Mr. Georgetown 2018 Preview

Homecoming weekend means one thing: Mr. Georgetown is back! You probably weren’t fast enough to score tickets to the ~hottest~ event of the year, but luckily you can still learn a little bit more about the best that Georgetown has to offer. We sat down with the contestants to give you an exclusive sneak peak of Mr. Georgetown 2018.

Ryan Yoch- Mr. Hoya Blue

Hometown: Twin Cities, Minn.

School: College

Major: Government, Minor: Arabic and Business Administration

What do you love the most about Hoya Blue?

The moment when you lose yourself in a sporting event, where everything else in the entire world ceases to exist and all you can watch is that shot, that play, and all you want is for it to go in — it’s the greatest feeling in the world. You get addicted to it.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

I’ve got to rep Hoya Blue: Allen Iverson.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My deep, gravelly Hoya Blue voice that I bring out for sporting events. (Editor’s Note: Ryan demonstrated this voice for me and it was pretty impressive).

Jorge DeNeve- Mr. The Voice

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

School: College

Major: Math and Economics

What do love the most about The Voice?

If you’re really passionate about writing and if you enjoy it, those are the people that are going to stick around. As we continue to bring in more people who are like-minded in terms of their enthusiasm, people really put their heart and soul into the organization. I really enjoy the dedication and camaraderie we all have.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Shaw Field. I’ve covered women’s soccer for two years and I have a spot in the middle of the bleachers, fourth row, right behind the coach. Watching them make their run to the Final Four in 2016 and in the Big East Tournament last year was a lot of fun. I’ll always associate that spot with good memories.

What is your most beautiful feature?

I play soccer. My right foot.

JD Donohue- Mr. Superfood

Hometown: Spring Lake, N.J.

School: MSB

Major: OPIM, Minor: Government

What do you love the most about Superfood?

It’s an outlet for creativity. Especially when you’re 21 and the world is starting to get serious, you can go joke around and sing for a few hours a week. And the people. When I went abroad, the people I missed the most were all in Superfood.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

For famous alum, Bradley Cooper. But I also want to shout out to my friend Christy, who is coming to Mr. Georgetown. We met in Superfood when I was a freshman and she was a senior and we were immediate soul friends.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The HFSC (Editor’s Note: JD thinks saying “Heal Fam Stu Cen” is “cumbersome”).

William Morris- Mr. NSO

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

School: College

Major: American Studies and Government, Minor: Theology

What do you love the most about NSO?

I love how we have the opportunity to welcome students and their families to Georgetown. We have the chance to be their first impression of their time on the Hilltop and we can help set them up for success.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The deck on the seventh floor of Arrupe. Incredible view of campus and D.C.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My dazzling smile.

Jose Villalobos Gonzalez- Mr. Ritmo y Sabor

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

School: SFS

Major: STIA,  with a concentration in international development

What do you love the most about Ritmo y Sabor?

It feels like a little bit of home. Being in a foreign country where the culture is so different from Latin America, it’s really nice having a place where you can joke around about familiar things and share a little bit of your culture. Whenever we perform, we try to impress the sense that it’s more than just a flashy dance and is actually a part of a larger culture.

What is your favorite meme in the meme page?

The one about how you describe working at the RHO on your resume.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My eyebrows.

Micheal Whittington- Mr. GU Women of Color

Hometown: Trenton, N.J.

School: College

Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Japanese

What do you love the most about GU Women of Color?

For me, it’s the executive board. A lot of them are my close friends and they are all so intelligent, so articulate and so go-and-get-after-it. It’s really awe-inspiring to watch.

What is your favorite meme on the meme page?

I don’t have a singular favorite, but anything involving John Degioia’s face.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My smile.

Michael Chanen- Mr. GERMS

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.

School: College

Major: Physics

What do you love most about GERMS?

