Super Bowl XLVIII as Told by Social Media

Super BowlSo that Super Bowl was … well, it happened. Anyway, take a look at what Hoyas thought about the game, the halftime show and the commercials, as told by social media.

Peyton Manning was the brunt of a few jokes:

photo (18)

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.26.26 PM

Bruno and his halftime show got a shout-out:

photo (19)

Hoya fans spoke their mind:

photo (15)

The commercials got some attention:

photo (25)

photo (20)

Some viewers really just gave up on the game entirely:

photo (21)

photo (22)

photo (23)

photo (24)

 But in the end, Seahawks fans still savored the sweet victory:

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.26.06 PM

Well, that’s all folks. Seahawks, have fun in Disney World. Broncos, there’s always next year. (Haha, just kidding. We all know the Packers will win Super Bowl XLIX).


Suits Meets Georgetown… Maybe?

Suits at GUIn the world of corporate law, nothing is ever simply black and white… and that’s why the USA Network series “Suits” makes for some really addicting television. Since 2011, the scandalous show has swept across the nation, captivating audiences with the sizzling drama of the fictitious Pearson Hardman law firm. But why leave it for television when you could have it here on the Hilltop?

USA Network is giving college campuses a chance for a first-look screening and Q&A with the stars of the show with the Suits: College Tour. Schools such as UC Berkley, UCLA, Boston University, Columbia University and of course Harvard will be included in the promotion! (After all, it’s the kind-of-sort-of-alma-mater-ish of “Suits” character Mike Ross… You’ll know what I mean if you watch the show.)

Are you a fan of the series? Do you want to go to law school? Do you like celebrities who talk on our campus? Regardless of your answers to any of these questions, log on and nominate Georgetown as the next tour stop! John Carroll has a few questions for Gabriel Macht, and I’m seriously just trying to take Patrick J. Adams on a Leo’s date.

So do it. Nominate Georgetown for the next stop on the “Suits” College Tour… or you’re going to end up in a scandalous legal battle of “Suits” proportions.


Ferris Wheel Takes The Harbor

Ferris WheelI’m going to be up front about this: I am overly ecstatic about the 175-foot Ferris wheel coming to the National Harbor in May, which will feature 42 eight-person gondolas for passengers. According to DCist, the Ferris wheel will provide a means for you and seven of your closest friends to experience what will be a magical flight over the city in a gondola!

The developers from Peterson Companies seem to have done an incredible job spreading the word about this new wheel, recruiting all of these renowned artists to perform songs about the joys of Ferris wheel-ing! (Note: They didn’t actually do this, but you should watch the videos anyway.)

Up there soarin’ and flyin’ on the Ferris wheel, I can say with certainty that you can reach every star in heaven! There’s not one that you can’t reach!

Elfie said it right: Everyone deserves a chance to fly!

Then there’s my girl Selena who so aptly describes how once you’re on the ride, you’ll go round and round.

Get out to the National Harbor in May, Hoyas! Hop in a gondola and you’ll be flying up, up and away in no time!

Photo: (Brown Craig Turner Architects + Designers) via DCist

A Lonely Hoya on the Hilltop

All AloneWhen you arrive on campus four days before classes start, you’re greeted by something that looks a little like this:



You know it’s bad when you can walk from Epi to Village A and not see a single soul cross your path. Except that squirrel digging in the dirt. Hey, squirrel! Wanna hang out?

As lonely as it is without all of you here on campus, having the Hilltop to yourself does have a few advantages:

1. There’s no problem finding open tables on Lau 2! But wait, I have no homework to get done.

2. No homework! No classes! No rules! But no one to go out with.

3. I can pass the time with hours of Netflix! But I was already doing that for the last 3 weeks.

4. I can build a snowman out of the snow that’s already melted.

5. I can appreciate the architectural beauty of Lau.

6. I can write a blog post.

7. I just wrote this blog post.

8. I can… I can…

I guess there are only so many things a girl can do when she’s got a whole campus to herself. And I’m pretty sure the pipes in my apartment have never made so much noise as they did last night. It just goes to show how much Georgetown is really made by the students who are here. Georgetown is an impressive place with big, beautiful buildings, but it’s just not the same without the people who make it tick.

So hurry back to campus, Hoyas. John Carroll and I miss you!

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 2.10.05 PM


Photos: Georgetown University, Deviant Art GIFS: Marnie Wallach for The Hoya

The Finals Coffee Drinking Game

coffee_olympics2At this point in the week, Lau-goers have become downright restless. With the Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to push through those last few papers and memorize those last few chapters you forgot to take notes on. If there’s any time in the finals process that caffeine equates to the nectar of the gods, it’s now. We at the 4E have decided to spice up your caffeine intake with this coffee drinking game. Enjoy, and good luck on those last few exams!

