7 Cures For “The Mondays”

MondaysMonday. No one likes Monday. After a long weekend of hanging out, sleeping (maybe) and trying to get caught up on work, Mondays aren’t all that fun. Here are a few cures to help you through your case of the Mondays and maybe brighten the start of your week.

1. Try and sleep Sunday night I know it’s never easy, but if you can space out your work and get to bed early Sunday night, your body will thank you. Nothing aggravates a case of the Mondays like sleep deprivation.

2. Head to Yates Whether it’s before or after class, a practice for a sport or trying to stick to your New Year’s Resolution, try and get your heart pumping. You’ll feel better, detox from the weekend and get out a little stress.

3. Treat yourself My personal favorite snack after a long Monday of classes is a delicious cookie from Wisey’s. For only $1, you can’t go wrong. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a cookie, an Epi milkshake, a Baked and Wired cupcake or just a fancy drink from Starbucks – get yourself a little treat. You deserve it.

4. Take a nap In case you didn’t get enough sleep on Sunday (or even if you did), take a quick nap to re-energize before starting your busy afternoon. 4E can even show you how! (If you don’t have time for a nap, just take a few minutes to collect your thoughts, and take a couple of deep breaths — it will help.)

5.  Go on an adventure While it’s a little cold now, nothing clears your head quite like a chat with Honest Abe down in the National Gallery. Being among so much history has to be motivating. Plus, you can rest assured that even Abe had to deal with Mondays once a week.

6. Read something else Sometimes, browsing Facebook, Twitter or 4E isn’t procrastinating, but just being healthy. Even healthier, you could try reading a book for fun! Whatever it is, though, the important thing is taking your eyes off of a textbook for even a couple of minutes.

7. Smile Sure, Mondays can be pretty lousy. But simply walking around with a smile on your face can change your attitude, make you feel better and make the people around you feel better.

Mondays can be tough, but everyone is right there with you. Just get through today, and you have six days off before you have to deal with it again!

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