The 5 People You’ll Meet On CHARMS


You’ve got your acceptance letter. Graduation is over (or fast-approaching). You’ve deftly navigated MyAccess to sign up for classes. Aunt Verna already bought all of your dorm supplies.(thank goodness for those receipts!)


CHARMS or Campus Housing Roommate Matching System can easily be described as the Craigslist for Georgetown freshmen housing. So we here at 4E have taken it upon ourselves to show you what’s in store. #HoyaList #LuckyCHARMS

Are you ready to meet your roommate??

1. Your (Future) President

This potential roomie (PR) describes themselves as a “political junkie.” In their CHARMS bio, they will make it clear what their affiliation is whether that be conservative, liberal, moderate, or Nutella-lover. Though opinionated, this PR can definitely hold an intelligent conversation. They are preparing themselves to be the embodiment of “Women and Men for Others.” Don’t be fooled, though, they will probably engage in some College Dems and/or College Republican ragers. After all, our alum “Slick Willy” Clinton was known for his ability to…how shall we put this lightly…party like it’s 1968. Upsides? Who wouldn’t want to room with Slick Willy?

2. The “Almost” Athlete

Roomies of the athletic sort? That covers a lot of the Hoya population as we are collectively very health conscious, but this PR practices an almost religious-like devotion to his/her favorite teams. Want to know the score of that game no one was watching last night? They know. And they will tell you about it, I promise. They don’t really play sports (weak ankles, they say), but if they could, they would be starting on our basketball team tomorrow (they say). They’re “just looking for a workout buddy to motivate them to go to Yates”. Upsides? This PR is an encourager; they will be rooting for you AND they will have season tickets to everything happening on campus and in DC. Can you say no to a ticket to see the Washington Capitals? Didn’t think so…

3. The Religious Type

While going through CHARMS you will inevitably run across this type of PR. For some, this could be a God-send (see what we did there?), but for others this pairing would be less than ideal. Whatever your stance, the religious PR offers a unique opportunity for a cultured freshman experience. Religion plays an important role in our Jesuit community as we are accepting of all religious beliefs…so why not room with this PR! You’ll gain insight into their belief system (as most have differences even within the same religion or worldview). Upsides? You may become more spiritually aware which is something Hoyas value as seen in our motto “Cura Personalis.” (Care of the whole person)

4. The Globe-Trotter

The international student! Their bio is a dead give-away because capitalization isn’t as important where they are from. This PR will be cool to you no matter what they say because of their accent. They are exotic and other-worldly. How much cooler can you get than rooming with someone who hasn’t had an “American childhood.” Think of all of the things you could talk about and compare…now that is some culture right there. “What do you call chocolate milk?” …. “Uhh. 巧克力牛奶.” Riveting. Upsides? CARE. PACKAGES. This PR’s mom will send tons of their favorite goodies. Just imagine all of that food.

5. You

You’re determined to show PRs that you’re laid back and have a lot to offer them. You’re trying hard not to rub anyone the wrong way but want people to know that you really want to “strike a balance between school and social life”, that you’re “not a neat freak, but keep things fairly tidy”, and are “totally down to share if you ask first!”.

CHARMS is half luck and half effort, so do what you can and hopefully it’ll work out!

The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy: Epic Fail

Hey Hoyas! Need a good laugh after this weekend? Or maybe you have been laughing…or crying… this entire time because of the “game-that-must-not-be-named.” You may be on the point of cracking with tears or psychotic laughter, and that is why we, the Fourth Edition, are here to provide distractions.

Procrastinating is the best way to distract yourself from the reality of that paper due on Monday or weekend events you would wish to forget. Never fret, fellow Struggle Bus patrons!
We give you: Epic Fails!
Seeing the failings of others somehow makes life a little better. I know it, you know it, and we should all just accept it.
So laugh your hardest, and lose yourself in the failings of others.
Some may say “Isn’t this immoral?” To which we respond, “The only thing immoral is whoever let you walk out the house wearing that outfit.” Ouch.

4E Flix: Pageantry and President-ry

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.08.23 PM

We are only a few weeks into the second semester, and you’ve begun to realize … “Oh, no. I’m already riding the Struggle Bus.” (The Struggle Bus, SB for short, is an imaginary place frequented by psycho-crazy-hard-working students, slackers and just about anyone who is hung over on Sunday morning.)
We at The Fourth Edition know what it’s like, trust us. We’ve seen you in Leo’s, and we would be judging you if we weren’t the very captains of the SB. You may be asking, how can I get off the SB? Hah. We’re still trying to figure that one out too. While we work on that, you should take some time to sit back, relax, and momentarily forget about your never-ending trip to Shambleyville.

