WikiWhat? D’oh!

WikiWhatBefore I get a huge, angry response from fans of “The Simpsons,” let me clarify that I have nothing against the show. Despite my Rhode Island roots that make me lean towards “Family Guy,” I still certainly respect the institution that is “The Simpsons.” However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that I was justifiably shocked to find that Homer’s catchphrase “D’oh!” had it’s own Wikipedia page.  Not a heading on the Simpson’s page.  It’s very own page. Oh, and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001. (Funny what you learn on Wikipedia, huh?) Do we really hear “D’oh” get used that much 

Maybe I’m overreacting.  Maybe you readers aren’t nearly as shocked as I am. Maybe I’m crazy.  But it got me thinking, and so I looked to see if other extremely famous catchphrases had their own pages as well. In short, they don’t. While some odd phrases do, prominent words or sentences in popular culture (“Bazinga”, “Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?”) have simply been awarded small blurbs or sections on their respective show’s Wikipedia entry. Perhaps this article will get you guys so worked up that you’ll start a Wikirevolution, working to get all catchphrases their due attention. Or maybe you’ll just shrug this article off, have a laugh at how Homer Simpson has trumped everybody else and go on with the rest of your day.  Either way, that’s what made me say “what?!?!?!” on Wikipedia this week.

A New iPhone Already?!

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 3.28.29 PM

What if I were to tell you that, as of Summer 2013 (just one short month away!!!), your brand-spanking-new iPhone 5 will be outdated.  You know, the one that was the envy of your friends and the enemy of your wallet? The one that, as of a few short months ago, was literally brand new? Well, it’s time for the guys at Apple to frustrate you again. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is expected to release its iPhone 6 (or 5S, still unclear) sometime over the summer.

All 4E has to say about it is, “Really?”

Initial reports have made it seem like the only significant improvements will be an better camera and other color possibilities (think the new iPod Touch). They might put an improved processor chip and slightly improved battery life too, but so far, it appears that it won’t come with iOS 7 or any drastic development like Siri was for the iPhone 4S. The display size will even be the same. So what, exactly, is going to be so awesome about it?

Maybe they will give more options for Siri to make it more all-inclusive. I have always thought it would be cool to have Morgan Freeman giving me GPS directions or restaurant suggestions.  Maybe, instead of spoken commands, your phone could just read your mind. That would be awesome. It probably isn’t too far off the Bump App, right? Better yet, maybe it will come with some useful attachments. iMicrowave? iATM? iParty? (OK, that last one was pretty bad.)

It might be a little unfair that I’m bashing Apple for this one.  I’m a huge Apple supporter and user, and I definitely admire how they’ve been able to become so successful.  And Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators in his field, if not the greatest.  But I just can’t figure out what could justify people spending $600 on a new phone, which is about as durable as a China Doll, less than 10 months after Apple’s latest release. Regardless of how ridiculous it is, however, the iPhone 5S is coming.  Will you be ready?

Friday Fixat10ns: Baseball’s Back!

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Spring is finally here! I know we got snow this week, and it hasn’t really felt like springtime weather yet, but there is one surefire sign that points to the glorious return of the sun.  Nope, not the day marked “spring begins” on the calendar.  The cherry blossoms blooming would be a good guess, but still wrong.  The grand indicator is, of course, the Opening Day for the Major League Baseball season! I can already smell the freshly cut grass and stale beer, staples of any solid baseball experience.  While we get ready to watch the Nationals attempt to turn regular season dominance into post season success, and I watch (Wish? Pray? Shut my eyes so I don’t have to deal with more heartbreak?) my Red Sox try to get out of whatever funk they’ve been in, here is a playlist of songs to get you in the mood for baseball season (and spring in general).

Take Me Out to the Ballgame- Jimmy Buffett I feel like there really isn’t any explanation needed on this one.  But just in case, baseball’s classic anthem sung by the president of Margaritaville.  What better way to get started?

Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen I don’t know about you, but when I go to a game with a 7pm start time, I expect to do a lot of dancing in the dark.  Especially in April: it can get cold.

Beautiful Day- U2 A great song about enjoying the day, no matter where you are or what it’s like.  Perfect for cruising with the windows down on your way to a game, or while sitting inside waiting for it to stop raining.

All Star- Smash Mouth Where did Smash Mouth go? I mean really, there are very few artists with as much influence on my childhood as these guys.  You couldn’t go anywhere for at least all of 2000 without hearing that song.  More to the point, it talks about all-star athletes.  Doesn’t get much more baseball than that.

