The Drinks You Should Study With

Finals CoffeeFINALS. You are desperately searching for any source of caffeine like a dying man in a desert searching for a drop of water, and you’re utterly convinced it is the key to all of your success in school and in life. You may have a point. It is a known fact that the key to actually passing more than one final is that anxious jittery high that comes from a cup o’ joe. But this time, we are taking it to the next level. Directly from 4E to you is a list of our favorite coffee drinks to have handy for each subject we are studying.


Ah, the cappuccino. Difficult to make and fancy to say, this drink will transport you to a small little cafe in an obscure part of Europe where you can watch it all go down. As you enjoy the fluffy foam hovering over the crucial espresso shots, remember the Titans. Or watch the movie Remember the Titans for a study break and then go back to studying for Early Fill-in-the-Blank-Area-of-the-World.


If you are stuck taking derivatives all day and night, the only hope for you is a nice large black coffee. Only the darkest java will provide the necessary fuel without the unwanted distractions of a more eclectic drink. It’s a serious drink to remind you that you are doing serious work, something employable in the real world one day. Congrats! Just don’t mess up on that final. Better keep drinking.


English is all about getting those creative juices flowing, finding the inner meaning and reading between the lines. What better drink than a Frappuccino or smoothie, an opportunity for creativity. Try any and all flavor combinations, with and without whip, and reap the delicious rewards of your genius. Just don’t spend as much time picking a flavor as you do working on your paper.

Foreign Language

Bonjour Madame, quieres espresso? When it comes to a foreign language, your best bet is a small cup with an even smaller amount of espresso in it. Consider just one or two shots because each one has as much caffeine as a full cup of coffee! Asking for a shot or two (sometimes known as a solo or dopio) will make you sound and feel as sophisticated as someone who is bilingual (maybe you if you keep studying).


If you are studying economics, you are going to need to treat yourself. Go mocha or go home. In fairness, you are studying what people want, and what do people want more than chocolate and coffee? You must experiment with a mocha yourself to understand what all the (economic) fuss is about. Believe me, only a mocha can bring you to Pareto efficiency.

So there you have it! Your best bet is never to stop drinking some form of caffeine. Though your sleep schedule may be completely thrown off by the time you get home for winter break, your plan should be to sleep through the next three weeks until you’re allowed back to Georgetown anyway.


Staffer of the Week: Kayla Cross

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer who has done a particularly awesome job – now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we post quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week. This week our amazing Hoya staffer is Kayla Cross. Read about this chica here:1395409_10151874314738965_753891552_n

Name Kayla Cross
School SFS
Year 2017
Major I’m a baby freshman so nothing yet! (I saw on myAccess yesterday that my GPA is also 0.0)
Hometown I was born in Neenah, Wis., but I live in Richmond, Va., now.
Position on the Hoya Campus News Deputy

Why did you earn staffer of the week?

I wrote two obituaries. The first was about Patrick Sheehan, Georgetown’s first human mascot who actually dressed up as the bulldog, and Wayne Knoll, the beloved English professor and former priest. I got to talk to their loved ones, and it was really emotional. I wanted to make sure I did a good job because they were such delicate and important articles.

What is your favorite part about working for The Hoya?

I love being able to talk to all the students and others in Georgetown and the greater D.C. community about awesome and interesting things I didn’t even know existed. Also, I like editing because I’m a grammar nerd.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition with your family?

Still writing notes to Santa on Christmas Eve! What we leave him has evolved from milk and cookies when I was a kid, to food and carrots for his reindeer, to protein bars because let’s just admit it, Santa is Mom and Dad. (Editor’s note: Wait. Santa isn’t real?)

What would be the theme song to your life and why?

“Drops of Jupiter” by Train, for so many reasons. I love the piano in it, and it’s one of the few songs I know how to play. I also am fascinated by space so I love the universe metaphors. And I’ve felt what the song is talking about a lot, so it’s my favorite song of all time. I could listen to it forever.

How to Survive Black Friday Shopping

Black FridaySo, you’ve decided to shop on Black Friday. You’re doing one of those activities, something that will be miserable during the event itself but will give you mad bragging rights later, like a presidential inauguration or being awake for a sunrise. Unless of course, you are of those people who loves the thrill of chasing after the perfect dress with the added challenge of overwhelming crowds. This may be the only time you are at risk for “death by trampling,” so watch out.

