5 Tips to Start the Semester Right

Helpful HintsWhether you’re a seasoned second semester senior or a freshman who feels like she just scraped by her first few months at Georgetown, everyone can use a little help starting a new semester right. Here are some tips from 4E:

1. Open MyAccess on your phone and screenshot your student week at a glance. Then make it your lock screen picture. That way if you forget where your next class is, it’s right there on your phone at the press of a button (literally).

2. Consider your many book-buying options based on what class you’re in. If you never have to do direct work in the book then maybe look for it online. If it is a book for a popular class (intro bio, CPS, etc.) buy it so you can resell it to someone at the end of the semester.

3. Swap schedules with your Leo’s buddies so you know who will be free to grab a quick lunch between classes.

4. Take 30 minutes to go through all of your syllabi and put all major tests, papers and presentations into your calendar so you know which weekends are for work and which are for play.

5. The finals schedule is already available, so take a look at that, too!

With the second semester underway, follow these tips to start off on the right foot. Though we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Welcome back, Hoyas!

Photo: Vectorgems.com

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