Five Steps for Coping with the Government Shutdown, As Told By Social Media

Government Shutdown

As everyone knows (and if you don’t know, you’ve apparently been under a rock for the last week), the federal government has been shut down due to a failure to agree on a new debt budget.  Social media, especially Twitter, has been EN FUEGO (on fire, for our non-Spanish speaking readers) with commentary on the shutdown. These tweets have been witty, sad, controversial and everything in between.  Here are the 5 Steps for Coping with the Government Shutdown, As Told By Social Media*:

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.18.17 PM

*Disclaimer: these posts are not representative of my views or those of The Hoya. They simply made me chuckle:

1. Anarchy

If your first reaction was one similar to theirs, you should probably check out this article from early last week.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.09.44 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.11.33 PM


2. Acceptance

Now that people began to understand what the shutdown meant, the posts became a little calmer, albeit a bit melodramatic.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.12.15 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.23.43 PM

3. Prioritize

How does the shutdown affect you? What should you look out for?

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.58.16 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.19.24 PM

4. Try to Find a Solution

Some Hoyas on Facebook had some advice for getting through the shutdown:

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.38.20 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.08.56 PM

5. Look at the Silver Lining

You aren’t in Congress, so unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot we can do at the moment. Just try and look at the bright side!Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.19.01 PM

While the government shutdown is certainly no laughing matter, at least these students and celebrities helped me get a laugh out of the ordeal.  If you are looking for more bizarre humor, just search “government shutdown pickup lines” on Twitter. Yup, it’s trending.  Hopefully this will be the last shutdown post out of us, and a big thank you to those of you that made it possible.  Keep up the good work!

Photo: Amari O’Bannon, Huffington Post, ParkTheaterVideo

Friday Fixat10ns: Hoya Homecoming

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Homecoming weekend has come again.  Certainly a favorite weekend for both former and current Hoyas, the weekend culminates in the Saturday afternoon football game.  Just before that, though, is my personal favorite event of the weekend: the Homecoming Tailgate.  On top of all of the food that is around, there is a fantastic 1980’s cover band rocking out for a couple of hours, with hundreds of Hoyas jamming along with them.  To get everyone prepared and excited, here is a list of terrific 80’s songs that you will most likely hear at some point Saturday.

Here I Go Again- Whitesnake Best known for its music video, this is a classic 80’s-hair band hit.  It was Mark Wahlberg’s walk-out music in The Fighter, and since then, this has always been a song to get me pumped and excited.

Take On Me- a Ha This song will get stuck in your head for days.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Just a heads up.

You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon Jovi A true heartbreak anthem from Bon Jovi, this is a great song to belt out, whether you have an ex in mind or not.

Dancing In The Dark- Bruce Springsteen Every great 80’s list needs some Bruce.  One of his biggest hits, this Springsteen classic is a huge song at karaoke bars, and lends itself perfectly to the tailgate.

Hold the Line- Toto While maybe a lesser known hit, this song represents 80’s music in all its glory: high pitched vocals, a catchy chorus, and some great guitar solos.

Livin’ On a Prayer- Bon Jovi We are halfway there (or a little over), we’ll make it I swear.  See what I did there?

Jack & Diane- John Mellencamp I have no idea if Jack and Diane were real people, but this little ditty is awfully catchy.

Your Love- The Outfield Arguably my favorite song of the era, I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but it can get everybody moving.

Come On Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners Maybe the most successful one-hit wonder of the decade, an 80’s countdown wouldn’t be complete without this crowd favorite.

Don’t Stop Believing- Journey I think it is probably a part of the USA Citizenship Exam to know the lyrics of this song.  Seriously.  Have you ever heard this song come on and not have everyone sing along to it? Everything about it is memorable, and it is certainly an appropriate way to end this playlist.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

united states of football

Georgetown prides itself on being a university with a very diverse student body, represented by every state and dozens of different countries.  Along with this varied representation comes diversity of a different kind: football allegiances.  From the Patriots fans (like myself and senior blog editor, Lindsay Lee) to the Ravens fans (like senior sports editor, Laura Wagner) and all the fans in between (well, maybe not the Jaguars), NFL teams all have some sort of representation here at the school.  The only question is, where should these football-lovers go watch their favorite teams play?