You Get What You Give- The New Radicals Just another great spring/summer song.  It just makes you feel good and want to move around. What else is there to say?

Walk of Life- Dire Straits I have great memories listening to this song on the way to tee-ball games, inspired by the player going through the “walk of life”.  Playing baseball, for me anyways, was all a part of that same walk.

The Boys of Summer- Don Henley While this one is about the end of the season, the boys of summer are about to come out for the next six months, so no need to be sad; just enjoy the song!

Dirty Water- The Standells Hopefully I’ll get to hear this song get played a few more times this year than last year. For those of you that don’t know, this song (about the Charles River in Boston) is blared over the loudspeakers at Fenway Park after every Red Sox victory.  It’s especially fitting for Georgetown, too, as we get to look out at our own dirty water every day.

Don’t Stop Believing- Journey Bottom of the ninth, two outs, all hope lost? Don’t fret, and play some Journey.  Seriously.  I’m pretty sure everything is possible with this song playing.

Centerfield- John Fogerty Is there a better baseball song than this one? I don’t think so.  It talks about baseball legends, playing baseball, baseball weather.  Everything’s baseball, and I can’t get enough of it.  Man, I’m glad the season is here.

MARCH MADNESS: Wisey’s Sandwiches Round 2

See full bracket and results here


Results from the First Round of the Wisey’s Sandwich Region are in, and it appears our fellow Hoyas have an affinity for chicken, as the Hot Chick and the Chicken Madness advanced to Round Two.  The #1 Seed Chicken Madness outlasted the Gangsta Wrap as expected, while the Hot Chick (much to my excitement) pulled through with the upset over Burger Madness.  So now it’s down to two.  Which fantastic, heavenly, wild, chicken-based creation will come out of this death match to represent the Wisey’s Region in the final four? That’s up to you.

I should remind you that this is officially the second time in one semester that Chicken Madness and Hot Chick have gone head to head… Maybe this time the results will be different.

The Chicken Madness is certainly a One Seed for obvious reasons, combining the deliciousness of grilled chicken and mayo with the sizzle of bacon…2321551065-184x300

But Colonel Sanders (and the Leo’s chefs) would approve of the fried chicken fingers on the Hot Chick


Plus, the Hot Chick has cayenne for a little extra kick


Picking against the Chicken Madness seems like.. well.. madness


 Yet if any 3 seed has a shot at a cinderella story, I think it’s this Hot Chick (see what I did there?)


While the Chicken Madness took care of business as a one seed, I think (and hope) that the Hot Chick has the potential to make this the upset of the bracket.  It’s not up to me, though.  Which sandwich reigns supreme in the hearts of Hoyas alike? Vote here, and check back in for the results.

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Casual Thursdays: (March) MADNESS!

march madness casual thursdays

It’s that time.  You can’t avoid it.  March Madness is finally upon us, and while maybe non-basketball fans will have to eat dinner by themselves simply to avoid bracket-talk, I absolutely love this time of year.  Dicky V, Sir Charles Barkley, and the rest of the college basketball announcers will be up to their usual shenanigans, throwing around words that probably aren’t english (Vitale) or television appropriate (Barkley).  The intensity level is up, and the stars of the college basketball world are all out to try and lead their teams to eternal glory. What better event than the goliath of all college sports to drink for, right?

Lost in all of the glory and excitement of that last paragraph, of course, is our upcoming holiday weekend.  To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we at 4E bring you a Casual Thursday-worthy Easter-themed drink.  Before we get to the Madness that is college basketball, here is a delightful cocktail to enjoy while relaxing.

March Madness Drink-along

And now we get a little crazy.  Obviously, any sporting event can be reason to drink, and you can feel free to improvise and adjust the reasons to imbibe while enjoying the craziness.  Here are some suggestions:

Take a sip if…

  • The higher seed wins the game
  • There is a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial
  • A player’s “athleticism” or “basketball IQ” is mentioned

Take a big swig if…

  • The lower seed wins
  • A player slaps the floor on defense
  • You see a tweet about some “spectacular” play
  • Dick Vitale gets really excited (or any of the announcers, I guess)
  • An announcer discusses the importance of a coach to the game

Take a shot if…

  • The game goes into overtime (you will probably need it)
  • Someone gets a technical (if you aren’t a sports fan, you can ask around for when this happens)

Finish your drink/chug if…

  • Dicky V gets this excited. Or starts making up words. Or both.
  • Charles Barkley says something offensive. Or starts making up words (he probably will)
  • Someone hits a buzzer-beater
  • Something this entertaining happens

The Easter Bunny:

  • 1 1/2 ounces dark creme de cacao
  • 1/2 ounce vodka
  • 1 tsp. of chocolate syrup
  • 1 tsp. of cherry brandy

1. Pour the creme de cacao and vodka into a cocktail shaker (improvise) with ice

2. Shake well

3. Strain into a glass with ice

4. Float chocolate syrup and cherry brandy on top

Enjoy the madness everybody, but please try to do it responsibly. Go Hoyas!