Take a swig of that coffee…

1. Every time you finish a page of an essay or a chapter for your final tomorrow.

2. If you see someone sleeping in the comfy chairs on Lau 2.

3. If you hear a pre-med kid say he’s going to drop pre-med.

4. Every time someone recites their finals schedule to you.

5. Every time you’re asked, “When do you leave?”

Take a shot (of espresso)…

1. If your casual night studying in Lau just turned into an all-nighter.

2. Every time you see laughter turn to tears. (Bonus: Finish your drink if those tears become real.)

Finish your drink if…

1. You see someone with three or more empty coffee cups, an entire meal or a pillow-blanket combination in their cubical. These are all signs that this person has decided to forgo their dorm for the week and move into Lau, and they deserve your caffeinated support.

2. You’re already home. Ugh.

Drink ’til you drop that last paper on your professor’s desk! Good luck, Hoyas!!

Ideal Alternatives to Studying

ExamsIt’s been over a week since the last day of classes, and finals studying is in full force. The prospect of two weeks on campus with no classes seemed like it might be fun. There would be so much time for activities – if only that pesky thing called “studying” were not in the way of you and holiday-spirited revelry with friends. After that sentiment fled, Lau became a time-warping alternate universe of notecards, Word documents and cabin fever. However, we know that Hoyas have other things on their minds than studying.

We asked what you’d rather do than study for exams … and here’s what Hoyas have to say:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Running a marathon, because it would be less painful
  3. Playing with my pet bird
  4. Watching Elf
  5. Drinking
  6. Traveling back in time to actually pay attention in class the first time around
  7. Stealing the Healy clock hands while everyone is too busy on Lau 2 to notice
  8. Watching TV
  9. Apparently reading Thought Catalog, since I’ve been doing that for the last hour
  10. Studying something I’m more interested in
  11. Lying next to a crackling fire with hot cocoa while watching all 8 Harry Potter movies
  12. Cuddling and listening to Christmas music
  13. Figuring out how much wood a woodchuck actually would chuck
  14. Squash
  15. I’m not really sure it’s appropriate
  16. Dancing
  17. Watching a movie
  18. Christina Hendricks
  19. Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on my bed with my dog and a hot piece o’ ‘za
  20. Playing soccer
  21. Watching the entire series of New Girl online. Oh wait, that IS what I’m doing.
  22. Tanning on the beach in San Diego
  23. Flying a blimp!
  25. Eating a banana Nutella crepe
  26. Literally anything
  27. Be on a tennis court, racquet in one hand, beer in the other
  28. Kissin’ my dog on the lips
  30. Going to the premiere of the new Hobbit movie solely for Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug
  31. Eating a wheel of cheese, but the wheel has lots of different sections and each one is a different kind of cheese
  32. Snapchatting the entire song “Royals” line by line while dressed as Lorde
  33. Walking through Costco eating free samples while drinking a slushie
  34. (This response was deemed too explicit to print on 4E)
  35. Babysitting Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s kids
  36. At home, on my couch, watching the latest episode of Homeland with a warm slice of pizza from my fave pizza restaurant
  37. Making a gingerbread house
  38. Flossing my teeth
  39. Hiking in the Adirondacks and eating PB&Js and trail mix with my two favorite people in the world
  40. Taking my chances with a poisonous frog
  41. Laying in bed covered in puppies
  42. Wrestling a great white shark
  43. Catching the rats in Darnall with a loincloth and a small hunting spear
  44. Scouring the city for knives to donate to Leo’s
  45. Petting little Jack … for hours

So there you have it. That’s everything you’d rather be doing than studying for finals… Now get back to studying for finals.


The Napping Guide

napYou were in Lau until 4 a.m. trying to stay awake, cramming for your 8 a.m. midterm. You totally killed that test (you hope), but now you have to run to your T.A.’s office hours, grab lunch with your peer advisor and take a shift at work before you can get any down time. You finally have an hour before your next class, and the weight of your eyelids tells you there’s no way you’ll get through it without catching some z’s. That’s where we at 4E come in. After extended research and experimenting, we would like to provide you with this comprehensive guide to napping and all its wonders:

Types of Naps:

The various kinds of naps range in length, purpose and effectiveness. Depending on who you talk to, each habitual napper will swear by his or her method, so figure out what works for you.

1. Power Naps: One of my personal favorite naps, these snoozes are taken for a short period of time (typically 15-20 minutes) and end before you enter a deep sleep cycle. For quick rejuvenation, I’d definitely recommend these. For an added bonus, drink a cup of coffee right before going down for your nap. The caffeine will kick in when you wake up and you’ll experience the double whammy of the caffeine and sleep revitalization – BOOM.

