much fun, be safe, make good (terrible) decisions and stay thirsty. Happy Homecoming, Hoyas!

Photo: city-data.com

Seth Meyers Nailed It At GW

Seth MeyersA few months ago, we received word that legendary Saturday Night Live writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers would be doing a show at George Washington University in October for their parents’ weekend (part of some nonnegotiable contract, probably). A few Georgetown students decided to purchase these coveted tickets to see the great comedian and current Late Night host.

He nailed it. For almost 90 minutes, Seth Meyers owned the stage, captured the audience and absolutely nailed all of his jokes. He also taught us a lot of valuable life lessons. Here are a few.

We really do have a lot to worry about here in America.

“We worry about Isis, we worry about Ebola. We worry about Isis getting Ebola and using it as a weapon. We worry about everyone except Isis getting Ebola. Isis really needs to pick a name – they are way less intimidating if you can’t decide whether to call them ‘Isis’ or ‘The Islamic State’ or ‘Elsa’ or whatever. Also, if you see Isis don’t tell them I made a joke about them.”

Obama doesn’t need us.

“I think Obama is ready to be done being president. He doesn’t need the love of the American people. Bill Clinton – he needed the love of the American people. If he could be president again today, he would. George W. Bush might still think he’s president. To make the transition easier for him, they probably told him that he could continue doing the job from Texas.”

Not everyone was happy about Bin Laden’s death.    

“Obama is tough to make fun of because he’s really self-aware, but at the White House Correspondent’s dinner I really nailed it. I felt so good about it, and I thought that I would be all over the news on Monday morning; I was just hoping no big news would break over the weekend.

Of course I turn on the news Monday morning and see that we f**king murdered Osama Bin Laden. Honestly, I was so pissed. Like, we chased the guy for 10 f**king years and they had to pick THAT day to finally kill him?

But I do have a theory about this to make myself feel better: I think that Obama knew that I was going to get all the attention, so he assembled all his advisors and was like, ‘Hey, we need to do something, I don’t want jokes about me to be on Monday morning news’, and they were like, ‘Oh, we could kill Bin Laden’ and he said, ‘Do it.’ So, you’re welcome America.”

Paris is tricky.

“I dated my wife for a long time before I finally proposed to her, and by year 4 she was getting really antsy about a ring. For her birthday that year, I suggested we go to Prague but she insisted on Paris. We were walking on a bridge and I dropped my passport. I realized that it would have been easier to kick the passport into the water and say ‘Well, we live in Paris now’ than to get down on one knee in the middle of Paris and come up without a ring in my hand.”

People who live abroad are insufferable.                                                      

“They come back and all they talk about is how great it was wherever they lived and how terrible it is here in the United States. They feel the need to show off their new language and insert words randomly into conversation – after dinner they’ll say, “Goodnight, goodnight, buonanotte, WHAT? Wow, why did I just say that? Oh yea, because I lived in Italy last semester!”

Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound a little like one of your study abroad friends (we say it with love!).

So Seth, thanks for teaching me more real life things in your 90-minute show than I’ve learned all year. Saturday Night Live isn’t the same without you.

Photo: eonline.com

How to Kill the Halloween Group Costume

Group Costumes

Halloween is nearly upon us! Maybe you want to shine with an individual costume, but we hope you’re looking to get together a killer group costume. You might not have creativity or individuality, but somehow you’ve tricked some people into being your friends. So let’s try a group costume. 4E has some time-tested and approved ideas that can take your Halloween to the next level.

Crayola crayons

The free spirits out there can take this to the next level: Go completely naked. Paint your entire body a single color. Use black paint to spell out Crayola. Extra points if you make a construction cone or an ice cream cone into a pointy colored hat.

For a conservative twist: Cut out the letters in “Crayola” and strategically place them to protect your “dignity.”

An assortment of beer brands
Use the box of a depleted six- or 30-pack to make all of your clothing and accessories. This includes tube top, shorts, top hats, chain necklaces and mustaches.