There are a lot of integrative aspects that are similar to the field of study that I want to pursue. Being able to interact with patients and feel like I’m providing a substantive good to my community is a really cool part of GERMS that I don’t think I would get elsewhere.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

Jenny Frankie. She graduated last year. She is a really lovely and sweet individual who makes me happy whenever I talk to her.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Lau 2. I spend so much time there — I spent more time there sophomore year studying for Organic Chemisty than I did in my own room. There are so many friends I’ve met on Lau 2 and I have a lot of sentimental memories there. It’s awful and hideous, but if I were in some other, nice library, I would spend all my time looking around and wouldn’t get my work done.

Marcos Morales- Mr. GIVES

Hometown: Santa Barbara, Calif.

School: MSB

Major: Marketing and Management

What do you love about GIVES?

The people. They’re some of the nicest and kindest people that I’ve met here at Georgetown and they make you happy to be around them

What is your favorite meme on the meme page?

The one where the honor council plagiarized the email warning us not to plagiarize. 

What is your most beautiful feature? 

My eyebrows. I’ve been told I have very thick eyebrows and I take that as a compliment.

Jeremy Canfield- Mr. Running Club

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Mass.

School: College

Major: Physics and Math

What do you love the most about the running club?

It’s open to everyone. A lot of people hear running club and their immediate thought is that they might not be fast enough, but speaking from personal experience, there really is no “level” needed to be in running club. So you get a very wide and diverse group of people. They really represent the university well and I’ve met all of my best friends through it.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

My former roommate Cameron. He graduated last year and is one of my best friends. He’s already doing great things. He’ll be going to Papua New Guinea for his job soon and I’m really proud of the work he’s doing.

What is your most beautiful feature?

I love my hair. It’s a pretty rare color and I think I’ve found a good style for it.

Jake Moran- Mr. Club Swimming

Hometown: Wayne, Pa.

School: SFS

Major: International Political Economy

What do you love the most about club swimming?

The team spirit, the camaraderie and the friends I’ve made here. I’ve found a home doing something I love and I got to resurrect my swimming career after high school.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

My mother because she inspires me.

What is your favorite meme on the meme page?

The meme about the fire alarms in the Southwest Quad and how all the fathers are going to sue.

Will Glynn- Mr. Ultimate Frisbee

Hometown: Wilton, Conn.

School: College

Major: Government and Economics

What do you love the most about ultimate frisbee?

The community. It’s where I found my place at Georgetown. Even if you’re not super athletically inclined, you can find a place. The people involved are wonderful and really enjoy welcoming newcomers.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

Patrick Seaman, the former president of our club.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My personality.

Luis Montoya- Mr. College Academic Council

Hometown: Whitney, Texas

School: College

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry

What do you love the most about the College Academic Council?

I love that we serve as a liaison between the students and the deans. We provide a way for the student body to share their thoughts and ideas with deans. As a science major (on a campus that can seem full of government majors), it’s really important to me to have that representation and make sure that all voices are heard.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

Bradley Cooper.

What is your most beautiful feature?

My teeth or my personality.

Brendan Stelmach- Mr. International Relations Club

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

School: SFS

Major: International Politics

What do you love the most about the International Relations Club?

What I love the most is the ability to travel. Through the club I’ve gone to New York, Boston, Montreal and Panama City. I love the ability to act on the international part and gain new experiences.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

Jack Ludtke. He graduated two years ago. I’m actually succeeding him as Mr. IRC. His talent was doing a PowerPoint presentation and while he didn’t win, he was probably the nicest guy I’ve met at Georgetown.

What is your favorite meme on the meme page?

I actually submitted one once. It’s the pregame in New South starter pack.

Sagar Anne- Mr. The Hoya

Hometown: Hong Kong

School: MSB

Major: Finance, Minor: Math

What do you love the most about The Hoya?

The people. We have a great culture.

Who is your favorite Georgetown alum?

Patrick Ewing.

What is your most beautiful feature?

Definitely my hair.


