Angsty YouTube Comments

Since YouTube’s inception back in 2005, the site has served as a place for people across the world to share videos of them doing really anything they please. As things have progressed, YouTube has also become an outlet through which many viewers feel the need to explicitly share their deepest thoughts with the internet.  Here at 4E, we decided to look into just how much YouTube viewers like to anonymously vent to anyone no one in particular. So, without any more of an aside, we present the top angsty YouTube comments.
“Photograph”, Nickelback 2 months ago
“That sad moment when you can’t really relate to this song because I haven’t had my first kiss… cri.
“AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2002 is more better than the AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2013 bec. 2013 avril says BAD WORDS while 2002 avril doesn’t say NECESSARY Words.”
“This makes me think of how ruthless time is. I wish I could turn back the time to where I was just a little kid listening to this song from a freaking cassette tape, waiting hours in front of my TV to watch this video of six young and insanely talented guys making magic. But it’s never gonna happen. I won’t be the same, they’ll never be the same. K, lemme just turn it on one more time.”
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Green Day 1 month ago
“You’re pushing 40 and decided to wear eyeliner… American Idiot is one of my fav. albums of all time, but come on.”
“My mom once said this was a good song. Best day of my life.”
“Beverly Hills”, Weezer 1 month ago
“This song brings back memories from when I was at summer camp with my homie, I wish I could remember his name.”

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