Reading Today’s Media: Starting the Dialogue for Young Women

Young Women MediaGiven the fact that you are reading 4E, it’s clear you care about accurate, hard-hitting stories written by Hoyas with incredible journalistic integrity. However, it’s probably safe to say you also read a lot of other publications. And some of these other publications, whether they be thought-piece posts you see on your Facebook newsfeed or magazines on the rack at Safeway, don’t give the most realistic representation of everyday life.

A lot of today’s media can prove to be especially negative towards a female audience, and two seniors in the Film and Media Studies minor have made it their mission to help start a dialogue and begin to change the way we perceive media. Alana Snyder (COL ’16) and Lauren Saar (COL ’16) are hosting a symposium this Friday, called Reading Today’s Media (Facebook event here), as the culmination of their Senior Capstone in the Film and Media Studies Program. We sat down with the two seniors to provide you with some more information on what should be an incredible day.

Q: So, what exactly is the RTM Symposium?

A: Reading Today’s Media: Starting the Dialogue for Young Women is a symposium at Georgetown University that seeks to show its attendees that something can be done regarding negative or inaccurate portrayals of women in the media.

Q: What inspired this project?

This project was inspired by my passion for starting events that seek to inspire, educate, and connect. I knew I wanted to host something around women in media but the focusing lens was something I hadn’t settled on until I joined forces with Lauren and her project, Authentic. Because Lauren already knew that she wanted to focus on the media’s inaccurate portrayal of women in magazines, specifically, that provided an easy jumping off point that led to the development of three awesome panels: Media Literacy as a Tool, Young Women as Targets in the Media, and Counter Representations.

Q: What kinds of speakers can we expect at this event?

A: The speakers at the symposium come from diverse backgrounds— some are Georgetown professors while others come from much further away, like Austin, TX. One major goal in planning the event was to cover four core bases: Media, Accessibility, Diversity, and Feminism. Each speaker helps us achieve this goal, from famed Georgetown Marketing Professor Ronald Goodstein, to the CMO of the Young Turks Network, Praveen Singh.
Q: How do we get tickets?
*****Tickets are available at the following link******:
They’ve been going fast so be sure to get your ticket before we run out!
Q: Can you speak a little about the blog, Authentic, which will also be launching with this event?
In line with RTM’s mission, Authentic is a digital magazine that challenges viewers to deconstruct and reconsider the values imposed by traditional women’s fashion and lifestyle publications.
Authentic celebrates what women already are as their authentic selves and allows them to speak on their own terms and passions. We promote strong, diverse, and authentic women regardless of age, race, shape, or background. Less of who you should be, more of who you are!
Q: Why should people be excited about RTM?
People should come to the symposium because it’s a chance to engage with a topic that is really just starting to pick up steam. Media literacy may not necessarily sound sexy but its something that is more necessary than ever. Come learn about media literacy, marketing, and counter representations from industry leaders and social influencers. This event is based on the collective experience of all three panels so people who attend have the chance to learn more in one day than they do in an entire semester.
Alana and Lauren have worked incredibly hard on this project for the year, and hopefully we will see a lot of you at the event on Friday!


Manly Monday: Bieber Fever?

UntitledsdhsjadLast week, as I was anxiously counting down the days before Thanksgiving Break, I found myself having a bit of an existential crisis. Now, I know, these are common this time of year. Questions such as: “What am I doing with my life?” and “Am I supposed to have a job yet?” and “Do I really need to pass Organic Chemistry?” and “What Christmas sweater should I force my dog to wear this year?” can drive even the most level-headed Georgetown student crazy. But my troubles this Thanksgiving were new. I was dealing with a troubling thought that I’ve never really had to deal with before, and it shook me to my core. The issue? Justin Bieber might actually be talented. Like, really talented.

Justin Bieber dropped his new album, Purpose, on November 13. And to my complete surprise, there are some absolute bangers on that album. That’s bangers, plural. I don’t know that I can name any Bieber songs since the incredibly high-pitched “Baby,” so needless to say I’ve never been a fan. He has just always been so easy to dislike. He was (seemingly) an immature jerk that didn’t have enough talent to warrant the kind of fame that he got, but teenage girls everywhere loved him because he was cute. There is a Facebook page titled “Dear God, Give Us 2Pac Back, and You Can Have Justin Bieber in Return” that had 3,600 likes. He even broke Selena Gomez’s heart! The key in all of that, though, was that I could be angry because it seemed like he was famous for no reason.

