Maine: Your Official 4E Summer Bucket List

Banner - Maine GuideMaine. No it’s not Canada, Vermont, nor part of Massachusetts (at least not anymore). Maine, otherwise known as “Vacationland”, is a beautiful sanctuary tucked away at the northeastern tip of the continental United States. It has the honor of being the first in the nation to see the sun rise each morning. Maine, while most famous for its lobster and great outdoors, is far more than seafood and pine trees. And you should totally visit! Here’s your summer bucket list to experience Maine like a true Mainer:


1) Fly into PWM. Beautiful incoming views of Portland upon arrival to PWM’s one quaint terminal: the perfect first impression of our cozy state. There are even rocking chairs!

2) Visit the Old Port. Whether you’re of age and looking to bar hop, a foodie looking for an authentic Maine meal, or human being who likes to wander, the Old Port has something for everyone. It’s small (like Maine as a whole), but ripe with window shopping, local art, and plenty of good eats.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.35.54 PM

3) Take a walk around MacWorth Island. No more than a ten minute drive from the Old Port, MacWorth Island is the perfect mini-hike to take in the Maine fresh air. You can drive out to the island and walk its perimeter in less than an hour, or relax on some of its benches or beaches that look out on Casco Bay. Plus, it’s dog friendly!

4) Take a picture on the Bean Boot. We won’t judge, L.L. Bean might (so just be careful not to cause yourself or the property harm in the process!). Freeport, Maine is home to L.L. Bean’s flagship store and the only thing more trendy than Bean Boots is a giant Bean Boot!


5) Shop at the Freeport Outlets. Deals. Variety. Shopping. What more could you want?

6) Have a beach day at Old Orchard Beach. Not only is there a pier with a vast array of fries and pizza, but also there is a small amusement park and a day’s worth of people watching to be done all while getting your swim and tan on.

7) Visit five islands for a dinner on the ocean. There will be ice cream, lobster, and burgers galore.


8) Shop at Reny’s, Marden’s, or Big Al’s. You have to.


*observe the Maine accent*

9) Go to a Sea Dog’s Game. Two words: Baseball pants Pop & Corn.

10) Eat a Sam’s Italian. No we’re not sure if anything about these subs is Italian, but they are undoubtedly yummy.

11) Get a lobster roll at a Lobster Shack. Authentic.


12) Go ATVing. No you don’t have to wear camo, nor adopt a Mainer accent, or say “wicked” to see Maine from the seat of a dirt bike or four-wheeler.

13) Hike Mt. Katahdin. It’s the last stop on the Appalachian trail and the tallest peak in the state! On a nice day you can climb Knife’s Edge if you’re feeling brave, looking for an incredible view, and want to add crawling across the edge of a mountain to your two truths and a lie stash.

14) Go kayaking. If you fall out, you won’t have to worry about contracting a nasty disease from polluted waters; you can swim instead of scram!

15) Find a rope swing or a quarry to jump off of. But be safe, responsible, and cautious when using.


16) Walk Portland’s East End trail. You could hop on the Polar Express, see a cruise ship, stop at the beach, and buy some street art all in under an hour!

17) Fielder’s Choice. How does it go?: “I scream for ice cream, you scream for ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!”

18) Visit a county fair. Join in on a pig race where you can literally chase down a piglet and take it home if you are able to catch it!

19) Take a stroll down Main Streets. Pick a town, search Main Street on Google Maps, and take a little walk through historic small town.

20) Attend the Balloon Festival. Every late August you can visit Lewiston or Auburn for the Great Falls Balloon Festival. Whether you’re riding in a hot air balloon or watching them above from a blanket below, it’s a spectacle to behold.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.37.13 PM

21) Go camping. You have to pee in the woods at least once in your life.

22) Drink some Moxie. Or at least, try it. Like coffee, it’s an acquired taste.


23) Watch a Drive-in Movie. Bring blankets and have an evening straight off of pinterest.

24) Get breakfast at a small town diner. 100% guaranteed: it will be good.

25) Spot a moose. Or a Bush at their family estate in southern Maine.


26) Shop at Mexicali Blues. Why travel to a foreign country to collect trinkets and tapestries when you can go to Maine and get them all in one spot?

27) Go yard sale-ing. No guarantees you’ll find anything, but it is sure to be an educational and informative Maine experience.