4E Flix: Love the Way You Lie

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.04.57 PM

At this point, spring break is unbearably close. Despite break being just two days away, this “home stretch” seems like an eternity with all of the midterms and papers crammed in between now and Friday afternoon. I’m officially ready for a break (if the Rihanna reference in the title wasn’t enough of an indication), and I have a feeling most of you feel the same way. So, whether you’re having trouble focusing on your philosophy paper for more than five minutes, or you’re just going to need something to do while spending spring break in the frozen tundras of New England, here are some great options on Netflix Instant Watch for your procrastination/enjoyment.

Lie To Me


While this crime drama didn’t last very long, and certainly requires you to pay a little bit of attention (still easier than philosophy), it was a unique and entertaining twist on a very old concept.  Dr. Cal Lightman is an expert psychologist specialized in reading facial expressions and body language, and he sets out with his team to aid local/federal police forces in solving crimes ranging from CSI level murders to SAT cheating scandals. While it certainly has the feel of other police dramas, the way that Lightman solves his crimes is extremely unique, and it keeps every episode fresh and different. If you’re interested in watching a doctor read a suspect like you should be reading Descartes, this is the show for you.


For Love of the Game


Well, as I made very clear in last week’s Casual Thursday post, I’m extremely excited for spring because it means the start of baseball. There is no better way to get ready for the season than to watch a classic baseball movie. For Love of the Game is the story of Billy Chapel, a Tigers pitcher on the verge of retirement, looking for one last moment of glory before he rides off into the sunset. Despite potentially pitching in his last game ever, all Chapel can focus on is the love of his life, the one that he left behind in order to continue playing.  The movie flashes between the game and memories of his one time relationship, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a total sucker for this sappy baseball love story. I won’t give anything away, but I highly recommend watching this one all the way through, seeing as I think I still get goosebumps every time I watch the ending.

Hopefully these recommendations help you grind your way through the last few days before the break, and that you all enjoy the sun (or snow/sleet/rain…) during your week off.

Photo: IMDb

4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.

WikiWhat? Ultimate Tazer Ball? Really?

WikiWhatIt seems like common sense to avoid stun-guns, right? I mean, Georgetown’s own Bradley Cooper demonstrated pretty well why getting shocked isn’t a whole lot of fun in this memorable scene from The Hangover.  However, some geniuses from up north (I’m looking at you, Canada) have decided that soccer would be way more fun if played with a giant ball, smaller teams, full contact and tazers.  Yes, you read that right, tazers.  Let this week’s edition of WikiWhat? not-so-proudly introduce the world of Ultimate Tazer Ball.

I remembered reading about this sport about a year ago, and sure enough, while perusing the limitless expanses of Wikipedia, I stumbled across this entry.  Sadly there isn’t a ton of information in the article itself, but the description was enough to make me first question my faith in humanity, and then keep scrounging online for more information.  Sure enough, there is an official league website that provides slightly more information as to the “logic” behind the game.  I also found this YouTube video to be helpful in explaining the brief history and questionable purpose of this new extreme sport.  Before going further into my questioning of this bizarre game, let’s recap what we know so far:

It appears as though the game is set up to look like soccer, but beyond that, there aren’t many rules. Just get the ball in the net. At least that’s what it looks like in this fascinating and cringeworthy highlight reel.  These highlights bring just a few questions to my mind.

First, why is the ball so big? Is it because it’s funny? Could it be so it’s easier for players to score? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the players can only focus so hard while being tazered, so a small ball was difficult to use. These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

Second, to take a question from Seth Meyer’s repertoire, really? Is there really an Ultimate Tazer Ball League? Are there really people willing to subject themselves to this? Doesn’t this go against literally every possible survival instinct that we have as humans? I mean, while the game might look a tad bit fun, I also always go back to the fact that they are getting TAZERED. Really guys?

