14 Halloween Costumes You Can Make “Sexy”: Georgetown Edition

Aside from trick-or-treating, we know you love seeing those creative costume ideas that go beyond *rolls eyes* Harley Quinn.

If you want to think a little outside the box, but still maintain a sexy and eye-catching aura, here are fourteen Halloween costumes that can go from weird to hot.

  1. Sexy “Student Guard Who Makes You Swipe”

2. Sexy “Chaplain in Your Building Who Makes Good Pancakes”

3. Sexy “Tennis Coach in Prison”

4. Sexy “Rise and Shine”

5. Sexy “That Person From GERMS Who Saved Your Friend From Alcohol Poisoning”

6. Sexy “Mark Zuckerberg”

7. Sexy “Girl Thinking She’s One of the Boys After Going to One Georgetown Basketball Game”

8. Sexy “Leo’s”

9. Sexy “Girl Who Can’t Play Beer Pong Even After Going to Every Frat Party”

10. Sexy “Switching From MSB to College”

11. Sexy “Wisey’s Rat”

12. Sexy “Kappas Who Go to Nobu”

13. Sexy “Professors Who Assign 4 Exams in One Day”

14. Sexy “My Drunk Snack at 1 a.m.”

(Sources: Halloween Express, Business Insider, Pinterest, Spirit Halloween)

20 Things Worse Than Wearing Size 13 Nikes

MEN’S size 13 Nikes.

If you haven’t seen “Tall Girl” on Netflix, neither have I — but I’m sure you’ve seen the relentless number of memes regarding a 6-foot high school girl’s biggest struggle: her enormous feet.

While I am a 5-foot college student with women’s size five white Fila sneakers, I am here to provide 20 things that are just a bit worse than this tall girl’s hamartia.

Depressed Aidy Bryant GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY
  1. Size 14 Nikes
  2. A shot of Bacardi at 9 a.m. on homecoming
Alcohol Suffers GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. Kylie getting back with Tyga

4. Boyas who think that Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are all dating apps

5. Einstein Bros. taking anything that isn’t a plain bagel off the meal plan

6. That feeling you’re going to get when you find out Donald Trump’s 13- year-old son is over 6 feet tall

Hand GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

7. Not being able to see Mark Zuckerberg on campus

Sipping Mark Zuckerberg GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. The end of Fortnite

9. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on the housing lottery to be placed in a moldy VCW

10. Big Bootie Mix 16

11. Girls who think eating at all is a personality trait

12. Mr. The Hoya not winning Mr. Georgetown

Fox Tv GIF by Lethal Weapon - Find & Share on GIPHY

13. The new Instagram update that doesn’t let us stalk people see people’s activity

14. Freshmen thinking TikToks count as “memes” in the Georgetown Meme Facebook group

15. The international students who smoke outside Lau but have never stepped inside

16. That moment of fear when you’re walking down the Piano steps and there’s a 50 percent chance it’s empty

Puss In Boots Drinking GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

17. Mango Burnett’s

18. Twitter deleting Trump’s Nickelback parody

Donald Trump GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

19. Midnight Mug running out of muffins at 6 p.m.

20. Being a short guy

Sneaking In Arizona Cardinals GIF by Bleacher Report - Find & Share on GIPHY

I hope this list of 20 really did “beat that.”

Meet the Mr. Georgetown Candidates—Fall 2019 Edition

As you notice fellow Hoyas procuring blue face paint along with OJ and champagne, you’ll know what’s soon to come: Homecoming Weekend. Along with the many darties, the visiting alumni and the memories you’re bound to forget, there’s one thing that we should all hope to remember and cherish: Georgetown Program Boards’s annual Mr. Georgetown!

We sat down with nine of the many glamorous candidates to give you all a sneak-peak to Mr. Georgetown 2019!

Ben Ulrich- Pep Band

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

School: SFS

Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA)

What do you love about Pep Band?

I love how much energy we bring to all the games and performances. It doesn’t matter how far down we are. We’re always ready to give the team a good show.

What is your most beautiful feature?

I have great calves.

