An Open Letter to the Heckler

Toddy Boy

Hey Heckler staff,

Wikipedia defines “Journalism ethics and standards” as “the principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by journalists. Historically and currently… [blah blah blah etc] most [codes] share common elements including the principles of – truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity,” and the rest don’t matter because I’ve made my point. OBJECTIVITY.

As a major source of campus happenings for the student body, you are responsible for maintaining careful journalistic integrity and objectivity in your posts. Who can forget the Tom Brokaw-reminiscent musings of “Desperate Mitt Romney Announces ‘Believe in Georgetown’ Campaign for GUSA”? I sure can’t.

But the recent spate of Todd Olson-centered posts have me foaming at the mouth, and not just because the Starbucks barista went overboard with my latte. What’s up with all of these pro-Todd Olson posts? I think that I speak for the student body when I say that we want answers and we want them now. Continuing this strange charade of posts violates every aspect of student autonomy that we at 4E strive for.

So if you have any respect for the tenets of freedom that this school – nay, that America – was founded on, then I demand to you, staff of the Heckler: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL [OF LIES AND TELL US THE TRUTH BEHIND THESE TODD-OLSON-RELATED POSTS]!!!




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