All of that being said, if you are going in, you better do it right. Here are a few tips to help you survive a dark – but hopefully fruitful – Black Friday.

Plan ahead – Think Dora the Explorer’s Map. It would be ideal if this map could speak, preferably in some variation of entertaining banter, and help guide you from store to store, section to section, steal to steal. Hitting the streets without a game plan is like walking into a wall-to-wall crowded Steve Madden store blindfolded. It may seem thrilling, but once you are tripping in your must-have 20% off shoes and rubbing elbows with the nearby elderly woman, you will be asking yourself why this ever seemed like a funny idea.

Be aggressive – For those of you who haven’t seen the Friends scene where Monica shops for her wedding dress, watch it. For those of you who have, channel Monica’s aggressive, stop-for-nothing “baditude.” Remember, other shoppers are only as scared of you as you are of them. Just kidding, that only applies to rats on Georgetown’s campus. If you want to be the shopper on top, you have to act like the shopper on top. See the store as your very own Hunger Games arena. Stop at nothing. This is not a friendly team exercise.

Use the buddy system – Black Friday shopping may not be a friendly team exercise, but that doesn’t mean you have to fly solo. Create a buddy system and stick to it. Have check-in points, hold hands, whisper sweet nothings to each other: whatever it takes to provide each other moral support and willpower to get through the day. When selecting a buddy, make sure you choose someone who isn’t afraid to take a swing at a fellow BFS (Black Friday Shopper) for you.

Snack, snack, snack – Shopping is work. Just ask anybody who has spent more than 10 minutes shopping ever. Not only are snacks necessary for fuel, but they also help fill your emotional needs when crying over a missed deal and/or feeling overwhelmed by all the aggressiveness around you. Why can’t we all just be friends? Because there is only one dress in your size left. Instead of breaking down, stuff your face with cookies, bubble tea or whatever helps you connect with your inner shopper. But be warned, if you overdo this, trying on tight clothing may be a bit of a struggle.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have the best possible Black Friday experience. Before you know it, you will be rocking those sick new threads back on the Hilltop. Happy Thanksgiving Hoyas, and best of luck!

Photo: Al Fresco

When One Door Opens, Another One Closes…

Philosophy DoorsSometimes, when you’re having a bad day, you start to ponder the big questions. The meaning of life, where you will be in ten years, what to eat for dinner, etc. All the head scratchers. So, like anyone asking the right questions, you probably end up finding yourself wandering down the mysteriously quiet hallway that makes up the philosophy department.

Turns out, you came to the right place. Philosophy professors have exactly what you need taped to their doors: some good ol’ philosophical humor. We’ve decided to save you the trip and post our favorites.

First there is Professor Linda Wetzel, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in philosophy, who has a friendly reminder that you are not in this alone, at least if “this” is a newfound fascination with Kantian philosophy.

2013-11-20 09.09.30

That, and the friendly reminder to check for aliens before crossing the hall.

2013-11-20 09.09.42

Oh, and don’t forget this one. It pretty much speaks for itself:

2013-11-20 09.09.53

We also owe a big thanks to associate professor Francis J. Ambrosio for reminding us that this happens even to the best of us.

2013-11-20 09.11.03

So does this. (And if it does, it might be a sign you need to relax.)

2013-11-20 09.11.08

Last but not least, at the door of professor and Kennedy Institute Fellow Nancy Sherman, a healthy dose of “real talk” reminds us that everything will be okay … and that professors keep their doors closed for a reason.

2013-11-20 09.11.40

Photos: Julia Kieserman|The Hoya, And Be There

Come to Georgetown NOW!

Convince Your Friends“Ahhh you have to come to Georgetown!” – all Georgetown students to all admitted high school students, ever.

But what should you say next to convince this wide-eyed senior that coming here will literally be the best decision of his/her life? As admissions season rolls around, here are some pointers to get your younger friends to spend their next four years on the Hilltop:

summer-fitness-schedule1. You’ll stay healthy here Afraid of gaining the freshman 15? Worried your parents won’t recognize the balloon you’ve become when they see you on Thanksgiving? Never fear, Georgetown is here! Rated one of the healthiest campuses in the U.S., we have enough variety at Leo’s to keep you satisfied (at least until after the transfer deadline), including vegan and gluten free options. Wondering where all your friends ran off to at 4pm on Friday? Try the row of treadmills at Yates. The amount of peer pressure I’ve felt to exercise alone has somehow moved my normally completely sedentary body into semi-motion.