If you had to choose a song to describe how your semester is going so far, which song would you choose?

Probably “Superposition” by Young the Giant, because I always feel like I’m in two places at once.

Kevin Berning- GU Grilling Society

Hometown: Aiken, SC

School: COL

Major: Philosophy

What do you love about the Grilling Society?

The burgers.

What is your most beautiful feature?

Oh jeez. I don’t know, I’ve been told I got some rocking legs.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alumnus?

Nick Kroll. I like him. He’s fun.

Norman Francis- GUSA

Hometown: Roswell, GA

School: COL

Major: Government and African American Studies

What do you love about GUSA?

It has the potential for good and allows students to create structural change within our institution. It also serves as a bridge for students and the administration.

If you had to choose a song to describe how your semester is going so far, which song would you choose?

“Song of Solomon” by Radkey, because they just talk about dropping out of school.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alumnus?

One of my favorites is Dr. Robert J. Patterson. He was very helpful during my first few years at Georgetown.

Harrison Hurt- The Hoya

Hometown: New York City, NY

School: SFS

Major: International Political Economy

What do you love about The Hoya?

We get the chance to work on really cool stories and lift voices that are otherwise not heard.

If you had to choose a song to describe how your semester is going so far, which song would you choose?

“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, because we really just came in and wrecked it… like a wrecking ball.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alumnus?

I have to say Bradley Cooper. He’s such a sweetheart. John Mulaney is a close runner up.

Noah Telerski- The Voice

Hometown: Nashua, NH

School: COL

Major: Government

What do you love about The Voice?

I think it’s a really cool opportunity for people interested in writing to practice what they do and have an outlet to express themselves, while being able to do cool reporting in journalism and write about what’s happening on campus.

What is your go-to Epi meal?

Pepperoni pizza. It’s really bad, but I get it all the time, because it’s the cheapest meal option.

What is your most beautiful feature?

People tell me I have really nice hair. When I was in high school, I won the superlative for “best hair.”

Gabe Berkowitz- Mask and Bauble

Hometown: Irvington, NY

School: SFS

Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs

What is your favorite thing about Mask and Bauble?

I love the people who are involved. All my friends are in Mask and Bauble.

What is your most beautiful feature?

I’ve been told it’s my eyelashes.

What is your go-to Epi meal?

The grilled cheeses. They’re cheaper than the quesadilla, and they don’t charge you for extra cheese.

Ethan Knecht- Dance Company

Hometown: Metuchen, NJ

School: SFS

Major: International Politics

What do you love about Dance Company?

I love being able to come to the studio every week with amazing people who I love spending time with.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My smile. Maybe my butt?

What is your go-to Epi meal?

Easily the quesadilla, with spinach and onion!

Zach Gallin- Running Club

Hometown: Irvington, NY

School: SFS

Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs

What do you love most about the Running Club?

We have no cuts. Anyone can join, and there is no application.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My legs. I’m a runner.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alumnus?

I like Bradley Cooper.

Forrest Gertin- SFS Academic Council

Hometown: Rochester, NY

School: SFS

Major: International Political Economy

What is your favorite thing about the SFS Academic Council?

I like our advocacy role. We make changes that actually affect the student body. For example, SFS students can have minors now, we have the new furniture in the ICC Galleria. There’s a great group of people in the Council.

What is your go-to Epi meal?

I really like the coffee ice cream milkshakes

If you had to choose a song to describe how your semester is going so far, which song would you choose?

“Gloria” by Laura Branigan.

Running but not pictured: Larry Taylor III (African Society of Georgetown), Mason Cantu (Alphi Phi Omega), Christian Trotti (Ballroom Dance), Brendan Clark (Club Rock Climbing), Miguel Ojeda (Club Soccer), Jack Reichert (GUerilla Improv), Derron Payne (Male Development Association), Chris Warren (Nomadic Theatre), Andrew Orbe (Riqueza Dominicana), Matt Buckwald (Senior Class Committee), Casey Hammond (Superfood)

We hope to see you all at Gaston Hall on Friday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. 4E wants to give a big shoutout to the Georgetown Program Board for hosting this annual tradition.

