Hilltoss Menu Preview

Hilltoss copy

The Corp’s new salad storefront in the Healey Family Student Center, Hilltoss, opens tomorrow. Ahead of the grand opening, we were able to get a sneak preview of their salads. The restaurant lets you create your own salad or choose from one of eight menu options. Here’s what to expect from each of these eight “Signature Salads.”

AlmalfiCoastAmalfi Coast ($8.50)

Arugula/romaine, cherry tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, quinoa, salt, pepper, oregano, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

The Almalfi Coast salad is probably the simplest on the menu, with a plain base of romaine, arugula and quinoa and only tomatoes, mozzarella and chicken as toppings. The salad is reminiscent of a Caprese salad and is nice and light for if you’re not feeling too hungry.

BrutusBrutus ($8.75)

Kale/mesclun, cherry tomatoes, lemon pepper chicken, parmesan, croutons, lemon squeeze and asiago peppercorn dressing

The Brutus is definitely for the cheese lovers amongst us with both parmesan and an asiago-based dressing. The one we tried was a little heavy on the lemon squeeze, throwing off the salad’s balance, but was still good. This is a reliable salad and is one of the more filling options on the menu.

JayGatsbyJay Gatsby ($8)

Spinach, strawberries, avocado, goat cheese, walnuts, lemon squeeze and blush wine vinaigrette

Our personal favorite, the Jay Gatsby salad, combines the sweetness of strawberries with a slight hint of sourness from the lemon squeeze and the tanginess of the dressing. The salad is very summery and is light but still filling. Our guess is that this salad will be the Hilltoss’ most popular offering.

LibertyCobbLiberty Cobb ($9.75)

Mesclun/romaine, cherry tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled egg, bacon, lemon-pepper chicken, bleu cheese, Italian vinaigrette

A classic Cobb salad, the Liberty Cobb is exactly what you’d expect it to be and one of the more solid, dependable choices on the menu. The flavors worked well together and with the egg, bacon and chicken, the salad packs a protein punch. The large chunks of avocado add some extra flavor and creaminess to the bowl.

FarEastMovementFar East Movement ($9)

Kale/mesclun, oranges, sesame seeds, green onions, ginger-spiced tofu, garlic broccoli, red cabbage and ginger mandarin dressing

Hilltoss’ version of an Asian salad, the Far East Movement, combines savory greens and dressing with the sweetness of oranges. While the flavors of the oranges and various vegetables can be a bit conflicting at times, overall they combine favorably. Our only other complaint about this salad is the sometimes overwhelming amount of greens in the one we tried, which overpowered some of the other, more delicate ingredients like the broccoli.

PanthanonParthenon ($10)

Romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives, mint, feta cheese, hummus and rosemary garlic dressing

A twist on the classic Greek salad, the Parthenon has everything you’d expect: tomatoes, olives and feta. In addition to these staples of the Greek salad, the Hilltoss’ version includes some good quality hummus and an unexpected dressing, which somewhat surprisingly works. Overall, the salad is a good option on their menu and shouldn’t be ignored in favor of some of the more imaginative creations.

TaosTaos ($10.75)

Kale/romaine, cherry tomatoes, corn, red onion, black beans, avocado, lemon-pepper chicken, tortilla chips, cilantro and spicy chipotle dressing

If you’re craving a Chipotle bowl but don’t want to walk to M Street or eat that many calories, the Taos may be the salad for you. The Southwest-inspired salad offers a lot of the same ingredients as your favorite burrito joint with beans, avocado, corn, tomatoes, cilantro and chicken, topped with a chipotle dressing. The abundance of beans and chicken made the salad a very filling option, while still not getting overly heavy.

WaldenWalden ($11)

Quinoa, arugula, yellow pepper, cranberries, roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, lemon-pepper chicken and creamy balsamic

The Walden is a good fall salad option, perfect for these days as the temperature drops and the sun’s out less and less. The creamy dressing mixes well with the smooth sweet potato and goat cheese, and the dried cranberries provide a sweet and tangy addition to each bite. The yellow pepper seemed the most out of place in the salad but actually worked in the end, adding a bit of sweetness to the mix.

Photos: Michelle Xu/The Hoya

Pop Culture Conclave: ‘Blank Space’


In the two weeks since Taylor Swift’s “1989” has been released, we’ve been hearing a lot of our favorite country-gone-pop star. The fervor reached a peak Monday with the release of the video for the album’s second single “Blank Space.” Here, seven self-proclaimed Taylor Swift analysts discuss the best, worst and everything in between moments of the video, accompanied by a lot of screaming.