Common Room

An ideal choice for freshmen, your floor’s common room (or any floor’s, for that matter) is a terrific place to watch a game on a Sunday.  As long as your common room has cable, it is an extremely convenient and often comfortable place to catch a game.  It’s certainly a great way to meet and bond with your fellow floor mates – so long as you don’t hate each other too much once the game is over.


While dorm rooms can often be a little cramped, there is certainly something to be said about streaming the game on your computer, getting an HDMI cable as a computer-to-TV adapter, and watching the game in the comfort of your own room (even better if you have cable).  Having the luxury of inviting your friends over to watch a game and being able to make food anytime you want can lead to the perfect game watching experience, especially in an apartment or townhouse,.


Sometimes the comfort of a common room or living room aren’t an option; other times, you just want to be social.  If that’s the case, Epicurean is a great place to watch your favorite NFL throw down.  Whether you’re 21 or not, Epicurean is buzzing on game days, and the atmosphere makes watching a game a lot of fun.  Order up a milkshake, kick back, and be ready to be entertained.

Alumni Lounge

Another on-campus option, the Alumni Lounge remains a mystery to many Hoyas.  Located just off of the VCW steps (walk up one set of stairs and go through the door on the left), Alumni Lounge has an optimal set-up for fans of bizarre, out-of-market teams.  They have multiple TVs going, DIRECTV, a lot of seating, ping-pong, foosball, billiards, vending machines and it provides an option to again meet some fellow football fans.


For the over-21 crowd, Rhino provides a great atmosphere to watch your favorite NFL team take the field.  A number of games going, good food, and the option of drinks certainly can make for an exciting day of football.


Leo’s now has a screen on the upper floor where they project games as they come on! (You may have to fight some people around 1pm on Sunday to get your game up there though…)

Hopefully, this Sunday you can watch your favorite team pick up the W, and meet some new people who share your allegiance (don’t get your hopes up, Bills’ fans).

Fixat10ns: The Perfect Packing Playlist

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Packing to go back to school is a task that you are probably better off doing little by little, but  inevitably you will procrastinate and cram it all into the hours just before leaving.  Here is a playlist to get you through the struggle of shoving 5 suitcases-worth of clothes into only three.

So Good – B.O.B Whether you’re coming from nearby Maryland or all the way from Paris, B.O.B’s 2012 hit will get you excited about traveling

One Week – Barenaked Ladies Not only is it extremely catchy and upbeat, but it’s also a friendly reminder that you will soon be back at school (and have a limited time to pack)!

The Opposite of Adults – Chiddy Bang Here’s a song to simply get you ready to go back to school and get amped to hit the party scene again.  It’s upbeat, the bass bumps, and it’s all about having fun.

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephants Packing can be daunting, but as the lyrics of this song suggest, nothing in the world is free. You have to keep on trucking to get back to the glorious Hilltop.

Mr. Jones – The Counting Crows Not much needs to be said for this one, as it is just a good song to sing along to, and one that generally puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Shake Me Like a Monkey – Dave Matthews Band Just like Mr. Jones, this is just an upbeat and fun song that will help take your mind off of packing, and having to sit inside instead of enjoying every last minute of summer.

Take It Easy – The Eagles While all of your packing does need to get done, it shouldn’t be something that you freak out about.  Take some advice from The Eagles and take a deep breath.

A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley The King turned out a great packing hit with this one, as the song is fast paced, and is a subtle reminder to quit messing around and just get your suitcases filled, so you can go out and have more fun.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie Another song to get you excited to get back to Georgetown, see your friends, and realize that the struggle of packing was totally worth it.

No Such Thing – John Mayer Most of John Mayer’s songs, while upbeat, also have a calming effect, which can’t be overrated while flying around to do last minute preparations.

The Boys of Summer – Don Henley At some point during every packing frenzy, there is time for reflection, and the realization that another summer has come to an end.  Don Henley’s summer classic is a great way to look back on all the fun you had during the summer.

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root And you’re finally done packing! Say goodbye to your hometown, and hello Georgetown, because it is time to go.

All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Georgetown Problems


Co-authored by Max Wheeler and Lindsay Lee

The term “First World Problems” has become well-ingrained into the language and culture of college students and social media users everywhere, referring to complaints about good/great things in someone’s life that just aren’t quite good enough.  I’ll be honest that I’m guilty of these “First World Problem” rants at times.