Why Is Elon Musk So Physically Attractive?

If you’ve ever wondered whether the man behind every Youtuber’s favorite car is attractive, I am here to answer that question.

The Voice Nasa GIF by Morphin - Find & Share on GIPHY
  1. His chiseled facial structure
(Photo: Forbes)

His dimple — that little bullet of beauty — beautifully accentuates his strong cheekbones that add to his chiseled and structured features. The line of his prominent cheekbone starts right below his deep brown eyes, adding to his already symmetrical facial structure. When he looks into the distance, the specks of sienna in his eyes sparkle, bringing out the earthy tones in his irises.

2. His ideal male body

He may not be Channing Tatum circa the early 2000s, but he is something. We stan a Dad Bod.

3. His money

Elon Musk Tesla GIF by Product Hunt - Find & Share on GIPHY

Teslas are pretty, just like Elon <3

4. He’s over six feet tall

Need I say more?

5. It’s just the way he looks at you

(Photo: biography.com)

His eyes grow wide, filled with inspiration and intelligent thought. The circles under his eyes darken each night he stays up late, hypothesizing new innovations or ideas. His crooked smile — that damned smile — is the only asymmetrical feature of Musk, and that smug look on his face captivates not only me, but also investors.

I have only provided five reasons why Elon Musk is physically attractive, but I’m sure if you really take time out of your day, you could think of many more. 4E stands with the inventor of Tesla!

Meet the New Fall 2019 Hires

This year, 4E welcomed three ~amazing~ and ~quirky~ new hires: two sophomores and one freshman! As you read our articles, we hope you familiarize yourself with their names. Here is each new hire’s “Top 3” list!

Janice Negvesky (COL ’22)

Top 3 Spongebob Gifs that Describe the Phases of Finals Szn at Georgetown

  1. “Freedom”: Classes have just ended, and it’s days away from your first final. It’s time to get down at The Corp Gala or aimlessly wander into sweaty Henle parties.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eWp3Eb6Z3Tb3XNCjj_1g0k56ODRc6fH2xzcUbDuiHGyLufGzCfMAvGatwQqbLRXhYqsuroGPTyXr8C05dWYFDLGDsg_mvYrsdVcPcf-urNFnrxCHKYjFgPL916jdHhO0ZkC8CZ_n

2. “Grind Time”: Oh — wait, your first final is in two days! You should probably get studying. You’ve recuperated from the last week of classes, and you’re ready to get grinding on that 10-page research paper for your social science final.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nynIxPO_CRxnz2LRFdQ1lBT0XZ3KzPVHADeeC9narUKTjOG1uWLnj56GlnAwDp1roax_GtQ4s7SmuNzzcfyEjgsI-y0PJpib_F_O4le2J-XSTwEZYi5HEBZRL8NFqnSNwIOXqDLF

3. “Completion”: You did it, you survived finals by the skin of your… well, you get the point. Get outta here while you still can, and enjoy your break!

Sophie Allan (COL ’22)

Top 3 True Crime Podcasts

  1. My Favorite Murder: Hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, “My Favorite Murder” is the perfect blend of true-crime and comedy. From the Power Rangers Murders to the Weepy-Voiced Killer, the podcast covers everything, and you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the crime-obsessed cult of Muderinos.
  2. The Generation Why Podcast: One of the oldest true crime podcasts, “The Generation Why Podcast,” features two friends, Justin and Aaron, who analyze theories about unsolved murders, conspiracies and controversies. Not for the faint of heart, this podcast is very gory, but the amazing hosts always leave you wanting more.
  3. S-Town: An investigative journalism podcast, “S-Town” is a complex and fascinating look into the life of John B. McLemore — a horologist and resident of “S–t Town, Alabama.” Far from straightforward, this murder mystery podcast can make you laugh and cry all in one episode.