28) Pick blueberries. In the Blueberry Capital of the world.

29) Go disc-golfing. We hear it’s trending, and Maine has plenty of wooded courses.

30) See a Concert on the Bangor Waterfront. 90% chance it will be country (however, this is not a factual statistic).

31) Eat a Whoopie Pie. 


32) Visit Fort Popham (and it’s beach). Go for the history, stay for the waves. You can even walk out to an offshore island when the tide is out!

33) Drive. Anywhere and everywhere, pump up the jams, roll down the windows and get lost on the back roads and explore Maine’s beauty.

34) Have a campfire with friends. Make some S’mores. Sing some songs. Play some cards.

35) Visit Acadia National Park. A trip to Maine is not complete without a visit to Bar Harbor (pronounced Bah Hah-bah by a Mainer). Not only is it beautiful, but you can’t say you’ve ever really been a tourist in Maine until you’ve seen the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain (no worries, we know at this point you’re probably tired of walking, here you can drive up!).

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.33.32 PM

There you have it! A perfect 4E guide on all things Maine from a true ‘Mainer’.  Enjoy kids.



Awkward 2

Freshman year of college is like the first episode of New Girl or the sex-ed class in 5th grade- awkward. But it’s okay because you’re a freshman and you get to embrace this identity throughout all of those moments that make you cringe, want to dive into some water, put a bag over your head, etc. When you’re a sophomore it’s still pretty awkward and you have less of an excuse to embrace it (but you of course do anyway). Have no fear though because by the time you’re a senior, well you know what they say: it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. And well, you still probably are.



4E is ripe with a haul of self-proclaimed awkward experts. Had an awkward moment? It’s most likely that we’ve been there, and back, too many times. So for those times when you’re torn between hiding under the covers or breaking free out into the world, we’re here to push you toward the latter! Let us now walk you through a few scenarios and some strategies for conquering them.

1. First, the classic name game. You’ve met 1,000 people this year and you’ve remembered about 6 of their names. When the moment arises that you forget someone’s name, you can…

  • Proceed to cough various names in hopes that one will trigger their attention.
  • Find a reason to clarify the spelling.
  • Call them pal, Jack, Caroline, or Sarah, you have a 40% chance of being correct.

giphy-12. Next, you are walking behind someone that totally looks like that person that’s in that group with you. They’ve got the same hairstyle, cool shoes, and the same build. Rather than awkwardly walking directly behind them to class you jump ahead and start talking. But then you realize it’s not the person whom you thought it was. You can…

  • Run.
  • Continue to talk to them as if they were that person and imply that it is them not you who is crazy.
  • Introduce yourself and invite them to coffee because this could be the making of a
    perfectly awkward friendship.
  • Pretend you were talking to the imaginary person behind them.

3. A friend asks you on a date. You had just settled in for the night, aka you only have a t-shirt and underwear on and you hear a knock at your door, “So, I was wondering if you would want to get dinner later this week?” You can…

  • Shut the door in their face, go to bed, and apologize in the morning you thought you were having a nightmare.
  • Say yes, but call it a “friendly dinner” and continue to emphasize how excited you are for the “friendly dinner” all week.
  • Pretend you no longer speak English, and mistakenly thought they asked if you had any extra socks. Proceed to hand them socks.


4. An actual date. Let’s say it was coffee. Here we shall focus on the goodbye. You just departed Saxbys and are heading in the opposite direction of your date. You can…

  • Keep as much distance as possible so that by the time they go in for a move you are
    halfway up O Street.
  • Go in for the handshake. Bold. Sends a message that you’re serious.
  • The usual, “Let’s do this again sometime,” followed by the expected response of a nod
    of the head and one resounding “Yeah, totally, for sure.” (*thanks but no thanks).

5. Your professor overhears saying something you would rather them have not heard.This could be anything from the Saturday night that you wish to never relive, to how you haven’t done in the reading all semester. It’s all awkward. You can…

  • Go to office hours, kneel on the floor, and plead your apology.
  • Act like you were acting out someone else’s life and proceed to talk about all of the
    studying you did this weekend.
  • Wallow in your embarrassment and never go to that class again.

6. Alas, the person you’ve been seeing asks ‘what you guys are.’ You can…

  • Just show them this, or act it out.