Two weeks ago, that whole reality was destroyed. It started when I realized that “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean” were Bieber tracks. I began struggling. Bieber wasn’t going to win me back with carpool sing-alongs or acoustic performances with Skrillex. I tried to fight it. I tried to think back to him being a bad neighbor, egging people’s houses and driving recklessly. I tried to think about Selena. And then I heard “Love Yourself.” Move over Drake, Bieber has the best diss-track of the year. It’s smooth, it has Ed Sheeran, and it has the line: “my momma don’t like you, and she likes everyone.” While that’s the best line of the song, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bieber crushed it.

Even though only a couple of the songs are currently noteworthy, the entire album is phenomenal. It just grooves all the way through. Some people might argue that Bieber never left, but I will, and now I will say it: he is back. And now that I’ve had a couple weeks to think it over since the album dropped, I’ve decided I can accept that. It doesn’t mean I need to like him. Maybe he’s a great guy. Maybe we’d be best friends. Maybe he even reads 4E. But I’m not ready for that yet. So for right now, you can all hold off on calling me a Belieber, and I’ll concede that the Canadian Boy Wonder is pretty gosh-darn talented. I hope it’s not too late to say I’m sorry.


Angsty YouTube Comments

Since YouTube’s inception back in 2005, the site has served as a place for people across the world to share videos of them doing really anything they please. As things have progressed, YouTube has also become an outlet through which many viewers feel the need to explicitly share their deepest thoughts with the internet.  Here at 4E, we decided to look into just how much YouTube viewers like to anonymously vent to anyone no one in particular. So, without any more of an aside, we present the top angsty YouTube comments.
“Photograph”, Nickelback 2 months ago
“That sad moment when you can’t really relate to this song because I haven’t had my first kiss… cri.
“AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2002 is more better than the AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2013 bec. 2013 avril says BAD WORDS while 2002 avril doesn’t say NECESSARY Words.”
“This makes me think of how ruthless time is. I wish I could turn back the time to where I was just a little kid listening to this song from a freaking cassette tape, waiting hours in front of my TV to watch this video of six young and insanely talented guys making magic. But it’s never gonna happen. I won’t be the same, they’ll never be the same. K, lemme just turn it on one more time.”
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Green Day 1 month ago
“You’re pushing 40 and decided to wear eyeliner… American Idiot is one of my fav. albums of all time, but come on.”
“My mom once said this was a good song. Best day of my life.”
“Beverly Hills”, Weezer 1 month ago
“This song brings back memories from when I was at summer camp with my homie, I wish I could remember his name.”

Manly Monday: Sequels, Reboots and Manly Movie Madness

Popcorn-Slate1Before I get to actually writing my article today, I would like to apologize to all the dear readers/4E-enthusiasts (4Enthusiasts?) for the long absence of Manly Mondays this summer. I know that every Monday day you wake up, open your browser and pray that you will find a new post that will help you get through the drudge of Mondays.  Sadly, this summer I’ve dropped the ball. But have no fear—for at least this week, I’m here to entertain and to ease the Monday slog.

This summer has been all about sequels and “reboots” in Hollywood: a new Jurassic Park kicked the summer off with a bang, while the attempts at revitalizing the Terminator and Fantastic Four franchises failed miserably. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is that Tom Cruise is currently sitting at the top of the box office yet again with another Mission: Impossible movie, and this time is getting pretty good critical reviews, too. The new M:I begins a run of sequels and reboots for a number of “manly” movies from the 80’s and 90’s that just refuse to die, and have this film enthusiast excited. We’ll take a look at three of the manliest movies on the horizon.

Point Break 

Forget The Matrix, this was the role that monotone action star Keanu Reaves was born to play. Reaves stars as Johnny Utah, a washed-up football star turned undercover FBI agent, who is investigating surfer/bank-robber/crime lord/zen master Bhode, played by Patrick Schwayze. Not impressed? Wait until you see Utah jump out of a plane without a parachute.

While I love the 1991 original, which also stars Gary Busey, I’m less than excited about the remake. The cast made the original film great, and based on the trailer, I think I’ll be waiting to see this one on Fuse in about 6 months.


He’s baaaaaaaack. American hero Sylvester Stallone returns to reprise his role of Rocky “The Italian Stallion” Balboa in this sequel/reboot of the decades-old Rocky franchise. Though Rocky V was an abomination, and Rocky Balboa wasn’t much better, the trailer and story for Creed seem to have promise.

Thankfully, a 100-year old Balboa finally steps out of the ring, and the movie centers around the son of Rocky’s long-time rival-turned-best friend Apollo Creed. Rocky trains Adonis Creed to live up to his family name, and the franchise comes full circle in what looks to be a fantastic film.

