Ready to THRIVE?

598Another school year is upon us, and with it comes a bunch of fun events. Whether you’re a freshman still getting acquainted with campus or a senior in denial (aka me), you should definitely check out THRIVE!

Set up by Georgetown’s Health Education Services, THRIVE week is Sept. 14-18 this year. So, starting today, you can check out the crazy variety of events being put on to help you, the students, in the quest for health and sanity. If you haven’t seen the schedule on Facebook or on the Stall Seat Journals, let 4E help you out.

file-page1 file-page2

I mean, are you serious? At the risk of sounding overdramatic, if you don’t show up to at least one of these events, you’re doing yourself a disservice. First of all, the raffle prizes are insane. And if you aren’t at least interested in puppy playtime (4-6 on Thurs. on Copley Lawn), then who are you? (Unless, you know, allergies. Or some other legitimate reason.)

So check out any or all of these awesome THRIVE events! Because while you might be super stressed over the job search, homework or some other issue, it’s always important to take a minute and make sure you’re healthy.

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President West Is in the Building

1406292260If you watched the VMA’s Sunday night, then you would know that a certain Kanye West announced his candidacy for president. Not for this cycle, of course, because that would be too mainstream. No, Kanye has taken the admirable track of announcing his presidential candidacy in 2020. You can never be too ahead of the game!

This blogger decided to spend her afternoon contemplating what a Yeezy 2020 presidential run would look like. Final conclusion: It will be awesome. Why, you ask?

  1. All his campaign songs are Kanye songs.

In recent years, there have been controversies in which artists denounce the candidates playing their songs at political rallies (for example, Tom Petty sending Michele Bachmann a cease-and-desist; Tom Scholz of Boston asking Mike Huckabee to stop using “More Than a Feeling” a t his events; etc.). Kanye would definitely not have this problem. Expect to hear “Touch the Sky” for that inspirational flair, “Homecoming” at the inevitable Chicago campaign rally and probably “I Am a God” at some point. Kanye is not subtle.

  1. Unreal debates.

It’s hard to speculate who Kanye will be competing with in 2020, but just imagine what he would be like in this cycle’s debates. “Imma let you finish Bernie, but New Hampshire is the best state in New England of all time!” “Donald Trump says he’s rich, but having money isn’t everything [but having it is].”

  1. Excellent (?) public speaker.

Kanye has had more than a little experience speaking to a wide audience, with mixed results. There was the classic Taylor Swift debacle of 2009 (6 years ago? How old do you feel right now?), his supremely awkward Today Show interview with Matt Lauer and, my personal favorite, “You ain’t got the answers Sway!” Look out for campaign speeches that mix non-sequiturs with Kanye’s dreams for America, and plenty of gif-able moments from news interviews.

  1. A breath of fresh air – sartorially-speaking.

Do you ever get bored of seeing the presidential candidates wearing their navy or black suits/pantsuits? Good news! There is a 99% chance that Kanye will show up to at least one campaign event in his crystal face mask.

  1. An amazing running mate.

If he defies all logic and earns his party’s nomination, we’re in for a treat. Imagine a ‘Ye-Jay ticket (“Watch the Throne” is a political party, right?). Or ‘Ye-Bey. It’s too bad that Paul McCartney isn’t a US citizen because after the success of their recent musical collaborations. Who’s to say Kanye and Paul can’t make a great political team, too?

Political poster waiting to happen.


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Phys 102 Study Guide

Science-Mathematics-Physics-Illustration-via-Shutterstock-615x345So it looks like 4E’s getting into the study guide business! As a student currently in PHYS 102, I wouldn’t call myself the best source of physics knowledge. But I’m definitely probably not the worst! Since the test was this morning, you already know that you missed a lot of information. Here is what you should have studied, instead of the textbook.