The many sides of Taylor Swift

For ladies: Each of you dresses as the Taylor who’s most like you from your favorite song’s music video. Not saying T-Swizzle is moody, but you’re guaranteed to all look completely different.

For men: If you have a large enough friend group, you can dress up as the men Taylor Swift has dumped and call yourselves “the lucky many.”

A hoard of basic betches
You could wear the uniform of the basics (leggings, Victoria’s Secret hoodie, Uggs) or you could get creative and dress up as the actual basic objects: an Ugg boot, a frappachino with skim milk, etc. For inspiration, look at any girl’s Instagram account.

The Seven Deadly Sins
For these it might be easier to just wear a sign with your sin written on it and then adopt a few behavior rules.

Lust: The typical conduct of males at house parties will suffice.

Gluttony: Over-indulge yourself at a party by over-consuming all the beverages and snacks (bring your own snacks) in sight.

Greed: Take things from people/places throughout the night. Never return them.

Sloth: You could dress up like an actual sloth (maybe use a snuggie or a fuzzy blanket?) or dress like a slob and be really lazy all night.

Wrath: Get so drunk that you yell at random people for no reason.

Envy: Wear all green. Drink only green things. You are green with envy.

Pride: Talk about being a Hoya (or a Corpie!) constantly.

There you have it, five of the best group Halloween costumes for 2014. And if you don’t have enough friends to properly execute a group costume, we suggest looking on Tinder, Grindr or Cuddlr. Make sure to include in your bio that you’re a “lone trick-or-treater looking for a costume buddy” and you’ll for sure get a ton of responses.

Photos: joke.co.uk, r29static.com, amazonaws.com

HFSC Poll Results: And The Winner Is …

the healThe votes are finally in and all you Hoyas have selected “The Heal” as the official nickname for the new student center.

But while The Heal was the clear winner, numerous Hoyas offered their own ideas for a nickname:

“I call it ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup.’ The letters are the same as those in HFSC, and there is a lot of controversy over the center – much like corn syrup, no one knows if it’s bad or good for students due to its limited study space, limited hours, but prime hangout location. Also the center is super sweet but without much substance.” –Ashton

“The Holy Fu*cking Sh*t Center. It’ll really take your breath away.” –Connor

“Definitely the Krusty Krab. All of the acronyms begin with H which remind me of David Hasselhoff who once appeared in a Spongebob episode. Spongebob lived in Bikini Bottom and the student center is near the bottom of campus. Plus, it’s right across from Leo’s aka The Chum Bucket.” –Connor

“Brew South. There’s even a pub.” –Casey

“The Family Room. Duh.” –Jared

“The McHealey Pub. Promoting Anglo-Saxon alcoholic stereotypes.” –Ryan

“The New Lau 2: Come get nothing done here instead!” –Sam

“I really am a fan of ‘The Deep South.’ Its cultural implications are weighty and significant, and the use of a cardinal direction in the name will integrate the new building into the community immediately.” –Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

While the famous Jesuit’s favorite choice actually finished in second place, we hope he will still grace The Heal with his presence. Well known for his slew of photos with famous people and landmarks including Bill Clinton, Pope Francis and the new cross on top of Healy Hall (old Healy), it would be cool if Father O’Brien added a selfie with this new building to his photo collection.

Happy to be finally christened, “The Heal” looks forward to the openings of Hilltoss and the pub in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for flashing signs, possible safety hazards and lots and lots of hype as the new nickname is pasted all over campus in the next few days.

Poll: Name the Healey Family Student Center

hfsc nickname poll

OK, Hoyas. We’ve given you a month to get attached to the trendy Healey Family Student Center, and now we’re going to let YOU choose a nickname that does your love for the place justice. Read our picks for the center’s nickname and then vote for your favorite below.

Georgetown loves acronyms. HFSC is quick, clear and impossible to say. AChefEssie?

Pronounced Goofska. You can’t have an acronym without GU — right, GUGS, GUAFSCU, GUTS, GUCC, GUAS and GUAC?