The panelists: Chair of the Board of Directors and former Guide Editor Sheena Karkal (COL ’15), Business Editor and former Guide Editor Kim Bussing (COL ’16), Contributing Editor Penny Hung (SFS ’16), Online Editor Ian Michael Tice (COL ’16), Executive Editor Mallika Sen (SFS ’16), Guide staff writer Michael Fiedorowicz (COL ’18), Guide Editor Jess Kelham-Hohler (COL ’17)

On Taylor Swift

Sheena: I guiltily like Taylor Swift. Even though she uses the same chord progression in every song, I think this new album is a divergence from her normal style. I thought it was interesting and I like that she’s branching out.

Kim: I literally bought Keds because Taylor Swift wears Keds. [Editor’s note: Kim is wearing Keds right now.] I think Olivia Benson, her cat, would be a great friend. I think she’s perfect. And she has great clothes. And we carry our handbags the same way.

Penny: I guess I’m a fan. Her Red concert was actually the first concert I ever went to. She wasn’t my favorite singer but the new album’s growing on me. Some songs aren’t my favorite. “Blank Space” definitely is my favorite song though — even before I saw the video.

Ian: I won’t admit to it but Taylor Swift is one of my favorites. [Editor’s note: You just admitted to it.]

Mallika: I don’t watch music videos but I watched this one about five times yesterday, including before every time I went to bed. [Editor’s note: Apparently, Mallika went to bed three times yesterday.]

Michael: I was very neutral about Taylor Swift until seeing the terrible video.

Jess: I was always the person who teased all her friends for liking Taylor Swift but then two days ago I found myself going into my room and stealing my roommate’s copy of the CD and putting it on my laptop, so now I’m confused.

The Video



Kim: Olivia Benson!
Jess: Is this like making fun of Beyoncé? It looks exactly like the Beyoncé video. It’s “Haunted” where she’s like in the black lingerie looking all sexy. But of course it’s Taylor Swift so she has a white cat and doesn’t really know what she’s doing.
Kim: Oh because “Shake It Off” was making fun of Miley and Katy Perry and all.
Jess: We are so deep!
Sheena: Is she trying to make fun of Beyoncé right now?!
Kim: That’s crossing a line though.
Jess: This may change my confusion into just hatred.
Kim: I thought she was just trying to look sexy and the evil, pretty temptress.
Mallika: And very Gatsby.
Sheena: Yeah but Beyoncé is actually amazing so …
Penny: Her outfit is just on point.


Kim: Why wasn’t he cast in “50 Shades of Grey?”
Jess: Taylor Swift needs to stop pretending she’s that sassy.
Everyone, except Michael: *gasps at closeup of his face*
Mallika: Isn’t his eyebrow way too over here, though? [Editor’s note: It literally extends into the middle of his..apparently it’s called a ‘glabella.’]
Kim: That’s his one flaw.
Ian: Just get some tweezers.


Jess: She needs to stop swaying her head nearly so much in like every second of this video.
Mallika: Doesn’t he also look kind of bored?
Sheena: He’s a terrible actor.
Mallika: He looks kind of, like, patronizing.
Penny: Well he’s a model, not an actor.
Ian: He does not know how to act. He just kind of sits there.
Mallika: He also looks like ‘OK I’m getting paid for this so I don’t care’
Ian: It balances out. She’s overacting to the extreme and he’s just not doing anything.


Ian: OK who rides bikes inside?! I’m sorry, there are breakables all around them.
Jess: Especially since she seems to have an entire field to ride around in.
Ian: Yeah, go outside.


Kim: There is no fourth wall!
Mallika: She also looks evil. She knows what’s coming.


Ian: OK, Taylor is definitely not that good at painting.
Sheena: You know how in Photoshop you can edit a photo to make it look like a painting. That’s what it looks like.


Kim: Capes are back in apparently.
Penny: And like the random dachshunds too.
Mallika: They’re not dachshunds!!
Everyone: *SCREAMS*
Penny: Dobermans, dobermans. My bad.
Sheena: Dachshunds are so different, oh my god.
Penny: Well they’re like large, black dogs.
Mallika: Dachshunds are the wiener dogs!
Penny: But they look big in “Up!”
Ian: “Up” is a cartoon!
Kim: Those were also dobermans!
Sheena: It’s OK, Penny.
Michael: Look at his stare. It looks like he’s looking at nothing.
Ian: Because he is. He has nothing in there.
Kim: It’s like the “Shake It Off” music video where they say she has nothing in her brain. But he actually has nothing in his.
Mallika: The dogs look really happy.


