5 Ways to Recover from an Awkward Hook-up

5 ways to recover from an awkward hookup

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re still recovering. You start to remember the chaos that went down the night before, and your roommate notices that you’re just lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, and recalling everything. Thinking back, not good. Not good at all.

Yes. That’s correct. You did hookup with that random guy/girl you met at Vil A and no, you can’t remember the second-half of his/her name. All you know is that the night just went something like this:

The worst is yet to come. You’re on your way back from class, and you realize your paths cross. You’re now forced to see them every Wednesday. You pass them, wondering if you should say “Hi” or run the other away. You end up saying something like this:


Don’t worry!!! 4E has created a guide to recovering from an awkward hookup (sort-of).

  1. You could do the original form of dealing with a previous hookup: Ignore each other. Spot him or her from a mile away and instantly start staring at your phone like every single person in the world suddenly hit you up. Or keep your head high and start walking like a boss.
  2. Or… you could pretend to be the best of friends. My favorite: Pretend it never happened. Say “Hi” so casually that they think you mistook them for someone else. There’s nothing as confusing as a nonchalant head-nod and a quick “Sup.” Be cool.
  3. You’re bound to see your hookup at Leo’s at one point or another. You want the Wok, but they are in line. There’s pasta. But like I’ve said, you really want Wok. Hey, here’s a thought! Why not grab a meal together? You could have some cringeworthy small-talk!4. This one’s a bold one. Friend them on Facebook. Yeah, I said it. Go through the trouble of looking up every “John” who attends Georgetown and has at least 2 mutual friends with you and friend them. If they accept it, then the awkwardness is a little lessened. You’re Facebook friends now. That means something. Just kidding, but maybe if you get to know each other, the awkwardness will become something better for the future. ;) If they don’t accept, time to cancel that request… and also never leave your dorm for the next three weeks.5. Last but not least, just be yourself. Smile, say “Hey”. Whether you plan to talk again or never at all, acknowledge each other when you see each other. It’s the decent thing to do.

Orrr you could just drunk text them the next weekend and do it all over again.

And that, folks, is how you recover from an awkward hookup.

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