The Perfect Georgetown Snow Day

snow dayIt began almost 24 hours ago: The rumors started circling about gigantic snowstorm that was supposedly headed in the direction of our humble Hilltop abode.


However, the glimmer of hope for a snow day seemed not to be, as students received the terrible news last night that the university would stay open. Everyone felt like this:


Thankfully, luck seemed to shine down on the Hoyas today, and as of 5:35 a.m. the university officially closed!

tumblr_mgzprdh87Z1rjrmzvo1_500 I mean, come on, snow days are the best days! Here’s why:

You get to sleep in, all day if you want.


You can have breakfast for dinner or any combination of meals!


You are not required to change out of your comfy clothes, ever.


You can go play in the snow and relive your childhood glory days …


… or you can have a dance party with your roommates.


You can watch/catch up on your favorite shows without the pressure of classes.


You can read 4E all day long.


(For a fun post, check out our 12 Over 12.)

And most importantly, you can avoid Lau …


… because you probably already spent too much time there this weekend.

Enjoy the snow day, Hoyas! You never know when another one will come along!


Well, it kind of is. Just remember that this weekend is longer then our school week will be! And then we’ll have another weekend! It’s amazing how time works (especially when snow is involved).

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One day more 2Hold the phone, it is Monday? Gasp! That means you only have ONE more day to apply to 4E.

tumblr_lblsalFFyU1qbb7dio1_500Do not fear: There is still time!

Since we know that every Georgetown student dreams of being part of our team, we are providing you with just another friendly reminder.


(You’re so right, Meryl.)

So… Do it.




This is not a drill; you literally only have one more day. And how sad would it be if you missed that deadline?

Answer: This sad.

Still not convinced? Here are some things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you did not join 4E:

1. You would not be able to hang out, brainstorm and write with the most amazing people on the planet.

2. You would not be able to use gifs uncontrollably (actually you probably could but it is not the same).

3. You would not get to be Internet famous … because essentially, that’s what we are: FAMOUS.

4. You would not get to talk about Miley, 24/7. (Again, you probably could, but you secretly want to be doing it with us.)

5. You would not get to post about 4E crazily on social media. (Once again, you still can, and we actually encourage it, but it might be a little weird to other people.)

You still haven’t applied to the 4E?


Ha. Good one. That must be a joke. Come on.

So click this link and join the magic!


Applications are due TODAY, Sept. 14 at 5 p.m.

Now, seriously, apply.

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The 5 People You Met at the Student Activities Fair

SAC FairEarlier today, Leo’s was bombarded by overeager Hoyas and thousands of quarter-sized flyers. You guessed it, it was our favorite event of the year: the Student Activities Fair. We here at 4E made sure to keep our eyes open and make a list of those Student Activities Fair stereotypes that we all know and maybe love. Here are are the 5 people you met at the Student Activities Fair today:

1. The Overachiever Beaver We all know this person, the one who went to every table and signed up for every club. While we applaud you for trying, there is a point where that got a little out of hand. At least you will always have enough random cups to satisfy all your needs.

tumblr_inline_mlfsg1JFAI1r79k322. The Not-So-Coherent Participants Waking up and attending the Student Activities Fair was not their cup of tea this morning. Despite the obstacles, these people did get themselves there … in whatever shape they may have been in. While they might have been dying on the inside, they were still forcing you to sign up for their shockingly specific club.


3. The Student Activities Fair Cheaters These are the people that drive me up the wall. They come to the Student Activities Fair every year, walk around and steal all the free stuff. These people do not even try to pretend to be interested in what you are saying. Who do they think they are? ‘Cause we all know that the best part about Student Activities Fair is being able to keep all the leftover goodies (aka the candy). But no. The Cheaters ate it all.

Fo Free Gif

4. The Relentless Flier-ers. No matter your reason for going to the Student Activities Fair, it is literally impossible to get out of Leo’s without at least one flier. The flier-ers attacked you and didn’t let you leave. (Full disclosure: One of those flier-ers was probably someone on The Hoya. Sorry not sorry.) 

Pitch Perfect 75. You! Whether you were there to find a new hobby (cough, cough, remember to apply to the blog by January 17th) or just for the free stuff, the Student Activities Fair is a great time to realize all the ways you can get involved on the Hilltop! I hope you all had fun and took advantage of the people watching. It’s always the best part.

