A Georgetown By Any Other Name

We all know the names SoHo and TriBeCa, with their signature New Yorker “we’re-too-busy-to-say-the-whole-name-of-the-neighborhood-so-we-abbreviate-it-in-a-super-hip-way” thing. Well, according to DCist, our own District of Columbia is falling into the same trap. The area formerly known as “Mount Vernon Square” has now been dubbed SoNYA (South of New York Avenue). Only time will tell if this name will actually stick, but in the mean time, shall we take a moment to re-evaluate  the names of a few well-known campus locations? Yes. We shall.

BroHo Oh, the infamous Brown House. I now dub thee “BroHo” for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I’d imagine that the term “Brown House” is used most frequently in Saturday-night texting (See example here). This new abbreviation saves you the pain of those 5 extra letters AND a space. Thats like a whole .3 seconds of your time. You’re welcome. Secondly, well…I mean…it’s “BroHo”. It’s just fitting for the demographic that frequents Brown House…hah.

BeBR (pronounced “Bieber”) Meaning “Between Business and Regents”, meaning ‘between the business school and Regents Hall’, meaning the stairs leading up to the Leavey Center. To use it in a sentence, “I really want to go to UG for an Eleanor Rigby, meet me at BeBR?” or “I hate BeBR, his songs are annoying”. Oh wait…no, that’s the other thing, but you get the idea.

SoReS The area formerly known as “Healy Lawn”? We now refer to it as “South of Red Square”. Does it sound a little disgusting? Yes. But then again, so is Healy Lawn when they put all that gross stuff on the grass and fence it off. To use it in a sentence “Yeah, SoReS smells really bad today.” It’s applicable in all of the ways.

So, what do you think of all this abbreviation nation? What’s next? Shortening “LXR”? We’ll see, but for now, I’ll be on SoReS enjoying this nice weather.

 Photo: Georgetown University

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