Top Gun 2

Words can’t describe my excitement for this sequel. I’ll admit, I’m terrified. There’s a really good chance that Top Gun 2 tramples everything that the original stood for. However, the 80’s classic remains one of my favorite films to this day, and I have high hopes for anyone that wants to make a sequel.

The 1986 blockbuster features arguably the greatest bromance of all-time (RIP Goose), the best game of shirtless-but-still-wearing-blue jeans game of beach volleyball ever and more Kenny Loggins than anyone could ever ask for.

Maybe Top Gun should be left alone in the 80’s, or maybe Tom Cruise can work his magic and a 60-year-old Maverick will fly high once again. Either way, I hope the rumors of a sequel are true, because I am ready to enter the Danger Zone one more time.


Riding the Yak: A Beginner’s Guide


The anonymous social media app Yik Yak has been generating buzz for quite a while, for both good and bad reasons. Of course there will always be those who abuse the privilege of anonymity, but I feel like the Georgetown/GW Yik Yak community generally censors out offensive posts, and I really enjoy the app. Hopefully, these (semi)pro-tips can help new and older Yakkers alike get the most out of the Yik Yak experience.

Tip 1: Upvote Your Own Yaks 

Yaks are rated on a system of “up” or “down” votes. The more ups, the higher your score; however, if you get a score of -5, the Yak disappears. In general, I recommend liking your own Yak to get the ball rolling and encourage other members of the flock to join in.

Tip 2: Watch Out For Spoilers

Is there a new show like, oh I don’t know, House of Cards out that you haven’t watched yet? I can guarantee someone on Yik Yak would be more than happy to spoil it for you. Proceed with caution.

Tip 3: Know Your Audience

This is tough to gauge, but sometimes you have to pander to the crowd if you want up-votes. You might think you’re funny, but that doesn’t mean Yik Yak will.

Tip 4: Have Thick Skin

While no one should ever be genuinely offended or targeted by Yik Yak, you will surely end up doubting your sense of humor at some point. You can’t win ’em all.

Tip 5: Don’t Re-Yak

Unlike on Twitter, “re-yakking” or reposting other peoples’ Yaks is frowned upon. You may think you’re being sneaky, but someone will notice and instantly call you out. It’s not worth it.

Tip 6: Take Advice With A Grain Of Salt

Yik Yak has slowly evolved into a new form of Yahoo Answers, which is certainly entertaining, and sometimes helpful. The advice on Yik Yak is probably about as reliable as Yahoo Answers, too, so maybe think twice before trusting it.

Tip 7: Proceed With Caution

This is more of just a warning, but Yik Yak is an anonymous place for college kids to post, and thus can get incredibly inappropriate. Generally it is hysterical, but some discussions of the human anatomy and bodily functions could catch one by surprise.

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Yik Yak can be fun, but isn’t for the faint of heart.

Photos/Gifs: Imgarcade; FallonTonightGifs

Manly Monday: The Real March Madness


In case you haven’t heard, it’s time for everyone’s favorite season: March Madness! The NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament begins this week, and everyone is scrambling to fill out a bracket or do some last minute scouting on this year’s Cinderella Story (anyone but Eastern Washington, please).

But you can tune into any sports show and get your fill of bracketology talk, so we won’t bore you with that here on Manly Monday. Instead, it is time for an in-depth look at a true art-form that is perhaps this manly man’s favorite part of playing basketball: The bench.

Ahhh, the bench. When you’re younger, the bench is the last place you want to be during a game, much less watch. However, as you advance into higher competition, riding the pine takes on added importance.

College players who once dominated in high school have to find some way to contribute to their team, even if they don’t get any minutes on the court. This can result in some unbelievable celebrations, and quite a bit of added entertainment to your game-watching experience. Here are just a few classic “cellies” to look out for while watching March Madness.


No one is really going to leave the bench out of excitement. But just in case, this brave Hoosier acts like a seatbelt for his fellow players.

The Three-Point Monocle 

This one can be done any time, anywhere, once a teammate hits a three-pointer. This Butler Bulldog just brings so much energy to a simple celebration. Good for him.

The Archer

An impressive take on another old classic, always be aware of archers on the bench. This guy even has his own spotter. For being players at Villa-no-fun, the bench at least has a good time.

Air Guitar

Definitely the most relatable celebration. I know everyone has dreamed of playing the air guitar on national TV. Some people just have all the luck.


No real creativity here, just pure, unadulterated excitement. Critics have been harsh on Texas sneaking into the tournament this year, but if nothing else, their bench earned them a shot at the spotlight.

Finally, one last shoutout has to go to the Colby University basketball program. They won’t be dancing on a national stage this year, but I’m sure their bench players will be dancing somewhere. Check out this clip of arguably the best bench crew around.