Mallika: He like rolls his eyes at her there.
Jess: Also where is she running? Why is she just randomly running?
Jess: He just looks like he’s like ‘Your butt looks really good when you run.’
Kim: That’s not what he’s paid to do.
Sheena: We’re making up so many excuses for him. I think we need to focus on Taylor Swift.


Ian: I just find a problem with his name being Sean.
Mallika: I don’t like the fact that they gave him a name. They should have never actually showed the heart thing.
Sheena: That’s his real name.
Mallika: They could have shown the heart thing but just not shown his name. Giving him a name ruins the illusion.
Ian: Yeah a long list of ex-lovers. Of Starbucks lovers.
Sheena: We should actually discuss the problem with the lyrics.
Kim: It’s all Brian Carden’s fault. [Editor’s note: Sales Director Brian Carden (MSB ’16) was originally convinced Taylor keeps a long list of Starbucks aficionados. He bailed on this roundtable for the Concert for Valor.]


Sheena: Wait, wait, wait. We need to talk about how he’s just pressing the same button over and over again. He’s like ‘I really like this emoji.’
Kim: I think I owned those sunglasses when I was 4.



Jess: Why does she suddenly become angry?
Penny: He’s cheating on her via text message.
Kim: They’re on a romantic date and he’s like ‘Nah I have to be on my phone.’ You’d be pretty pissed off.
Jess: But he was doing that the whole time before and randomly now she sits up and is angry.
Penny: Her lip-syncing gets really off when she gets angry.
Kim: Her best acting is when she’s angry.
Michael: Her best acting goes from like a 0 to a 1.

Everyone tenses in anticipation …


Everyone, even Michael: *LAUGHS*
Ian: Hands down the best part in the video.
Mallika: Because he’s so bad at it.
Sheena: How can he not just say ‘Oh my god.’ I could do that.
Ian: The arms and everything …

Ian: At this point he just knows that she’s crazy.
Mallika: Why isn’t he leaving?


Jess: Why is there a deer in her house?
Mallika: I thought it was a goat.
Ian: Yeah, it’s a goat.
Kim: It’s definitely a deer.
Mallika: I thought it was a scapegoat metaphor.
Ian: Either way, why is it next to her fireplace. Why are there so many things that should be outside inside?
Penny: I mean you have two random horses in your bedroom. Why not just have a random goat [Editor’s note: poll — goat or deer?] next to your fireplace?


Ian: I didn’t realize Taylor Swift had superhuman strength to disintegrate stone.


Sheena: This look right here.
Everyone, except Michael: Crazy eyes!
Ian: Can she be Crazy Eyes from “Orange Is The New Black” now?
Mallika: She actually looks feral there.


Ian: Yup, there’s Regina George in male form.


Penny: The pants. The pants falling down is the best part.
Mallika: He doesn’t even react. He’s just like ‘OK, par for the course.’
Penny: He’s probably used to getting undressed. He’s hot; he probably gets a lot of action.


Penny: Firebender!
Ian: And he still is just mildly annoyed.
Michael: I think he doesn’t care. He wants to keep the house. He doesn’t want to piss her off.
Sheena: Actually that might be it.
Penny: He’s the trophy husband.


Ian: What is happening with the apple?
Kim: Oh it is apple voodoo. I didn’t notice that.
Ian: She’s controlling him with that apple.
Michael: It looks like he’s waiting for a cue when he grabs his head.
Jess: It makes no sense though because the next time she grabs it then his hands do it rather than him being like squeezing his head.
Sheena: It makes no sense.
Ian: The metaphor is kind of lost.


Sheena: That is my favorite part of the song melodically …
Ian: But it’s paired with the weirdest image.
Mallika: It’s also a bit too comedic. Him spitting it out with those eyes and stuff like that makes you laugh regardless. But everything else is amusing but not overtly comedic.


Mallika: He reacts the second time she smashes the car.
Ian: At least he has some reaction here.
Sheena: Did she hit him with the club?
Mallika: He’s just randomly dead at some point.
Ian: But then he’s alive.


Kim: Where did the cat go?
Jess: She fed it to the deer that was waiting by the fireplace.
Kim: Deers don’t eat cats, Jess.
Jess: This one does. It lives with Taylor Swift.


Jess: Somehow she’s managed to pin down this hunky guy with her tiny thighs…


Ian: How would you stand on a horse?
Mallika: The horse looks mildly uncomfortable.
Penny: What is the purpose?
Michael: Is this like a Jesus metaphor? She looks like the cross and we have the apple.