Shreysi Mittal (MSB ’23)

Top Three Ways to Get Around Campus

  1. Contact a Yates bro: There are tons of people out there who seem to constantly be in one of three states: in Yates, going to Yates or coming back from Yates. Spare them the trek to the weightlifting area and just have them carry you place to place instead. Win-win situation.
  2. Use a freshman backpack: There are plenty of freshmen out there with backpacks so large that when they spin, even Darnall gets hit. You could easily slip in there, and they probably wouldn’t even notice they’re carrying you around.
  3. Hide under the GERMS-mobile: They’re always going back and forth, especially if it’s a Thursday night. I don’t think they’d mind if you hitch a ride.

Subtle Georgetown Traits

If you have Facebook, you are probably familiar with the group “Subtle Asian Traits” or “Subtle White People Traits.” Here is the newest and only edition of “Subtle Georgetown Traits,” aimed to demonstrate all our ~peculiarities~ and ~quirks~ here on the Hilltop. Feel free to show this post to your friends who ask you “Georgetown? Is that the same was George Washington?” or “Oh, Georgetown in Kentucky?”

Excited Big East GIF by BIG EAST Conference - Find & Share on GIPHY

1. Having to apply to a club devoted to eating

Note: I got rejected. I guess I don’t eat the right food.

2. Thinking it’s cool to talk about SAT scores at a party

To freshmen: You all got into Georgetown. Why does it matter if you got a 1550 and Brittany over here got in with a 1200? Please just do what the rest of us are doing and get so drunk that all you’re thinking about is food.

Judging Dead Poets Society GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. Sending hundreds of emails about burglaries on campus but insisting on hiring student guards instead of professionals

The only thing that floods my inbox more than the GU bookstore emails (GET YOUR TEXTBOOKS TODAY!) is HOYAlert. I’ve been to other college campuses before, all of which hire police officers and security guards. Meanwhile, here on the Hilltop, our strongest defender is a 6’2″ MSBro just trying to make $14.

4. Considering a plain tortilla with some heated cheese a “gourmet tradition”

Don’t get me wrong. I love Epi quesadillas. But we’re out here paying over $70k to flex about quesadillas and Chicken Tenders on Thursdays.

Kate Mckinnon Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

5. Being in the minority for not having a Goyard bag or Gucci belt

People who don’t succumb to the temptations of luxury brands are like those who still didn’t watch Game of Thrones after all the memes and posts online.

6. Giving your resume to Hasan Minhaj

To whoever did this: What did you gain?

Cfda Awards 2019 Hasan Minaj GIF by CFDA - Find & Share on GIPHY

7. Competing to see who has the most midterms this week

This one is always the definition of “weird flex but ok.” Chad, I’m sorry you have to stay up all night to complete four group projects and presentations. That doesn’t change the fact that I still have to study for my exams.

8. Hosting a 2.5 hour long chef battle to make up for the fact that there was a dead fly in your salad

In all fairness, it was an intense battle. “Chopped” is quaking.

Mad Men Slap GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. Paying $2.6 million to have your kid live in a flooded VCE

No explanation needed.

10. The most diverse part of Georgetown is the workers at Leo’s

As GUSA candidates always say, “Diversity and Inclusivity!”

All jokes aside, we at 4E absolutely love Georgetown. We have our ups and our downs, but even the brutalist architecture of Lau represents home to us.

5 Fashion Trends You’ll (Regret to) See in Lau During Finals Szn

As people recover from Georgetown Day and Foxfields, it’s now time to end the year with a BANG: Finals Season. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors– you know the drill. The more stressed you are, the more your fashion taste deteriorates along with it. Freshmen– here are some peculiar fashion trends you’ll prominently see in Lau during Finals Season.

  1. Barefoot

Some people think it’s a good idea to walk around without shoes on, as they roam around Lau 2 with their dark white (or grey…) socks without a single care in the world. Maybe this is abnormal at first, but Hoyas are just trying to get as comfortable as possible for the all-nighter in Lau. Maybe a little too comfortable. And by this, I’m saying this: Please put your shoes on in Lau. Feet smell.

2. Airpods. Everywhere

Oh My GoD hE cAn’T hEaR yOu. He HaS aIrPoDs In! People are dying of stress, but this time, in ~luxury~.