Well, that’s what made me double-take and ask myself what this world is coming to this week. Maybe some of you adrenaline junkies out there would think otherwise, but here’s to hoping we won’t be seeing a Georgetown ultimate tazer ball team/club any time soon.

Casual Thursdays: Spring (Training) Fever

casual thursdays 2.21

Happy Thursday, Hoyas! And welcome to this week’s installment of Casual Thursday, where we try and get you ready for the weekend ahead.

Since I’m from New England, I completely understand how the cold slowly wears away at your nerves, and around this time, I tend to realize that I’ve just had enough of the cold.  Midterm stress is weighing down on everybody, Valentine’s Day has passed and Spring Break is still one more week away.  What could I possibly get me excited for this weekend, you ask?  This weekend (today, actually) marks the beginning of Major League Baseball’s spring training game schedule, and while I’m not all that excited to watch any of the games (as fun as the Red Sox beating up on Boston College may be), it means that spring is just around the corner! So while the weather might not be warm yet, I still have hope, and I have a drink and game that go perfectly with the spring weather that is sure to be here soon.

The drink of the day is a twist off of the good ole screwdriver (get it?), and is bright and springy enough to enjoy out on the beach, or inside by the fire while you hope for the snow to melt. It’s official name is the Yellow Bird, (presumably) named after the brightly colored birds flying around as the weather gets nice.  While I haven’t actually been able to find a bird that goes by this name scientifically, I’m sure they are out there somewhere.  Without further ado, your cocktail:

Yellow Bird

  • Juice of half a lime
  • 1.25 oz of orange juice
  • 1 oz light rum
  • 1 0z dark rum
  • .25 oz Galliano
  • Maraschino cherry for garnish

1. Squeeze the lime into a cocktail shaker with ice

2. Add all of the remaining ingredients

3. Shake well

4. Strain into a glass with crushed ice

5. Garnish with a cherry

Dizzy Bat

Of course, the fun can’t stop there.  Whether just trying to gear up for spring, or out having a good time with friends on spring break, we have a baseball themed drinking game for everyone to enjoy.  Allow me to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the game of Dizzy Bat.  This is a game that can be enjoyed by a big group for its entertainment value, but definitely requires a lot of space.  You will also need:

  • Whiffle ball bat
  • Beer (cans works best for the game, and serves as a perfect way to use up that oh-so-lovely Natty)

1. You will need to cut off the end of the bat handle, turning the bat into a drinking container.

2.  Then fill the bat with beer as the first brave contestant steps up.

3. They will chug the beer, while the rest of the group counts, or times, how long it takes them to finish.

4. The batter then leans over, puts their forehead on the bat, and spins around for the same length of time that it took them to drink.

5. Once finished spinning, another member of the group tosses up a crushed beer can for the participant to attempt to hit with the bat (really the only baseball element involved in this game).

6. You can either think of a point system, a penalty if they miss, or make them spin around three more times and try again.  Really, it will all be entertaining, regardless of how you want to finish the turn.

If you are still confused, check out this sterling example of a champion Dizzy Bat competitor.  Seriously though, you may want to avoid trying this on concrete, and maybe use a smaller bat.  Also, if you were too busy laughing to completely grasp the game, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that show just how you should play (kind of).

Photo:, Finlandia Vodka Cup

DCTC: The Orange Line


Hello Hoyas, welcome back to the DC Travel Companion, where we try to help you find affordable ways to escape the Georgetown Bubble and explore the city.  This week we will be going through the variety of places that you can reach on the Orange Line of the Metro, and all of the wonderful activities that are very easily within reach.

The easiest way for Georgetown students to access the Orange Line is from the metro stop in Rosslyn.  The GUTS Bus or DC Circulator are two easy ways to get to Rosslyn from campus, although it is not an unreasonable walk or cab ride (just try and avoid being on the Key Bridge during rush hour).  You can transfer to the Orange Line at Metro Center if your journey begins in Dupont, but prices and travel times will be better from Rosslyn.

Although there are around 30 stops on the Orange Line, I’ll focus in on four to help guide your travel and give you good ideas for fun exploration (of course, if you are interested in other options on the Orange Line, this map has all of the possible stops).

Foggy Bottom: While most Georgetown students know about this one, it can be a very useful stop that is extremely close to Rosslyn.  The metro stop for George Washington University, Foggy Bottom is within walking distance, but during cold winter days/late at night, the Metro may be a better form of transportation.  Interested in visiting friends at GW and going out for the night? This could be the easiest way to do it. 

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory Stop (est. travel time- 3 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card (check WMATA or terminals in the station for peak vs. off-peak times and prices).