Toddlers and Tiaras

t and tIf you want to feel better about yourself, you should definitely watch “The 1000 Pound Man,” but because you don’t necessarily have cable, try Netflix’s “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Start from the very beginning … I promise you will instantly feel better about your life. Guaranteed. Nothing says SB quite like a crazed, insecure, and attention-deprived pageant mom. It’s disgustingly addictive, and you’ll love yourself — and hate — yourself for it.


The West Wing

west wingIf you’re more of an intellectual, you can always catch up on all of those episodes you’ve been wanting to watch of  “The West Wing.” This Aaron Sorkin hit chronicles the life of Josiah Bartlett’s fictional term in the Oval Office. Political intrigue always distracts me from my mountain of gov reading, and I can’t imagine that I’m the only one. Can I get a witness, y’all? Where my gov majors at?? (Answer: everywhere. This is Georgetown after all)



Photo: YouTube, FanPop

Casual Thursday: 007

Vesper Martini


Its name is Thursday, Casual Thursday. With Skyfall now playing in theaters, we at the Hoya couldn’t help but give a little shout out to the sexiest, British-Secret-Service-Agent known to the fictional world. James Bond has made the Vesper a symbol of luxury, power, and sex. So who wouldn’t want to order a “vodka martini. Shaken. Not stirred.”?  The answer… no one. Everyone secretly wants to be that chiseled god…who “mixes business with girls and thrills.”

A little history behind the Vesper: the original recipe calls for three measures of Gordon’s Dry Gin, one measure of good Vodka (not Burnett’s), a half a measure of Lillet (an expensive French appertif wine with hints of herb and lemon), and a large lemon peel for garnish. The Bond Girl is then supposed to shake these ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain, serve it, and proceed to the bedroom.

The point is a Vesper is not necessarily available to most Hoyas…a good martini can be pretty pricey. Our staple drinks seem to be Natty Light or flavored Burnett’s and some sort of fizzy chaser. So what to do? You want a casual Thursday, but you want your drink of choice on the caliber of 007’s.

Try these recipes!

The Hoya Vesper

>Three measures of dry gin

>One and a half measures of Lemon Burnett’s

>One lemon peel (if you are feeling extra fancy)

Measure into your make-shift-red-solo-cup-cocktail-shaker. Gently shake (you do not want to melt the ice or break your priceless shaker). Strain and pour into your finest red solo cup. Serve with a dash of lemon juice for a little extra pizazz.

007 Punch (for a gathering)

>Two 2-liter servings of dry gin

>One bottle of Lemon Burnett’s

>One 2-liter bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade

Mixes easy. Just add people. Be sure to blast Adele’s Skyfall

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All The World Is A Stage

Recently, a reputed dramatic website ranked universities around the country (outside of NY) that have stellar theater departments. It comes as no surprise that we are on the list. Seriously though, Georgetown has produced some great artists; both on stage and on the silver screen. Helllllloooo, Bradley Cooper.

I could gush all day about the theater community here at Georgetown as I am proud to be a member of it, and because of that, I encourage every Hoya to get in touch with their artsy side (like this lady) and indulge in some upcoming performances.  There is a phenomenal amount of talent on campus, and it would be a shame to miss out on the transformative power of live theater.

The wonderful thing about Georgetown Theater is the unique approach and perspective the Theater major takes. It allows students to “broaden their knowledge of the theater, social justice, cultural criticism, and civic engagement by stressing the creation of new work, dramaturgy, and the history of performing arts.”

It’s so typical of us Georgetowners to take a “cura personalis” approach to theater. Our department and all of the dramatic organizations on campus are concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional facets of theater. It is well worth your while to see a few productions this year or maybe even participate in a few! You certainly will not regret it.

Bradley Cooper wants you to explore Georgetown Theater…would you say no to him?


That’s what I thought.



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Best Bets- HOLLAween

Why “HOLLAween”? Unfortunately it’s not actually Halloween, but Honey Boo Boo agrees that any time is an appropriate time to celebrate. So you should be stoked because you now have TWO weekends to party. Come on, Hoyas! Party like Honey Boo Boo when she is on her Go-Go juice!

You may be saying to yourself “It’s not Halloween yet.” False. Honey Boo Boo declared it to be HOLLAween. So with this declaration, sanction is now provided for every fairy-winged and tutu-ed girl you will see stumbling home tomorrow night.

What to do for HOLLAween?

Friday:  HOLLAween Laser Tag and The Cabin In The Woods

>Friday, Oct. 26 | 10pm to 1am Copley Lawn. Do you like shooting things with lasers, dressing in questionable outfits while shooting said things, wearing a mask while shooting things in said questionable outfit,  and carving random vegetables while doing all of the above?

Then you’re in luck! Go to Copley Lawn this Friday and you will be welcomed by your comrades who share your affinity for strange clothes, masks, guns, and carving.

