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Who’s ready for a Riff-Off, Georgetown style? Okay, though perhaps not as aggressive as Pitch Perfect a capella concerts, the 40th annual Cherry Tree Massacre is about to take over the weekends in February and showcase what “a capella” really means here at Georgetown! Come out and enjoy music that will range from your favorite oldies to your favorite Billboard hits and have fun with your friends!

The campus is covered with many a capella groups, all with different varieties and tastes in music. Here’s your chance to experience, compare and enjoy the musical styles of all the different groups and to simply enjoy a long-standing tradition here at Georgetown. There will be performances by our very own Capitol G’s, Chamber Singers, Gracenotes, Phantoms, Saxatones, Superfood and the event’s host, the Georgetown Chimes.  Fortunately for those who are either swamped with work or can’t seem to find the time (which is pretty much the whole student body), the Cherry Tree Massacre will be held in Gaston Hall at 7:30 pm on four separate occasions: February 1st, 2nd, 8th and 23rd. Make sure you get yourself and a couple of friends to one of these events! Buy a ticket in Red Square anytime Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or you can reserve a ticket online here. Tickets are on sale for $10 at Red Square, and $12 online and at the door.

We all know that there exists certain requirements one must complete to essentially be a true Hoya. Well, I’m telling you now, going to the Cherry Tree Massacre is one of them, so get a ticket before you are shunned as an outsider on campus for eternity. Okay, that won’t happen, but seriously, don’t miss out on the fun! See you there! Time for some aca-fun!

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  1. So true. Coming as a alumna of GU (SFS ’07) there is almost no group that is as entertaining to watch and as welcoming to the Hoya alumni as the Chimes. I recommend you get out there and see it, and when you graduate in 4 years (or less) you’ll have a show to bring you back home each year where you can see your friends! I love the Chimes!

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