The Deep South
It’s part of New South, but deeper into the south side of campus, deeper into the ground and it’s moving deeper into our hearts. We know the name Deep South has been used for a part of New South but the student center is even more “southern.” (New Deep South is also an option.) With this nickname comes the semi-mandatory dress code of sunbonnets and cowboy boots and a lesson in how to make peach cobbler.

Village D
We have Village A, Village B, Village C West (woohoo!) and Village C East. It only makes sense to add another village to the family.

Short for Student Activity Center. It is a center for student activities. And there’s so much room for them! Bang bang.

The Heal
Popularized by OAs during NSO, “The Heal” rolls of the tongue and is easy to type in text messages. Its one drawback is its similarity to the body part, the heel, located on the back of the foot. No one wants to study inside a heel. Heels are gross.

H Fam Stu Cen
Single syllables for the win.

The Nap Trap
Tired during the school day? Go crash on one of those funky looking step couches — no one can use them for studying anyway. The Corp has no coffee presence in the center, so there is no possibility that the smell of delicious (?) coffee will interrupt your slumber.

If an acronym isn’t significantly longer and more cryptic than the name itself, is it really an acronym? While these letters don’t actually stand for anything, this provides an easy way to steal the spotlight from Georgetown’s current most confusing and unnecessary acronym, GUASFCU.

As part of the university’s new agreement to listen to student voices, whatever nickname you choose will probably be carved into the stone patio outside of the center and recreated on the roof of New South using six million giant glow sticks, so it will be visible from above. Cast your vote today and change the future of Georgetown forever.

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What to Expect from GU Nightclub’s First Party

GU Nightclub

Here at 4E, we love to party. So naturally, we are more than excited for the first GU Nightclub party, coming this Friday. We’ve waited an eternity for something that could finally live up to the exceptionally high standards that Club Lau set for us during that fateful weekend freshman year and that something has finally arrived.

We’ve compiled a list of our hopes and dreams for the opening night, all of which have been carefully compared to observed phenomena at local club and bar scenes and are totally legitimate. (Failure to achieve at least three of these expectations will result in a blog-wide boycott of future GU Nightclub events.)

Losing half your weight in sweat
Any good nightclub will keep the music so bumpin’ (2000s hip hop, anybody?) that you can’t help but dance. Dancing is scientifically proven to burn over 400 calories an hour. If you dance for two hours and adjust your mini skirt at least five times, you should lose over six pounds in water weight — guaranteed.

A Jesuit breakdancing competition
It’s common knowledge that priests are good at feeling emotions – what’s stopping them from feeling the beat? When the Jesuits take off their white collars and unbutton those top buttons, you know it’s going down. They’re all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble.

Open bar with Coke and Sprite (read: high school prom)
Leave your fake IDs at home, kids, and enjoy some carbonated and somewhat questionable “punch” free of charge.

An influx of pre-med students
With the first orgo and physics exams out of the way, even the biggest try-hards will recognize that this is the premiere event of the semester. They will crowd the doorways and, while their complaints about biology problem sets will initially drown out the music, they will quickly lower their voices and dance the night away.

The ability to dance with an MSBro without being judged
You know that cute boy who struts around campus in his new suit and shiny shoes but definitely sold his soul to some consulting company? Your friends tell you to stay away, but GU Nightclub says this is the place.

Celebrity selfie ops
Whether it’s with Taylor Swift stopping by on her way to the Verizon Center or a cardboard cut-out of President Obama stolen from the College Democrats, nothing livens up a dull Facebook page like a photo with someone famous you may or may not have met.

Balance between serious dance and ratchet rap songs
Everything from “Come On Eileen” to “Black Widow” to “Rather Be”. If they don’t play “Anaconda,” my anaconda don’t ever want to go back.

We will send our love, best wishes and potentially intoxicated (with excitement) bodies to Bulldog Alley Saturday night, ready to get down in true club style. If you missed Club Lau, lost your fake ID or don’t know what a “club” actually is, join us there!

Photo: cloudfront.net