2. You’ll have a great basketball team to root for If you like basketball, this gives you bragging rights with all your friends. If you don’t, you do now. Hoya Saxa! Take them to a basketball game or show them pictures!

3. You’ll learn pretty much everything Georgetown has a pretty extensive core curriculum, which tends to scare students off. But think about the dinner conversations you will be prepared for after studying philosophy, history, theology and math/science (though this is optional for you SFS-ers). EBW-CroppedAs a future diplomat/banker/business-person/other standard post-Georgetown career, you will dazzle other important people with your ability to converse intelligently about … pretty much everything. Tell them all about that amazing gen ed class you took or bring them along to your intensive Arabic recitation.

4. You’ll do cool things with your free time So it may or may not impress you that Georgetown has over 200 clubs and student organizations. What should impress you is the way these clubs and student organizations manifest themselves as part of your life at school. It isn’t just that you play frisbee, or work for The Hoya or participate in debate. It’s that these things are as much a part of your life as school, friends and family are. These people become your family and these activities become places of fun, learning, and relaxation. How you ask? This is the magic of Georgetown. Take them to the waterfront, on the metro, to the Eastern Market or to some great speaker.

Photos: Georgetown University, Sports Illustrated, Georgetown Law, Wikipedia

Halloween Pranks Every Hoya Should Pull

4E's Top Halloween Pranks

If any of you were as mischievous of a child as I was, you spent playtime devising new and (hopefully) innovative ways to wreak havoc on your parents, teachers and peers. That’s right – I’m talking about the good ol’ prank. For those of you looking to tap into your inner devil child or to just have a good laugh, check out these semi-harmless pranks.

DISCLAIMER: Although this list is in the spirit of the hottest holiday of the season, it should not be tested on the weak-hearted and/or unforgiving. Trust me. 4E will not bail you out.

Gummy Eyes Buy gummy eyeballs from any Halloween candy supplier. Put them in an ice tray filled with water, then pop those suckers in the freezer and wait. You can pass the time by imagining the face of the person you are pranking or by reading old 4E articles. When they are frozen, take them out and pop them in the prankee’s water bottle and … AHH! There’s an eye in my water bottle! Make sure you are present with a video camera for the moment of discovery so you can treasure it for years to come.

A Not-So-Sweet Surprise Go to the Asian specialty market and buy one of the pint-sized tubs of wasabi. Freeze it up, scoop it out and offer it to a friend as green tea ice cream. Enjoy the mouth-burning reaction of horror that ensues.

Zombie Attack Just to warn you, this requires group planning, i.e. mass communication and effort. Don’t attempt unless you are up for it. Get a group of like-minded friends and pick a time post-sunset and a well-hidden but populated location. Everyone show up dressed like a zombie (blood stains, fangs, face paint – this image should be easy to conjure) and hide. Wait for people to show up, and then jump out of your hiding places screaming and thirsty for blood. Ah, nothing like some zombie loving.

If The Shoe Fits… Steal the left shoe from every pair of shoes your roommate owns and hide them well. Or, if you’re feeling particularly devious, hide them in plain sight, but in difficult to reach places (insert your own creative spin here).

Shaving Cream In honor of the world’s best movie prank scene (the one from the Parent Trap if you couldn’t immediately pull it up in your mind), here’s the shaving cream attack. Wait until your friend is asleep and cover them, their hair, their clothes and their dignity with shaving cream. For best results, pick a heavy sleeper. If you think this is too easy, watch the Parent Trap cabin scene and booby trap the shizzle out of the person’s bedroom (maybe don’t pick your roommate because that would adversely affect you as well). But be warned, and be on the lookout for retaliation prank attacks!

Mentos Finally, drop a Mento in your unsuspecting friend’s Diet Coke and then run away. Or wear a rain poncho and stick around for the show.

Keep pranking, keep dancing and have a happy Halloween, Hoyas!

Photo: Favim

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Costume IdeasLess than two weeks until Halloween. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Well you better have. How else are you going to compete with the Halloween gurus who have had this year’s costume planned since last year, have mapped out the best trick-or-treating route, have the scariest decorations and are basically guaranteed to have the best Thursday night of their lives?