3. Newspaper Pants

From DHGate.com

I only saw this once, but I was distracted from studying Research Methods and Statistics by a guy wearing sweatpants with a newspaper print design. It was a weird flex, but I kind of respect it.

4. Chinese Food Scented Clothing

Nothing fits Lau’s beautiful and classy aura better than students smuggling in containers of smelly Chinese food and leaving it open for everyone to smell. Now, Lau smells like academic stress AND Chicken Lo Mein.

5. Anyone who dresses remotely nice

The weirdest trend is people who dress cute to go to Lau. It’s 2AM Brittany– why are you wearing black skinny jeans and a tube top as if you’re sending L2? Lau is for suffering. Lau is for stress. Lau is not for looking pretty and aggravating people like me who wear a T-shirt and Crocs.

Next time you go to Lau to cram for your history paper, take a look around and see how many of these fashion trends you didn’t notice before. Happy Studying!

Top 5 Presidents To Party With

Whether you’re studying for midterms or going home for the long weekend, it’s important that on Monday, Feb. 18, we Hoyas honor and celebrate the iconic U.S. presidents. Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, let’s all refrain from the political debates for just one day and unite to discuss the top five presidents to bring to a Georgetown party.

  1. Barack Obama

As singer Jamie Foxx once said, “Obama is so cool, you forget he is president.” Well-spoken, charming, and overall just a really cool dude, Obama would probably be great on the aux. No matter how horrible, how smelly, how crowded, or how uncomfortable this on-campus party might be, there is no doubt that Obama would be our hype-man, showing off his cool moves and constantly pumping his fist into the air.

More importantly, he’d bring along his equally charming wife, Michelle, who would definitely help me with my spring break diet by replacing my greasy quesadilla with a handful of carrot sticks.

2. Abraham Lincoln

The only thing better than drunkenly walking to the Lincoln Memorial is meeting the man himself. Honest Abe can be found lingering in the bathroom of the party, truthfully telling random drunk girls that he’s never met before, “OHHH MY GOD! You’re SOOoooOoo PRETTY,” or “Shut up! You are the most beautiful person EVER! Oh my god I need to pee.” We all need some honest positivity in our lives.

3. John F. Kennedy

I obviously chose JFK, because you need some eye candy at the party. Sorry, Jackie!

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Shoutout to FDR for making alcohol legal again (@ the repeal of the Prohibition Act). We just have to respect him for that.

5. William Taft

If you didn’t already know, former President Taft got stuck in his own bathtub. I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m sure he’d relate to that kid from @georgetownhotmess who got stuck in his own VCW bathroom (This is a shoutout to you, whoever you are!). I’m more than confident that this past president would make the best out of our crumbling infrastructure, making the most out of every party.

We at 4E hope that you have a wonderful time doing whatever you please on this federal holiday.

The Egg That Beat Kylie: What Your Egg Opinions Say About You

With over 46 million likes, an HD photograph of a whole egg has ousted Queen Kylie Jenner from her title of having the most-liked Instagram post.

While this is a glorious moment that should be celebrated (because who doesn’t love eggs?), I nonetheless believe that this source of protein is getting a little too cocky. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to create egg merchandise?

Nonetheless, we at 4E must pay a tribute to this godly account by devoting this article to the egg in all its glorious forms. Keep reading to see what your egg preference says about you. @world_record_egg, this one’s for you.


Running to your 300-person Macro lecture, you can probably be spotted from afar, wearing flip flops in the middle of January and annoying everyone with your absurdly tangled earbuds. You may be seen Naruto-running across Copley Lawn, somehow trying to get from Reiss to Car Barn within ten minutes, and you’re probably that person who impulsively made four out of five of their classes all in one day. Good luck :/


Because this egg is tough to cook, you’re probably high maintenance. You probably analyze your Tinder options for 5 minutes each (must fulfill height, face, personality and muscle requirements), unlike your friends who recklessly swipe right on any and every one. In other words, you’re dating Mac McClung or no one. When you’re still on the waitlist, you probably will be surprised that, no, the professor “will not make an exception for you” and you “simply must let MyAccess do the work.”