1. Light is crazy: If you’re like me, you’ve only ever quantified light as: “Too Dim, Can’t Read Funny/Annoying Buzzfeed Listicle”, “A Little Too Bright aka Reading Phone at Night” and “OH GOD THE SUN IS KILLING ME #hungover.” But no! Light can do a lot more than burn your retina when you space out and accidentally stare at the sun! For the final, you had to know about reflection, refraction, diffraction… It’s good times. Just don’t take light for granted.

2. Carbon Dating…?: I’m sure you’ve heard the old joke: “How did Spiderman meet his girlfriend? RADIOACTIVE DATING!” But the mathematical process behind carbon dating is no joke. It combines multiple concepts so it’s basically catnip for professors trying to make a nice, integrated final exam.

3. Are You Rad?: If you didn’t go to the last class, NEVER FEAR! Here’s a super-quick rundown of what we went over. (But seriously, if you missed out, go get someone’s notes, I’m pretty sure it was important.) 1 RAD * RBE = 1 REM. 1 GRAY * RBE = 1 SIEVERT. For photos, RBE = 1; electrons, RBE = 2; alpha particles, RBE = 20. Let’s hope you commited that ish to memory or at least slapped it on your equation sheet.

4. The Text Is Not the Last Word: Seriously, I think we can all agree that while in many respects the textbook is a great resource, in other respects it sucks. But there are other great resources! Check out this Youtube series on diffraction. Or this diagram about the powers of radiation. Or this cute pic of a dog, just because.

Anyway, HOPE YOU DID WELL TODAY FOLKS! (Remember, the final was today, Friday, at 9:00 am, in either REI 103 or REI 112. In case you forgot. No judgment here.)

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Play with Baby Animals Tomorrow!


Been missing cute, fuzzy little animals in your life? Look no further – tomorrow, Apr. 23, GPB is bringing a MINI ANIMAL FARM to campus.

Come by Regents Lawn between 1:00 and 4:00 pm to play with these little wonders. It’ll make even the most jaded student crack a smile.

What kind of animals are we talking about, anyway?




Check out the Facebook event here for more details! What better way to round out the semester than by playing with tiny round baby ducks and teacup piglets??

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What Does It Mean to “Ignite the Dream”?

Ignite the Dream

Many of you may have heard of the “Ignite the Dream” summit that has been occurring recently. We at 4E interviewed one of the organizers, Corey Stewart (SFS ’15), about the work that he and the other summit organizers, Bserat Ghebremicael (MSB ’17) and Jimmy Ramirez (COL ’15) have been doing.

Why did you decide to start this summit, and why call it “Ignite the Dream”?

In August, Dr. DeGioia hosted the Reflections on Ferguson following the tragedy in Missouri this past summer. At one point during the panel discussion in Gaston Hall, Professor Michael Eric Dyson urged Georgetown to host a large scale event that would discussed the nuanced issues of class and race as they tie to the United States as well as the Hoya community. Jimmy and I took this to heart and reached out to students who we thought would be interested in collaborating with us. Bserat was enthusiastic about being involved, and ever since the three of us have been framing the event.

The term “Ignite the Dream” has dual meanings. The first is in reference to the American Dream – the idea that all citizens can succeed in this country by working hard and abiding by the law. When we think critically about the history of the United States, it becomes apparent that only certain segments of the population have truly been able to realize this dream. One of the goals of this summit is to learn about the intersection of race and class in the United States and how all of us may access, or ignite, the American Dream. The second meaning is in a similar vein, but in reference to Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech – how can we realize his dream?

What is your vision for these events?

Our hope is that these events speak to a different part of Georgetown. So many events centered around social justice often end up being people preaching to the choir – which is not at all a bad thing. We hope to engage students who have never really had to think about race and class in their daily lives in this conversation.

What’s the most important thing you have learned while organizing this summit?

Students are itching to have this conversation. The feedback we have received from our peers and the institution have been nothing short of inspiring. Our university is ready to have this conversation; however, outlets to do so have been minimal. It’s important when approaching such difficult conversations as race and class that we make these conversations accessible.