Gifs: Tumblr; Pictures: hercampus,, Wikipedia

How It Feels to Start Classes Again

First Day of SchoolBy now most, if not all, of you are done with the Christmas cookies and never-ending family time. The holidays were fun, but now it’s back to the Hilltop we love and the schoolwork we hate. It goes a little like this:

You get back to Georgetown, so excited to see your friends…


… even though it’s been only 3 weeks. (But it seems like a lifetime and a half.)

Everything is fab, until you realize you actually have to take classes.

tumblr_mg3jorsMT21qh402go1_250Like any good Georgetown student, you spend an unimaginable amount of time picking out that perfect “back-to-school” outfit, which seems to not exist.


Finally, you find “the one” and you feel like a million bucks (or like a 4.0 GPA).


But Wednesday morning is not too friendly.


And there is always that one person who is way too excited.


Your teachers actually expect you to learn.


But your mind is blank. Or possibly still frozen from the cold.


The bookstore is a total mess.


And then you see someone in the library already. GOOD. FOR. YOU.


You realize that Leo’s is once again your main food option and all happiness disappears.


But being back with Jack the Bulldog makes everything much better.


And despite the teachers, classes and long lines at the RHO, at least you are back on the Hilltop. Now you will have about a week or so until you are actually allowed to be stressed again. So enjoy the time off, Hoyas … we are all going to need it!

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Loud and Proud in the Capital

Gayest City In AmericaStep aside New York and San Fran, there is a new LGBT-friendly city on top!

According to DCist, The Advocate has determined that Washington, D.C., is the most gay-tolerant city in the United States. Surprisingly, previously believed “gay cities” like NYC and LA weren’t even in the top 10!

The Advocate’s list was determined by using unusual methods and data, which Advocate editor-in-chief Matthew Breen has described as “designed to uncover the hidden factors that give a city its queer cred.” These new factors have changed the outcomes and preconceived ideas about what makes certain cities the most LGBT-friendly, shedding light on new and less discrete characteristics.

In its survey of different U.S. cities, The Advocate specifically noted and admired the District’s nightlife and gay-friendly neighborhoods. Places like Dupont and Logan Circle have garnered national attention for their tolerant attitudes, and they serve as examples of the acceptance and LBGT-friendly atmosphere in D.C. In addition, the District boasts a long LBGT-friendly history and currently has 17 elected gay officials.

With all of the current uproar and commotion surrounding gay marriage, D.C.’s new title as the gayest city in the U.S. demonstrates its importance during a time of changing American attitudes in the fight for equality. And – more importantly – it shows yet another reason why we’re proud to be Hoyas in the nation’s capital.


Why You Really Wanted to Join 4E for Christmas…

apply to write for 4eChristmas has come and gone. While the presents and food were fantastic, we know that for you there was still something missing underneath the tree. At one point, we were all there, too. We all shared that feeling of emptiness, that feeling of having one secret, lurking, unfulfilled Christmas wish. And, lucky for you, we know exactly what that wish is: You want to join 4E, don’t you?

Lucky for you, ’tis the season for new hires! All Georgetown students dream of being a part of 4E. (At least they should.) The Hoya is a pervasive part of the Georgetown community, and 4E is one of the most dynamic and exciting sections (sorry, not sorry, other Hoya members, I’m biased). Although applications don’t emerge until January, it is never too early to think about the endless possibilities that could present themselves if you join our intellectual (and attractive) staff!

Still not convinced? Check out the list below to find out why joining 4E is the gift that you didn’t receive (but still can get) for Christmas:

1. Don’t you wanna be like us? We are hip, we are cool and we surf the web. We’re also obsessed with the latest fads. Gifs? We love them. Quirky news? We’re your source. Creative approaches to journalism? We’re all about dat lyfe. Wisey’s sandwiches? Can’t get enough. We want to be website that you and your friends scroll through during theology class … and to keep the addictive pieces coming, we need your help!

2. Best friends 4E is a really, really, really good time. Our bloggers are super close friends, and the majority of our meetings end in uncontrollable laughter. It is comical how comical we are, and we’re always looking for eager minds to join the fun along with us.


3. F is for FUN Writing for 4E is a party. It doesn’t even feel like work. (There are deadlines, though, and we still carry the integrity and professionalism of The Hoya brand.) That being said, our section is always relaxed, creative and cool. Part of what makes blogging so exciting is the freedom to write about what we like and the ability to think of post ideas ourselves. You like politics? Write about it! Are you a fashion fanatic? Show off your style! Have a unique idea that Georgetowners would love? Share it – and share it with us! At 4E, we encourage one another to be ourselves and come up with our own innovative content.