Love the game, hate the game, it doesn’t matter: everyone can enjoy March Madness if you know where to look. Happy benching, and go Hoyas!

Gifs: USA Today; Next Impulse Sport; Complex

Roommate Proposal Songs


Despite the snow and the cold, Spring is just around the corner, along with everyone’s favorite time of year: Housing Selection!

Last year, we taught you how to break up with your roommate without hurting their feelings too much. However, we realized that sometimes it can be just as hard asking someone new to live with you. So, for those of you that may be shy and/or lacking in creativity, but also want to make a sterling impression on your soon-to-be roommate, here are some pre-written proposal songs to really steal their hearts.

“Ignition (Roommate Remix)”– (Sung over the chorus of R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix))

This is the remix to Ignition,

I need a roommate edition,

I really want an apartment,

So we can have our own kitchen,

I go out and have fun,

I don’t puke when I’m drunk,

I clean my own dishes, baby

And you can have bottom bunk.

“Party In Village A” (Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA)

So I’ll hang my clothes up,

Play the right songs,

And throw all my trash away,

Makin’ my bed like yeah,

Doin’ my dishes like yeah,

I’ll turn my fan up,

Keep the room cool,

You know I’m gonna be OK,

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

It’ll be a party in Vil A.

“Live With Me” (Sam Smith’s Stay With Me)

Oh won’t you, live with me

‘Cause you’re nice and clean,

I just want a Village B,

So darling live with me.

“All of Me” (John Legend’s All of Me)

‘Cause all of me,

Wants to live with all of you,

We could have some dope gaming sessions,

Share our food and our possessions,

Give your all to me,

I’ll give my all to you,

We’ll split the booze and all the cleaning,

Even have snow day movie screenings,

Cause I give you all of me,

And you give me all of you.


Sure, housing can be stressful. But once you’ve decided who you want to live with, the proposal should be the easy part. Just pop on some background music and serenade your future roomie, and you’ll be signing up for the lottery in no time.


Manly Monday: The Valentine’s Day Bro-Date


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (Saturday!), so naturally the talk of the town (and Yik Yak) is all about big plans on the 14th.

While couples are all excited to go out on fancy dates, possibly the more vocal crowd are those people without dates. For those bros and manly men out there without a special someone to take out on the town, here are some suggestions for a great bro date on Saturday.

Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy Tour. I was going to suggest a sporting event at the Verizon Center, but apparently this is the one weekend this winter that The Phonebooth won’t play host to the Wizards, Capitals, Hoyas or WWE SmackDown. Go figure. Disney on Ice would still be a lot of fun though.


NBA All-Star Saturday Night. There might not be any games in town, but Saturday is an exciting night for televised sports. The NBA is holding their All-Star Saturday Night, and it always provides some thrills. Grab your buddies, pick up some wings and kick back watching the best players in the world shoot, dribble and dunk.

Hit the Movies. AMC Loews, down on the Waterfront, has some great movies showing. Nothing wrong with bonding with your bros over a nice Hollywood blockbuster. Plus, you should be able to get great seats in any screening you want, because everyone else will be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey.

Shoot Some Hoops. Yates will probably be pretty empty because everyone else will be on dates, so you and your buddies can have the court to yourself. Play some pick-up, H-O-R-S-E, knockout – you just have to be done by 10:00 pm.

Play Water-Pong. It’s like shooting hoops, but with cups and ping-pong balls. You could even set up a tournament.

Spring Cleaning. If you and all your roommates are staying in, just get a nice cleaning session in. That way, you will be prepared for the nights you do have a date.

Start a Band. You never know where this one could lead. Don’t know how to play any instruments? Now is your time to learn! Some of the world’s greatest bands started in garages – why not a Village A?

Watch I Love You, Man The ultimate bromance film, nothing says “guy time” quite like “I Love You, Man”. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. If you have, I’d recommend watching it again. Plus, it may inspire you to follow up on our band suggestion.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This post was co-written by fellow manly-man Drew Applebaum.  


The Five Stages of the GAAP Facebook Group


Perhaps the only thing that connects and unites each and every class on campus are our respective GAAP Facebook groups. We eagerly joined them right after being accepted into Georgetown, hesitantly began to “meet” (stalk) our classmates before school began and now use them to communicate while on campus. After watching the progression of three different GAAP groups, I have come to the conclusion that every year, each GAAP group evolves in exactly the same way, and there’s no way around it.