Georgetown students struggle with some of these problems every day– and that’s not supposed to be insulting, simply an admission of what is to come.  Here are some unique Georgetown Problems that only Hoyas can truly understand.

Leo’s Doors

Everyone has inevitably embarrassed themselves attempting to enter or exit Leo’s with a crowd of people behind them.  I don’t care how much you work out at Yates, those doors are unnaturally heavy.  Maybe it’s a way to burn some calories before and after meals.

Silverware Shortages

Sticking with the Leo’s theme, anyone who has made the mistake of going to dinner during rush hour has also run into a surprising shortage of silverware.  Forks are typically the first thing to go, followed quickly by spoons, which is unfortunate because typically it’s hard to eat things with knives (without hurting yourself).  Hopefully you can find some finger food.

Lau Doors

Going along with the door complaint above, the doors to the Lau staircases are also unnaturally heavy. I know I can’t be the only one who has left Lau 2 with a bagel in one hand and a coffee in the other and can’t make it back to the fourth floor without some assistance from a kind stranger. They’re also too heavy for you to do the push-a-little-harder-to-swing-the-door-open-as-you-leave-so-that-the-person-a-little-ways-behind-you-can-catch-it-so-you-don’t-have-to-stand-there-and-hold-it-but-wont-be-rude maneuver we all know so well.

The Leavey Elevators

Only a select number of Hoyas have experienced the Leavey elevators: those who frequent the esplanade, anyone who’s had an interview in the upstairs club room, and, of course, the staff of The Hoya on their way to Leavey 421. These elevators are absolutely terrifying and every time I get in, I wonder if I’ll ever come out alive.

The Walsh Elevators

Okay…maybe I should just start taking the stairs since I have so many qualms about the elevators. But the Walsh elevators seem to have reverse sensors, so that the doors close when they sense something between them and remain open for far too long, even when you’re pressing the “close door” button. They also move at a glacial pace so that you enter as a freshman, and emerge on the fourth floor as a senior…citizen.

The Hilltop

We live on a hill and it makes life hard sometimes. It is so tempting to leave Lau and to go downhill to eat at Leo’s, but after you’ve filled yourself with chili or chicken finger wok, you do NOT want to make the trip back uphill to study.

Our Mascot

“What does Hoya Saxa mean?”, “So…being the ‘Hoyas’ means you’re the ‘Whats’?”, “Does Hoya mean bulldog?”.

Building Entrances

Very few things confused me more when I first got to school than the fact that you don’t enter many buildings on the first floor.  Walk into Lau, and you are on the third floor already.  Walk into Regents or the MSB, and you could be on the first, second, or third floor. Same story for the ICC. I’m not an architect, but why does that make sense? WHY?!


I’m going to start this last one with a disclaimer: I loved living in Darnall this year with about 95% of my heart. For any incoming freshmen, there is no reason to panic if you check your Housing at a Glance in August and see that you were placed in Darnall.  Lady Darnall will always have a special place in my heart.  But nothing epitomizes Georgetown Problems more than this residence hall. The elevators only “work” sometimes, I’m terrified to stay in the laundry room for more time than necessary, and the walk back from Leo’s with a full stomach is miserable so I spend a lot of money at Epicurean. It’s not really close to anything, for that matter. I have a hard time believing much has changed in that building since the 70’s or 80’s.  So while I couldn’t have asked for a better freshman dorm experience, you can’t fully appreciate Georgetown struggles until you’ve lived in that lovely building.

The struggles are real, Hoyas. Good luck.

Photo: Lindsay Lee/The Hoya

Study Week Alternatives

study week alternatives

Feeling overwhelmed by finals? When you start talking about Shakespeare’s economic theory or George Washington’s impact on the Civil War, you know it’s time to take a break.  Luckily for you, Georgetown (and the surrounding area) has a busy schedule of events to give students opportunities for study-week getaways.

Monday, April 29th @ 7:30 PM- Georgetown University Chamber Singers

On Monday night in the Gonda Theater in Davis Performing Arts Center, Georgetown’s very own Chamber singers will be performing at 7:30pm.  Come out for a great concert of chamber music celebrating the Italian Renaissance, as well as supporting your fellow students.

