4E Contest: Calling All Doppelgängers


Does anyone ever tell you that you bare a striking resemblance to a certain celebrity?  Maybe your friends constantly tell you that you’re as ***Flawless as Queen B herself.  Perhaps you’re in the MSB and are actually a doppelgänger for Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street.  Whoever your lookalike is, 4E wants to see it!

That’s right, for the next month or so (until May 10) you can submit pictures of you with your famous, possibly separated at birth, lookalikes.  All you have to do is email a picture of yourself, your friends, your professor, your dog, etc. along with a picture of their famous better half to [email protected].  At the end of the month, 4E will select the best submissions and open a poll where you can vote for the best/funniest/most ridiculous doppelgängers.  Which ever submission receives the most votes will win a super cool ~prize~ (tbd).   

To get you thinking about who you may resemble, 4E has complied a list of celebrity lookalikes we really hope exist on the Hilltop:

  1. Olivia Pope: If you happen to look like the leading lady of Scandal and you’re a Georgetown student then you might as well really be Olivia.  Before long you’ll be busy running your own super successful consulting firm specializing in political affairs and being an overall boss.
  2. Ryan Reynolds: Seriously, if you look like Ryan Reynolds and go to Georgetown please submit your picture.  You will undoubtedly win.
  3. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West: Maybe you and your significant other happen to look like this famous duo.  If so, you’re probably really into taking selfies on selfies and comparing yourself to Steve Jobs.  Bonus points if you have a friend who also resembles North in the future!
  4. Lindsay Lohan: If you happened to look like Lindsay circa 1998, then you may have missed your shot at fame.  You definitely could have played her twin in Parent Trap so she didn’t have to take on both roles, plus you would have gotten to star in a great movie.
  5. Todd Olson: Yes, campus celebs definitely count for this.  While his stylish tie selection and captivating emails about our lovely residential neighbors may make him difficult to impersonate, we certainly hope he has a lookalike wandering around on campus.

So get your best celeb lookalike pictures ready, Hoyas!  Trust us, the bragging rights (and prize) will be totally worth it.

photos/gifs: perezhilton.com, alumni.georgetown.edu, imgur.com, buzzfeed.com, entrepreneurmag.com

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