Attention: 11:11 on 11/11 is Here!

1111That’s a lot of ones. Therefore, you must make a wish! In fact, it must be your best wish of the year. No pressure: At least it doesn’t have to be the best wish of your life, like it did on 11/11/11 at 11:11.

November 11 has come upon us ridiculously fast, so you probably haven’t had time to think of some really good wishes. Here’s what I would whisper to the 11:11 gods if I were you:

1. I wish I were a little bit taller.

2. I wish I were a baller.

3. I wish I had a girl who looked good. I would call her.

4. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a sixty-four Impala.

5. I wish I was like 6-foot-9 so I could get with Leoshi ’cause she don’t know me but yo she’s really fine.

Okay, so maybe those are Skee-Lo’s wishes, but I’d say they’re pretty universal. Especially with the beginning of the basketball season, I think we all wish we were a little bit taller and that we were ballers.

In fact, these wishes seem fairly representative of what many Georgetown students will be wishing for this 11/11 11:11 holiday. If you check out Georgetown Confessions, it seems tons of Hoyas are “just looking for a nice girl to settle down with” and are “tired of the hook up scene” (which apparently they’ve already conquered), but here are 11 wishes that almost every Hoya should make at 11:11 on 11/11:

1. That next semester, midterm season will be a season, not a month and a half of torture.

2. That you get all of your first pre-registration choices.

3. That Lau magically transforms into a beautiful castle.

4. That your two hour lecture tomorrow gets cancelled just because your professor didn’t feel like having class.

5. That Leo’s lines went three times faster than usual (especially pasta and wok!).

6. That your roommate finally cleans up their side.

7. That the basketball team wins their first home game this Wednesday.

8. That your professor extends the deadline for that 15-pager you have due on Thursday.

9. That the person you’ve had your eye on approaches you at Corp Gala this Friday.

10. For unlimited wishes (of course).

11. For a subway stop next to campus.

Whatever you choose to wish for on this glorious November day, make sure to set your alarm for 11:11 — you don’t want to miss this. For those of us who don’t use military time (basically everyone except my roommate), we even have two shots to make a quality wish! But if you’re like Skee-Lo and me, you’re going to want to make a few wishes, so make sure to set an alarm for the AM and PM.

Photo: MindBody Thoughts

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