What part of the summit are you most excited for?
Tonight! In the HFSC at 7:30 pm we are hosting a panel discussion of student activists. There will be roundtable discussions, spoken word performances, a brief film screening, and food from Booey’s. This will really help us to get at the root of what we’re trying to accomplish–having students engage in discourse regarding race and class, ask honest questions, and meet Hoyas from different backgrounds. This way, we can create change on campus that is organic and from the ground up.

How can other Georgetown students get involved?

Reach out to Bserat Ghebremicael, she’s going to be taking this over next year and has a number of dreams for what this event will look like next year!

Thanks Corey for answering our questions! If you can’t make the student panelist event tonight at 7:30 in the HFSC Social Room, there’s one last event tomorrow, April 14, at 8:00 pm in the ICC Auditorium regarding “New Slaves: Mass Incarceration in the United States.” This event will feature numerous advocates for prison reform including Glenn Martin of Just Leadership USA, Darakshan Raja from the Washington Peace Center and Todd Coxx from the Center for American Progress.

Additionally, you can check out the Ignite the Dream website or Facebook page and register for this (free) summit. There are only two more events today and tomorrow for a wonderful student-led summit addressing these incredibly important issues!

Student Group Spotlight: Club Filipino


In each installment of this series, we will be highlighting one lesser-known group on campus. For this week’s Student Group Spotlight, we interviewed Randy Puno (COL ’16) of Club Filipino.

If you could describe Club Filipino in five words or less, what would they be?
Food, Family, and Fun!
How can people get involved with Club Filipino?
Literally come (hungry) to one of our events, and congratulations, you’re in CF! We’ll pair you up with a Kuya (big brother) or Ate (big sister) and welcome you into the club!
What’s your favorite part about being involved in Club Filipino?
We have a family structure called “Kuya-Ate-Kapatid” (“Big brother-big sister-sibling”) which pairs each of us up with a big in our first year in CF. We’re also members of one of four Families, with different pairs of bigs and littles that hang out together and compete! Especially as a college freshman thousands of miles away from home, I really loved having a group of people to welcome me into Georgetown and take care of me as I tried to navigate the jungle that is college.
What kind of events does Club Filipino put on?
We have events geared towards club bonding (like movie nights, Field Day and Secret Spamta), learning about the Philippines and its culture (Il Papa in Manila, lectures by Filipinos and concerts), and food (Barrio Fiesta, Taste of the Philippines) and our biggest event is Bayanihan, our annual cultural show and dinner. This year, it will be on Saturday, April 11 at 7:00 pm in Fisher Colloquium!
Thanks Randy for answering our questions! RSVP for Bayanihan here! And check out Club Filipino’s FB page here.
Photo: Facebook

Rhino’s Turning Into a Club! (Monaco)

Rhino Club Monaco

We know many of you are sad/inconsolable/furious about the recent closing of the late, great Rhino. But we’ve been wondering, what’s going to happen to that sweet space at 3295 M St?


…Monaco. Club Monaco, the quintessential “mid-priced, high-end casual clothing retailer owned by Polo Ralph Lauren.” This will definitely quiet down the people who keep saying there aren’t enough J. Crew-esque stores near campus!

The new establishment plans to open in early 2016, and yes – it’ll take up both levels of the building, so no chance of anything but 4400 square feet of clubwear. Sorry, Club Monaco-wear.


An Open Letter to the Heckler

Toddy Boy

Hey Heckler staff,

Wikipedia defines “Journalism ethics and standards” as “the principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by journalists. Historically and currently… [blah blah blah etc] most [codes] share common elements including the principles of – truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity,” and the rest don’t matter because I’ve made my point. OBJECTIVITY.

As a major source of campus happenings for the student body, you are responsible for maintaining careful journalistic integrity and objectivity in your posts. Who can forget the Tom Brokaw-reminiscent musings of “Desperate Mitt Romney Announces ‘Believe in Georgetown’ Campaign for GUSA”? I sure can’t.