Tuesday, April 30th @ 10:30 AM- Bill Clinton

As I’m sure most of you have heard, former president Bill Clinton will be at Georgetown on Tuesday, giving a lecture in the morning in Gaston Hall.  Doors open at 9am, close at 10:15am, and students are not supposed to begin lining up before 7am.  What better way to get motivated for finals than to go listen to a Georgetown alumnus who made it to the pinnacle of his field, and surely still has a lot of insight.

Every night @ 6 PM- Free Concerts at the Kennedy Center

Looking to get off campus, see a concert, and not have to pay? The Kennedy Center has your answer! Every night at 6pm, the Kennedy Center has free concerts on the Millennium Stage, starting this week with Dance Metro DC on Monday and the US Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors Tuesday night.  The full schedule can be found here.

Friday, May 3rd @ 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Free Yoga

Need to de-stress? Yates will be having free yoga on Friday morning in the dance/exercise room.  No registration is required, you just need to be a Georgetown student.  Find out more information at the Yates site.

There are various other events going on, so be sure to check out your Facebook invites and the Georgetown events page.  Also, the Meditation Center or your building’s Chaplain in Residence can offer opportunities to relax and de-stress.  And if you don’t have time to go to one of these events, just be sure to take a few minutes to take a break and take a couple deep breaths.  Good luck!

Friday Fixat10ns: GEORGETOWN DAY

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

It’s finally here. The stuff of legend. Georgetown Day. I am certainly excited for my first Georgetown Day, and I am gearing up accordingly. This week’s Friday Fixat10ns (released a day early for your listening pleasure) is focused on this glorious day, chronicling the activities of the day via music, as well as giving you some jams to play while chilling out with your friends. Let the fun begin!

Hey Ya! – Outkast Considering that tomorrow could be the earliest any of you have gotten up all semester, you’ll need something to kick off the festivities on the right note. You need something that says “WAKE UP!!!!” Luckily for you, André 3000 and crew thought ahead and brought us a hit that just makes us want to “shake it like a polaroid picture.”

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Jimmy Buffett After waking up and getting all excited and ready to go, you may start to feel a little bad about yourself. It’s not like you’re going out on a Friday night, but rather on Friday morning. Jimmy Buffett (and, originally, Alan Jackson) has you covered, cleverly reminding everybody that somewhere out there, it is happy hour already!

Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly A classic from our favorite, bathroom-challenged star. We’re three songs in and more and more of your friends will be in on the “freakin’ weekend” and ready to have some fun. This is another great song to warm you up, get you moving a little bit, and to enjoy your Georgetown day right.

Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners Now that you’ve warmed up with some Ignition, it’s time to speed things up with this party classic from the ’80s. By this point, you should be this point, you should be well situated with your friends on the lawn, and so you can all jam along to this one. Even your neighbors shouldn’t mind you playing these tunes,

Livin’ On a Prayer – Bon Jovi Georgetown Day isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. A true challenge of the human spirit. Now, at song number five, we are halfway through the playlist. That should put you halfway through your day, looking at the proverbial “back nine,” trying to hold out for a little while longer before your impending power nap. So buck up, because you’re halfway there, you’ll make it I swear (see what I did there?).

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore (feat. Ray Dalton) You found new life with Bon Jovi, and now you’re ready to keep powering on. No one can slow you down. Time to jam to one of the best and biggest hits of the year (and be sure to check out the music video if you haven’t already!)

Old School – Chuck Wicks An up-and-coming country artist, Chuck Wicks sings this one about great summer memories that hopefully people manage to create (and remember) on Georgetown Day. It’s a great song to chill out to, feel like your on vacation, and take that inevitable power nap to recover and rally (maybe).

Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest Time for your second wind! It will most likely be dark now, and so the song is intended for the purpose indicated in the title. Rock out with your friends! Georgetown Day only comes once a year!

Closing Time – Semisonic By this time, there will obviously be some crashing, especially by our ambitious friends that looked to take advantage of all Georgetown Day had to offer. Between the parties, the free food, and the fun and games on the lawn, it can all be exhausting — so this one goes out to our early birds.

Every Evening – 2AM Club In case you haven’t heard, the band 2AM Club will be performing live in the McDonough parking lot Friday night at 10:30pm! Hopefully, this will be where your night ends (or at least a stop on the way) and it should be a great show. Appropriately, we will close out with one of their songs, to get you pumped up for the concert, and to wrap up what promises to be a great Georgetown Day.