Side Note: They have s’mores. S’MORES, I tell you. So, seriously…go!

>Friday, Oct. 26; ICC Auditorium| The Cabin In The Woods. 8pm and 11pm.

“Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. (Ooo, scandy.) Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.”

That plot pretty much sums up my life,* but it’s definitely worth your time. Bring some popcorn, a friend, and a blanket! It’ll make you holla for a dolla.

Saturday: Rocky Horror Picture Show

>Saturday, Oct. 27; E Street Theater | 11pm-2am.

“A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.”

Dress up (or down), throw popcorn, hoot and HOLLA! Rocky Horror is the epitome of the HOLLAween experience. Tickets are $5. If you are a virgin to the Rocky Horror Show experience check out this website so you’ll fit in like the old timers…

“GPB is providing discounted tickets and transportation to the Rock Horror Picture Show. Bus leaving at 11pm and arriving at the theater at 11:30pm. Show begins at 12am and will end at 1:45am. Bus will return by 2am. For tickets stop by the GPB Office in Leavey 426!”

You do NOT want to miss this. It’ll be the single greatest thing you will ever do*…besides religiously reading the Hoya Blog. (shameless Hoya promo)

Sunday: Boo At The Zoo

If you’re not preoccupied with beating the walk-of-shame-traffic-jam, you should totally go check out the zoo this Sunday!

For the Hoyas who prefer to have a tame HOLLAween, this is the perfect opportunity! Go with a group of friends or maybe even a date! HOLLA!

Candy, costumes, and cuddly animals…what else can be so fulfilling? The answer is nothing. That’s right, no thing is more fulfilling than your experience at the zoo this coming Sunday. SO, unless you want to be unfulfilled for the rest of your adult life…go to the zoo.*

Happy HOLLAween, Hoyas! Party hardy, party smarty! You don’t want to look like this on Monday…

Or if you do, be sure to keep it classy like Honey Boo Boo. Her special juice did help her win…obviously.


Autumnal Activities and Fall Festivities

As the leaves begin to change colors so does the atmosphere on campus. The humid fog that plagued our little swamp has lifted, and the crispness of Autumn has set in with the promise of better hair days and a farewell to pit stains.

Fun Fall Festivities you can implement at Georgetown:

1. Pick up some honeycrisp apples at the farmer’s market. They are the perfect autumnal afternoon appetizer…just add caramel! Lots and lots of caramel.

2. Get a group of friends together and carve some pumpkins. It’s super messy and super fun! It might even be the perfect opportunity to ask out that guy or girl you have been eying in Philosophy. You could be like “Hey baby, let’s carve together.”

3. Nothing reminds me of fall more than a good football game. Show your support and enjoy yourself on a beautiful Saturday afternoon cheering in the student section for our Hoya Bulldogs! We play Lehigh this Saturday @ 1:00. So bring out a blanket, a thermos full of cocoa, and your Hoya Pride. If you prefer to stay indoors, you could always just host a football watching party! **Shout out to those of us who prefer to watch European football…or soccer! ;)

Now that the weather no longer feels like Satan’s armpit, it’s time to break out those sweaters and bundle up. But I would be a failure as a blogger if I did not mention the fashion scene on campus…

Fall Fashion Trends at Georgetown:

1. THE. SHOES. If you haven’t noticed, Georgetown is riddled with the ever-popular English riding boot. Everyone who is anyone is wearing them…except for me and every other person who likes to be a non-conformist. So what else is out there? Neon soled Oxfords for men and women. Be sure to roll up your pants, show off your argyle socks, and rock that neon.

2. Leather. So apparently it is “making a comeback?” I didn’t know it had ever gone away? The ultimate sex symbol of all clothe-making materials, leather and leather-wearers (try saying that five times fast); just emanate that sort of coolness that can only come with the changing of the season. Leather (or faux leather for our PETA friends) completes any outfit and has an air attached to it saying, “Hey. I’ve arrived.”

3. Dark under eye circles. It’s so out, that it’s in. Midterms get to us all, but try and take a break. Do something on the short list to cheer yourself up…

The Short List:

1. Treat yourself at Midnight Mug or Uncommon Grounds. Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?!

2. Try to catch a falling leaf (Warning: may bring out your inner child)

3. Go trick or treating at all of the Embassies on Halloween or Liquor Treating on Prospect.

4. Take a date to Baked and Wired for seasonal cupcakes.

5. Have a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with your friends before going home for the holidays.

6.  Go for a walk by the National Mall and appreciate the foliage.

7. Ask yourself why we have Christmas music, but not Thanksgiving music?

8. Go to a haunted house.

9. Go to a corn maze.

10. Go apple picking.

11. Go pumpkin patch picking.





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Relating To Your Professors

After seeing your professors at DayGlow or seeing them browsing the romantic novel section in CVS (awk), wouldn’t you be at a loss for how to handle seeing them in your next lecture or discussion?