2. NASA Naps: Similar to the aforementioned power nap, but with a twist. Research on pilots has shown that a 26-minute nap can improve alertness and greatly enhance performance. Just make sure you set your alarm – one minute more or less and you’re a goner.

3. The Necessary Ninety-Minute Nap (NNN): A full REM sleep cycle takes place in 90 minutes, so this is one nap that you can turn to when you don’t want to mess around. I often find, however, that a nap of this caliber quickly escalates from 90 to 180 minutes, so be sure to set enough alarms and let a roommate know when you need to wake up.


Benefits of Napping:

According to the National Sleep Foundation (hello, where can I sign up for that?), the obvious benefits of daily naps include improved alertness and productivity during waking hours. Additionally, naps can be a mini-vacation and a chance for one to recuperate. On a personal note, I have also realized that most of my best dreams (exploring secret passages, driving really fast, fighting crime, etc.) have happened during my afternoon naps, so I guess that’s just another motivating factor for consistent napping.


Disadvantages of Napping:

One of the riskiest parts of napping during the day is the sleep inertia it may cause. Much like my nap today, 45 minutes quickly can turn into a hour, and soon enough you wake up and it’s dark outside and you’ve forgotten what day it is and you’re not sure why you’re still wearing your shoes. For that reason, alarms while napping will be both your best friends and worst enemies. Additionally, the timing of a nap may prevent you from restful sleep during the night, which will only perpetuate your sleep deprivation further into the week. Try to stay away from naps too late in the day to prevent this cycle.


The Great Debate:

It’s the age old question: To nap or not to nap? As a general rule of thumb, assessing your productivity level and comparing it to how it would be if you took a 20-minute nap is a good measure.

If you continue to work at the pace you are, will it take you twice as long to complete a task that you might be able to do more quickly after only resting? If so, kick your feet up and give yourself a short break. Make sure you only apply this logic when you really do think you’ll be more productive, as you may actually just be pulling the whole “I’ll be more productive after a nap” line as an excuse to dive back into those ninja warrior dreams you’ve been having lately – or maybe I’m the only one who has been having those dreams lately.

In the hectic lives of the typical Hoya, we can often be discouraged from taking a few minutes out of the day for our own sanity and health. However, if you’ve been working hard and napping can improve productivity, there’s no doubt you’ve earned it. Plus, you’ll be in the company of famous habitual nappers JFK, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison and Lindsay Lee. If that doesn’t prove this practice’s effectiveness, I don’t know what does. Now I’m going to go catch some Z’s myself. Happy napping, Hoyas!

Photos: Jamey Stegmaier,, Buzznet,

InstagraMondays: Halloweekend

insta mondays

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Toss a filter and 30 likes on it and it’s worth even more. Take a look at some of our favorite Instagrams from this week and stop back next Monday to see if yours were featured on 4E’s newest weekly feature, InstagraMondays! Also, follow The Hoya on Instagram here.

It’s just a regular Monday here on the Hilltop. The witches hats have been hung up, and the goblins have all been put to rest. But this weekend, the Hoya Instagram feed was full of toil and trouble. Let’s recap on a few Instagram users’ celebration of the holiday:

Let’s start off with brnstbrz’s impeccable face paint job that has all those easily-scared souls calling for their mummies. 

photo (10)

On the other end of the spectrum, morganlwright’s costume is a mixture of sugar, sweet, and a whole lot of sass. 

photo (13)

Check out _margoyle_’s execution of this spectacular science pun. You’re right, virgfar, it is brilliant.

photo (12)

Meggs_benedict kept things in the academic realm, channeling her literary side with her rendition of The Scarlet Letter. 104 likes later, she’s definitely caught the attention of 4E.

photo (7)

No matter their costumes, Hoyas geared up for a weekend of tricks and treats. Legooo is right, eewilcox3!

photo (8)

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend, Hoyas, and 4E wants to join rachelclau in wishing you all a happy Halloween!

photo (9)

Have a bewitching week, and stay tuned for more editions of InstagraMondays!

Hoya Horrors on the Hilltop

Things That Terrify HoyasHalloween is upon us! From horror movies to scary costumes, we all seek the thrills and chills that come with the season. Nonetheless, there are a few terrors better left untouched, as these sorts of horrors are, without a doubt, found in every Hoya’s worst nightmares. These nightmares start as early as the moment you receive your dorm assignment, and permeate the lives of Hoyas throughout their time on campus. In honor of Halloween, here’s a list of the most horrible Hoya Horrors:

“It’s like an island out here!”

You’ve gotten through the dreaded CHARMS process and picked your roommate who will obvi be your BFF for the next four years. You choose who’s bringing the decorative posters, who’s got the fridge and whether you’re going to coordinate bedspreads or let each of your creative minds run wild with that decision. Now the only thing left is your dorm assignment. You tear open the dorm assignment letter with only one repeating thought in mind, “Not Darnall, not Darnall, not Darnall.” But it is. You force yourself to look at the words on the page. You see that dreaded dorm printed on the paper and you know this must either be a sick joke or an awful omen.