4. NAPS 4E is a major proponent of napping. If we had our say, napping would be a national sport. Do you have what it takes to join our team? Sleep all day, blog all night. Nap in the middle of writing a blog post (as long as you make deadline). You’ll dream of sugar plums and sparkling blog content!

5. Storytelling The 4E loves to do staff collaborations. We all take turns adding our own personal touches and end up with a fabulous product. What parts will you bring to our story? Are you our action hero? Our science junkie? The average guy (who happens to love current events)? We want you to add your special spin to our 4E narrative.

6. Newsies Not everything is gifs and glitter. 4E also likes to write about serious items. When writing companion pieces with The Hoya, we put our own spin on interesting and relevant content. Informative, outside-the-box and funny … 4E is such a triple threat.

7. TV-aholics TV and Netflix are important parts of the 4E sphere of influence. (I can personally attest to my own Netflix addiction.) What better reason to procrastinate studying than watching TV for a blog post you’re required to write? Television shows may take over our lives at times, but they provide us bloggers with plenty to talk/write about. And if they’re watched in the name of putting out new content, then it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

8. PUPPIES We love our mascots more than anything. Join 4E to look at and write about this adorable face. You know you want to …

IMG_3329… and how can you say no to that?

9. Snack and Play Every week, we name a Blogger of the Week who goes above and beyond with his or her work. This blogger is awarded with food, cupcakes, milkshakes, coffee and/or other amazing prizes. In fact, the bloggers are currently in the midst of a friendly post battle for a delicious Tombs dinner! Some of us even take our work to the big leagues and compete for The Hoya’s coveted Staffer of the Week prize. At 4E, your hard work gets rewarded. (And most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like work.)

10. Fixat10n Nation Music makes us lose control. Misdemeanor’s in the house! Ciara’s in the house! I’ve got a cute face, chubby waste … ahem. What I, uh, meant to say was that our Friday Fixat10ns playlists incorporate blogging expertise with some pretty amazing tunes. Bonus: The playlists are also themed. So if you like music, you should probably join 4E.

There are still a million other reasons why being on 4E is totally the Christmas gift you never got … but still can get. The only way you can truly find out why 4E is so awesome is to apply and experience it for yourself. Applications are coming soon, so in the meantime, ask questions to any of our writers or email us at [email protected] to learn more about the 4E life.

The bottom line: APPLY TO THE BLOG. (And tell your friends to apply, too!) We would love to have you, as long as you think we are really pretty.Mean-Girls-GIF-Regina-George-Rachel-McAdams-You-Think-Youre-Really-Pretty

So you agree? You think 4E is really pretty?

GIFS: tumblr; Photo: Daniel Smith/The Hoya

The Ultimate Holiday Break Netflix Guide

Screen-Shot-2013-01-14-at-9.08.23-PMThank goodness finals are finally over! Now it is time for food, family and my favorite friend, Netflix. The shows, the options, the never ending episode reel … oh the thrills!

Since the dawn of time (well, actually only for the last few years), Netflix has manipulated the time management of college students worldwide. Now that finals are done and over, however, free time is plentiful. That means there’s no excuse for wearing pajamas all day and plunging into some new TV addictions.

For that reason, 4E has complied our list of the top Netflix shows for the season:

1. Orange is the New Black – If you aren’t catching the hype of this show, I’ll send you to prison, just like the series’ main character, Piper Chapman.

2. Scandal – Nothing like a little mischief to spice up the holiday season. Am I right?

3. Breaking Bad – 4E does not condone making or selling illegal substances. However, we do condone watching shows about doing so.

4. Revenge – Mega-millions, double lives and Hamptons betrayals… Sounds like our plan to get back at Florida Gulf Coast University.

5. White Collar – Is art heist really illegal if it’s committed by someone as good-looking as Neal Caffrey?

6. Arrested Development – We happen to be huge fans of Arrested Development at 4E. In fact, we might even open up a banana stand next semester.

7. House of Cards – This is about the city where we go to school. Besides, Kevin Spacey visited us this year and he was awesome.

8. How I Met Your Mother – There are no words to describe this comedy gold. Just watch the show and you’ll thank us later.

Whether you’re rejoicing in the holiday spirit with family, catching up with old friends or sulking because you’re not on the Hilltop, make sure to take our suggestions and spend some quality time with your good pals Net and Flix.