But the recent spate of Todd Olson-centered posts have me foaming at the mouth, and not just because the Starbucks barista went overboard with my latte. What’s up with all of these pro-Todd Olson posts? I think that I speak for the student body when I say that we want answers and we want them now. Continuing this strange charade of posts violates every aspect of student autonomy that we at 4E strive for.

So if you have any respect for the tenets of freedom that this school – nay, that America – was founded on, then I demand to you, staff of the Heckler: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL [OF LIES AND TELL US THE TRUTH BEHIND THESE TODD-OLSON-RELATED POSTS]!!!




Student Group Spotlight: Groove Theory


In each installment of this series, we will be highlighting one lesser-known group on campus. For this week’s Student Group Spotlight, we interviewed Margaret Krackeler (NHS ’16) of Groove Theory.

For those who don’t know, what is Groove Theory?
Groove Theory is Georgetown’s co-ed hip hop dance group that performs at various school and group events all over campus and the DC area.
What is your favorite thing about being part of this group?
My favorite thing about Groove Theory is that I got to meet people who share a common love of dance, but otherwise come from various backgrounds and histories. I would never have been able to meet some of my closest friends without Groove Theory because we really do become like a family of sorts. It’s hard not to get super close when we spend so much time together doing something we love, so I’m forever grateful for all my Groove Theory friendships.
How many performances do you guys do every year?
Every year, we have one showcase, perform at Midnight Madness, one Basketball halftime and about 5-8 events that are sponsored by other groups (e.g. Relay, Unity Live, etc).
What was your favorite performance? 
My favorite performance every year is usually Midnight Madness. This year at midnight madness, we had a really hype mix that the crowd responded to well, including the basketball players who we danced right in front of, so it was really fun to see everyone getting into our dance. We also ended with the women’s basketball team coming onto the court and dancing with us for a minute or so, which was super fun.
Any hints on what to expect at the showcase on Friday?
Showcase this Friday is going to be a really fun show! We have really great opening and closing mixes and a lot more variety in our shorter pieces between the two. We also have fun outside groups coming, and the always fun Twerking contest for audience members (last year one of our members’ dad’s won!).
Thanks Margaret for answering our questions! If you haven’t gotten your ticket for Groove Theory’s showcase on Friday, check out the Facebook event here. And check out the Facebook page for Groove Theory here. There’s also a full feature on the event in the Guide.

Your Spring Concert Is…

Spring Concert 2015

Had a blast at Big Sean last year? Ready to see what GPB has in store for you this year? As they’ve just announced, here are the performers for 2015’s spring kickoff concert…


Pretty awesome, right? Like they did in 2013 when Calvin Harris came to campus, GPB is partnering up with Recess (a “music and ideas festival that works with colleges to put on a great show as well as career-oriented events during the day”) this year. Check out this video to get a peek at what kind of events will be occurring on the day of the concert.

But enough about that. Who are these performers and what can we expect on April 10?


A 21-year-old rapper from Ventura, California, Kyle lists his influences as Drake and Kid Cudi. Check out one of his hits, “Keep It Real”, below, or hit up his Soundcloud page.

Matt and Kim

Whether you’re a certified fan or have never heard of them, you’ve almost definitely heard “Daylight.” But who are Matt and Kim? A dynamic duo from Brooklyn, they’ve been creating their indie pop hits since 2004. Check out one of my favorite tracks of theirs, “Cameras”:

And this year’s headliner is…

The Chainsmokers

One word: #SELFIE.

(Also, they’ve remixed a ton of songs: listen for yourself via Soundcloud.)

So GET EXCITED, because GPB’s putting on a great show this year! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, including a limited number of VIP tickets that will include Fast Entry as well as a Meet and Greet with the Chainsmokers themselves. Basically, this year’s concert is going to be all-out amazing, and we can’t wait to get our tickets.