Stage 1: Early Acceptance Butterflies

The group is created, and everyone that gets accepted Early Action begins to join. Generally, the posts aren’t too exciting at the beginning, as the newly accepted students start to feel the group out a bit. Posts usually fall under three categories: (1) “Congrats everyone, I can’t wait to meet my fellow Hoyas!”; (2) “Hey guys, where are my fellow (insert geographic region/state/country) at?”; (3) “Hey everyone, I’m super smart and got into (insert extensive list of other highly-ranked schools), help me decide!”

Stage 2: The Regular (Admission) Crowd Shuffles In

Any sort of calm in the group disappears on the day Regular Decision results are released. The group easily triples in size and more congratulations/geographic questions/pleas for college advice are soon to follow. This stage is fun, though, because the questions start to get a little more personal. This is the one time in your life that you can post “Does anyone love Full House as much as I do?” on Facebook and get dozens of replies.


Stage 3: Summertime Madness

A lot happens in the GAAP Facebook groups over the summer. People get more comfortable and post some hard-hitting questions. The whole CHARMS process goes down, housing decisions are released and incoming freshmen struggle through pre-registration. Finally, and most importantly, Facebook Superstars (or Celebrities) begin to rise and there’s nothing more exciting than finally meeting that kid from Facebook that posted 300 times over the summer.

Stage 4: Too Cool, Except for School

Probably the most appealing of the five stages, this typically lasts for most of freshman year. Basically, everyone realizes that they would prefer to not be Facebook Famous, and only post the important stuff. Club sign-ups, cool on-campus events, and generally important school questions make it up on the page. Plus, cool upperclassmen (like me!) use them to spread and share pertinent information (like this article!).

Stage 5: Craigslist 

There comes a time when the GAAP group simply becomes a place to unload anything and everything that can be sold. Basketball tickets are certainly the hottest commodities, but that isn’t all. People sublet, rent out parking spaces, find roommates, unload old refrigerators and even sell livestock through the Facebook page. OK, so maybe I made the last one up, but it still is pretty ridiculous. Nowhere is the entrepreneurial spirit more alive at Georgetown than in upperclassmen GAAP Facebook Groups.



Friday Fixat10ns: A Cappella Edition


Sure, instruments are cool and all, but sometimes it is fun to just enjoy the sweet harmonies of talented singers. The 42nd Cherry Tree Massacre is upon us, and we here at 4E are getting ready by filling our ears with some of the hottest a cappella tracks out there.

Let’s Get It On”- Pentatonix

Pentatonix is probably the hottest a cappella group out there right now, and they got their start on NBC’s short-lived TV competition “The Sing Off”. I was a huge fan of the show, and Pentatonix stole my heart with this killer performance. If you’re a fan, you should check out their whole run through the show.

“Final Performance”- Barden Bellas

I’ll be honest – I loved the movie Pitch Perfect. I was hesitant watching it the first time, but the story is pretty funny, and the music is killer. I couldn’t make an a cappella list without this jam.

“Final Performance”- Treblemakers

Couldn’t include one without the other. This is the other final performance in the movie, from the “bad boys of a cappella”. If you say you can’t jam along to this track, you either don’t have a musical bone in your body, or you’re a liar.

“Bon Jovi Medley”- Straight No Chaser

Brought to the mainstream by their Christmas medleys, Straight No Chaser is a pretty famous a cappella group from the University of Indiana. They have a ton of songs to choose from, including a lot of medleys and mash-ups, but this one just felt right.

“Sweet Caroline”- The Beelzebubs

Another group of “Sing Off” superstars, these heart-melting gentlemen are from Tufts University. I personally just love the song, but it’s also a great performance/serenade.

“Dog Days are Over”- Pentatonix

Sorry, I know I already included them once, but they crushed basically every performance while on the “Sing Off,” so I figured I’d give you guys another taste. (Performance starts around 1:40)

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”- A Cappella Soul

Admittedly, they have one guy playing an instrument (I think it’s a stand-up bass), but this is one of the coolest a cappella groups I’ve been able to find. They’ve got great vocals, and put on a really entertaining performance.

“Telephone Line”- The Georgetown Chimes

I couldn’t write an a cappella post without including something from last year’s Cherry Tree Massacre. This one grabbed my attention live, and got me hooked on the original song. I think that’s all you can ask for in an a cappella performance.

“Take Me To Church”- The Georgetown Saxatones

If you are heading to Cherry Tree tonight or Feb 7, you will have the honor of seeing the Saxatones perform as well. They killed DCAF in the Fall and this song is one of their best from that performance. You should also check out their version of “Bang Bang” because it is killer.

“Evolution of Beyoncé”- Pentatonix

Okay, this actually is the last Pentatonix song. They are just too amazing. The Evolution of Beyoncé is more that just a song, it is an experience. What a better way to honor the Queen that is Queen B.