Finals Fashion: A Guide to Dressing Down

Finals Week FashionAs we near the middle of this fabulous finals season (read: gag me with a spoon), it comes time to discuss the elephant in the room: the Hoya finals wardrobe. Finals force us to spend unthinkable amounts of time in unspeakable locations (cough: Lau). They also make us Georgetown students lose our minds and, sadly, our fashion sense (gasp!). During exam time, we even start looking like … normal college students (double gasp!). There is a wide spectrum of clothing worn during these troubling times. Here are the 4E favorites:

Pajamas The best part about finals is definitely that you are not obligated to leave your dorm room, except for the actual finals part. While many of us do study in other places (cue again: the madhouse that is Lau), sleepwear is seen throughout the Georgetown campus. It is comfy, casual and sometimes correct for the occasion. However, I would advise that you do not make this a habit. While you may feel good about your choice now, if you make this into a pattern you will not be psychologically ready to encounter the high fashion standards that will re-emerge in January.

We're ready for Lau!
We’re ready for Lau!

Sweatpants Finals are the one time of the year when you can get away with wearing completely comfortable clothes outside. If you walk into Lau during the semester, almost everyone is dressed presentably (and sometimes painfully). Walk into Lau now, and the ratio of sweatpants to jeans is unbelievable. It makes sense; sweatpants are both comfy and cute, and many Hoyas have been seen making their sweatpants look chic. You go Glen Cocos.

Leggings This is me. I am leggings. I would say that leggings are the most popular type of clothing during finals … for female Hoyas at least (though we totally support any male legging – megging? – aficionados). There are many different ways to pull of this innovative look. Pair them with a t-shirt for a relaxed, “I might work out today” look. The athletic, dressed down combo is sure to make people think that you might be fit and actually do something with your life. Or you can do what I usually do and pair your leggings with a sweater. The best part about this look is that people often will think you are put together. Joke’s on them.

Scarves Baby, it’s cold outside. Therefore, scarves are a must. Whether they are for warmth or for fashion, they are a staple in the Georgetown finals style. They make an outfit seem cute, while in reality, it could be a hot mess. This is the beauty of accessories. Use them to hide your inner finals meltdown.

See? Even Pope Francis advocates scarves during finals week!
See? Even Pope Francis advocates scarves during finals week!

Jeans Some Hoyas do opt for the more put-together look during finals. Yes, I mean jeans. During finals, however, most Hoyas do not wear their jeans the same way as they usually would to class. Perhaps you’re breaking out the baggy “boyfriend” jeans, or even those white wash dad jeans that you only wear when you don’t want to do laundry. Personally, I’m not a fan of wearing denim jeans during finals. It’s just too much for the occasion. Jeggings, on the other hand – those I can work with.

Hats Sometimes our schedules get too busy to create beautiful hairstyles. The hat (no matter the kind) is the perfect fix. No one will know that your hair is less than presentable.

WHAT? While many Hoyas take advantage of the break that is finals and wear whatever they want, there are some people out there who have not hopped on the bandwagon. Over the last week, I have seen various people who were actually dressed up in the library. Excuse me, are you not taking finals? Do you not like comfort? Do you have a date? If so, you should not be dating during finals because it will distract you from your studies! The point is, it is imperative that you take advantage of this dress down occasion!

See you in the library, folks. I’ll be the one in the sweater, leggings and slippers. ‘Tis the season.

Photos: Flickr, Twitter @GUAlumni, Getty Images

Walking in a D.C. Wonderland

Holiday SpiritThe final stretch is finally here! Christmas break is on the horizon and only a week or so stands between us and home-cooked meals, Netflix, cookies, presents and home-cooked meals… Did I say home-cooked meals already?

But why wait to get in the Christmas spirit? There is no point: It is physically, mentally and seasonally impossible to get through finals without a little holiday cheer. As a smart elf once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”

However, this advice might be bit faulty. In fact, 4E doesn’t advocate going to Lau at this time of year to sing Christmas carols. (Nonetheless, it’s finals time, so you do what you need to do.) There are plenty of places in D.C. where Georgetown students can experience some holiday warmth and cheer. So go, be merry: It’s Christmas time!

Waterfront Ice Skating The ice skating rink on the Georgetown waterfront is a great way to waste time and get in the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget to snap a few pics and sing some holiday songs. Props go to those who dress up for the occasion.

National Christmas Tree This is the perfect place to take in the beauty of D.C. and the magic of Christmas. It is a fantastic photo op. Also, did I mention that it’s really, really pretty? Much better than the one in your dorm room.

Zoo Lights THIS IS FREE, so go to it. Every year the National Zoo presents a beautiful display of light sculptures. They also sell holiday treats, which is a reason in itself to go. In addition, this year’s slogan is “It’s wild; It’s free!” In other words, there is no possible reason for you not to go.

