All Hoyas Want for Christmas Is…

Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-christmas-8142630-1024-768Santa, can you hear us? We have been so good this year. And all we want is one thing… Actually, no. We want lots of things. Hoyas want lots of things for Christmas – and here is just some of our Georgetown list:

1. Summer internshipsIntern8

2. Vineyard Vines everything2bd3f4d3e88c6fc11cfbaef63f77616525430fc2e43a97f603ffa43719652644

3. A guide to not getting lost in the ICCtumblr_mcxiw8aCN41rtwyeyo1_500

4. Delicious food from Leo’s (a Christmas miracle, indeed)delicious

5. A Tuscany comeback518757822

6. A 4.0 GPAh176CD89E

7. For class registration to go like thisfresh_prince_amazed

8. Free and unlimited Wisey’s forevertumblr_m9flpzpEOa1r25xgk

9. For Lau to get struck by a catastrophically gargantuan meteoriteAtomic_Bomb

10. World peace


GIFS: tumblr; Photo: The Hoya,

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