NextGUTS: Up To Date Transport Info

next guts

You asked, and Georgetown answered.  Citing numerous requests by students and app users, the Georgetown Mobile App has been updated to include a NextGUTS feature.  This allows users to track the location of GUTS buses and shuttles in real time, at any hour.  It will also have constantly updated arrival times for the buses, so riders can better anticipate what time they need to be at the stop.


This new feature will certainly help out all Hoyas attempting to leave or to get back to campus, whether it’s for a basketball game, going out to dinner, or visiting the museums for a day.  The shuttle times for the Rosslyn, Dupont, Wisconsin, and Law Center buses are all included.  Be sure to check out the new feature if you already have the app, or download it at or (the Apple App Store)!

Photo: Georgetown Mobile App

Casual Thursdays: High Risk, High Reward

beer russian roulette

Sky’s out, thighs out, right everybody? The weather is warming up, spring is upon us and that means that end of the year festivities will be ramping up.  Along with Georgetown Day, surely you’ll have various end-of-the-year parties to attend, so we at 4E would love to provide you with a few simple, yet fun ways, for the 21+ crowd to entertain themselves during the next couple weeks.

Beer Hunter

This game takes its name from the Russian roulette scene in the movie “Deer Hunter,” but is certainly much more light-hearted.  You’ll need a large group, one can of beer per person (per round) and a box to hold all the beer in.  A space that you won’t mind spilling beer in would also be optimal.  To play:

  • Shake up one of the beers so that it will explode once opened
  • Place all the beers in the box, and mix them up without looking
  • Every player takes one beer, and you go around in a circle as each player opens their beer directly next to their face
  • If your beer doesn’t explode, you “lose” (or win, depending on what you think), and you have to chug the beer
  • If your beer explodes, then you “win,” and instead of drinking your beer, it will be all over you! (See, in my opinion, that’s losing)
  • Grab new beers and start another round!

Mio Shots and Bellinis 


For Casual Thursday today, we have two quick drinks for the price of one, mainly due to the various events taking place.

The first is the perfect pregame “drink”.  It’s not really a mixed drink at all! It merely requires two ingredients: plain vodka (even Burnett’s works!) and your favorite flavor of Mio water enhancer (Fruit Punch is highly recommended).  Simply pour a big squirt of Mio into the shot, and voila! Your once nasty shot of Burnett’s has turned into something resembling a Jello shot, but with no calories added and much less effort.  Pregame away!


The second drink on tap is a nice spin on the classic mimosa, a staple of Georgetown Day (and any other morning-drinking festivity).  Tired of the same-old orange juice and champagne combination? Switch it up! You’ll need:

  • 2 oz peach juice
  • 4 oz champagne

Boom. That’s it. Mix the two together, and you have yourself an easy replacement to the sometimes-boring breakfast drink.  As always, enjoy your shenanigans responsibly, and see you next week!

Goodbye, Food Trucks?


There’s nothing better than walking around after a long day of classes only to spot a food truck parked on the side of the road, dishing out all kinds of crazy cuisine.  Better yet, if you’re out sight-seeing or shopping and simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of a restaurant, D.C. can almost always bail you out with a food truck in the immediate vicinity. However, according to The DCist, the food truck culture of Washington DC may change as we know it.

Although there may not be reason to panic yet, more difficult restrictions imposed on DC food truck “zones” coupled with looser laws in Arlington, VA may shift the epicenter of the D.C.-Metro food trucks away from D.C. and across the Potomac.  On April 20, Arlington County is holding a public hearing regarding a change in restrictions that would allow for more flexibility in timing and location of food trucks in the area.  Later, on April 30, the D.C. Council is holding a hearing that would change the process of “zoning” into lottery allocation, which would mean that unlucky trucks would be forced to shift away from D.C.  Plus, the combination of the rule changes would simply make it easier for trucks to operate in Arlington.

D.C.’s food truck industry is extremely profitable, though, and the trucks would probably do more business here than across the river.  However, these restriction changes could certainly mean a large change in availability and accessibility to food trucks, as numerous businesses would likely shift to Virginia.

I personally don’t know what I’d do without cheap delicious food on wheels, so lets hope that they’re here to stay.