“But it’s Thursday!”

Thursday and chicken fingers have become as linked on this campus as peanut butter and jelly, Jesuits and cura personalis, 4E and happiness. By now, you’ve gotten established enough in the college life to know that this is the light at the end of the sometimes abysmal Leo’s tunnel. So imagine the panic if Leo’s didn’t serve chicken fingers on Thursday. And let’s not even mention the time when they actually switched the chicken finger brand!

“I got what grade on my test?”

We here at Georgetown tend to live up to our “work hard, play hard” reputation, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s quite heavy on the “work hard” aspect this time of year. Hoya horror number 3? That the all-nighter on Lau 5 with 6 empty cups of espresso and your 11-inch stack of note cards actually didn’t pay off. Don’t worry, Lau goblins, there’s no way this nightmare will come true and a B isn’t the end of the world, as some might think.

“Who even took that picture?!”

Finally! A chance to let loose and escape the throes of midterm season: you head out with your friends on a Saturday night. The next morning, you log onto Facebook to see a picture of you and your DFMO partner up close and personal broadcasted on your newsfeed for the world to see. Untag! Untag! Untag!

“What is this world coming to?”

The customs and traditions infused in the daily life of a Hoya are the aspects of Georgetown life that make it so meaningful and special for its students. Could you imagine if these traditions were disposed of or violated? What if we lost our late-night eatery or could no longer hang out with our mascot whom we watched grow as a puppy? Oh wait … R.I.P. Tuscany. I miss you J.J.

With all of these frightening possibilities creeping into our lives on the Hilltop, I see why we instead turn our attention to horror movies and haunted houses as distractions. Happy Halloween, Hoyas! And remember, the Exorcist steps aren’t the only place you might run into a nightmare around here.

Photo: Panoptikal,

The Georgetown Amazon Essentials

amazon georgetown

Ah, the Internet: a land of humorous Facebook statuses, accurate and informative Wikipedia pages, extremely unnecessary but somehow still significant Buzzfeed posts and perhaps the most convenient outlet for any busy college student to shop these days.

Well, Hoyas, today is your lucky day, because after scouring what feels like every product available on, I will now present you with a comprehensive list of products every Georgetown student needs to survive on this campus.

1. The “Help I’m Lost in the ICC AGAIN” Compass: We’ve all been there. You’re leaving class, following a group of students who seem like they know how to get out of this maze when, all of a sudden, you lose them and you’re alone, scared, cold and hungry. The hunger can be blamed on the fact that it’s 12:15 p.m. and the Leo’s rush is calling your name, but the other feelings simply can’t be shaken. With this compass, not only can you be a trailblazer among the pack, but you won’t ever find yourself in that one staircase that leads to nowhere again.

2. The “No More Forks? No Problem!” Utensil Set: If there is one Leo’s challenge that every Hoya will encounter at some point in the next four years, it’s the lack of silverware. Now, it’s not like they’re low on one specific utensil. You need a spoon? Here, have a million knives and forks instead. The next time you stand up and you need a fork? No can do, but here, build a castle out of these 600 spoons from the soup line. With this pocket utensil set, you’ll never experience this utensil-less agony again, and you’ll be able to enjoy Leo’s for the delicious gourmet food it serves … or something like that.

3. The “Welcome The Hill(mountain)top!” Climbing Shoes: This one is self explanatory. I’m fairly certain that if you piled all of the staircases we walk up on this campus, we could reach the moon. Twice. And don’t even get me started about that New South Mountain. This product is really for your own safety. Don’t climb unprepared.

4. The “LOOK OUT! A FRISBEE!” Protection Bubble: Healy Lawn, where you can study and relax while praying you don’t get hit by a frisbee. Don’t get me wrong: I love frisbee, and I’ll be out throwing any time I get the chance. However, for those of you who don’t enjoy the sport quite as much, I’m including this for your protection. Yes, the picture of those children bouncing off each other does seem like fun, and yes, that is why I was initially drawn to the product. But if you’re someone who wants to just lie down, roll around and relax on the lawn on a nice day, this bubble is just what you’re looking for.

5. The two-part Lau All-Nighter Survival Pack: This pairing will ensure that, no matter how long you’ll be sitting in that cubicle on Lau 4, you’ll be ready for it. Fill that coffee cup (bring-your-own-cup discount, am I right?) and get to work. When you need a break, no worries: that desktop pillow has you covered. Don’t be the last to invest in these items; I hear they’ll be all the rage come finals season.

So there you have it, folks: the five items I believe are most necessary in every Hoya’s life. Now get shopping… These are all selling like hot cakes!