The Nutcracker Nothing says Christmas to me like “The Nutcracker.” Whether you go and see the Washington Ballet’s performance (aka what is getting me through this week) or watch the movie or even just hum the music… “The Nutcracker” will keep you from cracking under the pressure of finals.

Copley Lawn If you’re desperate for holiday cheer but can’t find time to leave the Hilltop, just head over to Copley Lawn. Maybe take a picture with the snow (slush? water? who knows?). Because what says “Merry Christmas from Georgetown” better than a slushy John Carroll?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all around D.C., Hoyas!


The Secret Santa Conundrum

Secret SantaBreak out the holly and dust off your elf shoes: It’s the holiday season once again! We all love getting presents, but giving them can be tough. One of our most treasured (and common) holiday traditions is the “secret Santa” gift exchange. For those of you who don’t know what a secret Santa is, go read a book or something.

As every former secret Santa knows, it can be very difficult to find a gift that works both for the person and the price range. Being a college student does not help the process either. Right now, we’re fully occupied with finals, fighting for tables in Lau and preparing for the holidays, so shopping does not always fit into our busy schedules.

And now, to add to the holiday horror, let’s say you reach your hand into the hat of secret Santa choices and – gasp! – you select someone you don’t know. 


What are you supposed to do? You have no idea what their interests are or where they are from. How are you supposed to get them a meaningful/funny gift that will make everyone think you’re witty and cool but that won’t make the receiver question your sanity? We feel your pain. Here are some great secret Santa gift options that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

To begin, try to find out anything you can about this mystery person to whom you have been assigned. 4E welcomes (and even encourages) Facebook stalking, so go crazy. Don’t forget to check Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Tinder, Lulu and any other social media site you fancy. Everything helps when you are in this sticky situation.

Then, stick with these cost effective and time-tested basics:

Fuzzy socks This is one of my go-to items. While this is used more for girls than guys, anyone should be able to enjoy the magic that these can bring! Fuzzy socks can be found at most retail locations, so depending on your price limit you can play it safe at T.J. Maxx or go crazy at J. Crew.

Scarves ‘Tis the season for warm clothing! It is hard to say no to a pretty scarf: They are trendy, comfortable and, most importantly, WARM.

Candy basket Finals make people hungry, and hungry people like candy. Save a life: Buy some candy. Hit up CVS and buy a variety of different treats. To make this gift more special, throw it in a decorative bag.

Mugs Whether they are used for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, mugs are always useful. A helpful tip: Anthropologie sells a variety of decorative mugs with different letters on them. These range from about $8-$15, and they are adorable.

Cupcakes Georgetown is known for its cupcake locations. As you should realize by now, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like food. Whether this is your entire gift or just a sub-section, cupcakes are always a great idea.

Frames Georgetown locations have a wide selection of frames. This is a great gift idea because Georgetown students love to show off their friends and family, filling their rooms with pictures. T.J. Maxx/Homegoods have great selections, as does Urban Outfitters. You’ll get extra points if you put a picture of yourself and the giftee in the frame. And if you’re not on that level, photoshop yourself into a picture with them. It’s creepy but heartfelt.

Posters Hoyas love to decorate their cribs (not just with frames), so make them a poster! All you have to do is find a funny picture, add some equally uproarious text and upload it onto a website like this that blows up photos for free! You’ll only have to pay for printing at the Gelardin color printer, so you can buy even more goodies if you want to up the ante.

Alcohol paraphernalia For those of you readers who are above that magic age, flasks are the perfect gift, as they tend to be super cute and really funny. Urban Outfitters offers a wide array of options that are sure to please any thirsty Hoya.

The classic “gag” gift Many stores in the Georgetown area offer funny trinkets that are sure to make even the biggest Grinch smile. Urban Outfitters (I know, once again) has thousands of little items ranging from books to funny bandaids.

Gift cards Hear me out. Yes, gift cards can come off as insensitive, but they are not a bad last resort. I am personally a fan of Sweetgreen, Tombs, Saxbys and/or Corp gift cards (If you have me for secret Santa, take a hint.). You can make them fit your price range and even add a few pieces of candy along with them! No one can turn down free food and snacks … and if they do, they do not deserve your gift.

Still stuck? Luckily, most people will not turn down a gift. Just because it isn’t something they want does not mean they won’t enjoy it! Don’t stress. Secret Santas are supposed to be fun, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

Photos: Tumblr, Punch Bowl