Ian: Is it intentional that she falls over?
Kim: She’s just like ‘Oh, I’m goofy. I’m Taylor Swift.’
Mallika: She can explode a fireplace but not wield an axe.
Penny: She tried to slap the tree, I think.
Kim: Maybe she shouldn’t have worn heels while using an axe.


Michael: Yeah, that’s weird.
Penny: Isn’t he supposed to be dead?
Mallika: So she’s a necrophiliac.
Ian: But he’s not dead.


Mallika: His hair is not OK. It’s very “Jersey Shore.”
Sheena: OK, you can’t compare this dude to the highest paid male model or whatever.
Penny: They should have got the second-highest paid male model!
Mallika: They should have got Kroenig’s brother!
Everyone, even Michael: Yeah!

Final Impressions

Kim: Great, I’m going to watch it like 10 more times tonight.
Sheena: I feel like it’s ridiculous intentionally.
Kim: It’s a good music video. It’s supposed to be funny.
Penny: It’s supposed to be making fun of the fact that people are calling her crazy. Like you want crazy, you get crazy.
Mallika: Self-awareness is really likeable.
Sheena: I feel like before she was kind of mum on everybody talking about her. So this is nice.
Ian: As I watch it more, I’m kind of getting over it more. I watched it maybe 15 times yesterday but this is only the second time today. It’s a little much.
Penny: I feel like it gets more ridiculous for me the more I watch it. The lip-syncing gets more and more off. Her acting gets worse and worse.
Jess: I think right now we make excuses for her but eventually — probably like two weeks from now — everyone is going to get so annoyed with her.
Michael: The guy was a terrible actor.
Kim: But he’s pretty
Michael: Plus, she’s trying way too hard and she’s not being Taylor Swift.
Kim: That’s the point.
Michael: I know, I get that. But I don’t think she should be trying to do that. And I think she fails in the video.
Jess: You broke Kim’s heart.
Kim: I feel bad for Taylor. I wonder if she cares if people say mean things about her because Anne Hathaway does.
Everyone, even Michael: ….

[Editor’s Note: the roundtable dissolves into chaos at this point, courtesy the insidious divisiveness Anne Hathaway evokes.]

Thanks for joining us for the inaugural edition of Pop Culture Conclave. We’ll be bringing you more incisive analysis and commentary with the release of each zeitgeisty music video.

The Atlantic Calls Lau ‘Soul-Crushing,’ Confirms Everything We Already Knew


Lau is “soul-crushing.” Or at least according to an article in The Atlantic out today looking at the role that architecture plays on mental state. As any of us who have spent an all-nighter in the concrete fortress can confirm, this is definitely true.

The article, which looks at the positive effects of architecture on the brain, uses Lau as an example of just the type of architecture that doesn’t produce these outcomes.

At a particular moment during every tour of Georgetown’s campus, it becomes necessary for the student guide to acknowledge the singular blight in an otherwise idyllic environment.  

“Lauinger Library was designed to be a modern abstraction of Healy Hall”: a sentence that inevitably trails off with an apologetic shrug, inviting the crowd to arrive at their own conclusions about how well it turned out. Much of the student population would likely agree that the library’s menacing figure on the quad is nothing short of soul-crushing. New research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists suggests that architecture may indeed affect mental states, although they choose to focus on the positive.

These researchers, led by Catholic U. professor Julio Bermudez, looked at the effect that “contemplative architecture” (basically the opposite of Lau, I think) has on the brain, finding a positive impact. And even if they didn’t use Lau in their study, I think we all know what they would have found if they had.

So the next time you’re in Lau and you feel yourself dying a bit inside, know you’re not alone — and there’s even research to back you up.

Photo: Alexander Brown/The Hoya

Tombs Cancels Wine Night


Wine night, The Tombs’ weekly Sunday-night celebration of wine, has been cancelled indefinitely, 4E has learned.

Hopefully you’ve made alternate plans for your Sunday nights since you definitely won’t be enjoying half-off bottles of wine at The Tombs in the foreseeable future. We can only hope The Tombs reinstates wine nights as soon as possible so we can get back to our usual Sunday routine.

‘SNL’ Takes a Jab at Ebola Czar Ron Klain

ron klain

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” cold open mocked President Barack Obama and his administration’s response to the Ebola crisis, including a special appearance from his newly appointed “Ebola czar.”

Adjunct professor Ron Klain (CAS ’83) made headlines last week when Obama designated him as coordinator of the federal government’s response to Ebola. Klain (a former member of The Hoya) portrayed in the skit by “SNL” cast member Taran Killam, wasn’t exactly portrayed in the most positive light, but the clip is still worth watching.

Check it out for yourself:

Don’t let “SNL” get you down, Ron. We still love you.