An Ode To Brown House

Banner - BrownHouseFor those of you who haven’t yet heard some of the worst news to ever arrive to a Georgetown student’s ears, Brown House will no longer house students next year. So, without further adieu, here is 4E’s ode to this magnificent Georgetown party scene staple:

There you are, brown bricked, standing high and tall

Gracing N St. with your presence for all,

Forever in our hearts and in our minds-

For freshman year you were one of the greatest of all finds,

Brown House you will be dearly missed-

For when we heard the provost office claimed you, we bawled in fits,

Who will appreciate your walls for dancing?

Who will be there late into Saturday night for dance floor romancing?

The Provost’s office, man, what do they even do?

Certainly not host parties, Georgetown’s social glue-

On campus there will be one less place for freshmen to crawl,

One less place to find bouncers with which to brawl,

Your sticky floors will never be the same-

The tidy little Provost is going to make you so lame,

I never did dare go pee when there,

One of many memories we will never be able to share,

But don’t feel too bad Brown House; you’ll always be in our heart-

For your legacy among Hoyas shall never depart


Spring Concert Reveal: W– K—–?!

Banner - WizAll along the Eastern shore…. people line up to recieve/

She got the power in her hand/ To shock you like you won’t believe/

Saw her in the Mcdonough line/ With the Voltage running through her skin [….]

I said, OOOO GIRL 



Get your Black and Yellow out so that you and you Taylor Gang can Drop it Down on it, because on April 22, Shawty is gonna roll up and before long he will be saying “See You Again”. Yeah-Ah-Ah you know what it is, everything he do yeah he do it big and 4E is hoping Georgetown will be no exception. Now we are left to ponder who his opener will be…..?

Probably not MGMT, unfortunately.

See you at the Spring Concert!


Five Possible Dining Alone Scenarios at Leo’s

Eating Alone

They say that the enemy of success is comfort. Leo’s is likely to be a place you find yourself often — and if not poopoo for you, because Leo’s is HOT. The triumphant marketing team’s latest endeavor, inspired by the altruistic and chumley community that is the Hilltop, has developed table sharing signs. Not only are these well designed “Dining Solo? Join me, this is a shareable table” signs equipped to add flare to your table and meal, but they are also something bigger. They are invitation to community, to love, and to the ever-beloved networking skills  that Hoyas pride themselves on.


While the prospect of inviting or approaching a fellow stranger to share company over a meal of chicken fingers may seem daunting, 4E urges you to take the leap — for as some wise human once said, “achievement thrives on the extended peripheries of our comfort zones,” or something like that. If you take the leap this may happen…


1) HoyaLoveStories.

giphy-4Heard the stories? It could be you. Sit down stay awhile. A long while. Eventually you’ll be buried together. 

2) The Best friend.


Who knows maybe you’ll end up getting Leo’s together every night?! Be each other’s best man? Go to your kids first birthdays? Retire together? There is so much room for possibilities.

3) The Business Partner


Uhuh hunny. Handshake is the name, entrepreneurship is the game. Let Chicken Finger Thursday inspire you to develop the next Facebook, waffle press, air travel machine…

4) Discover your best friend’s old hook up


When they sat down you thought they looked familiar, but the more their little idiosyncaries begin to reveal themselves, like how he says bro after every other word, or laughs lika hyena… it finally clicks, your roommate used to go out with him. Now you sit, devour your food, and hope nobody saw you.

5) The Stalker

Hey, this could very much be the biggest liability of taking the leap. But really, how bad could having someone’s undivided attention be?… There’s always restraining orders if you start to feel unsafe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.02.19 PM

And follow @georgetowndining on Instagram cause rumor has it, I may be behind the scenes…


How To Be A Georgetown Rebel

Banner - Georgetown RebelIt’s that liberating feeling you get when you microwave the bowl that you know says “do not microwave.” It’s the surge of energy that shimmers down your spine as you turn the knob of Lau 6 and enter the rooftop. It’s the the fact that you’re not interning on the Hill, applying to be a tour guide, a barista, a consultant, a bank teller… that you’re majoring in the social sciences and spending your free time people watching and loving every second of your meal at Leo’s.

It’s all of these reasons and more that signify your status as a Georgetown rebel.
spongebob gif

Were you one of those middle schoolers too busy trying to keep up with the latest trends that you never got the chance to feel the liberation of being the eccentric kid that defies the normal conventions? Were you that kid then, but since coming to Georgetown, have become too normal now and are looking to revert back to your quirky ways?! Well, we’re here to help!

