4E Flix: Sappiness and Craziness

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many of you may be in the “lovey-dovey” mood and hoping for a little extra sappiness in your life. Others of you may be spotted wearing all black these days and contemplating tripping the couples you see candooling in Lau. Whatever pre-VDay mood you may be in, we’ve got you covered with some great Netflix choices that’ll help you celebrate or survive this holiday. Oh and let’s not forget … you have midterms coming up. You will never be happier to have a Netflix account.

No Strings Attached

Lets be real. What could possibly be sappier than a couple of friends who agree to have casual sex due to their fear of commitment and then — plot twist — fall in love? NOTHING. Although there have been many, many remakes to this classic love story (“Friends with Benefits,” I am talking about you), this one still proves to be my favorite. Yes, one could argue that Mila and Justin are way hotter but come on … Ashton and Natalie?! You can’t beat their cuteness. Watch it and love it, you romcom lovers. It’ll put you in the perfect mood for that dreaded/anticipated Feb. 14th


I have heard about this show from not one … not two … but THREE people just this week alone, so I figured it was worth trying out. Although you must be in a specific mood to watch this uber-intense BBC psychological drama, it might be the perfect fix for those of you who are looking to escape the candy hearts and chocolate covered everything. Dark, dangerous and addictive, you will most likely be hooked in no time. Besides, crime dramas have blood and guts, and blood and guts are red, and red is the signature color of Valentines Day, so it works! Right?


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