Not Pictured But Participating: Alex Coopersmith (Mr. Jewish Student Alliance), Harry Clow (Mr. GUGS) and JJ Larkins (Mr. Jawani).


We’ll see you all in Gaston Hall on Friday Night! May the best Hoya win!


15 People Sexier Than Blake Shelton

If you haven’t heard, Blake Shelton was recently named the Sexiest Man Alive. We here at 4E are unsure if it’s just us, or if everyone else also has trouble seeing what People Magazine and Gwen Stefani see (look below for reference).

To try and get some perspective on this confusing choice, here’s a list of 15 people we think are sexier than Blake Shelton:

  1. The pizza in the above gif
  2. Amanda Bynes
  3. The Wisey’s Rat
  4. Jack the Bulldog
  5. Bill Clinton
  6. Todd Olson
  7. Josh Peck (pre-not inviting Drake Bell to his wedding)
  8. Patrick Ewing
  9. Amanda Bynes in “She’s the Man”
  10. The Dad from “Drake and Josh”
  11. Jack the Bulldog on a skateboard
  12. Kim Kim (we still miss you on the panini press)
  13. John DeGioia
  14. Todd Olson in full convocation garb
  15. Bradley Cooper

We at 4E simply cannot fathom how none of these fine options preceded Blake Shelton. People Magazine, we urge you to take into account this definitive list before choosing your ~Sexiest Man Alive~ next year.


Everything You Need To Know Before You Take Your First Soul Cycle Class

Banner - Soul GuideAlright, so I’ll admit this wasn’t my first time doing a Soul Cycle class. I’ve done about three classes prior to this one, and I loved it. I loved it because it was so easy, I was spinning so fast, bouncing around with my ponytail, and thinking to myself: “Wow I’m like… in better shape than I thought… Must be my dance background.”

Then I realized there is this little thing called a “resistance knob”: a thing that I only became aware of by the end of my third class, when I swallowed the harsh reality that I had been cycling – with an obvious bravado – on a resistance-less bike for not one, not two, but three classes. My facade had been shattered. All this time, I had been masquerading as a Lululemon-wearing, chia-pudding-for-breakfast-eating Soul Cycler, when all I was doing was wearing leggings on a stationary bike.

In the end, I gave it another go, and while my chakra and soul are still open from the ah-meez-ing class, do yourself a favor and read this guide before you take your first Soul Cycle class.

You’re inevitably going to try it out no matter how many times you brag to your friends: “I would literally never spend $30 on a spin class.” Honey, you would and you will. So listen up:tumblr_nbyguoqNtB1tdxgaso1_500

  1. The water is not free. This one is hard because there are a lot of elements working against you: the smell of Jonathan Adler’s Grapefruit candle, the LED sign glowing the words “Find Your Soul,” but you must remember: when she asks you “Would you like a water?” she’s not offering you a free water, she’s asking for permission to charge you $4 for a Smart Water.
  2. The people riding in the front row are really good and they’re not going to let you forget it. In case you do forget, the instructor will likely shout them out a few times throughout the class: “Yes, Megan! Yes, Ethan.”
  3. Speaking of the instructor… she/he is going to moan into the microphone like an indie pop singer. If you take a class from my instructor, she actually might just start singing or even screaming into the mouthpiece at any moment’s notice.
  4. Recall aforementioned resistance knob. When they say “Reach down and give it another turn,” just pretend to turn it. Spare yourself. Just kind of reach down and act like you’re totally going to make this already incredibly difficult workout even more excruciating. Like, duh, that’s not happening, but just pretend.
  5. You’re going to hear a lot of platitudes. Be ready for “You are free,” “You are limitless,” “You have no boundaries so don’t create them for yourself,” “You are never alone,” and my personal favorite, “You can do anything – the only thing stopping you is yourself.” Hmm… what about the lactic acid in my quads? What about the Domino’s garlic bread bites from last night? Those are definitely stopping me.
  6. By the end of the class, though, you will have submitted. You are probably going to feel like the blood running through your very veins is infused with the nectar of the Soul Cycle Gods. You’re definitely going to head straight to Sweet Green, get the Earth Bowl, with “really light dressing.” You’ll come back and tell your Soul Cycle virgin of a roommate:tumblr_inline_o03nqnrPBs1satrrh_500

Before you freak out over the cost of classes ($30 a pop, not including shoe rentals) just remember: you have two kidneys, and you only really need one.