1) Don’t have a Tombs night on your 21st birthday, have an Epi night instead.

Rumor has it they have a disco ball, rocking playlist and speaker system, and good pizza, too!

2) Stop using Bumble and Tinder and start announcing what you’re looking for at the beginning of each class.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.06.18 PM

Do it I triple-dog-dare you- your professor will probably know just the gal/guy!

3) Sleep 10 hours each night.

Because who on earth wants to hear about the all-nighter you pulled?

4) Join no clubs.

You may then remember to do that thing called ~breathing~.

5) Aspire to be be a scuba-diver, own a popsicle stand or be a background dancer… anything that doesn’t involve the words consulting or finance.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to bartend in Australia, couch surf at Grandma’s house or explore the arts?

6) Be a senior with a meal plan living in Southwest Quad because you want to.


Freshman will aspire to be you.

7) Don’t set mouse traps. Instead, keep the rats as your furry friends!


Every apartment needs a mascot, right?

Alas, complete all 7 steps and you’ve officially made it past the Georgetown norms and into the final stages of Georgetown rebellion! Welcome!


What Do Japan And Leo’s Have In Common?

Banner - JapenHis name is Chef Yamada! And he comes with a chance to be on Japanese television!!! (may or may not be true, but whatever…)


Yes, this is real life. In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, Leo O’Donovan’s Dining Hall hosted Executive Chef of Upstairs at Bouley of New York City, Isao Yamada, alongside more than 20 Aramark chefs from around the country this past Friday!


Feeling like you missed out last Friday because you used all your meal swipes on Einstein’s bagels?  Well, you’re still in luck as Leo’s will be introducing a specialty menu featuring Japanese cuisine brought to us by Chef Yamada starting on February 10th through the 16th.  Bringing a world-renowned chef to Georgetown is “going to be a very positive story about chefs in the U.S. that are open to more variety of healthy options and learning new ingredients and cooking”, a representative for Chef Yamada said in a statement to Leo’s.

want him

So what are you waiting for, grab a friend and borrow a guest swipe!  Better yet, purchase a meal plan and you’ll never miss out on any of Leo’s special events ever again.


So You Won the Powerball?!

Banner - Powerball

America’s latest obsession: $1.3 billion in winnings could be yours! However, it is more likely that you get hit by an asteroid, find buried treasure, became president a ca-jillion times, you get the picture… But let’s just say you do win, you did it, you’ve won! What’s next?


If you don’t faint, have a heart attack or experience any other mind-altering impairment, 4E advises you to take the following steps:

1. Stay Quiet: As much as you’d like to, as much as you’re probably rolling on the ground with excitement, don’t tell anyone! This is the kind of money that not only will have every last distant, twice-removed cousin calling you up, but also could put a target on your back (see #5 for how to hire your own secret service).


2. Talk Business: Call your lawyer and your financial advisor. Seriously, we here at 4E believe that there is a point at which you have more money than you know what to do with (however we are giving you great guidance here), so you’re going to have to invest it. We suggest the following stocks: adult coloring books, hover-cars, Mars and fixing the chipotle epidemic (an anti-E. coli stock?).


3. Treat Everyone: Treat your mom, your dad, and all of those distant removed relatives we mentioned before. This is a superbly greedy method — believe it or not — as spending on others will increase your overall well-being and limit the risk of becoming one of those depressed lottery winners who feels their life is without purpose.

TREAT YOURSELF. Puppies, unabashedly paying extra for guac, Uber to class and bribery. It can all be yours for the right price.


4. Be Philanthropic: Create your empire. However you wish to change the world, the limits are endless. Now’s your time to cure cancer, to put an end to money and politics, to invest in every individual in a small country, to create a chain of charter schools and thus change the minds of the future forever! ~Create your legacy today~.


BUT. If you don’t win, just remember: you’re not alone and you (likely) didn’t get hit by an asteroid.


“Totally Real” Yahoo Answers: The 4th Edition

Banner - Yahoo Answers

We did not make this up, or at least, the questions. Pulled straight from the World Wide Web’s very own Yahoo Answers, 4E has picked out some classic questions from the “education” category. We tried to come up with an answer with common sense, but sometimes the questions are too much…



Are 60 seconds and 1 minute really the same?