Twitter Feud Alert: Madeleine Albright vs. Conan O’Brien


Our favorite Georgetown professor and former Secretary of State is already quite the tweeter, but she’s outdone herself now. After comedian Conan O’Brien tweeted he’d be dressing as a “slutty Madeleine Albright,” Madeleine fired back. See the full Twitter “feud” below:

Sassy, Madeleine. We like it.

Lobster Lovers Rejoice: $5 Off at Luke’s Today


Got dinner plans yet? Now you do.

That’s because, today only, Luke’s Lobster is offering $5 off any purchase of $15 or more in celebration of their fifth anniversary. Considering their rolls start at around $15, this is a pretty sizable discount; not only are you getting a delicious lobster, crab or shrimp roll, you also get a good deal. And as college students, we could all use a discount.

The chain of fast casual restaurants, which has locations in D.C., New York and Philadelphia, was founded in 2009 by Georgetown graduate Luke Holden (MSB ’07). The Georgetown location on Potomac Street NW serves up some of the best and freshest seafood in the neighborhood.

Be sure to stop by Luke’s (1211 Potomac St. NW) today before 9 p.m. to take advantage of this great deal and celebrate five years of delicious seafood.

Photo: Luke’s Lobster Facebook page

Chadwicks Is Closing, and Mr. Smith’s Is Taking Its Place


After Mr. Smith’s announced its closure Monday, the bar today announced plans to move into the Chadwicks space on K Street.

Washington City Paper first reported Mr. Smith’s intentions to close by the end of the month, though the general manager said they were looking for another space in Georgetown. According to Eater DC, now it is Chadwicks that will close on Aug. 31, and Mr. Smith’s that will continue its run in Georgetown.

Luckily, Chadwicks, which has been open since 1967, still has its other location in Alexandria, Va. According to The Georgetown Metropolitan, Mr. Smith’s, which has been around since at least 1962, was forced from its original location on M Street by a rise in the building’s rent.

Obviously we at 4E are upset by this news as it means the end of cheap happy hours and bottomless champagne brunch on the weekends at Chadwicks. But, at the same time, we’re happy to see that a Georgetown institution — Mr. Smith’s — will live on.

Photos: Mr. Smith’s via Washington City Paper, Mikayla Bouchard via The Pursuit of Happy Hour

Madeleine Albright Also Digs Leslie Knope


Madeleine Albright — she’s just like us. Well, insofar as that she’s also a fan of Leslie Knope, the quirky former city councilwoman of Pawnee played by Amy Poehler on “Parks and Recreation.” The former Secretary of State and current Georgetown professor gave both Poehler and her beloved character a shoutout earlier this week in a tweet that would surely make Knope squeal with joy.

Madeleine, you’re not alone. We love Leslie too. And Leslie, we agree, just keep doing what you’re doing — we just hope that autographed portrait somehow makes its way into the show’s upcoming seventh season.

Photos: Alexander Brown/The Hoya, www.knope2012.com

Rhino Temporarily Closes


Popular M Street spot Rhino Bar and Pumphouse will be closed through the weekend, leaving thirsty Hoyas looking for another place to spend their late nights.

After a February sting in which police officers found two underage girls with fake IDs and an underaged Georgetown student drinking a Bud Light inside the bar, the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board forced the temporary closure. In addition to being shuttered through this Saturday, July 12, the bar will have to pay a fine of $3,000.

In the end, I don’t know what’s more surprising: that they only found two people with fakes at the bar or that they found a Georgetown student drinking something as highfalutin’ as Bud instead of Burnett’s or Natty.

Anyway, I’m sure Rhino says sorry for not serving their delectable hot wings for a few days. And while these next five days might be difficult for some of the more dedicated Rhino-goers among us, we believe in you. To help, we compiled some options for how to cope with your loss:

1. Find another Georgetown bar to call home.

From Old Glory and Rí Rá to El Centro and Gypsy Sally’s, there are plenty of other places close to campus where you can get your drink on. And while they might not have the familiar atmosphere or abundance of Georgetown students, you might be surprised and find a new Georgetown favorite.

2. Use the opportunity to explore bars around D.C.

OK, so your favorite Georgetown bar is out for the count — at least this weekend — but there are hundreds of cool bars around the District. Take the chance to get familiar with a few of these options.

3. Hang out with underage people.

I’m actually pretty OK with Rhino being closed for the next few days because, as an underaged Hoya without a fake (you’re welcome, Mom), it means that more of you will be forced to hang out with me. So take advantage of the closure and do just that.

Together, we can get through the next four days without Rhino. Stay strong, Hoyas.

H/t to The Georgetowner