Drink Pink: Bar Crawl for Breast Cancer

breast cancer copy

­­Katie Shaffer
Special to The Hoya

As part of a leadership course, two students have created the Drink Pink Scavenger Hunt and Bar Crawl, which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, October 30th, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Caitlin Green (MSB ’14) and Katie Goodson (MSB ’14) developed the idea for Drink Pink in their course, taught by Professor Brooks Holtom. Their assignment was to design a project that benefitted the Georgetown community.

The Tombs worked with Goodson and Green to develop a scavenger hunt, where they would donate prizes and make pink drinks. They partnered with other local bars including Rhino, Old Glory, Mr. Smith’s, McFadden’s and El Centro to expand the evening and all money raised from the scavenger hunt will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“Georgetown is the only university doing this in the area,” Goodson said. “I had originally reached out to my manager at The Tombs to create something and we developed the concept together.”

“We like to try to give back as much as we can as far as charities,” assistant general manager of Old Glory Jeremy Curtis said. “The owner of our company is on the board for the Children’s Hospital, so we don’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with other charities, and we just thought it was an easy way to help out.”

According to Curtis, Old Glory will be offering special prices on certain drinks for the event.


What exactly is Drink Pink?

Drink Pink will feature a scavenger hunt that starts and ends at The Tombs. Each team will be given a punch card, which will include a list of questions, activities and trivia. Participants will be asked to move from bar to bar in order to find answers and various items featured on the card. Anyone 21 and over is eligible to take part in this event.

“It’s teams of two,” Green said. “It ends up being $20 per person. We have an Eventbrite where people can sign up and also on the day of, anyone can just walk into Tombs and we can sign them up.”


What are the prizes?

The top three teams are eligible to win prizes contributed by the bars.

“Tombs has given us $150 in gift certificates, they gave us t-shirts, mugs, hats. Old Glory gave us t-shirts as well, and McFadden’s is working on putting together things for a prize package, so happy hours for each of the winners, some merchandise,” Green said. “I think Dixie is going to give us either gift cards or some kind of liquor. Rhino has not told us what they’re giving us but … I think they’re leaning towards some kind of gift certificate.”


Buy your tickets here or just show up at The Tombs tomorrow night to pay your admission fee and participate for a good cause!

21 Ways You Know You’re About to Graduate from Georgetown

21 ways you know
There are only three days of classes left (if we’re really counting Georgetown Day as a day of class), and for the Class of 2013, this is a bittersweet fact. Some of the seniors on The Hoya pushed through their sadness to compile this list. We salute you, seniors. So here it is, the “21 Ways You Know You’re About to Graduate from Georgetown”.