No, absolutely NOT.  This common misconception is all part of the Illuminati’s plot to make us lose track of time as they slowly take control over our minds #conspiracy.  Rihanna writing that she’s “four five seconds from wildin'” is a perfect example of their work.  What does that even mean, and why is “wildin'”?  The world will never know, but luckily there are some people working to prevent the Illuminati from gaining complete control.  After all, we can thank Rebecca Black for helping us to accurately remember the days of the week!  Just keep reciting her insightful lyrics and remember ~they’re watching~.

What does “K” mean in terms of money?

K, noun, is a term that delves into the question of the existence of money. Where does it come from? Is it a figment of my imagination? How do I got more of it? Derived from the infamous Kardashian family, K is demonstrative of how money exists seemingly without grounding; it is something that just ~is~.


How do I get my sister not to go to college?

In researching the answer to this question, some sources actually provided reasons like: since she’s a girl she shouldn’t make money, a college degree would guilt her husband into letting her get a job (oh no!), and college will make her promiscuous (so truuuuu). In light of these answers, our answer is that your sister MUST go to college to combat these ludicrous ideas that say she shouldn’t.

What incantations work best for summoning Jesus?

The absolute best way to bring Jesus back from the dead is to wear your pajamas inside out, run around your dining room table five times, and leave a spoon under your pillow.  Ironically this also works for snow days!  If you’re not really feeling this incantation, we recommend leaving a milkshake outside on your lawn.  We’ve heard this method is known for bringing all the boys to your yard.


Are UC Applications due December 1?

Irrelevant because Georgetown’s application is due January 10th and that’s all you need to know.



Winter Break Life Lessons: the 8 Things You Discover

Banner - Winter Break

Winter break is an interesting time. In the middle of the school year, it’s a weird lapse between the fall and spring semesters, just a few weeks full of extravagant (or monotonous) family holidays, trips to visit relatives and indulgence.


What other time during the year do we have such an opportune chance to reflect on ourselves, our lives, and the relatively-(but-only-for-a-short-while)-distant bubble that is Georgetown? The answer is not summer break because the expanse of time is too long, too lacking of holiday festivity, and too routine. Here are the gems that winter break affords us, mainly:

  1. The Joy of Snacking. You never quite remember just how valuable a stocked fridge and cupboard full of cereal and Cheez-Its is to your wellbeing until you’re home in your childhood bed with nothing on your agenda except a trip to the kitchen.giphy
  2. Netflix. In particular: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You can watch a whole season in one day. Can you watch the whole series in one break? While we make no speculation as to whether or not this timeless spectacle can grow old, we will admit that break teaches us that those episodes that are full of flashbacks are cop-outs. Since we saw that scene yesterday, it’s not worth reflecting on when Ross could have a new date or Phoebe could be making some weird family-related discovery. 
  3. The Time-Capsule Phenomena. Nothing. Ever. Changes. Can you believe that your town looks the same, your dog sits in the same spot on the rug and your mom has the same routine of game-show watching after dinner each night? While you’ve been busy conquering Brown House and concocting new Leo’s dinner creations the world has continued to spin and life has continued to go on as you know it outside of the front gates. 
  4. Reading for Pleasure. This one goes well with the unfathomable idea that you have this strange amount of time where you don’t remember the date, you have almost forgotten what it is like to live out of a planner and the alarm clark has been untouched. Reading for pleasure: dictated by your own curiosity and not listed on a class syllabus, who knew?
  5. How Great It Is to Do Nothing When It Is Only Temporary.giphy-1
  6. How Unreal (Actually) College Is. Think about it, your friends are your next door neighbors if they’re not your roommates or a short walk across campus to Henle away. Yet over break they’ve reverted to their second lives all over the world, in different time zones.
  7. How Much You Missed and Didn’t Miss Your High School Job. Day 1: *Wow this is so great. I remember that customer, so nice. I’ve missed this.* […] Day 3: *If only everyone could look away while I subtly rested my head on this cash register for the next hour…
  8. The Value of Your Dog. Okay, so this one you never quite forget, but man is it great to have a furry friend to greet you: it’s something that makes leaving the house difficult. Something to pet, and something to talk like a baby too: good times. Jack-My-Happy-Dog