For those of you still in a costume limbo, here are a few stellar, sure-to-be-hits costume ideas you might want to consider.

J.J. As a goodbye tribute to the mascot that could have been, someone has to dress up as J.J. this year. It doesn’t take much – furry ears, a zest for life and a golf cart should do the trick. Don’t forget an entourage of orange balloons to sporadically attack throughout the night. It adds to the costume and is just fun.

Teddy Bear And by teddy bear, I mean a Miley Cyrus inspired twerktastic teddy bear. They are available for sale all over the internet but if you are feeling crafty, get a leotard and some markers and have a DIY party night. If you’ve got a motivated friend, have them go as a wrecking ball. Costume perks? You can hitch a ride on the wreck and roll all the way home.

Grumpy Slutty Cat A twist on the ‘classic’ slutty cat. Same ear headband, same little black ensemble, same face paint. But you better keep that frown turned down all night long for some visual grumpy. Not a costume for the fainthearted or the nervous laughers. Don’t forget the built-in game; who can make the best grumpy face? Alternatively you could ditch the grumpy look and go as a Tartar Sauce cat, in honor of Grumpy Cat’s birth name.

Candy Crush This is the costume for the creative types out there. There are so many different ways to play this. Will you be the board of a particularly hard level? The magic disco ball that has saved the day oh so many times? Or another candy combo of your choice? Feel free to take out your game frustration because, let’s be honest, we are all pretty frustrated with candy crush. Too bad I can never stop.

Beyoncé Because Beyoncé makes all of my top lists of everything, ever. Back in the Destiny days, Tina Knowles actually hand-made almost all of the group’s outfits and, honestly, she set the bar pretty freaking high. I dare you to even attempt to replicate any of the insta-classics. My personal favorite is circa 1998, silver paisley fabric with a lavender trim. Try and top that.

Photos: Halloween Express, Ghosts of DC

Surviving the 2am Hunger Struggle

Surviving the Late Night CravingsThat time of “day” has finally come: 2am. You’re tired, over-stimulated and probably dehydrated. There is literally only one thing on your mind: food. For those of us still mourning the death of Tuscany’s (R.I.P.) or looking to save (read as: redistribute) a few precious dollars, here are a few home remedies to cure the 2am itch.

‘Early’ breakfast One thing everyone should have in their fridge at all times is eggs. They’re versatile, easy and delicious. Take a bowl and crack one or two in there, scramble ’em up, and then put them in the microwave. Yes, you can make eggs in the microwave. After about a minute, sprinkle some cheese on top and put it back in for another 30 seconds or so to melt it down and finish cooking the egg. Eat with salsa.

SpongeBob Mac ‘N’ Cheese You know what I’m talking about. It’s like Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward are literally partying in my mouth. Obviously that’s not true because Squidward doesn’t party, but you get the idea. This may seem like the easiest choice on the list but don’t be fooled. Please, please, please pour the water in BEFORE putting Spongebob and friends in the microwave. For everyone’s sake. Unless you secretly want to see this in person.

Tortellini Belly-button shaped pasta. Perfect for belly dancers after work or you when you are contemplating what life would be like as a belly dancer. Water to pot, pasta to water. You can use the waiting time to compare belly buttons. Maybe practice storing quarters in there so one day you can beat this guy. But tone it down a touch when it’s time to eat.

Leftover Thai Food I’ve never had anything better than re-re-heated chicken pad thai. Yes, this is a multi-step process that requires a little forethought and the most complex creation on this list. But trust me, it’s worth it. Start by ordering chicken pad thai or an equally delicious Thai dish. Eat half. If you are super hungry, you may want to order two dishes and keep one for later. Put in microwave and heat. If you’re creative, pull out some Skippy and make it a peanut based dish. Scratch that. Always make it a peanut based dish.

The Desperado Finally, a unique dish I coined at an incredibly low point in my 2am culinary career. Necessary ingredients? Peanut Butter, Nutella, banana. Mush. Enjoy. It’s the kind of thing you won’t brag about to your friends. Maybe you’re too embarrassed to tell them at all. But you will be nothing but smiles the entire time. Just like this kid. Don’t even try to deny it.

Photo: Shades of Hope