1. You no longer get lost in ICC…for the most part

2. Graduating high school seems like a primitive time, thousands of years ago.

3. You actually get mad at yourself for sleeping through a class because there are so few left.

4. The phrase “Class of 2017” makes you feel 10,000 years old.

5. You could (slash have done) the 2 a.m. walk to and from Tuscany blindfolded and blackout.

6. You start missing Leo’s unless you’re a S.E.A.L. (senior eating at Leo’s)

7. You say to yourself, “there was a one keg limit? Missed that these four years.”

8. You’re rocking gym clothes at Tombs

9. SWUG life has completely taken over

10. You tell every GAAP kid, “If I only had four more years to do it again”

11. You know what Philly P is (and still think it’s better than Tuscany).

12. You pour one out for our fallen friends: Saloun, Guards, Thirds, and Hook.

13. You know your liver is prepared for Senior Week because you survived Snowpocalypse

14. You could clothe a small country with the collection of free t-shirts you’ve accumulated over the years

15. You constantly get asked the worst question in existence, “So, do you know what you’re doing after college?”

16. The idea of Lau 2 now makes you nauseous.

17. Rhino feels like a daycare center for toddlers.

18. You get sad on the inside when you realize you never have to register for classes again.

19. You won’t have the opportunity to use Classy from The Corp.

20. “Half-Price Wine Night” at The Tombs is essentially etched into your Google Calendar.

21. The fact that tomorrow is your last Georgetown Day is killing you from the inside out.

Think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below!

Best Bets: Bring It Around Town

It’s been 100 years and the Titanic still makes headlines. The National Geographic Museum’s exhibit, “Titanic: 100 Year Obsession,” delves into the history of the ship and so many scientists’ fascination with it. The exhibit includes a replica of one of the ship’s lifeboats and so much more about the ship’s 712 survivors and 1,496 victims.
WHERE: National Geographic Museum
WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
PRICE: $6 for students
METRO: Farragut North
Attend the grand opening of Union Market, the highly awaited year-round market with over 40 vendors from the D.C. area. Explore the new bazaar on Sunday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for an artisan ice cream competition that will award the best ice cream maker with the 2012 D.C. Scoops title.
WHERE: Sixth Street and Florida Avenue NE
WHEN: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
METRO: Union Station
Head to Adams Morgan and visit an all-day festival celebrating the neighborhood. The first festival since the presentation of a new streetscape and larger sidewalks, the festival will feature vendors, crafts, food, and live musical and dance performances. Bring some spending cash and experience this great neighborhood.
WHERE: 18th Street in Adams Morgan
WHEN: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
METRO: Woodley Park/Adams Morgan
by Emily Manbeck and Joanie Greve

Taking a Psychadelic Journey with Centipede

by Chloe Lerman

Animal Collective’s highly anticipated eighth album, Centipede Hz, explodes through the eardrums of indie music lovers with tracks pulsating with electronic bliss and catchy melodies. Full of the Baltimore-based band’s signature weirdness and fun sound, Centipede is a breath of fresh air in the current music scene. Every track’s energy is contagious, driving its neo-funk, psychedelic-folk sound. It’s an album to keep handy while choreographing an interpretive dance.

“Moonjock” begins the album’s futuristic escapade with pounding beats and motivational harmonies characteristic of Animal Collective, are a bit hard to follow. At first listen, you aren’t sure where the track is going, but its melody carries the band to a climax of intergalactic sound.

The second track, “Today’s Supernatural,” is screechy, and at points there are so many sounds that you feel like your eardrums might explode. However, the track does come together, and Panda Bear, the band’s lead singer, somehow makes sense of the cacophony. “Rosie Oh” and “Applesauce” are playful tracks full of Animal Collective quirkiness. Is that a frog croaking? I hope so.

The fifth track, “Wide Eyed” is a bit dry but serves its purpose as mid-album filler. Its composition may not be as impressive as the rest of the album, but a closer listen to the lyrics evokes feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Venturing through Centipede is like bouncing from arcade game to arcade game with endless amounts of tokens. The track “Pulleys” is an adventure all on its own – it has an intensity that pulsates through hardcore beats and gyrating vocals.

“Amanita” finishes up the album with pounding bass and lyrics like “What have we done? Fantasy is falling down.” The album ends with passion as the pace of “Amanita” builds and then suddenly comes to a halt, leaving the listener speechless and craving more. Each track throughout Centipede has a different feeling but the same amount of energy, melodic awesomeness, and berserk sound.

Animal Collective manages to stay fresh while maintaining a unique charm on Centipede Hz. This is an album I will definitely have on repeat, whether I’m partying or studying in Lau.

Photo: Domino Records