Possibly, but because that rarely happens there is still the everyday question of how we relate to them.

Fear not, Hoyas!

As a connoisseur of all things awkward, I have come up with a system to help you navigate the waters of professordom.

Relating to your professor or TA is easier than you think!

Important things to remember:

1. They are humans too (even if you’re sure you saw them twitch when they spilled coffee on themselves that one time).  Nobody’s perfect (cue Hannah Montana), and if you’ll remember that when you’re dealing with a tough situation, you will always have a better perspective.

2. Communication is key. We all have times when we would rather not talk to our professor or TA about an issue. The type of issue does not matter, but rather the openness of conversation. It is always better to be transparent with your professors, and they will appreciate your maturity for communicating openly.

3. Staying on top of your game is a great way to strengthen your relationship with a professor. Often, it’s not the most desirable way to relate to your professors, but you will get major brownie points if you show up for class prepared, on time, and with a good attitude. If you don’t like the subject, try to keep an open mind! Your professor will see your willingness to learn and be impressed.

4. Go. To. Office. Hours.

This point cannot be stressed enough. Even if all you do is ask your professor about their research or education, you will immediately gain their respect. As I am sure you have noticed, professors love to talk about themselves. So why not use that to your advantage? Just schedule an appointment or drop in for office hours. You will be glad you did—and hey! They may even start to recognize you in class.

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Change Takes Change: Living on One

“What can I do?”

“If each individual can help a single other individual…we can change the world.”

Imagine living on nothing but one dollar a day. Just one dollar. The same dollar you may use for the Circulator, to tip at Uncommon Grounds, or collect in an old Tombs mug you have for spare change. The idea is pretty daunting, but for some it’s more than just a thought, it’s a lifestyle  of extreme poverty.

Poverty is a painful reality for people all over the world. There have always been organizations to help give back, but there are none I have ever come across like the one I have the privilege to introduce to you now.

Four college students spent their entire summer living in Guatemala, each on only one dollar a day. They came to better understand the constraints of this level of poverty, and with this understanding they felt a call to action. The campaign for Living On One is now spreading across America with the purpose of informing our society about the lack of opportunity and the hardships that these poverty-stricken people groups are forced to endure.  Innovative ideas like microfinance are just the beginning. There is no end to what can be achieved here, but the awareness of the masses is key.

At the heart of the Jesuit value system Georgetown subscribes to, there is the saying “Men and women for others.” There is no better way to help advocate for others than to fight against global poverty. Check out Living On One’s trailer, help if you can, but if nothing else remember those people groups around the world and hope for a better future for us all.

Interested in seeing the film? The D.C. premiere is taking place right here on campus. Next Wednesday, October 3rd, come to Gaston Hall for a screening and Q&A with the filmmakers, hosted in partnership with The Hoya.

Introducing The Potomac Shore

With the Citizens Association of Georgetown (CAG) installing security cameras in the neighboring area we as Hoyas have to ask ourselves—what strange things will they catch on camera on the average Saturday night?

While the CAG cameras are meant to provide details in the event of a crime, we can only imagine what footage will go unwatched.

In my own party-going experience, I’ve gotten to know several types of individuals that may be seen on camera. Something I like to call The Potomac Shore…

The Situation/Ronnie/The Guy No One Really Remembers

You’re quite the rager, doing keg stands and shotgunning Natty like the professional bro (brofressional?) you are. You can barely walk in a straight line, let alone wheel yourself around on that superfluous skateboard. You’re that guy at the party which, for you, is not a bad thing to be. You can rock Nantucket Reds during the day and the lax pinnie at night, and we all know you’re going to score.

Sammie “Sweetheart”

We know, we know. You NEVER go out. You should be in Lau studying for that chem test on Monday, but instead you’ve got your heels in hand sitting on the 35th and Prospect. Pull yourself together, honey. Enjoy your night because there’s nothing you can do now, and worrying won’t add to your test grade.
Drink something to hydrate (jungle juice doesn’t count), and I promise you will survive.

Pauly D

You’re the cool guy that every girl and guy wants to talk to. You walk home alone, but that air of mystery that you don has people texting you all night asking what you’re up to. Listening to your Beats, you know all of the latest hits and you heard Gangnam Style before anyone else in the U.S. did. You non-
conformist, you. Stay warm, bro. Because being cool is too mainstream.


A Potomac Shore Snooki is the guy or girl who will be seen the most on the security cameras. You’re best friends with the guys down at Tuscany, who no longer try to overcharge you for drunk pizza. Attempt to stay classy because you know that one day you’ll really want to run for a public office, and saying “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” can only work once in a lifetime – props to our alum Slick Willy for that one.

Stay classy, Hoyas.