Smithsonian: As the name suggests, this stop brings you right up to some of the most famous museums in the country.  This stop is within walking distance of DC’s greatest tourist attractions, including the National Mall, numerous federal buildings (e.g. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, US Department of Energy), and of course the Smithsonian Museums.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is also nearby, along with the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History, just to name a few.  Plus, during the spring, you can visit the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 10 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card.

L’Enfant Plaza: Named after the designer of the District, L’Enfant Plaza is a busy metro stop in a great location.  First, you can transfer to the Blue, Green, or Yellow Lines at the station, which is important if your destination doesn’t happen to be on the Orange Line.  This stop is also within walking distance of the Mall, and attractions including the National Air and Space Museum and the headquarters of the United States Postal Service.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 12 minutes); $1.80 with SmarTrip; $2.80 with a paper fare card.

Capitol South: Feeling academic? Take the Orange Line to Capitol South and visit the Library of Congress.  Take a tour, study during finals week, or get a library card just because you feel like it.  If you are willing to make the journey, the visit itself is an experience that comes highly recommended, and you could definitely get some great studying done.  And once your done, you can reward yourself with dinner at one of the great restaurants nearby!

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 16 minutes); $2.00 with SmarTrip, $3.00 with a paper fare card.  

Happy traveling Hoyas! See you back here next week with more travel tips.

DCTC is a weekly post designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.


Friday Fixat10ns: Singles Appreciation Day

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for single people, and it certainly hasn’t helped ease anyone’s suffering that there were also midterms this week. But whether your date was with a stack of homework or  your good friends Ben, Jerry and Ryan Gosling last night, you may not have been feeling a whole lot of love if you’re single.  But now it’s Friday, it’s (apparently) Singles Appreciation Day, and it’s time to mingle in only ways that single college students can! So if these activities didn’t satisfy your thirst for adventure and you couldn’t find love on any of these sites, check out our Friday Fixat10ns playlist while you get ready to enjoy your Singles Appreciation Day (or night) the right way.

Someone Like You — Adele Somewhere, someone reaaaaaally pissed Adele off for her to belt out this one. Trying to get over someone that broke your heart and that you were wishing was there for you yesterday? I suggest you sing along in similar style.

Keep Your Head Up — Andy Grammar While perhaps a little mellow for a song that’s supposed to get you ready to go out, this is another great sing along with a terrific message. Life goes on, and you have to get out there and make something of it.

We Are Never Getting Back Together — Taylor Swift Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without some Taylor Swift on it.  Whether boys are constantly breaking her heart (maybe, or she breaks theirs and gets a hit song out of it (very possible), Taylor Swift sings some fantastic break-up songs. Belt this one out, too, and begin enjoying being single.

You Give Love a Bad Name — Bon Jovi As hard as it is to believe, apparently even Jon Bon Jovi was heartbroken once upon a time.  Now you have something in common with a rock star. That’s a good start, right?

Forget You — Cee Lo Green So now you’ve established you aren’t getting back together with your ex. Ever. And you’ve made it clear that you were so heartbroken that love is tainted. Still not enough? Luckily, Cee Lo Green wrote a song about the two words that everyone dreams of saying, but are too classy/polite/scared/civil to actually say. (Sorry, this one’s the clean version, folks. Still gets the message across though.)

Brand New Girlfriendv— Steve Holy Now this is why I love country music. Well, one of the reasons. Who needs to sulk, right? Apparently Steve Holy didn’t care too much about being single, but this song could get you started on one heck of a Singles Appreciation Day.

Go Your Own Way — Fleetwood Mac In case you don’t want to go the way of Steve Holy, take Fleetwood Mac’s advice and be independent for a while. Go with the flow. Follow your heart’s desires. Trust us, you’ll be OK.

I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In — Taylor Swift And back to Taylor.  This time, it’s to begin the “acceptance” phase. You knew he was trouble. Get over it :)

This — Darius Rucker Still moping a little bit? Just listen to Darius Rucker (of Hootie and the Blowfish) and realize that everything happens for a reason and one day, you’ll look back and laugh about how dumb it all was (or cry about how much ice cream you ate. Either one).

Single Ladies — Beyonce Well, you know how we at the blog feel about Beyonce.  And if another song says “Singles Appreciation” better than this one, I’m the next Pope.  In other words, there isn’t a better song to cap off this list.  Turn it up, try and dance and sing like the Queen herself, and enjoy the single life.  After all, it can be pretty fun.