Just like the “perfect” runny yolk, you need a happy medium in order to be likeable. In other words, you are that person who is completely different when sober vs. when drunk. During the school week, you are probably an academic weapon, managing your time perfectly and acing your classes with ease. But 4 Red Bull vodkas in, you’re on the floor, puking, cursing, yelling at GERMS, crying, screaming and sleeping.


Eh, you’re a little bland, but we all need some normalcy in our lives. People applaud you for buying your textbooks way in advance and knowing your major the first week of your freshman year. You play it safe by eating the ready-to-go grilled cheeses at bottom Leo’s (shoutout to Sazón for giving me food poisoning this week), and you probably attend those Donuts With Deans events every Thursday.


You’re a tough one: probably that big athlete with the navy blue D1 winter coat that I am afraid of at Leo’s. And if you’re not an athlete, you’re probably that stubborn freshman who cannot believe he got a B+ on that first philosophy paper that totally deserved an A! While you think people probably think you’re ~cool~, whether you’re benching at Yates or playing Devil’s advocate in the SFS, the reality is: not that many people like you.

We at 4E love our eggs and congratulate this viral egg along with its 46.5 million supporters.

What to Expect During Semi Formal Szn

In between the time of the turkey and the weeks of Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey Christmas carols, Georgetown celebrates another special season: Semi Formal Szn. Around this time, the Facebook notifications roll in, the online shopping begins, and the number of people getting hospitalized skyrockets.

With these many options of which formal to crash, our wallets are begging us to be selective. So, I’ll make it easy for you and summarize what to expect at each event:

Any Frat/Sorority

If you’ve never been to any of the Greek life semi formals, just pull up any video on Barstool’s Instagram page and you’ll get the picture. Girls will be taking photos everywhere, begging their dates to “take one with flash, one without and one with portrait mode.” The guys, of course, will be screaming jibberish at each other, lightly punching each other until it eventually turns into a spectacle of a public fistfight. Nonetheless, a good time!


Mini hot dogs and Red Bulls are not a great combination for the stomach. If you really pay attention, you can hear the attendees, 99 percent of whom are not even in GUES, complaining about the lack of food and eventually taking the late night trek to Epi (the pesto grilled cheese is underrated, by the way, so be sure to try that). Each semester, at least one person has needed to be ~escorted~ into an Uber back to campus, and you can bet that this year will be no different.

The Hoya

This will probably be the most sophisticated-trashy formal you’ll ever attend. Hoya members will gladly debate politics, compare their high school subject test scores and argue about which section of The Hoya is ‘better’ (s/o to “tHe BlOg DoEsN’t EvEn CoUnT!”). Basically, it’s the typical GPB basement party, but much classier (and less crowded)!

Couples at Leo’s

I still don’t know who runs the Couples at Leo’s Instagram account, but if you’re reading this, I love you (and thank you for following @picsofjennaeating #shamelessselfpromo). No one at this formal will bring (or have) a significant other, but that won’t stop them from ~classily~ sharing a beverage together at Hawthorne. The lucky stars who have been featured on @CouplesAtLeos will receive their deserved clout and moments of fame, as overexcited freshmen will scream, “You’re the one who played footsies!” or “Aren’t you the one who ate alone?”

The Corp

I don’t know why on earth people would pay $100 for a formal, but they better be willing to get their money’s worth out of a night at the Andrew M. Mellon Auditorium. Freshman girls will finally be able to rewear their prom dresses, only to realize how uncomfortable they truly were. It might be tough to convince your non-Corp friends as to why they should pay $100 for a ticket to one formal when they could just go to the three formals listed above for the same price, but you can at least send your family some wholesome and classy photos before you spend most of the night waiting in line for the fancy bathroom.

Formal szn can be overwhelming, but you should at least try to go to one for the experience. And if you go to all of them…how do you have the money, energy and liver for that?

Have fun, Hoyas.


Gif/Photo Sources: giphy.com, flashbak.com