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At this point, spring break is unbearably close. Despite break being just two days away, this “home stretch” seems like an eternity with all of the midterms and papers crammed in between now and Friday afternoon. I’m officially ready for a break (if the Rihanna reference in the title wasn’t enough of an indication), and I have a feeling most of you feel the same way. So, whether you’re having trouble focusing on your philosophy paper for more than five minutes, or you’re just going to need something to do while spending spring break in the frozen tundras of New England, here are some great options on Netflix Instant Watch for your procrastination/enjoyment.

Lie To Me


While this crime drama didn’t last very long, and certainly requires you to pay a little bit of attention (still easier than philosophy), it was a unique and entertaining twist on a very old concept.  Dr. Cal Lightman is an expert psychologist specialized in reading facial expressions and body language, and he sets out with his team to aid local/federal police forces in solving crimes ranging from CSI level murders to SAT cheating scandals. While it certainly has the feel of other police dramas, the way that Lightman solves his crimes is extremely unique, and it keeps every episode fresh and different. If you’re interested in watching a doctor read a suspect like you should be reading Descartes, this is the show for you.


For Love of the Game


Well, as I made very clear in last week’s Casual Thursday post, I’m extremely excited for spring because it means the start of baseball. There is no better way to get ready for the season than to watch a classic baseball movie. For Love of the Game is the story of Billy Chapel, a Tigers pitcher on the verge of retirement, looking for one last moment of glory before he rides off into the sunset. Despite potentially pitching in his last game ever, all Chapel can focus on is the love of his life, the one that he left behind in order to continue playing.  The movie flashes between the game and memories of his one time relationship, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a total sucker for this sappy baseball love story. I won’t give anything away, but I highly recommend watching this one all the way through, seeing as I think I still get goosebumps every time I watch the ending.

Hopefully these recommendations help you grind your way through the last few days before the break, and that you all enjoy the sun (or snow/sleet/rain…) during your week off.

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